Monday, 2016-02-22

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pigmejdshulyak: online?08:36
pigmejhey :)08:36
pigmejcould you please look into after you catch-up with changes ?08:37
openstackLaunchpad bug 1546992 in Solar "Two problematic tests on postgresql backend" [High,New] - Assigned to Dima Shulyak (dshulyak)08:37
dshulyakok, what is going on with integration actually?08:38
pigmejas very short story: Lukasz is working on your f2s thingy, he ported it to recent solar
pigmejI don't know how deep is porting to recent fuel though, lukasz will provide details obviously :)08:39
pigmejand from solar side, we have PG backend which works (but these 2 tests are failing for some reason, I can provide more details if needed), and in 9.0 we're trying to deliver solar as experimental stuff MAYBE with some feedback to UI (needs checking, but probably sending correct message to rabbit will be enough)08:42
dshulyaki started rewrite of that f2s to make it fully automated and synced with current version of fuel tasks, and also how you guys decided to communicate with fuel components?08:42
dshulyakhave you created any specs? you know there is only 2 weeks left08:42
pigmejI mean we know that there are just 2 weeks left. Lukasz have some ideas as I remember, he will for sure provide them.08:44
dshulyakthose tests failing all the time?08:44
openstackLaunchpad bug 1546992 in Solar "Two problematic tests on postgresql backend" [High,New] - Assigned to Dima Shulyak (dshulyak)08:44
pigmejbut only in tests, when I was trying to do the same but outside of tests, then everything worked, so I suppose that we do some weird things in these tests, I also discovered one unused path in solar-worker when I worked on PG backend08:46
pigmej (this one)08:48
pigmejdshulyak: when you will start debugging that tests you will see that graph is empty so wait_finish exits immediately08:49
pigmejwith 0 tasks there08:49
pigmejdshulyak: pg db is in recent image, just change in config and reprovision09:01
dshulyakchange in config?09:01
dshulyakis it default?09:01
dshulyakor riak is stil ldefault?09:01
pigmejdepends where :)09:02
pigmejfor vagrant env, we exposed `solar_db_backend: riak`09:02
pigmejso you need to change it in vagrant-settings.yaml09:03
pigmejriak | postgres09:03
pigmejand for testing scripts (devops) we exposed SOLAR_DB_BACKEND env variable09:04
pigmejso you can easily select what do you want.09:04
pigmejand in jenkins you can also select that backend09:05
openstackgerritMaciej Kwiek proposed openstack/solar-resources: Change sudo to become in ansible resources
pigmejmkwiek: I have to say that "become: yes" is most stupid syntax that I saw in ansible...09:08
mkwiekpigmej: I will not argue with you :D09:08
pigmejmkwiek: could you please also adjust bootstrap scripts ?09:09
pigmej(I'm not sure if we have sudo there though)09:09
mkwiekin solar core repo?09:09
mkwieksure, will check09:10
pigmejbootstrap subdir ;)09:10
dshulyakoh cmon09:10
dshulyakyou are installing backends condittionally09:10
pigmejdshulyak: ?09:11
pigmejthey are installed always09:11
pigmejwe just run one or another09:11
pigmejor you can run both if you want09:11
dshulyak- include: postgres.yaml09:11
dshulyak  when: lookup('env', 'SOLAR_DB_BACKEND') == "postgres"09:11
pigmejyeah but it only runs it :)09:11
pigmejyou can perfectly run both backends if you want just `vagrant provision solar-dev` after you change in config09:13
openstackgerritMaciej Kwiek proposed openstack/solar: Change sudo to become in ansible resources
openstackgerritMaciej Kwiek proposed openstack/solar: Change sudo to become in bootstrap playbooks
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dshulyakpigmej: are you sure that this one was failing - test_two_path_fixture ?09:47
pigmejmkwiek: your patches are working :)09:47
pigmejdshulyak: yes I am09:47
pigmejbut let me chcek09:47
pigmejthis one09:48
dshulyakok, so this is different failure09:53
dshulyakit is not completely empty09:53
pigmejyeah this one has different failure09:54
