Monday, 2017-01-16

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jrichlinotmyname, mattoliverau: have a great time at LCA01:19
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kota_good morning01:35
kota_timburke, clayg, acoles_: oh, that reclaim_age test patch has got merged? great! i was thinking of starting from that point for this week's my review work but it's unnecessary.01:37
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openstackgerritAnh Tran proposed openstack/swift-specs: Removed redundant words: 'in', 'this'
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openstackgerritAnh Tran proposed openstack/swift: Removed redundant 'is'
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openstackgerritKota Tsuyuzaki proposed openstack/swift: Fix unnecessary for-loop and mis docs
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openstackgerritAndreas Jaeger proposed openstack/swift: Remove broken links
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: Tighten the move-one-replica test
jcaronHi everyone, I am Jean from,10:42
jcaronSome of our customers have the need to use a TXT resource record instead of the CNAME (middleware CNAME lookup)10:42
jcaronHow can this feature be properly implemented ? add the TXT lookup directly in middleware/ ? rename the middleware ( ?10:42
jcaronadd a new middleware dedicated for the TXT lookup (code replication .. ) ?10:42
jcaronthanks for your incoming advices10:42
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: Removed redundant 'is'
openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: Cleanup tests from empty suffix quarantined db fix
openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: Remove broken links
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openstackgerritKota Tsuyuzaki proposed openstack/swift: Fix unnecessary for-loop and mis docs
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kota_sorry, cschwede i fixed pep8 error in the patch14:09
cschwedekota_: thx, still LGTM!14:10
kota_cschwede: thanks for your quick response!14:10
kota_still misindent???14:11
kota_sorry, I may push wrong patch14:11
cschwedekota_: but the diff from 1 to 2 looks like it fixes the pep8 error?
patchbotpatch 420607 - swift - Fix unnecessary for-loop and mis docs14:12
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openstackgerritKota Tsuyuzaki proposed openstack/swift: Fix unnecessary for-loop and mis docs
kota_cschwede: I thought but i got mistake again14:13
kota_cschwede: patch 3 should pass pep814:13
cschwedeah yes, patch #1 fixed one of the two lines. makes sense14:13
kota_cschwede: yeah, sorry. my mistake, again.14:15
kota_my head seems to go sleep :/14:15
cschwedekota_: well, all good things come in threes - pep8 passed :)14:18
kota_cschwede: thanks!14:19
* kota_ is going to offline14:20
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acolesclayg: jrichli: git branch | wc -l == 137 :P14:36
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acoleskota_: actually the reclaim age patch 374419 didn't land yet, just some associated tests, but looks like cschwede may be on it :)14:38
patchbot - swift - Move documented reclaim_age option to correct loca...14:38
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kota_acoles: oh, really14:48
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cschwedeacoles: indeed, i was looking at that patch! and with your and mahatic's comments i'm fine merging that patch - it's in the gate now :)15:10
mahaticcschwede: thanks for looking at it!15:11
acolescschwede: thanks!15:23
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timburkegood morning16:16
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mahatictimburke: good morning. Isn't it a holiday in the US?16:21
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timburkei've got something i need to fix for a release this week :-)16:22
mahaticoic :)16:22
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: Move documented reclaim_age option to correct location
openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: Fix unnecessary for-loop and mis docs
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/swift: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritClay Gerrard proposed openstack/swift: Pretend *some* parts min_part_hours_passed
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claygkota_: part of the need for the mockig was because on dev it's pretty easy to get a mtime that == on modified files :\17:57
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claygkota_: in patch 419787 I found using the files inode number to be a bit more reliable and works the same as python stdlib os.path.samefile17:58
patchbot - swift - Better optimistic lock in get_hashes17:58
claygkota_: in particular I guess PavelK had a particularlly low resolution mtime on a COW filesystem (containers) and found the test to be unreliable w/o the mocks17:59
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acolesclayg: I am going to try to loop back to those ^^ suffix hashing patches this week - we're still preferring your 4 (or 5?) separated patches right? I saw your +2 come then go on patch 402043.18:11
patchbot - swift - Optimize hash calculation when suffix hash invalid...18:11
claygacoles: idk :'(18:11
acolesclayg: heh you got a +2 on one of them patch 41869218:16
patchbot - swift - Optimize noop case for suffix rehash18:16
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acolesand +1 from Pavel18:16
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acolesso maybe I'll start there18:17
claygone of the main reasons I was sure we should pull these apart was because we had multiple bug fixes squashed in with a *minor performance enhancement*18:20
claygso naturally everyone starts with that ;)18:21
timburkemay as well pick off the easy one, right? :P18:21
acolesoh gerrit!18:28
