Thursday, 2015-10-15

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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/swift: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: Fix replicator intersection exception when sync data to remote regions.
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openstackgerritRobert Francis proposed openstack/swift: WIP: Symlink implementation. (work in progress)
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openstackgerritRico Lin proposed openstack/python-swiftclient: improve readme contents
openstackgerritAlistair Coles proposed openstack/swift: Add backend subrequest tests for staticweb
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openstackgerritRobert Francis proposed openstack/swift: WIP: Symlink implementation. (work in progress)
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acolescschwede: oic! (staticweb patch)14:57
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openstackgerritRobert Francis proposed openstack/swift: WIP: Symlink implementation. (work in progress)
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openstackgerritRobert Francis proposed openstack/swift: WIP: Symlink implementation. (work in progress)
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notmynameliberty is officially released16:55
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notmynamehurricanerix: what needs to happen to get the testr tests going? I had hoped to get that a while back, but you've got it marked WIP16:57
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openstackgerritRobert Francis proposed openstack/swift: WIP: Symlink implementation. (work in progress)
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hurricanerixnotmyname: sorry, I got distracted by other things.  I meant to look over it a little bit more because I am paranoid about breaking things.17:09
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hurricanerixI'll see if I can find some time to go over it again.  and if not, it's a long flight to Japan... :)17:11
notmynameheh :-)17:11
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janonymous_Wow.. Liberty!!17:34
janonymous_notmyname: Mitaka started now ?17:35
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notmynamejanonymous_: sortof. the openstack release is more of a time on the calendar for dev work. roughly starts with a summit. ends with a release (like today's). but aside for having one release that lines up with the end of that calendar time, swift's release doesn't have "cycles" per se.17:37
notmynameswift's releases are more of "work on stuff that needs to be done and we'll release it when it's done."17:37
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janonymous__Ohhkay.. and the design sessions include all the things needs to be done in next release if i am ryt17:39
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janonymous__I am sorry to ask such basic questions but i havn't attended ny openstack summit before....EC was the most imp and major thing of this release, is there something like that planned in M  also?17:42
claygtdasilva: can you dig up the old versioned write upgrade test spreadsheet?17:43
claygtdasilva: heh nm,
tdasilvaclayg: problems?17:45
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claygtdasilva: nah it's *all* good!18:08
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claygtdasilva: well then again - i'm reading that matrix on and I don't think it's 100% correct with what ended up ladning?18:23
clayge.g. G13 - when x-versions-location is *set* and container-server allow_versions is *on* - regadless of the middleware config option versioned writes *will* be allowed?18:24
claygtdasilva: like it's not a ternary state (enabled, disabled, do-whatever-container-config-setting-says) - it's just enabled/disabled - and disabled always does what the container-server says - right?18:25
claygor is there a difference between the config of the automatically inserted middleware and the behavior of a middleware explicitly published in the pipleline and set to allow_versioned_writes = false?18:26
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tdasilvaclayg: one sec...I remember kota_ found some scenarios towards the end of the review cycle that forced us to make some changes, not sure if it's on the spreadsheet18:27
tdasilvabut we did document it18:27
tdasilvaone sec18:27
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claygtdasilva: you're the best!18:27
tdasilvaclayg: I'm reading the following link and comparing to what you wrote:
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tdasilvaclayg: if admin sets allow_versioned_writes in the middleware config, then middleware is disabled regardless of x-versions-location being set and container-server allow_versions being *on*18:33
tdasilvaclayg: if admin sets allow_versioned_writes to False18:33
claygtdasilva: whoa - so it *is* ternary18:33
