Wednesday, 2016-03-02

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bogdandofolks, review please We have this annoying issue since ages. We should keep that w/a unless all resources fixed to not hardcode virtualbox keys paths :)08:49
bogdandoI think that'd be better than switching to password based auth for the vagrant libvirt provider case08:49
bogdandosalmon_, pigmej ^^08:50
openstackgerritMaciej Kwiek proposed openstack/solar: Change PENDING_RETRY to ERROR_RETRY in soft_stop
salmon_bogdando: do we need to have it in Vagrantfile?09:13
pigmejsalmon_: where would you like to have it instead ?09:14
bogdandosalmon_, not much choice09:14
bogdandoor let's fix all of the hardcoded virtualbox paths in all examples09:14
bogdandoI hope we will, eventually. then we can remove the w/a from Vagrantfile09:15
dshulyaksalmon_: btw i noticed that genkeys are missing in created tasks, i think thats the reason of rsync error09:16
salmon_dshulyak: to have genkeys task you need to run fsclient master and fsclient alloc 1 master09:17
dshulyakfsclient alloc 1 master ? oO i didnt know that it will work at all :)09:17
salmon_dshulyak: I tried and it worked. Keys were generated. now there is a problem that in astute they call mkdir -p and we in naive_sync don't09:19
dshulyakyeah, i was creating manually those directories09:20
salmon_pigmej: will add it to rsync handler :)09:20
salmon_mkdir -p :)09:21
pigmejah, Yeah, I will extend our rsync handler to "create required folders"09:22
mkwiekHi guys, I have a question about this bug: it's about making return value have both stdout and stderr? or am I understanding sth wrong?09:24
openstackLaunchpad bug 1544537 in Solar "On error transport result should contain both stdout and stderr" [Medium,New]09:24
openstackgerritBogdan Dobrelya proposed openstack/solar: Add packer build for docker container
openstackgerritBogdan Dobrelya proposed openstack/solar: Add centos7 docker support
pigmejbogdando: I'm starting to think that our vagrantfile is too complicated already09:27
pigmejat least, it crashes a lot on fedora09:27
pigmejafter your changes I get random errors ;/09:27
pigmej`Name `solar_solar-dev1` of domain about to create is already taken.` like these09:27
pigmejI never ever saw them before09:27
salmon_mkwiek: it's about this
openstackgerritBogdan Dobrelya proposed openstack/solar: Fix riak container nested docker mounts
bogdandopigmej, which changes?09:31
pigmejdocker stuff09:31
pigmejI'm starting to think that packer + dockre is baaaaaaad idea ;/09:32
bogdandopigmej, that is not the topic of the patch to w/a fixes09:32
pigmejbogdando: yeah I know :)09:32
bogdandoto w/a bad ssh keys09:32
pigmejI know I dind't mean that patch exactly09:32
bogdandodocker changes perhaps may be adapted better09:32
pigmejI mean, it break my system completely it seems09:32
bogdandoor put to a separate vagrantfile09:32
pigmejafter yesterday fuckups09:32
bogdandoThe packer + docker works for me well, on ubuntu trusty09:33
bogdandoI can't say about fedora yet09:33
pigmejSo for today I need to cleanup my system ;/09:34
mkwieksalmon_: thanks09:34
bogdandopigmej, you could test it in ubuntu bv09:35
bogdandovm. And I can do the same for fedora vm09:35
pigmejbogdando: but if it can break the host system... it's bad09:35
pigmejI mean I don't get what went wrong yesterday about that logout/tty change09:36
pigmejit's just werid09:36
bogdandoAs I said, I have no details that was wrong and cannot reproduce. I don't have host fedora system09:36
pigmejI know ;/09:36
bogdandoI can only suggest to exchange test cases. Works for me at ubuntu - please confirm at ubuntu VM09:36
pigmejand well ubuntu image worked09:36
bogdandoDoesn't work for you on fedore - I will try to repro at fedora vm09:36
bogdandomakes sens?09:36
pigmejI mean fedora + centos7 => wtf09:36
pigmejfedora + ubutnu => ok09:37
bogdandolet's just exchange test cases09:37
pigmejI can setup ubuntu VM and play with it09:37
bogdandoplease test ubuntu VM -> ubuntu/centos7 only. I will test fedora centos7 only09:37
bogdandoas you already tested fedora->ubuntu09:38
bogdandoif I can repro, we will just recommend to not use centos7 solar-dev containers at fedora09:38
