Friday, 2016-02-26

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pigmejhello everyone :)08:00
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pigmejsup salmon_ ?08:54
pigmejjust don't tell: "friday" :)08:54
salmon_dshulyak: btw. We are now official
salmon_I added there requirements.txt09:14
pigmejdshulyak: I have idea how to do that "arbitrary commands"10:10
pigmejsince we have "repository" we could easily make it parsed on repository creation10:10
pigmejand repository would create files with arbitrary commands10:10
pigmejOR we can make our handlers aware of another keyword instead, so instead of "run" you would need to make "run_cmd"10:11
dshulyakcan we add shell handler?10:11
dshulyakthis handler wont look for any files10:11
salmon_whe not resource with cmd input?10:12
pigmejsalmon_: because you will need files still10:12
dshulyaksalmon_: parsing becomes more complex :)10:12
pigmejdshulyak: well, you could also BUT let's not name then it "run" just "run_cmd"10:12
salmon_dshulyak: why?10:12
pigmejbecause it will confuse a lot of things. And a lot of things would need to be adjusted10:12
dshulyaksalmon_: because of how parsing is done :)10:13
dshulyaki dont know if it makes sense exlaining it, you should look at parser10:14
pigmejdshulyak: I'm +1 for separate handler, I could write it (i will ahve time after i will fix stupid fabric)10:14
salmon_dshulyak: I'm lost, but I'm not against doing handler10:14
pigmejjust -1 to reuse of "run" in meta.yaml10:14
dshulyakwhy is that?10:15
pigmejbecause that "run" kw is used in many places10:16
pigmejwe discover these actions by listing files, appending there stuff10:17
pigmejit will be fucking mess, or a lot of ifs10:17
pigmejbasically, we assume that whatever is in 'run' is a file, if it's not scan actions and add files there10:17
pigmejwhile adding run_cmd doesn't need any logic changes in current "run" things (composer, etc)10:18
pigmejnot that it's super hardcore, but for now we everywhere assume that run == file10:18
salmon_RequirementParseError: Expected version spec in enum34;python_version=='2.7' or python_version=='2.6' or python_version=='3.3' at ;python_version=='2.7' or python_version=='2.6' or python_version=='3.3'10:20
pigmejeeeeeeeeeee ?10:21
dshulyakpigmej: i dont understand, from resource point of view it is exactly run/update/whatever - it will make no sense to make it run_cmd/update_cmd10:26
salmon_ideas ?10:28
dshulyaksalmon_: is it the same error you shared on monday?10:29
pigmejdshulyak: I know, BUT the problem is how we work with 'run' stuff in composer logic10:29
pigmejsalmon_: zerorpc....10:29
salmon_dshulyak: no, this is different. After Maciek changed versions and pigmej fixed zeromq10:29
pigmejtbh I think that zerorpc is a shitty lib (at least python one)10:29
pigmejsalmon_: memoryview... are you sure that it's python 2.x ?10:30
salmon_(venv) [root@fuel solar]# python --version10:31
salmon_Python 2.7.510:31
pigmejit says so..10:31
pigmejmsgpack version?10:31
dshulyaksalmon_: i think this is it -
dshulyakpigmej: why it is shitty?10:33
pigmejthere are a lot of weird bugs there10:33
dshulyakit seems this one related to msgpack :)10:34
pigmejand well for our use case, it's "big"10:34
pigmejsure, but for gevent, I hit a lot of issues + see my ugly hack10:34
pigmejand zerorpc supports a LOT of things taht we don't need :) (not that it's negative)10:36
salmon_dshulyak: thx, reinstalling msgpack helped :D10:36
dshulyaki guess we need g++ in deps10:37
salmon_so, g++ compiler is required10:37
salmon_with packages it should be solved10:37
pigmejanyway guys please review:
salmon_(venv) [root@fuel f2s]# solar orch report10:56 -> SUCCESS10:56
dshulyaksalmon_: cool, can you upload your changes?10:57
salmon_dshulyak: yup, I will update README also10:58
salmon_dshulyak: 20 minutes10:58
salmon_dshulyak: in each COmposer file you have a loop. For example here It should be f2s/apache10:59
salmon_inifnite loop11:00
dshulyaksalmon_: you mean from ?11:00
salmon_dshulyak: yes11:01
salmon_dshulyak: now you are pointing to itself11:01
dshulyakwhat relative path we will use?11:11
dshulyakshould i change it to f2s/resources/ f2s/vrs ?11:11
salmon_dshulyak: if names are diifferent f2s alone is ok11:12
salmon_if you want  f2s/resources and  f2s/vrs is olso ok11:12
salmon_just choose one11:12
salmon_dshulyak: leave it as in this patch11:13
salmon_dshulyak: merged, here is mine
salmon_dshulyak: and in each VR/resource we should set puppet_modules=/etc/puppet/modules11:21
salmon_I think in Resource definition11:22
salmon_dshulyak: and what I did: With fuel I deployed primary_controller on one node. On second node i deployed base-os. From now I'm using solar and i deployed tools resource11:23
