Tuesday, 2016-02-16

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: Support postgresql in dblayer  https://review.openstack.org/28034809:13
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pigmejok salmon_ I have some questions about pg integration10:23
pigmejwe pull riak image on build stage10:23
pigmejit would make sense to do the same with PG10:24
pigmejI checked and PG image is like 250MB10:24
pigmejyeah, '10:24
salmon_just increase image size after this10:24
salmon_it's faster to have it predownloaded10:24
salmon_+1 :)10:25
salmon_I wanted to try alpine linux someday10:26
salmon_https://github.com/kiasaki/docker-alpine-riak :(10:26
pigmejalpine uses musl instead of libc10:26
pigmejI don't think so that erlang would run on musl :P10:26
salmon_ah :P10:26
pigmejsadly that alpine pg is not in hub, so we will need to build in from source10:27
pigmejlet's check how long it takes10:28
pigmej18 secs :D10:28
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pigmejhmm, for now I will use PG that alpine delivers it's pretty new (9.5.1)11:35
pigmejI will downgrade it later, but for now I would prefer to keep 9.5.1 (we don't use advanced ops, so 9.1 should be compatible with 9.5 at this area)11:35
salmon_sounds ok11:36
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pigmejhmm, it would be super cool if we can somehow increase image testing13:37
pigmejtime of image testing*13:37
pigmejwhen I change something in image (like PG now), then it's pretty much http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/compiling.png13:39
pigmejty to build image, test it, ok brkoen, destroy everything, build again, ..13:40
pigmejsomekind of resume/ start from would be super cool13:40
pigmejor some fast builder13:41
pigmejbecause on mobile CPUs it's not that fast as it could be13:41
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pigmejsalmon_: to test https://review.openstack.org/#/c/280816/16:54
pigmejjust export SOLAR_DB_BACKEND=riak16:54
pigmejexport SOLAR_DB_BACKEND=postgres16:54
pigmejBEFORE running the script16:54
pigmej(it defaults to riak though)16:55
pigmejthere is one ugly sleep, but I will submit fix for this in later patch16:55
pigmejif you will see some random messages that PG closed connection, then increase this timeout and comment please16:55
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