pigmejbogdando: I can play with that stuff, but later, after we will close all stuf for F2S09:40
bogdandookay, although those docker containers can speed up our CI/dev a lot09:42
pigmejI know, but right now they are not working for me, so.. ;/09:42
pigmejalso they will not speed up CI at all right now, because we will need to adjust/remove/rewrite our current env,09:42
pigmejso they for sure can add speedup and they are more flexible, but they require a lot of time before we can fully benefit from them09:43
bogdandopigmej, do you think we could create another vagrantfile for docker?09:45
pigmejhmm, we could, but I'm not sure if it changes anything with docker itself :)09:46
pigmejfor sure it would be more readable, and we could use `load` stuff to load shared parts09:46
bogdandothat was to the topic to not get the Vagrantfile too scary09:46
pigmejyeah it's scary a bit and we stil have there only one iface for docker :D09:47
bogdandoalthough I think the Vagrantfile may be complex, it is not for real deploys anyway :) only to play with09:47
bogdandoI will add more interfaces support, but now it is pointless. We are not there yet09:48
pigmejTo me it can be complex, but I'm starting to think that this vagrant + packer are not soo production ready if it comes to docker ;/09:48
bogdandoMy point they never shall be for production09:48
bogdandoonly for dev/qa/ci09:49
pigmejsurely, but for CI we also probably cannot use vagrant09:49
bogdandofor production is must be only <package_manager> install solar09:49
bogdandoand no prebuilt things more09:49
pigmejthat's why salmon_ wrote our tests using fuel-devops stuff09:49
bogdandobut I mean all of this vagrant, packer, docker, devops will never be related to solar in production09:50
bogdandowe can do for our needs and dev velocity what we need09:50
pigmejyeah, BUT if we want to attract more peoples09:51
bogdandowell packer, vagrant, docker will be the best09:51
pigmejwe need good and easy dev env, and well, I'm starting to have impression that docker should be only "experimental"09:51
bogdandoa laptop can run 10 docker containers of solar-dev nodes but not 10 vbox/libvirt vms09:52
pigmejwell, looking at my fedora... I'm not sure if I would recommend docker to anyone09:52
bogdandoyes, that was my intention, I noted the docker provider *is* experimental09:52
pigmejsure, but there are a lot of hacks for that "docker" stuff, and not to mention that my fedora (I didn't changed advanced system options) dislikes docker + vagrant a lot09:52
bogdandoand looking to my ubuntu, I would :D09:52
pigmejI still don't get how the heck Centos7 docker can logout me from my machine..09:53
bogdandoyes, funny things09:53
pigmejI bet vagrant did something "wrong"09:53
bogdandoI hope vagrant will fix missing docker networking and exec provisioners, that would make things more simple.09:54
pigmejand because docker have /sbin/init as run script..09:54
bogdandoAnd I will remove all of the "docker" hacks then. For now, it must be done09:54
bogdandoanyway, I will use it for my own needs, as it works for me. But I hoped to leverage solar community, even if experimental and with temp w/a - it's damn fast09:56
pigmejI will check it for sure, because it's worth of having it but I need to focus on F2S for a bit09:56
pigmejyeah it's fast that's for sure09:56
bogdandoand has nothing to the production use cases, as we all agree09:56
pigmejsure, but you know, I probabaly execute vagrant up like once a week09:57
openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: Fix riak container nested docker mounts
pigmejdshulyak: why it fails btw?10:07
dshulyakpigmej: tests are not adjusted10:07
openstackgerritBogdan Dobrelya proposed openstack/solar: Add packer build for docker container
openstackgerritBogdan Dobrelya proposed openstack/solar: Add centos7 docker support
openstackgerritMaciej Kwiek proposed openstack/solar: Make SolarTransportResult output contain both outs
openstackgerritBogdan Dobrelya proposed openstack/solar: Add troubleshooting to the development guide
openstackgerritBogdan Dobrelya proposed openstack/solar: Add troubleshooting to the development guide
