Wednesday, 2016-02-17

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openstackgerritLukasz Oles proposed openstack/solar: Api in networkx 1.11 changed, updating
pigmejoh really salmon_  ?:D09:10
salmon_pigmej: and this
openstackLaunchpad bug 1546436 in Solar "ERROR:stevedore.extension:Could not load 'solar_agent': No module named solar_agent.client" [Undecided,New]09:10
salmon_something changed there also :/09:10
pigmejhmm, it should be installed09:11
pigmejhow did you hit that?09:11
salmon_pip install -e .09:12
salmon_outside of vagrant09:12
pigmejstevedore changed09:16
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salmon_+3 for api changes :)09:18
pigmejyou got -1 instead :P09:21
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openstackgerritLukasz Oles proposed openstack/solar: Api in networkx 1.11 changed, updating
pigmejsalmon_: that stevedore thingy is weird09:41
salmon_pigmej: :(09:41
pigmejI don't get why it crashes now ;D09:43
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pigmejsalmon_: ah this is just logging output...09:52
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pigmejbut it's now enabled and it was disabled before it seems09:53
salmon_aaa :D09:54
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pigmejok, found it09:56
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pigmej how do you like my solution salmon_ ?10:09
salmon_pigmej: there is no other way?10:11
pigmejI don't see other10:14
pigmejthat error that you got is from default function that is enabled there10:14
pigmejthe only way to disable it is to add other ;D10:14
salmon_I'm not merging it yet10:15
pigmejI tested last solution and no, this is  only one that I'm aware of :(10:15
pigmejit's ugly as hell10:15
pigmejBUT later we may switch to EnabledExtensionManager10:15
pigmejwhich will require enabling extension to config10:16
pigmejin config*10:16
salmon_that would be nice10:16
pigmejI'm not sure if it's better than 'just install extension'10:16
pigmejthe best would be crash on use, not on discovery though10:17
pigmejand well, CLI shouldn't import transports at all10:17
pigmejI would leave it like that for now, and we will figoure out something smarter10:18
salmon_ok, it worked10:19
salmon_it may hide errors :/10:20
pigmejyes it may10:20
pigmejI would mereg this, add new bug about solving this situation in better way (it will require some rewrite of Bat transport)10:22
pigmejbecause then we could switch to NamedExtension not even Enabled but Named10:22
pigmejand then it will crash on access10:22
pigmejbut it requires rewrite of bat transport10:22
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salmon_ok, let me know when you create a bug, I will merge it then :P10:35
salmon_pigmej: and add in commit Partial-bug10:35
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salmon_lol, actually we have a bug, just add comment there and change to partial :D10:38
pigmejah you want to have this solution as partial ?10:41
pigmejand the bug that you reported as "final" ?10:42
pigmejI wanted to create another bug for reworking BAT transport10:43
pigmejto make it crash on access10:43
pigmejso it would crash in similar way but when the transport would be used10:43
salmon_ah, ok10:45
salmon_so merging this one10:45
pigmejIn fact then it should be blueprint :D10:45
pigmejthe handler rewrite, isn't it ? :)10:45
salmon_I just hit yml vs yaml in f2s...10:46
salmon_30 min thinking wtf10:46
pigmejYeah i really love this yaml vs yml10:49
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pigmejf2s still uses yml ?10:49
openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: Hide errors from stevedore in transports
pigmejsalmon_: btw could you also plese look at PG ?10:49
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salmon_pigmej: actually some files are yml and some yaml :D11:02
salmon_pigmej: I will take a look11:02
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pigmejsalmon_: it would unblock centos probably11:03
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openstackgerritAleksey Zvyagintsev proposed openstack/solar: Update requirements:click