pigmejI forgot to mention it09:55
dshulyakthis one was also present with sqlite, i dont remember, but it was something with isolation i believe09:56
dshulyaki think there is similar problem right now09:57
salmon_this one is better :)09:57
pigmejdshulyak: hmm, isolation you say hmm.09:58
dshulyaksalmon_: where it failed?10:03
salmon_dshulyak: on fuel when I run solar orch run-once10:03
dshulyaksalmon_: is it random failure?10:05
salmon_dshulyak: no, it happens each time. May it be connected to bad zeromq package?10:05
dshulyakit looks like failure in msgpack10:06
dshulyaki believe i pinned zeromq version in reqs10:06
dshulyakmaybe you should try to downgrade msgpack :)10:06
dshulyaksalmon_: ^10:06
salmon_dshulyak: I will try. The thing we zeromq is that there is no package for it on fuel. I had to add repo from here
salmon_dshulyak: and you pinned only python client10:08
dshulyaklibzmq on ubuntu was ok10:08
dshulyaki mean it was working most recent version10:08
salmon_I will check it one more time10:09
salmon_dshulyak: I extracted f2s dir from solar
dshulyaki saw this one, i think there is several problems with this f2s, it is not synced with latest fuel and idk if there was any additional tasks addded, so i want to improve f2s to be fully automated10:14
dshulyakand there is no support for proper cross-dependencies10:14
salmon_dshulyak: it's not compatible10:15
dshulyakwhich were added during task-based development10:15
salmon_for example core_repos does not exist10:15
dshulyakyeah, thats good :)10:16
salmon_dshulyak: ok, I can finish making f2s compatible with current solar. I mean generating correct Composer files10:17
salmon_dshulyak: or do you want it to reewrite completly10:21
salmon_also I'm not sure if we need for now to patch hiera to get inputs for tasks10:21
azvyagintsevhi guys. looks like you need to pack solar into rpm package, i can take this task :)10:24
tznthat's cool!10:24
tznwe would appreciate help here10:24
salmon_awesome :)10:24
azvyagintsevok, so i will :)10:24
tznat he same time, all stuff should be also packaged into deb as well10:24
pigmejazvyagintsev: cool,10:24
dshulyaksalmon_: i wanted to kinda refactor it, with resuing some code probably10:24
salmon_at the same time? only if it's automated10:24
pigmejazvyagintsev: we're currently removing version pinning there10:25
dshulyaksalmon_: what is the alternative for getting inputs?10:25
pigmej(we have some pinned requirements in reqs.txt)10:25
dshulyakor you want just generate all inputs for everyone?10:25
dshulyaks/every task10:25
salmon_dshulyak: do we need inputs?10:25
pigmejazvyagintsev: for RPM for fuel you can ignore  whole riak dependency (it adds some stuff), because for fuel we will for sure using PostgreSQL10:26
azvyagintsev@pigmej , hmm ? you'r about py pining?10:26
pigmejazvyagintsev: yup :(10:26
salmon_dshulyak: in fuel currently one task is generating data in hiera and rest tasks are using it. We can do the same10:26
azvyagintsevah, yup - for sure :) first of all i will made and skeleton...nevermind - anyway, it will be on review :)10:27
salmon_dshulyak: we can dynamicly add input to the resource in solar now so if you want to change it you can add it then10:27
dshulyaksalmon_: i guess we can, and it might be even easier to sync with fuel, but we will need to put some hack into hiera10:28
salmon_dshulyak: what kind of hack?10:28
dshulyakorder of files10:29
salmon_ah, yes10:29
salmon_dshulyak: ok, Can I update resource/composer yaml generation or will it wast of time?10:29
salmon_*will it be a10:30
pigmejazvyagintsev: so can we count on you in case of packaging stuff ?10:31
azvyagintsevi guess yes, at least for rpm10:33
azvyagintsev(also,are you going to implement auto-build job? i can talk with Fuel-Build team about adding solar to packetary bulds)10:34
pigmejok, perfect. Obviously feel free to contact us in case of *any* problems10:34
dshulyaksalmon_: it wont be, but we need to make several changes to current composition layer: 1. split it into smaller chunks (because currently file with roles contains all tasks, even conditional) 2. take into account cross-dependencies for events10:35