clayghrmm... i'm not sure I see immediately where the code differentiates from "None" and "False" ?18:34
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claygcomment L#420 - "if allow_versioned_writes is not set in the configuration files but 'versions' is configured, enable feature to maintain backwards compatibility"18:36
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claygthe check is just "not allow_versioned_writes" - I don't think it's differentiating between "automatically inserted/not set" and "explicitly inserted/disabled"18:36
*** marzif has joined #openstack-swift18:36
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claygwhich is good for me - i hate ternary options - and I don't think I see anything in the docs that conflict with that behavior - but the spreadsheet really did seem to be making a distinction - and you also just echo'd the same...18:38
clayg... maybe I should test it :P18:38
tdasilvatrying to get my head around it agian18:38
tdasilvaone sec18:39
openstackgerritSamuel Merritt proposed openstack/swift: Interpolate the explanation string not whole HTML body
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tdasilvaclayg: so the way I'm reading the code is...if allow_versioned_writes is not set, then is_enabled is False in line 392, unless it is set to True in line 424 (which would mean it was enabled in the container info)18:42
tdasilvaclayg: are correct18:44
tdasilvathis backwards compatibility code is confusing18:45
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claygtdasilva: agreed!18:55
claygtdasilva: can you update that chart and I'll double check you?  (or vice versa?)18:55
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claygtdasilva: nm, spreadsheet is correct - i'm an idiot - it's totally ternary and well described in the comments in
tdasilvaclayg: i'm the idiot who wrote the messy code :/19:25
claygtdasilva: working messy code is better than clean broken code?19:27
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openstackgerritAlistair Coles proposed openstack/swift: Encrypter and Decrypter middleware - object body only
hrouacoles_, wow a ton of great refactoring, thanks !  Will review that now20:11
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MooingLemurIs there anything obvious that would make it so a proxy server wouldn't honor an "Expect: 100-continue" request header?  I have a set of proxies that don't seem to return it, and another set that does... and the 2nd set is literally a cloned OS image taken from ones that don't!20:54
MooingLemurI don't think there's anything in the config that would differentiate them20:54
*** DericHorn-HP has joined #openstack-swift20:54
claygMooingLemur: that's nuts!20:54
claygMooingLemur: nothing in swift - is there anything else (load balancer, ssl termination) between the swift-proxy-server process and the client?20:55
MooingLemurpound is on both, the configs are identical.  I'm testing without SSL but still through pound20:55
claygMooingLemur: *maybe* some eventlet version thing, but it'd have to be *super* old?!  and if you cloned it i'm guessing it's all the same20:55
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johanfiHi.. is it possible to have multiple swift backends?20:56
MooingLemurload balancer is LVS, uninvolved in L420:56
claygMooingLemur: any possibility your test is invalid?  how do you know one does send the expect and the other does not?  how do you know your client is telling the proxy to send it?20:56
claygjohanfi: like 3-replica, 2-replica and EC - you bet20:57
MooingLemurclayg: argh.. you're right.. my test is invalid..  the ones that work are not going through pound but rather localhost:8080!20:57
johanfiI'm asking because I have a deployment using Mirantis 7.0, and the current state installs swift on the controller-nodes, but does not allow for standalone proxies or storage-nodes20:57
claygjohanfi: oh bummer :'(20:58
claygjohanfi: yeah pretty common to have proxies and storage nodes be different sku's20:58
MooingLemurPound is not translating the 100-continue stuff.20:58
johanfimeaning, if I manually add proxy-nodes, the will be overwritten if I add controllers in fuel20:58
claygjohanfi: some times even the object storage nodes and metadata tiers are different nodes - some times the metadata tier gets lumped on the proxies - everything depends - swift doesn't care ho you lay it out20:59
claygjohanfi: sorry I don't have any experience with fuel - but that sounds like a bummer20:59
johanfiso you can have two, totally seperate swift-installations with one openstack (ie keystone/horizon)?20:59
claygMooingLemur: is there a don't_be_so_fucking_stupid_pound option?21:00
claygjohanfi: that is also true - but orthagonal to what I was talking about - which was cluster topology w/i a single swift-installation21:00
notmynameMooingLemur: correct. Pound doesn't support 100-continue. (that's why I like HAProxy better)21:00
claygnotmyname: wow rly!?21:00
claygnotmyname: crazy...