openstackgerritBogdan Dobrelya proposed openstack/solar: Add troubleshooting to the development guide
openstackgerritBogdan Dobrelya proposed openstack/solar: Add troubleshooting to the development guide
openstackgerritBogdan Dobrelya proposed openstack/solar: Add troubleshooting to the development guide
pigmejsalmon_: are there any special reqs for that mkdir pattern?11:28
salmon_dshulyak: commented11:30
salmon_pigmej: just create full path11:31
pigmejsalmon_: k,11:32
openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: Add troubleshooting to the development guide
pigmejOSError: /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/zmq/ undefined symbol: crypto_secretbox_open11:52
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openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: Create remote paths before syncing
pigmejsalmon_: ^12:51
salmon_pigmej: I will test it now12:52
salmon_pigmej: you can also think how to support this :)12:53
pigmejin the same way in fact...12:55
pigmejhow does fuel work with this ?12:55
salmon_it's run on slave node12:55
pigmejah fuck12:56
pigmejmco :D12:56
salmon_yes, this is mcollective agent12:57
pigmejso, our sync handler doesn't support this ;/12:57
salmon_yet :P12:57
pigmejit will be slow as hell12:57
salmon_I'm just talking about permissions12:58
pigmejwell, any command will require full roundtrip12:58
openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: Fabric sync transport does not exit anymore
salmon_pigmej: you can do it for all files at once12:59
pigmejor yet another sync_transport(soruce, dest) + sync_transport(file_with_all_permissions) + run_transport(execute permissions)12:59
pigmejsolar agent could handle this perfectly13:00
pigmejBUT we're not going this way, so probably mco transport is not that bad idea right now13:00
pigmejbecause all we would need it to feed it with correct arguments13:00
pigmejbecause fuel does one request while syncing stuff, we will require more (or some "nice" hacks around rsync_path) :P13:01
salmon_pigmej: for now we need something what works13:02
pigmejI can try but you know....13:04
pigmejjust let me know if this current patch fixes remote existence problem, then I will think how to add these permissins...13:05
salmon_pigmej: ok, testing, It will take some time13:06
pigmej we have Workflow+1 for our blocker in fuel :)13:16
pigmejnice ;)13:16
salmon_and -2 from jenkins :(13:28
pigmejyaeh but it rather broke just becasue :P13:29
openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: Timestamp comparison in calculating time fixed
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pigmejsalmon_: how is testing going ?13:40
salmon_it's going :)13:41
dshulyakguys, do oyu have fix for rsync?13:46
dshulyaki was disconnected for a while13:46
dshulyaksalmon_: pigmej ^ ?13:46
openstackgerritMaciej Kwiek proposed openstack/solar: Change PENDING_RETRY to ERROR_RETRY in soft_stop
dshulyakok, i will try this one
pigmejdshulyak: we do13:49
pigmejexactly this one :)13:49
pigmejthen salmon_ said me about:
dshulyakyeah, there is timeouts and retries almost for every task, maybe it will be appropriate to handle them on transports layer13:51
pigmejdshulyak: and also:
pigmejdshulyak: because this file just changed :D13:53
pigmejand the 207-208 was pointing to these "permissions"13:53
pigmejbtw how do you guys plan to pass the permissions stuff ?14:08
pigmejlet's say that it that {src, dst} dict ?14:08
pigmejlike {src, dst, permissin} ?14:08
salmon_pigmej: permision is for whole list14:10
salmon_it looks like14:10
dshulyakyes, atleast for existing tasks14:11
dshulyakbtw my primary-controller still runs, cool14:11
dshulyaksalmon_: have u tried with compute ?14:11
pigmejI mean, I don't know then how we want to support this ;/14:11
salmon_dshulyak: nope I started from th e begining and provision failed on one node. Trying to fix14:13
pigmejsalmon_: can you merge this rsync stuff?14:16
pigmejthen I can start working on permissions14:16
pigmejwe should somehow create tests for handlers...14:16
salmon_pigmej: when it's tested :)14:17
openstackgerritBogdan Dobrelya proposed openstack/solar: W/a virtualbox hardcoded paths for solar examples
mkwiekdshulyak: what's up with ctxt?14:21