pigmejwell, could be usefull but I would not call it critical, because for sure we will include some tested solar version in fuel, so automaticaly builded stuff is not mission critical right now, especially that we will be unable to test it properly.10:35
dshulyaksalmon_: btw what was the idea of communication between solar and fuel?10:36
pigmejdshulyak, salmon_: Do we need *any* changes in Nailgun / other fuel components for f2s ?10:36
dshulyakit depends on ux we want to support10:37
pigmejcertainly no solar specific ux stuff10:37
salmon_dshulyak: well, there were some ideas but for  9.0 I think f2s approach is the only one possible: Console only, provision with fuel, continue with solar10:37
dshulyakpigmej: what do you mean?10:38
pigmejthere was an idea that we can send message to rabbit and provide feedback for user.10:38
pigmejdshulyak: one of ideas is to configure cluster in fuel and *DON"T CLICK DEPLOY"10:38
salmon_pigmej: I don't know if we have a time to do it right10:38
pigmejok, so let's aim for "DONT CLICK DEPLOY" method10:38
salmon_but we can try10:38
salmon_but! we need working f2s first to test it10:39
pigmejis there any chance that you both will be able to respond let's say late tomorrow what's possible?10:39
pigmejsalmon_ dshulyak do you both need more hands for f2s ?10:39
salmon_for now no, we need to figure out how to split the work first10:39
dshulyaksalmon_: i think you can concentrate on single role deployment, and in the meantime i will adjust old f2s version to split composition layer, and generate events based on cross-dependencies10:45
salmon_dshulyak: sounds good10:45
salmon_dshulyak: can we use my fork of your fork? :D10:46
dshulyaksalmon_: yes, i will you fork your fork of my fork10:46
dshulyakok messed up it a bit10:46
pigmejfork fork of fork ?10:47
mkwiekguys, a question regarding requirements: we have some kind of manual conditionals in requirements.txt: you can comment/uncomment riak/pewee/psycopg2 lines. Should we just let the package require all of these packages?10:48
azvyagintsevaand, first one issue :  python-jsonschema         on centos got  2.3.0-1.el7, but you require  python-jsonschema==2.4.010:48
azvyagintsevpgmej: ^^  lets just try ignore issue?10:49
pigmejmkwiek: don't touch these commented stuff for now10:49
dshulyaki also had an idea of installing nailgun and nailgun-agent on the vagrant box, it will allow to expirement faster10:49
pigmejI mean, don't change their meaning10:49
pigmejazvyagintsev: hmm, yeah try to ignore it for now10:49
azvyagintsev(if it will be hard-requirment, i can ask *linux team for creating new package)10:49
salmon_dshulyak: yeah, good idea. The question is: will nailgun work this way? :D10:49
dshulyaki think so, to my knowledge we will need to adjust networking configuration in nailgun config, and nailgun url in nailgun-agent config10:50
pigmejmkwiek: for 9.0 we will use PostgreSQL on fuel-master10:50
salmon_dshulyak: waiting for playbook :P10:51
pigmejso default will be psycopg2 + peewee.10:51
pigmejazvyagintsev: info for you # psycopg210:51
pigmej# psycogreen10:51
pigmejthese two are required too10:51
mkwiekpigmej: ok, thanks for info10:52
pigmejazvyagintsev: from what I see there is a chance that 2.3 will work perfectly fine :)10:54
pigmejazvyagintsev: could you please dump centos package versions of stuff that we have in solar ?10:55
azvyagintsevsure :) i will add it into comments in spec10:57
azvyagintsevsome part-
pigmejazvyagintsev: thx10:59
azvyagintsevpigmej: so, we got at least 3 "winners" :(
pigmejshit :D11:07
azvyagintsevshould i talk with mos-linux team ? they can prepare this few packages, if we really need them11:07
pigmejpsycogreen is for sure needed11:07
pigmejfabric is used in Fuel afair, so it's strange that it's not packaged11:08
azvyagintsevhm, let me check..11:09
pigmejand that tabulate, we can easily drop it if needed (it's used in only one place, just for pretty error printing)11:09