claygoh look!  now acoles can review ring patches -> p 42060718:30
patchbot - swift - Fix unnecessary for-loop and mis docs (MERGED)18:30
* acoles attempts to infer useful info from "Related Changes"18:30
acolesclayg: I knew it's a public holiday over there, I didn't know it was national take the p day :)18:31
claygacoles: I had to google18:33
acolesreally? TIL18:33
claygyeah i'm not sure there's an exactly equivilent 'merican expression
acolesclayg: huh. toodle-pip :P18:37
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claygi've learned recently that `<return>~.` is some magic when you ssh connection goes to sleep - but while trying to remember the corect sequence apparently my ssh connection was re-established - computers are funny19:28
claygcschwede: did you ever figure out the thing with openstack-client slowness with swift download?19:29
openstackgerritClay Gerrard proposed openstack/swift: Better optimistic lock in get_hashes
clayg^ just a spelling error19:31
claygaside from patch 418691 - I think patch 419787 is the most imporant in the sequence19:31
patchbot - swift - Fix performance regression with hash invalidations19:31
patchbot - swift - Better optimistic lock in get_hashes19:31
clayg... if you're prioritizing19:31
claygof course they both depend on patch 41868919:31
patchbot - swift - Extract test pattern to helper19:31
lespaulHello. I'm trying to create a container using a storage policy however, I'm getting a 400 Bad Request Invalid X-Storage-Policy-Index 2. I can create a container with the default policy fine. Any ideas?19:33
clayglespaul: client api uses the names in /info19:34
claygx-storage-policy: <name>19:34
claygor alias19:34
lespaulthe name matches fine though. i didn't put any alias, it's commented out.19:35
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lespaulok let me double check..19:35
claygoh - maybe the backend is rejecting it - sorry - restart object servers?19:35
clayg... or reload19:36
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lespaulonce i put an object into a container, is there a command to show which nodes/drives the replicas are contained?19:44
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clayglespaul: swift-get-nodes is pretty good for that - it'll list ring primaries and handoffs19:53
clayglespaul: you can then query them to see which nodes it landed on (generally the primaries unless you're multi-region write_affinity or something went wrong)19:53
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claygdebating if I should try again to consolidate all the suffix hashing fixes or give up and review ec fragment duplication...20:06
PavelKclayg: hi. I'm not sure tha I understand what means +A patch - should I abandon patch 402043?20:13
patchbot - swift - Optimize hash calculation when suffix hash invalid...20:13
openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: Confirm receipt of SLO PUT with etag
claygPavelK: idk :'(20:37
claygPavelK: what do you think about the getmtime vs. stat/inode/samefile check?20:38
claygoh, you +1'd it20:39
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/swift: Updated from global requirements
PavelKclayg: yes, thats fine - if you merge idea of patch 418691 on it20:41
patchbot - swift - Fix performance regression with hash invalidations20:41
claygyeah, i haven't really come up with a diff I like to merge them :'(20:41
claygyou'd think the safe_get_inode and read_hashes helpers would make it easier - but idk - there's still this weird schizophrenic thing were we want safe_get_inode under the directory lock but we also want to flag do_listdir/set-hashes-{} and safe_get_inode of any existing file when something goes wrong in consolidate hashes20:44
claygI *think* I want like "with dir_lock: try: hashes = _do_consolidate; except Exception: reset-the-business; inode = safe_get_inode()"20:45
clayg... maybe that's it...20:45
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PavelKI'm not sure that dir_lock should hold the caller - once can someone forget to lock it. So I preffer function "give me hashes and something how I can compare that it was not changed when I lock the dir later".20:50
lespaulclayg: it worked, thanks. where would i find documentation for the more esoteric commands in swift?20:50
claygexcept if something goes wrong in conslidate hashes you still need the inode20:50
PavelKmay be20:51
claygyou could say "call conslidate hashes and have it return the thing - then if that goes wrong go get it anyway"20:51
claygI think you can still make a function that does both "safe_conslidate_hashes_and_get_inode" - but you can method extract that to just do what I had above (lock, _private_unsafe_conslidate, safe_get_inode) - and have it return all the state you need (maybe empty hashes, state-indicating-do_listdir, inode)20:52
clayganyway - i'm less worried about cleanliness than correctness - but I need something understandable to reason about correctness20:53
claygat a minimum patch 402043 is missing the test(s) form
patchbot - swift - Optimize hash calculation when suffix hash invalid...20:54
patchbotpatch 419787 - swift - Better optimistic lock in get_hashes20:54
clayg... but I didn't even notice those tests were needed until you pointed it out to me in the split up changes!20:54
PavelKI'm scared of picle.loads(.pkl) CPU utization, but I'm sure that there are more important thinks where you can spend time20:54
claygCPU?  those files are *tiny*20:55
PavelKYou know it better than me :-)20:56
claygi mean they have to be?  suffixes are fixed width - 0xfff - how long can it take to pickle deserialize that?20:57
* clayg wishes he was timburke could cook up one of those cute timeit lines in 2 seconds20:57
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timburkei dunno, but it looks like we've had trouble with pickle being slow before --