MooingLemuryeah, I can't find patches for 2.721:02
notmynameya, IIRC. that's one of the reasons we dropped it in swiftstack for haproxy21:02
notmynameyeah. that's what I meant ;-)21:04
*** hezhiqiang has quit IRC21:05
MooingLemurThanks :)21:05
claygMooingLemur: I *think* this might be canonical upstream now ->  - maybe open an issue and try to ask about those debian patches for expect 100 continue support?21:08
johanficlayg: If I recall correctly, you was as at one of the Openstack Swift-sessions in Vancouver.. You talked about having a community "graphite"-environment as swift-operators, correct?21:10
clayguhhhh... not exactly21:10
clayga) that was cschwede21:10
johanfiah, my mistake21:11
claygb) we talked about adding someting baked into vagrant-swift-all-in-one (or something similar) so we could get some community collaborate based on a "standard" configuraiton that would make it easier to share/collaborate on ideas21:11
claygc) ... but we did dick all with that good idea21:12
clayg... well21:12
claygto be fair I'm not sure if cschwede worked on it or now - he's the german guy - i was in the room - I'm the fat obnoxious american21:12
johanfiAs I see it I have some limits on my current fuel-deployment. I can: a) deploy openstack with fuel as is, and severly limit the storage capacity for swift21:14
johanfib) write a plugin in fuel that does the install (probably the correct way)21:14
johanfic) install a standalone swift-cluster seperate from the fuel-deployment and integrate that in my environment21:15
openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: Script for running unit, func and probe tests at once
*** mac_ified has joined #openstack-swift21:21
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claygjohanfi: I can't speak to if a fuel plugin that knows how to swift good is a resonable or correct path21:41
claygjohanfi: but setting up swift stand alone and integrating with other infrastructure is totally a thing you could do21:42
*** aix has joined #openstack-swift21:42
*** zhill has joined #openstack-swift21:43
johanficlayg: thanks21:45
*** wbhuber has quit IRC21:45
johanficlayg: probably test a standalone setup first, see how it behaves in the lab21:45
johanfi*goint to21:46
*** wbhuber has joined #openstack-swift21:46
*** acoles_ is now known as acoles21:46
*** lpabon has joined #openstack-swift21:49
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claygjohanfi: BTW, what are you doing with swift?  just like vm images?21:54
*** lpabon has quit IRC21:58
*** acoles is now known as acoles_21:58
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*** pdardeau has joined #openstack-swift22:16
openstackgerritHamdi Roumani proposed openstack/swift: WIP: Symlink implementation. (work in progress)
*** hezhiqiang has joined #openstack-swift22:22
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*** setmason has joined #openstack-swift22:41
johanficlayg: images also, but mainly the goal is to use it for apps in an s3-fasion22:41
johanfiso the initial thought would be to have to have the two controllers from fuel serve as a image-store, and the second cluster for apps22:42
*** hezhiqiang has quit IRC22:42
claygjohanfi: that sounds awesome!22:43
johanficlayg: thanks.. btw, has anyone here used spark together with swift?22:44
*** siva_krishnan has quit IRC22:44
johanfiit seems like sort of the match made in heaven, using spark and swift together.. the only caveat I see is that you have the issue of data locality22:44
johanfiand the potential bottleneck of proxy-nodes22:45
*** nadeem_ has quit IRC22:45
claygjohanfi: not I, but it sure looks like someone's thought about it ->
claygI honestly thought of splunk when i read that the first time :\22:46
*** siva_krishnan has joined #openstack-swift22:46
claygjohanfi: I'm not sure, they mention the list_endpoints middleware - which is a good indication that they're at least thinking about it the right way22:47
*** setmason_ has joined #openstack-swift22:47
setmason_Wouldn’t that crush Swift?22:47
notmynamewhat would?22:48
johanfiI still haven't heard anyone who actually uses swift this way though..22:49
torgomaticuh, so the spark page there talks about auth, credentials, and such...22:49
torgomaticthen it says this "Although not mandatory, it is recommended to configure the proxy server of Swift with list_endpoints to have better data locality."22:49
torgomaticif you're not bypassing the proxy and going straight to the storage nodes, list_endpoints buys you exactly nothing22:50