azvyagintsevah, awesome.. as usual, they just ignore python* naming.. ok, give me few second to re-check again..11:10
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azvyagintsevso yeah, at least minus Fabric issue11:13
pigmejand that inflection can be removed mkwiek ^11:14
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mkwiekI have problem with just one package when running tox tests: pyzmq. If I align it to global requirements tox run hangs after most of the tests are run. it works on the pinned version that we have in our requirements: 13.0.2, but fails with 14.3.1 (which is minimal in OS global requirements) and 15.2.011:49
mkwiekthere is a comment about this in requirements.txt: "#zerorpc doesnt consume messages with >13.0.2, need to debug"11:49
mkwiekdid anyone had a chance to debug that?11:50
pigmejdshulyak: ^12:00
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openstackgerritMaciej Kwiek proposed openstack/solar: Align requirements with global-requirements.txt
openstackgerritAleksey Zvyagintsev proposed openstack/solar: Add rpm spec file for solar
salmon_pigmej: look finaly some reviews from other guys :)12:22
pigmejyeah :)12:23
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azvyagintsevsalmon_: so, we really need multipledispatch ;(12:25
azvyagintsev* in centos, i mean12:25
azvyagintsevand few others , i, should i ask mos-linux guys? and by the way, are we going to build solar packages with mos-infra resources (it will be really god :) )12:27
pigmejazvyagintsev: well we can remove multipledispatch easily12:28
azvyagintsevi don't think so12:29
azvyagintsev solar --help12:29
azvyagintsevTraceback (most recent call last):12:29
azvyagintsev  File "/usr/bin/solar", line 6, in <module>12:29
azvyagintsev    from solar.cli.main import run12:29
azvyagintsev  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/solar/cli/", line 28, in <module>12:29
azvyagintsev    from solar.core import resource as sresource12:29
azvyagintsev  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/solar/core/resource/", line 15, in <module>12:29
azvyagintsev    from solar.core.resource.resource import load12:29
azvyagintsev  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/solar/core/resource/", line 24, in <module>12:29
azvyagintsev    from multipledispatch import dispatch12:29
azvyagintsevImportError: No module named multipledispatch12:29
azvyagintsev(wow, awesome message. sry)12:29
azvyagintsevor you mean ,remove it from code at all ?12:29
salmon_dshulyak: my change are here
salmon_dshulyak: I will try to deploy compute role now12:32
salmon_well, after 20 min break12:33
pigmejazvyagintsev: we can12:36
mkwiekpigmej: can we delete these @dispatch decorators from Resource class?12:37
salmon_delete? now. Rewrite? yes :)12:37
pigmejI can do it but I need ~30 minutes12:38
pigmejI can start in 30 minutes12:38
pigmejazvyagintsev: if it's blocking for you, just comment it (solar will not work properly) but you could test pacakging12:39
mkwiekis it just for overloading the __init__?12:41
pigmejwe can easily do the same without multidispatch12:45
pigmejfirst version may be ugly though12:45
azvyagintsevpigmej: nevermind, to it in time :) package builds and installs - i will re-fix version's after merge. and get back to spec again. its really simple issue, and in general- spec can be reviewed now.12:50
azvyagintsev* do it in time12:50
mkwiekthe biggest issue right now seem to be pyzmq incompatibility, but maybe we can leave it pinned?12:56
dshulyakmkwiek: what version used in openstack?13:01
mkwiekdshulyak: pyzmq>=14.3.113:02
dshulyakit is pinned cause zerorpc wasnt able to consume messages with 15.* and i knew that it was ok with 13.*13:05
dshulyaki dont remember if i tested it with 14.*13:05
mkwiekyeah, 14.x also seem to not work13:06
mkwiekso I guess we will need it in this version on FMN13:06
dshulyakwhat do we have in fuel? or zeromq is not package at all?13:06
mkwiekI think it's not needed in nailgun13:08