mkwiekis it some kind of interface that we want to implement with Scheduler objects?14:21
pigmejsalmon_: dshulyak already did +2 :P14:21
dshulyakmkwiek: every public method of worker should be able to accept ctxt14:21
mkwiekdshulyak: yeah, you wrote this in comment, but can you provide some more info? I am not saying you are wrong, I am saying that I don't understand why this is the case :_)14:23
dshulyakmkwiek: this is just how i implemented subscribers for workers14:25
dshulyakctxt may have info that is not required by task, but might be needed for other purposes14:25
mkwiekdshulyak: thanks, that's the info I needed, will revert these lines :)14:25
dshulyakprimary-database failed14:27
openstackgerritMaciej Kwiek proposed openstack/solar: Change PENDING_RETRY to ERROR_RETRY in soft_stop
salmon_is it somehow connected with your changes?14:32
pigmejI have seen it before afair14:34
mkwieksalmon_: not sure, it didn't happen to me when I was trying out my changes14:35
pigmejdshulyak: what we do about that versioning thingy?14:35
mkwiekdoes it happen immediately after calling cli?14:35
salmon_pigmej: it's working14:37
pigmejsalmon_: merge then :P14:38
dshulyakpigmej: lets do this tommorow, i am trying to understand why galera fails and i need to fix tests for my other patch14:39
pigmejdshulyak: ok14:40
pigmejI will add workflow -1 to it14:40
pigmej"just in case" :)14:40
dshulyakbogdando: are u around? i have this error in puppet log - G2016-03-02 14:43:57 +0000 Haproxy_backend_status[mysql](provider=http) (debug): Got error while checking backend: No route to host - connect(2)14:44
dshulyakbogdando: primary-database task14:45
salmon_dshulyak: I'm trying now controller+compute14:46
bogdandodshulyak, those primary- ones are better to be consulted with authors, Matthew perhaps14:46
bogdandothey split roles, I'm not aware off related issues14:47
bogdandobut I can try to debug your env...14:47
pigmejsalmon_: dshulyak if permission says dir_permissions it's chmod {permission} dir or (I don't think so) chmod -R {permission} dir ?14:50
pigmejI also see that some tasks have `'cwd': /` we don't support it too14:51
dshulyakpigmej: chmod dir, and then chmod for each file -
dshulyakpigmej: i remember that it was important for 1st verions of plugins, we will need to recheck it later14:52
pigmejthere are a lot of custom parameters that we don't support ;/14:52
dshulyakretries + interval / timeout / cwd ?14:53
pigmejchown, chgrp14:54
pigmejdshulyak: I can implement them though, just time needed, Next time please communicate these things asap :)15:01
pigmejI mean not only dshulyak  :) salmon_ also :P15:02
salmon_pigmej: I don't think that it's important for now :P15:03
salmon_w sumie na jobvite nie potwierdzil15:04
pigmejsalmon_: yeah I know15:04
pigmejnext time switch window :)15:04
pigmejsalmon_: what is not important ?15:07
pigmejpermissions for sure are, because apache may not start with worng permissions to ssl things15:08
salmon_retries + interval / timeout / cwd15:08
pigmejfirst 3 probably15:08
pigmejbut 'cwd' I don't know, we always run from $HOME in fact15:08
pigmejso it may be problematic,15:09
salmon_we will see15:09
salmon_I didn't see errors  from it yet, but I'm looking at some failures :)15:10
pigmejcwd is the easiest from these all15:12
pigmejbut cwd is for run transport15:12
pigmejand I think we support it there15:13
pigmejyup we do15:13
pigmejso cwd is not an issue ;)15:13
openstackgerritAleksey Zvyagintsev proposed openstack/solar-resources: Add spec for rpmbuild solar-resources.spec
mkwiekpigmej: can you elaborate a bit on this bug: ? I am not sure how to reproduce it15:20
openstackLaunchpad bug 1549342 in Solar "Fix python interpreter errors on interpreter shutdown" [Undecided,New] - Assigned to Jedrzej Nowak (jnowak)15:20
pigmejit's tricky beast :D15:21
pigmejyou should enable pg backend probably15:22
pigmejshit it doesn't want to crash again on PG15:22
pigmejthe thing is that if you have program that uses gevent and you patch gevent too late, you *may* have some weird exceptions at the end15:23
mkwiekok, I think I will leave this one, but maybe I will mark it as incomplete on LP until we find a proper way to reproduce it?15:24
