Monday, 2016-02-29

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dshulyakmkwiek: equality comparison is broken there10:16
dshulyakmkwiek: 1.0 is 1.0 is not like for integers :)10:16
pigmejmy stupid vagrant want's to porvision only with docker now...10:40
pigmejwhere do we set provider for vagrant ?10:42
pigmejok vagrant is just weird stuff10:43
mkwiekdshulyak: what do you exactly mean about this comparison?10:44
pigmejhmm, bogdando docker messed up my networks...10:52
bogdandoit creates only solar10:53
dshulyakmkwiek: ah forget it, it seems i was wrong :)10:54
bogdandoand make sure IP net do not overlap with existing vbox/libvirt ones10:54
pigmejbogdando: well, something is really wrong after I played with docker provisioner10:54
pigmejwtf ?10:59
openstackLaunchpad bug 1551180 in Solar "ImportError: cannot import name sugar" [Undecided,New]10:59
pigmejmkwiek: after you finish your stuff, could you please rebuild images and check if everything is fine there?11:34
pigmejI destroyed env, I wanted to create new one, and it seems that we have some serious problems with our env11:34
mkwiekpigmej: you mean using packer?11:35
pigmejidk what's going on there yet, but I already had "local only" problems, so11:35
pigmejmkwiek: youp11:35
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Infra currently has a long backlog. Please be patient and where possible avoid rechecks while it catches up.12:07
salmon_what a suprise :)12:08
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salmon_btw. we need a way to run pre/post tests12:13
pigmejwhat do you mean?12:13
pigmejsalmon_: ^12:14
salmon_pigmej: some fuel tasks have pre/post checks:
pigmejsalmon_: but this was already discussed several times12:15
pigmejjust when I joined mirantis :P12:15
pigmejand... we have this "a bit"12:16
pigmejbecasue you can now easily add events + actions with pre, post12:16
salmon_that was another storry, but connected12:16
pigmejwhat is exactly this pre_check?12:16
salmon_no idea :D12:16
salmon_in this case it just checks if hiera is running12:17
pigmejyeah but b ecause we use hiera in a bit different manner, we can skip this one probably12:17
pigmejisn't it?12:17
salmon_how we are using hiera it doesn't matter12:18
salmon_this task is reading data from hiera and generates globals.yaml12:18
pigmejand then it checks if after genreation some keys are present,12:19
dshulyaksalmon_: they are not supported by orchestrator13:18
openstackgerritMaciej Kwiek proposed openstack/solar: Timestamp comparison in calculating delta fixed
pigmejmkwiek: please test new image build13:35
mkwiekon it13:36
mkwiekpigmej: but it actually never worked for me - I could build the image with packer on the lab, but I had problems actually using it13:37
pigmejOk there are 2 ways,13:57
pigmeja) we have completely broken bootstrap right now13:57
pigmejb) my environment is unable to build valid image13:57
pigmejbut guys are reporting that something is wrong so I'm assuming that we have option 'a'13:57
openstackgerritAleksey Zvyagintsev proposed openstack/solar: Update rpm spec
pigmejsalmon_: dshulyak mkwiek bogdando can anyone please check our stuff with libvirt / vbox ? (build fresh packer image and use it)14:05
pigmejbecause my fedora is unable to build it seems14:05
pigmejI mean it builts it, but then some parts are vanishing...14:05
bogdandopigmej, hopefully the guide update will help14:06
mkwiekpigmej: I am building qemu one atm14:06
mkwiekbut on Arch :D14:06
pigmejcool, let me know14:06
dshulyaksalmon_: solar update f2s f2s/resources worked for you?14:09
dshulyaksolar repo i mean14:09
dshulyakError: Unexpected repository content structure: /root/projects/f2s/resources/ceph_ready_check Expected directory with version number14:09
pigmejdshulyak: import14:12
dshulyakrepo already exists14:14
dshulyakmkdir -p /var/lib/solar/repositories14:14
dshulyaksolar repo import f2s/vrs -n f2s14:14
dshulyaksolar repo update f2s f2s/resources14:14
dshulyaksolar repo update f2s f2s/created14:14
openstackgerritAleksey Zvyagintsev proposed openstack/solar: Update rpm spec dependency
dshulyaksalmon_: are you around/14:36
pigmejdshulyak: strange errors14:37
dshulyakpigmej: it is the same error on import and on update14:37
dshulyakpigmej: maybe they are not strange? version in path are mandatory or not?14:38
pigmejon import not14:38
pigmejI mean it should discover correct structure...14:38
pigmejsalmon_: ?14:38
openstackgerritBogdan Dobrelya proposed openstack/solar: Add centos7 docker support
dshulyakok, it looks like the error is different, i dont have meta.yaml for this resources14:40
salmon_dshulyak: yup, it's working for me14:41
dshulyakyeah, i had empty directories from another branch and they are not tracked by git14:42
salmon_dshulyak: how are your shell tasks?14:52
salmon_dshulyak: how did you solve it?14:52
dshulyaki had no time to work on them14:52
salmon_dshulyak: not much will work without it :(14:52
pigmejwhat are these shell tasks?14:53
pigmejsome returned values?14:54
pigmejlike get returned value and pass it later?14:54
salmon_pigmej: no, just command14:54
pigmejand why it's a problem?14:55
salmon_pigmej: it's not. For now these type is not generated14:56
salmon_dshulyak: can I help you with it?14:56
dshulyaksalmon_: sure,
dshulyaki have bigger problems btw :) i am introducing cycle somehow14:58
dshulyakwith single node14:58
mkwiekpigmej: I built the image with packer, but I am having problems with `vagrant box add`14:59
mkwiekbut now that I look at packer logs, it seems that it failed with building the image :/15:00
salmon_dshulyak: cycle? on what?15:02
pigmejmkwiek: what is the error15:02
dshulyaksalmon_: {u'type': u'puppet', u'requires': [{u'node_id': u'2', u'name': u'swift-rebalance-cron'}, {u'node_id': u'2', u'name': u'primary-swift'}, {u'node_id': u'2', u'name': u'swift-keystone'}], u'id': u'swift-rebalance-cron', u'required_for': [{u'node_id': None, u'name': u'deploy_end'}]}15:09
dshulyaktask requires itself for some reason15:09
salmon_dshulyak: here it doesn't
dshulyaksalmon_: yes, i checked source, but this is what nailgun returns15:13
salmon_dshulyak: hmm15:15
dshulyaksalmon_: have you tried to build solar or dg on master node?15:24
salmon_dshulyak: build solar?15:25
pigmejsalmon_: just execute `solar or dg`15:25
salmon_No package dot available.15:26
salmon_No package tred available.15:26
dshulyakah ok, newer version of networkx was rquired15:27
openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar-resources: Do not use atomic file updates for hosts_file
pigmejbogdando: ^15:54
pigmejwell it's your patch so Solar community thanks you :)15:55
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salmon_dshulyak: awesome, I  have to go out now. But I will test it later today16:12
dshulyaksalmon_: patch with api is not in master yet, so rememebr to cherry-pick it
salmon_dshulyak: ok16:13
dshulyakand also download deployment info before you will start using allocator16:14
dshulyakyou will see why :)16:14
salmon_dshulyak: ok, so prefetch before graph16:14
dshulyakalso you will need this present in your repo16:37
dshulyakand at first generate - fsclient alloc <cluster> null , it creates sync points16:37
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