mkwiekit's not here:
dshulyakyeah thats for sure, but maybe it was packaged for centos13:09
dshulyakopenstack centos i mean13:09
mkwiekno idea, azvyagintsev do you know what version of pyzmq is available in packages?13:10
pigmejok, I'm back13:21
pigmejso what's the state of packaging?13:21
pigmejmkwiek: can we set it <= ?13:24
azvyagintsevpigmej: noone at all ;(13:25
pigmejazvyagintsev: I will remove that multipledispatch, sounds ok ?13:26
pigmejboth multipledispatch and tabulate13:26
pigmejbtw for zmq in worst case we can deliver precompilled so13:27
mkwiekpigmej: not sure what the latest version that works with solar is13:27
mkwiekyeah, we have the benefit of this package not being used on FMN yet :D13:28
pigmejFMN ?13:28
azvyagintsevpigmej: precompiled ? you mean in rpm?13:28
pigmejyeah as a part of solar13:29
mkwiekpigmej: Fuel Master Node13:30
azvyagintsevok, so after you remove multipledispatch and maybe some more, i will re-check req's and create a ticket for packaging team.13:32
pigmejsalmon_: dshulyak anyone remeber what WAS find_missing_connections doing ?13:36
pigmejsalmon_: in fact it was in virtual resoruce part...13:36
dshulyaki dont13:37
pigmejBecause that tabulate is used in non working part...13:37
pigmejbecause we don't have find_missing_connections anymore :D13:38
salmon_pigmej: just delete this part :)13:40
salmon_an old idea13:40
pigmejyeah I did it:P13:40
salmon_Przemek added it13:40
pigmej I also deleted this ;P13:41
salmon_good :)13:41
mkwiekpigmej: is it ok for me to work on this one: ?13:49
openstackLaunchpad bug 1540304 in Solar "When solar worker is not running run-once doesn't return error" [High,Confirmed] - Assigned to Maciej Kwiek (maciej-iai)13:49
pigmejmkwiek: it's not that simple, because zmq doesn't provide any info on other side, so we will need additional socket to check if it's alive13:50
salmon_mkwiek: it's tricky13:50
mkwiekI can read from your messages "take something easier" :D13:52
pigmejwell it's not hard, it'13:52
pigmejit's tricky13:52
pigmejthis is important also:
openstackLaunchpad bug 1541022 in Solar "Weird timings in stats in solar o report" [Undecided,New] - Assigned to Dima Shulyak (dshulyak)13:53
pigmejbut Idk what's the state there from dshulyak13:53
mkwiekI didn't want to snatch bugs from other people, but dshulyak if you won't be doing this one, can I have it?13:56
pigmejthis also
openstackLaunchpad bug 1545813 in Solar "Better error reporting in solar-worker when database is wrongly configured" [Undecided,New]13:56
pigmejin fact you may start from (it's easy I would say) :D13:57
mkwiekok, thanks!13:57
pigmejand about that weird times: this is probably related, but it was none vs none13:57
openstackLaunchpad bug 1547411 in Solar "[orch] TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for -: 'NoneType' and 'NoneType'" [Undecided,New]13:57
pigmejyou also created and you know how easy it's to mess with arguments ordering13:58
openstackLaunchpad bug 1547529 in Solar "solar-worker accepts arguments which don't do anything" [Undecided,New]13:58
pigmejoh that none is duplicated vs
openstackLaunchpad bug 1547411 in Solar "[orch] TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for -: 'NoneType' and 'NoneType'" [Undecided,New]13:59
openstackLaunchpad bug 1547537 in Solar "`solar orch report` yields an error when there are no resources" [Undecided,New]13:59
openstackgerritBogdan Dobrelya proposed openstack/solar: (WIP) Add packer build for docker container
pigmejmkwiek: see ? just say that you have nothing to do and I will find stuff :P14:01
dshulyakthats is leftover after i changed defaults in tasks, none -> 0.0.14:01
mkwiekpigmej: yeah, I can see :D14:04
pigmejmkwiek: as you see dshulyak has some details for you :)14:05
pigmejdshulyak: yeah I suppose, but it's also good way to allow mkwiek to understand some parts :)14:05
pigmejdshulyak: "- versioning and external actions scripts" what do you mean by that ?14:06
dshulyakhm, i messed up equality check there, i thought it the same as for small integers14:07