mkwiekpigmej: also, when does this one happen: ?15:27
openstackLaunchpad bug 1551180 in Solar "ImportError: cannot import name sugar" [Undecided,New]15:27
mkwiekthere is no info in the bug :(15:27
pigmejwell for me it happens everytime when I start new machine...15:28
pigmejit's some error with zmq stuff15:28
pigmejI don't know wtf, but it looks like you need to reinstall zmq15:29
pigmej(uninstall in fact first) then install it again15:29
pigmejand it happens on any solar command15:29
pigmejbasically if you will try to import zmq => error15:29
pigmejmkwiek: you could try this one15:30
pigmejbut it's not simple15:30
pigmejit's tricky, and it's not a bug, but fixing "bad" idea after porting to stevedore15:31
pigmejor obvioulsy, you can play with CLI, there is probably milion bugs there15:31
pigmejbut not reported (yet)15:31
mkwiekok, thanks for this, I will check this out15:32
pigmejand because you started playing with solar you may have some fresh look on CLI15:34
pigmejCLI is critical for us because it will be only one UX that we will support in 9.015:36
pigmejalso this one is maybe even more required than that BAT stevedore fixes15:36
salmon_dshulyak: I think we are missing between nodes events15:38
mkwiekpigmej: ok, I am on the one with repository creation15:38
dshulyaksalmon_: can u check it with any task that have cross-depends ?15:39
salmon_dshulyak: I will, for now checking what's working15:40
pigmejmkwiek: when you will have some PoC / idea please share it with me, k?15:40
dshulyakpigmej: what is the easiest way to add input for resource?15:45
dshulyaki need to create location_id somehow15:45
pigmejdshulyak: solar input add ?15:45
dshulyakin python15:45
pigmejdshulyak: or if you don't have resource but dbobj15:46
pigmejsomething like dbobj.inputs.add_new(name, value, schema=None)15:46
pigmejschema=None => will be guessed15:46
salmon_dshulyak: I'm using it here
pigmejbut also15:46
pigmejlocation_id *should* be created automaticaly15:46
pigmejIF you use Resource.class15:47
pigmejthere is Resource.auto_extend_inputs15:47
pigmejwhich adds that stuff15:47
dshulyakResource.class reads from filesystem afair15:47
dshulyaki will add it using schema15:47
dshulyaki mean dbobj.inputs.add_new15:47
pigmejyou can :)15:47
pigmejwell, resource.from_spec uses filessytem15:47
pigmejbut resource.from_db is not :)15:48
salmon_compute registered, nice :)15:49
pigmejbtw why the f** that is named SOURCE ?15:50
salmon_all failes15:51
pigmejnice :D15:52
pigmejwho broke it and why it was me?15:52
pigmejbut it's weird15:53
salmon_ImportError: No module named solar.version15:53
pigmejsalmon_: that's weird15:56
pigmejbecause it exists15:56
salmon_pigmej: yup, wtf moment ;)15:57
pigmejand you can import that version from solar/ dir15:57
pigmejbut you cannot solar.version from outside..15:57
salmon_why not?15:58
pigmejlet's ignore it15:58
pigmejI will submit other patch that fixes it15:58
pigmejdshulyak: Patch Set 18: Verified+2 :D16:02
pigmejyou got your long awaited merge :)16:03
pigmejso we don't need FFE :D16:03
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dshulyakpigmej: it was long journey16:15
pigmejyeah like in fuel :D16:15
dshulyaklong journey from home to store16:15
pigmejdshulyak: remember to cancel FFE :)16:15
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pigmejdshulyak: good job with that patch :)16:15
*** ikalnitsky_ is now known as ikalnitsky16:16
dshulyakpigmej: yes, i will send a note16:17
salmon_dshulyak: and add some gif
salmon_dshulyak: how can I test it ?16:22
dshulyaksalmon_: u can test it with f2s :) for example without this patch if you commit anchors before main deployment (fuel alloc 1 null)16:23
dshulyakand then u will try to fuel alloc 1 1 - u will see that graph is disconnected16:23
salmon_I think I did16:24
salmon_*I did it16:24
salmon_dshulyak: ok, will check16:24
salmon_after debugging swift16:24
dshulyakfor example u wont have deploy_end anchor, and all tasks that needs to be run after this anchor - can be executed before any task16:25
salmon_hmm, I had it :)16:25
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pigmejguys I have question to you, `self.transport_sync.copy(resource, item['src'], item['dst'])`18:08