*** setmason has quit IRC22:50
*** setmason_ is now known as setmason22:50
*** siva_krishnan has quit IRC22:50
johanfibecause in my mind, if you place spark inside the network of swift, you would have to do keystone authorization on the storage-layer22:50
torgomaticthe swift proxy does authentication; the storage layer does not22:51
torgomaticif you get inside Swift's internal network, there's no authen or authz any more; just full access to absolutely everything22:52
johanfithat's how it works now, yes, but if you would use a 1-1 releationship between storage-nodes and spark-nodes, meaning one storage server and one compute server22:53
*** setmason has quit IRC22:53
torgomaticI mean, some folks went to the trouble of writing list_endpoints, so clearly it's not an issue if you've got a single-purpose cluster and you don't mind bypassing auth22:53
johanfibut does list-endpoint meaning bypass auth?22:53
torgomaticwell, list_endpoints lets you make a request that gives you back some URLs22:54
johanfifrom the storagenodes?22:54
torgomaticso you request something like /list_endpoints/AUTH_me/container/object, and it looks that up in the rings and tells you which storage nodes would have it if it existed22:54
torgomatic(also some headers to send along, yada yada yada)22:54
*** setmason has joined #openstack-swift22:54
torgomaticand then you go talk to the best storage node from that set and get the data22:55
torgomatic(where "best" probably means "closest network-wise")22:55
johanfiah.. so spark connects to the proxy, sends where it is, then how to connect it to the storage-ndoe22:55
johanfibut the storage-nodes and spark still have to be on the same cluster22:55
johanfifor that to make sense22:55
torgomaticI mean... maybe? The docs on that page are quite confusing to me; my impression is that spark talks to the proxy for everything, but they suggest enabling list_endpoints for something that doesn't make sense22:56
torgomaticnow, if spark *does* talk to the storage nodes directly, then that could work, though at that point I wonder why bother with the proxy at all22:56
*** Ailus has quit IRC22:56
*** km has joined #openstack-swift22:57
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johanficlayg: in terms of adding another swift, how would that look like on the horizon side?23:01
johanficlayg: ie, how could users look at containers, create, enforce quotaes etc?23:01
claygaww man - i keep meaing to look at horizon - won't it just use the same catalog that any of the clients receive?  surely it supports - what does keystone call them?  "regions"23:03
clayg"service regions"23:03
mattoliveraujohanfi: doesn't that come down keystone intergration, ie the endpoints you configure23:03
mattoliverauI think horizon looks at the software catalog from keystone, tho I could be wrong23:04
johanfiand keystone supports multiple swift backends?23:04
*** Ailus has joined #openstack-swift23:04
*** Ailus has quit IRC23:05
claygtorgomatic: well - storage nodes can't have list_endpoints in the pipeline - so there's that I guess?23:05
claygjohanfi: yeah for sure23:05
johanfisilly question perhaps, but would having multiple swift be like having different regions?23:06
claygwell - heh23:06
claygyou can have two swift clusters and there's some terminology in keystone and the like to have mutiple services of the same type listed in the catalog - rax calls them regions (DFW, IAD, LON, etc)23:07
claygthen there's *swift* regions - which have to do with GEO clusters23:07
claygand those two things are not related23:07
johanfiwas thinking of this one "keystone endpoint-create --region RegionOne"23:08
claygyeah that's the ticket!23:08
*** david-lyle has quit IRC23:09
*** david-lyle has joined #openstack-swift23:09
johanfiok, so install a standalone swift-cluster, point it towards the correct keystone. then add the vip/LB ip of the proxy-nodes and then I'm good?23:10
johanfiadd it in keystone that is23:10
*** khoah64 has quit IRC23:10
claygit'll be great!23:11
johanfishould be fun! :)23:11
claygparty time!23:11
*** delattec has quit IRC23:12
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*** hezhiqiang has joined #openstack-swift23:12
johanficlayg: thanks for all the help.. it was really useful.23:12
*** MooingLemur has joined #openstack-swift23:13
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/swift: Updated from global requirements
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blmartinGood evening23:42
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