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pigmejazvyagintsev: Could you please update commit message to be more specific ? And it would be super cool if we can have bug which this commit fixes :)11:38
azvyagintsevok, i will update  c-message. But regarding bug- issue looks to simple for bug11:39
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pigmejjust add them some explaination in commit msg :) And it will be cool :)11:40
pigmejsalmon_: we need tests for CLI11:40
salmon_pigmej: yup, I want to add an example with cli. Some day11:41
azvyagintsevok, so i will update patch , soon11:45
pigmejsalmon_: I also wonder wtf is that help message in orch --help ;D11:46
openstackgerritAleksey Zvyagintsev proposed openstack/solar: Update requirements:click
salmon_pigmej: it works for me, so maybe requirements again11:47
azvyagintsevupdated patch -done11:47
pigmejazvyagintsev: thx ;)11:47
pigmejsorry for being annoying about "formalization" :/11:48
azvyagintsevnp) it usual11:48
pigmejbut we has to do it :/11:48
azvyagintsevso, lets merge it ?11:49
pigmejsure I just clicked :)11:49
pigmejOh salmon_ did it too :)11:49
pigmejthx azvyagintsev :)11:50
openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: Removed old help message in solar orch cli
pigmejsalmon_: I added bug + removed this old / deprecated weird help message11:52
salmon_I like this general bugs :D11:54
pigmejme too :D11:54
pigmejlet's create one master bug11:54
pigmej"fix solar"11:54
pigmejand reffer all fast commits to it:P11:54
openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: Update requirements:click
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: PG support in Vagrant and in test env
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pigmejhmm salmon_ I have few concerns about our "pytest conftest" stuff16:09
pigmejwe have 3 conftests16:09
salmon_yup, You wanted separate for dblayer16:09
pigmejwhen I will move some common parts to top most one, then we will be unable to run py.test from subdirectory16:09
salmon_where is 3d?16:10
pigmejand /conftest.py16:10
salmon_cool :d16:10
pigmejthe porblem is simple16:10
pigmejif you want to run tests from subdirectory then we need to have multiple16:10
salmon_usually I don't16:11
pigmejI sometimes do16:11
pigmejBUT, maybe I will figure way to raise error when one does that16:11
salmon_but with path itt should work16:11
pigmejsure, but still you can run them from dblayer/test directory16:11
pigmejand you're "fucked" because no setup is done :D16:12
pigmejI don't even want to guess what errors you can get, but probably all kind of16:12
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salmon_here are my changes
pigmejsalmon_: for 'leave just f2s'16:24
pigmejyou can use github filter16:24
salmon_yeah, I know16:24
salmon_this was faster for me to type :P16:25
pigmejgit filter-branch --subdirectory-filter f2s16:25
pigmejit would leave only f2s dir afair16:25
salmon_yeah, but I have to google it :P16:25
pigmejor ask me :p16:25
salmon_the same :P16:25
pigmejI'm not google :P16:25
pigmejsalmon_: do you know how to remove __multicall__ from pytest ? They added something named hookwrapper as experimental in pytest2.7, and they want to remove it soon, but I have no clue how to archieve the same as with __multicall__ using that hookwrapper16:27
salmon_pytest hooks are magic for me, even after I wrote pytest plugin16:28
kun_huangguys, is solar a kind of installer for openstack based cloud?16:29
pigmejkun_huang: hey :)16:29
pigmejsolar will give you both deployment / installer and proper LCM support for *any* big service, openstack counts there :)16:30
kun_huangpigmej: that means "yes"? :)16:30
pigmejbut solar is more like framework, let's say16:30
pigmejYou need to feed it with correct resource definitions (let's say configure it + provide proper puppet/ansible stuff), then it will do whatever you want with that.16:31
kun_huangthat resource could be openstack cloud or application on openstack cloud?16:32
pigmej WARNING, they are mostly for demo/testing purposes16:33
kun_huangpigmej: thanks, keep watching it ;)16:36
pigmejgenerally we aim to be flexible enough to drive any enviroment that you need, but yeah, one of goals is openstack obviously :)16:37
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