dshulyakpigmej: i suppose when we will use fuel - actions will be stored in original place14:08
dshulyake.g - /etc/puppet/modules14:08
pigmejdshulyak: we can use links :)14:09
dshulyakand they are kinda versioned there14:09
dshulyakfor fuel 8.0 we have /etc/puppet/8.014:09
dshulyakfor 9.0 /etc/puppet/9.014:09
pigmejwell, we still have this support for defining them in meta as full paths14:09
dshulyakno need for links i guess, just path wont be relative14:09
pigmejafair we can give full path too14:09
pigmejbut it changed like milion times ;D14:10
dshulyakthis what was done in latest version of f2s, to avoid desync, this is just a reminder that i need to add version to the path14:11
pigmejah k14:11
openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: Remove unused libraries
pigmejguys please review it, it will unblock packaging stuff + reqs14:14
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mkwiekpigmej: I think you forgot to remove tabulate from requirements.txt?14:20
openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: Remove unused libraries
pigmejdone :)14:21
pigmejthx mkwiek ;)14:21
openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: Remove unused libraries
pigmejmkwiek: please adjust your patch now :)14:34
openstackgerritMaciej Kwiek proposed openstack/solar: Align requirements with global-requirements.txt
mkwiekalthough wait! I need to pin pyzmq14:42
openstackgerritMaciej Kwiek proposed openstack/solar: Align requirements with global-requirements.txt
openstackgerritBogdan Dobrelya proposed openstack/solar-resources: Do not use atomic file updates for hosts_file
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pigmejsalmon_: dshulyak please check fixes from mkwiek about requirements AND about become user stuff :)15:56
openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: Fixed non working test on riak backend
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openstackgerritAleksey Zvyagintsev proposed openstack/solar: Add rpm spec file for solar
pigmejazvyagintsev: are you sure that there is no python-zmq for centos ?17:47
pigmejno three is no :( it's just in openstack-* repos ;/17:50
azvyagintsevyup ;(17:52
azvyagintsevit's not a problem for our package team (i guess :) )17:52
pigmejbtw I added one comment about inflection package, can be safely removed :)17:53
pigmejremoval of tabulate & multipledispatch is merged already :)17:53
pigmejso you can remove them too :)17:53
azvyagintsevand also remove few dep's)17:55
azvyagintsevactually, i'm waiting for to merge.17:55
pigmejme too :D17:55
pigmejhmm, I thought I gave it +1, at least I did it now ;)17:56
pigmejazvyagintsev: btw, will you take care about missing packages too ?17:57
azvyagintsev(if you mean, add rpm packages into fuel repos :) )17:58
pigmejthat's what I meant :)17:58
azvyagintsevok :)17:58
pigmejwhat else could I mean azvyagintsev  :P18:02
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azvyagintsev( pigmej: re-write code for not using this modules?)) )18:15
azvyagintsevdo we need python-semver ? i found only python-semantic_version (have no idea what it is :) )18:20
pigmejazvyagintsev: I need to go, semver is used only in one place, maybe we could replace it with this library18:22
azvyagintsevok. thanks18:22
pigmejsemantic_version is smaller18:22
pigmejif it does the same then it will be super easy to adjust :)18:22
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openstackgerritLukasz Oles proposed openstack/solar: Fix no attribute: result has no s
openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar-resources: Change sudo to become in ansible resources
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: Change sudo to become in bootstrap playbooks
openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: Align requirements with global-requirements.txt
openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: Fix no attribute: result has no s
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