pigmejwhy there is no 'sudo' ?18:08
pigmejyou're using user that has access to these files "always" ?18:09
salmon_pigmej: hmm, we are using root :)18:09
dshulyakthere is non-root feature, and ssh with root will be disabled18:10
dshulyakthere will be service user with sudo and ssh key18:10
pigmejok, because my next question was how the heck are we going to solve it18:10
pigmejbecause I wrote that chown/chgrp stuff18:10
pigmejand obviously user cannot chown18:11
pigmejexcept when user == root18:11
dshulyaki didnt get it, we will be able to use sudo without password18:12
pigmejyeah but that's the point18:12
pigmejif you login as root => you don't need to use sudo in a *lot* of places18:12
pigmejwhen you're not a root => you need to18:12
pigmejso my question is, how the heck are we going to solve this :)18:12
dshulyakcan we add sudo: yes to our ssh transport ?18:13
dshulyakor become :D18:13
pigmejyeah I wanted to do so, BUT, it's not that trivial change18:13
pigmejbecause all "sudo" ifs needs to be adjusted etc18:13
pigmejso I would prefer to have this at naive_sync logic18:14
pigmejat least for now18:14
pigmejthen full blown example could look like18:14
dshulyakwithout sudo: yes in ssh transport - how we are going to run puppet/bash/etc ?18:16
pigmejdshulyak: logic is in handlers18:16
pigmejhandler is adding sudo when needed18:16
pigmejso in fact puppet sets always to True, while ansible uses "become" stuff18:17
pigmej etc18:17
pigmejthis logic is not on transport level, from transport we assume that you have what handler needs, and handler determines what to do, it's cool approach, because we don't need to care about "sudo" at transport level, so handler executes everything with correct stuff18:18
pigmejand because we use usually (I'm not sure if in all palces) we can swap the "sudo" implementation on transport level.18:19
dshulyakyes, it makes sense18:19
pigmejBUT for naive_sync, we lack information when to sudo, when not18:19
pigmejso I have to add it somewhere18:19
pigmejthis is 3rd version, I think it's the best18:19
pigmejBUT there is a problem with owner stuff, which always requires sudo18:20
dshulyakto me it makes more sense to store this in inputs, because if u can update source - then sudo input may change as well18:20
openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: Make SolarTransportResult output contain both outs
dshulyakso 1 or 3 i guess18:21
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pigmejwhat if sudo=False and you set chown ?18:22
pigmej`chown: changing ownership of ‘a’: Operation not permitted` ?18:23
dshulyakit looks like either all of additonal options should be per file or none18:23
pigmejwell, there is also one other case18:24
pigmejalways execute chgrp/chown with sudo18:24
dshulyakwhat if u dont have sudo, and u will try to run those commands ?18:27
dshulyaki think chown/chgrp should be executed if sudo: yes or ssh user is root18:27
pigmejok, so I will do this way and I will put note there,18:29
pigmejlater we may change implementation18:30
pigmejwell if yuo don't have sudo there is still a chance that you can change group18:30
pigmejI will put sudo for now at the same level as group things18:30
pigmejto keep it consistent, later we can create more granular stuff18:31
pigmejshit it makes completely no sense...18:34
pigmejdshulyak: salmon_18:50
salmon_cool :)18:53
pigmejyou haven't yet seen the code :D :D18:53
salmon_ :(18:58
pigmejsalmon_: yup18:59
pigmejI just reported this18:59
pigmejbut I think18:59
pigmej this fixes it18:59
salmon_but my graph is not empty  :(19:00
pigmejit's exactly this bug19:01
pigmejjust different "reason"19:01
pigmejit will be fixed by that one19:01
openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: Support permissions, owner and group in naive_sync
openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar-resources: Use new atributes in sources resource
pigmejsalmon_: dshulyak first one allows you to use attributes from the second one :)19:14
*** dshulyak has quit IRC21:06
*** angdraug has quit IRC21:45

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