openstackLaunchpad bug 1031954 in OpenStack Object Storage (swift) "Slow Ring Loading in 2.7 due to Ring Unpickling" [High,Fix released] - Assigned to Darrell Bishop (darrellb)20:59
*** jamielennox|away is now known as jamielennox20:59
claygcPickle is definately faster21:03
PavelKclayg: yes, it should be small. I don't know swift well, I just little know :-). I'm leaving a comment near to patch that read_pickle can be placed next to write_pickle helper - and it seems good for me21:03
claygPavelK: I thought about putting it in utils - but didn't want to try and go fix the updater to use it21:04
PavelKthanks for hard argument!21:04
timburkeclayg: yeah, cschwede et al. totally figured it out. the follow-up was
patchbotpatch 416249 - keystoneauth - Prevent MemoryError when logging response bodies (MERGED)21:04
claygtimburke: thanks - i found some reference to that on the bug21:04
claygtimburke ... and I saw that one also merged ...21:04
claygPavelK: thanks for pointing out all these bugs!21:06
claygand all your help with the solution and review21:06
PavelK"It's my work" :-)21:07
clayg... and for not stopping to push on finishing the rest of the cleanup!21:07
clayglol @ "it's a damn good thing I'm paid to put up with these %$$holes"21:08
PavelKclayg: I have not answer for my first question - what to do with old messed patch? Close it as abandoned or what you mean with "+A it"21:08
claygPavelK: I apparently can't bring myself to +A patch 402043 as is - I could try to come up with a list of things that would need to be addressed - but ultimately it's just "what is the diff applied ontop of patch 402043 that makes me comfortable with the end state"21:11
patchbot - swift - Optimize hash calculation when suffix hash invalid...21:11
patchbot - swift - Optimize hash calculation when suffix hash invalid...21:11
claygif I had that diff I'd probably just push it up as a follow up and tell gerrit to merge your patch21:11
claygall this crap and all these extra patches and non-sense was me struggling to come up with the followup diff21:12
claygif the split up patches got some traction - because they were easier to review - it would have validated that splitting them up was the right way to go - and maybe it'd be easier to iterate and merge the fixes seperately21:13
claygbut... we're ... 3-4 working days in on that?21:13
claygand I've learned it's hard to merge some of the changes together (we were just talking about it - my split patches conflict with each other - we can't just merge them all w/o a rebase)21:13
claygso it's a big $%^&*ing mess21:13
claygso I'm not going to tell you the right thing to do - because I have no idea21:14
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*** sams-gleb has quit IRC21:19
claygPavelK: notmyname can attest this whole thing has been a bit of an existential crisis for me21:20
*** chosafine has joined #openstack-swift21:20
claygbut no one seems to want to tell me how we should proceed either21:20
ahalewell, i have mostly no idea what you're doing since i havent paid any attention to swift for ages, but i think its cool you're looking at hashes stuff clayg, it used to give me nightmares sometimes. and i also think the coolest parts of swift are the hard bits when noone knows cos its not been done before21:24
claygahale: not me, PavelK21:28
clayg+1 PavelK is awesome for looking at the hard stuff21:28
ahalethats how little attention i have paid! , yeah +1 to that :)21:28
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*** Jeffrey4l has joined #openstack-swift21:35
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PavelKclayg: conflicts was the reason why I made one patch. But I think that your patches can be merged independently and the fourth - "inode" can be rebased on them and merged later.21:52
PavelKclayg: So I leave my patch as is and abandon it after your patches were merged, right?21:54
claygheh, idk == "I don't know" ;)21:55
*** sams-gleb has joined #openstack-swift21:56
claygmaybe folks are scared to review the other suffix fixes because they think I get frustrated things are moving to slowly and go +A you patch anyway (I totaly might!)21:56
*** chosafine has joined #openstack-swift21:57
claygfor the moment I'm trying to review patch 219165 (look at the size of the diff to proxy test_server !?)21:59
patchbot - swift - EC Fragment Duplication - Foundational Global EC C...21:59
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jrichliyay, bouncer restored :-)22:28
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claygwtf is frags_by_byte_order?22:37
clayglike ... endianness !?22:37
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lespaulHello. I uploaded an object to my cluster (6 nodes w/ 2 drives each). I ran swift-get-nodes and found the replicas on the target nodes. I then powered of 2 of the nodes w/ replicas. I checked swift-get-nodes again and it still lists the same. Should the replica be copied to the handoff nodes?22:55
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lespaulI don't think swift-get-nodes shows accurate information. If I run swift-get-nodes -a /etc/swift/ <ring.gz> <account> then make up a non-existent container and object, a result is still displayed. Thoughts?23:16
*** jerrygb has joined #openstack-swift23:22
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*** jerrygb has joined #openstack-swift23:34
torgomaticlespaul: swift-get-nodes just performs a ring lookup and shows you the results; it might be where a thing that exists is, it might be where a thing that exists will be after replication, or it might be where a thing that does not exist would go if you created it23:35
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notmynamehello, world23:46
lespaultorgomatic: that makes sense. is there a command that will give a real-time location of the replicas or fragments?23:50

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