salmon_If your stage/shell resources are working we still need a resources for this hooks
salmon_those are creating astute.yaml11:26
dshulyaksalmon_: upload_facts and link should be solved by role_data resource, no?11:35
salmon_dshulyak: yup11:35
dshulyaksalmon_: and it looks like this one we dont need , because this one removes created by astute locks11:37
pigmejsalmon_: sorry I'm unable to reproduce your error11:37
pigmejI need more info about resources involved11:37
salmon_dshulyak: yup, it looks like11:37
salmon_pigmej: which one?11:37
salmon_I reported many :P11:37
pigmejI mean it works for me ;/11:38
pigmejok, I was able11:38
salmon_dshulyak: I will revert role_data and adjust it. Or are you alredy doing it?11:41
dshulyaksalmon_: nope, i am doing fixes to nailgun patch11:50
salmon_dshulyak: ok11:51
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openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: Fabric sync transport does not exit anymore
pigmejsalmon_: ^12:26
openstackgerritBogdan Dobrelya proposed openstack/solar: (WIP) Add centos7 docker support
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pigmejbogdando: I have misc problems with that docker support that you added12:43
pigmejcould yuo please chcek everything again on "fresh" machine?12:43
pigmejI was able to build docker image, but sadly, it seems to be not fully provisioned (solar is not installed, repositories are not created etc)12:44
salmon_hmm, I'm close to implement something like configfb...12:56
openstackgerritBogdan Dobrelya proposed openstack/solar: (WIP) Add centos7 docker support
openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: Improve version parsing in Repository module
dshulyaksalmon_: have you tried to run tasks on bootstrap?15:33
salmon_dshulyak: nope, only on node with base-os role15:34
salmon_It looks like I generated astue.yaml! Time to test it with something :)15:58
pigmejdshulyak: I had to destroy your scipts :/16:27
dshulyakpigmej: what scripts?16:27
pigmejsorry :(16:28
dshulyaki dont understand what the problem :) you just moved them to another directory16:29
pigmejbut you can now pip install f2s16:29
dshulyakso why syou are orry?16:29
pigmejsalmon_: scrared me :P16:30
salmon_pigmej: :P16:30
pigmej so after it will be merged, artem can start making package :)16:31
dshulyakpigmej: why this one is commented +# solar>=2.0.1 ?16:32
pigmejrequirements shouldn't be hanged16:33
pigmejpushed with force :D16:34
salmon_what do uou need to change?16:35
pigmejI did not16:36
pigmejI pushed my temp requirements16:37
dshulyaki have transports import errors - ImportError: No module named libtorrent and solar-agent.client16:45
dshulyakafter pip instal16:45
dshulyakpip install solar16:45
pigmejyuo have old code ?16:45
dshulyakpip install ?16:46
dshulyakdo we have it in 0.2.1 ?16:47
pigmejyou shouldn't use 0.2.116:47
pigmejwhy guys in f2s you require solar 2.0.1 ? :D16:48
pigmejsalmon_: :>16:48
salmon_pigmej: >= :P16:48
salmon_dshulyak: install it from git16:49
pigmejsalmon_: 2.0.1 vs 0.2.116:49
dshulyakyeah, i installed it from master already16:49
salmon_pigmej: ah :D16:50
pigmejsalmon_: ;D16:50
dshulyakit seems we forgot to add semantic_version to reqs16:50
pigmejit is there16:51
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salmon_globals.yaml is also generating17:04
salmon_pigmej: is it ready ?17:08
pigmejsalmon_: sure17:10
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salmon_And Dima quit :(17:10
salmon_ok, merging17:10
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openstackgerritBogdan Dobrelya proposed openstack/solar: d(WIP) Add centos7 docker support
openstackgerritLukasz Oles proposed openstack/solar: Pass all args to resource and allow dumping as a yaml
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pigmejsalmon_: where are tests for it?17:27
pigmejand please store result of args...17:28
pigmejlike args = resource.args etc17:28
salmon_pigmej: ok, on Monday :)17:29
salmon_going off for now, maybe I will be later17:29
pigmejtake care salmon_ !17:29
openstackgerritBogdan Dobrelya proposed openstack/solar: Add centos7 docker support
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openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: Replace Bunch with Munch package
openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: Replace python-pyzmq by python-zmq in solar.spec
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: Replace python-pyzmq by python-zmq in solar.spec
openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: Workaround for TypeError in zerorpc Events.__del__
openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: Replace Bunch with Munch package
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