Thursday, 2016-02-25

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salmon_can you review it ?09:24
pigmejI'm testing it now ;)09:25
bogdandopigmej, it requires 1.10 docker11:06
pigmejbogdando: so I cannot test11:33
bogdandosad ;l11:36
salmon_dshulyak: btw. I can see tasks in deployment_info in astute, I don't get what do you want to get from nailgun :(11:42
dshulyaksalmon_: maybe thats a bug, but it is clearly not the tasks we are looking for11:43
salmon_dshulyak: but astute doesn't look for another tasks11:44
dshulyakyes it does11:44
salmon_dshulyak: hmm, ok. nailgun sends this to astute deployment_info and deployment_tasks
salmon_but it's not possible to get it via api? yes?11:46
salmon_this is funny
pigmejdshulyak: salmon_ we need to schedule fast call11:49
dshulyakpigmej: i am eating11:50
pigmejwhen do you finish?11:50
dshulyakdepends :)11:50
salmon_pigmej: dshulyak I'm ready, just  let me know when you are11:50
dshulyak15-20 mins, ok?11:50
bogdandopigmej, no way to install 1.10 at fedora, really?11:51
pigmejbogdando: there is copr, I will try it12:00
pigmejdshulyak: salmon_ evgenyl I created meeting in next 15 minutes but if you have time now, we can start it now12:01
openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: Fix parsing list of dicts
salmon_dshulyak: we still need a data_role resource, symlinks are still generated: 2016-02-25 10:33:03 DEBUG [27411] 5147d6e0-11f3-4d68-a053-6b20589f19bc: cmd: ln -s -f /etc/base-os.yaml /etc/astute.yaml13:29
salmon_2016-02-25 10:33:03 DEBUG [27411] Task time summary: pre_deployment_start with status successful on node virtual_sync_node took 00:00:0013:29
dshulyaksalmon_: are you sure that task based is enabled on your iso?13:40
salmon_dshulyak: 2016-02-25 10:33:03 INFO [27411] Task based deployment will be used13:40
salmon_dshulyak: this is the newest iso13:40
dshulyaksalmon_: ok, Vova said that there is always only one file is linked13:43
dshulyakso we can put data directly to astute.yaml13:43
salmon_awesome, some logs are in astute.yaml, some can be read via journalctl13:54
salmon_yup. it's run only once. Strange14:04
openstackgerritBogdan Dobrelya proposed openstack/solar-resources: Do not use atomic file updates for hosts_file
dshulyaki think we need another handler type14:38
dshulyakinstead of copying bash - it will just run command, like this one
pigmejdshulyak: you can do it using ansible handler :)14:39
openstackgerritBogdan Dobrelya proposed openstack/solar: Add packer build for docker container
dshulyakcan i? i want to put cmd directly in action14:41
dshulyakrun: echo 114:41
openstackgerritBogdan Dobrelya proposed openstack/solar: Add packer build for docker container
dshulyakpigmej: can you post an example?14:42
pigmejdshulyak: sure14:44
salmon_dshulyak: pigmej :)14:45
pigmejyup it has to work like that :)14:45
dshulyaki am talking about run: in resources14:45
pigmejsalmon_: posted example dshulyak14:45
dshulyaki need to generate this stuff14:46
dshulyakand it has nothing to do with ansible14:46
pigmejwell simple shell handler is easy to be written :)14:46
pigmejbut afair our own calls bash -c14:47
pigmejso it should be able to execute any action that you want, so maybe I don't get the problem14:47
salmon_dshulyak: just create resource shell with the same inputs like paramters14:49
salmon_dshulyak: why do you need another handler?14:50
dshulyaksalmon_: why resource?15:02
dshulyakwe have support for this?15:02
pigmejdshulyak: nope :(15:03
pigmejdshulyak: it's not that trivial then, becaue all our handlers are expecting files15:04
salmon_it is trivial :P15:05
salmon_if not os.path.exists() ... :P15:05
salmon_but it's easier to do the way I posted15:06
salmon_easier == without changes in solar15:06
pigmejbogdando: ❯ docker --version                                                                            solar/git/fix_zerorpc-115:35
pigmejDocker version 1.10.0-rc2, build f5a33dd15:35
pigmejDocker version 1.10.0-rc2, build f5a33dd15:35
bogdandoyou can share details in docs ;)15:36
pigmejat first I will need to play with it:P15:36
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openstackgerritBogdan Dobrelya proposed openstack/solar: (WIP) Add centos7 docker support
openstackgerritBogdan Dobrelya proposed openstack/solar: (WIP) Add centos7 docker support
pigmejbogdando: hmm, that docker is not working for me16:55
pigmejI mean I was able to bootstrap but nothing more16:55
pigmejvagrant ssh is not working obviously16:55
bogdandoI put a note about exec16:55
pigmejso I have no idea how I can check it if it really works16:55
bogdandoand I was able to deploy riak16:55
pigmejhow ?16:55
pigmejyou just exec bash in container?16:56
bogdandodo not use vagrant ssh, use docker exec -it :)16:56
bogdandossh works inside, as a transport16:56
pigmejok bogdando so we need at firt to upload the image to hub :)16:56
bogdandoyou can also ssh as vagrant@ip16:56
bogdandoyes, you can just put mine16:56
pigmejthat's the only change, so I will test everything and then we will upload it to hub, sounds fair?16:57
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pigmejyou should rebase bogdando17:08
pigmejstrange error though17:23
pigmejand root@solar-dev:/vagrant# solar repository show17:25
pigmejError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/lib/solar/repositories'17:25
pigmejsomething is not fully right there I think17:25
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