Tuesday, 2018-01-30

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openstackgerritMathieu Mitchell proposed openstack/governance master: Fix typo around "environment markers"  https://review.openstack.org/53907903:31
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ttxOne difference in CNCF is that all projects (except Kubernetes) are basically single-vendor08:39
ttxWhile we strive to make them all open collaborations (we consider we don't add value if they are to stay single vendor)08:40
ttxSo the dynamics of our project pipelines are different08:40
ttxAlso OpenStack is a single project with multiple components08:41
ttxso yeah, apples to oranges...08:42
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ttxhttps://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Technical_Committee_Tracker updated08:57
* ttx grabs coffee08:57
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ttxcmurphy: hello!09:02
cmurphyhello ttx09:02
ttxI'm still catching up after being mostly gone last week09:03
ttxTrying to see if some consensus was forming around the goal selection09:03
cmurphyi don't think it's been reached yet09:07
ttxflaper87: hey09:09
ttxcmurphy: any preference?09:10
flaper87sorry I've been silent lately, it's been crazy09:10
* flaper87 was mostly gone last week too.... needs to catch up09:10
cmurphyttx: I was in favor of the mox one but mriedem left feedback that gives me second thoughts09:10
ttxWe have two that are dev-facing (storyboard and mox), two that are op-facing (mutable debug setting and upgrade)09:10
ttxand one that is enduser-facing (pagination links)09:11
cmurphythe upgrade one I am -1 on unless it changes the wording to not have limited scope09:11
ttxmy preference would be to select 2 and have a mix of dev-facing and op or enduser-facing.09:12
cmurphymutable config seems worthwhile to me and would be a benefit to my employer's products09:12
ttxLike mox and mutable-debug--setting09:12
cmurphy+1 to having a mix09:13
ttxcmurphy: the upgrade one has limited scope?09:13
* ttx reads mriedem's mox comments09:13
cmurphy"To keep the goal simpler, it would be good to focus for this cycle on the main "openstack" bucket from the `OpenStack map`_."09:14
ttxcmurphy: The only other bucket that it could apply to is the openstack-operations bucket, sinc ethe tag only applies to openstack + openstack-operations09:15
ttxcmurphy: I'm ok to extend it to that one too09:15
cmurphyttx: i agree, i don't think it applies to everything but it does apply to some things in the openstack-operatons bucket09:15
cmurphyso i would rather it not be artificially limited09:16
ttxcmurphy: that's fair, I'm ok with that09:16
ttxBUT I'd rather not select mutableconfig+upgrade09:16
ttxsince I'd rather mix dev-facing / ops/enduser-facing09:16
ttxSo the mox objection is that it's just too much work in some projects09:17
ttxas in review work09:17
ttxI still think it's a good goal, although we might want to give Nova a "best effort" card09:19
ttxgiven that it's just too many tests09:19
ttxotherwise this will drag forever09:19
ttxSo yeah, small preference for mutable-debug + mox here...09:20
ttxmox impacts nova more but then they did mutable-debug already iirc09:21
cmurphythat's true09:21
ttxand if they eliminated 50% of the remaining mox tests that would already be a big wni09:21
ttxor win09:22
ttxThe other topic I wanted us to discuss is extra tracks of discussions for PTG09:22
ttxThat shows what tracks we have up09:23
ttxWe have room on Mon/Tue for other pressing cross-team discussion topics09:24
openstackgerritMerged openstack/governance master: Fix typo around "environment markers"  https://review.openstack.org/53907909:24
openstackgerritMerged openstack/governance master: Update status of the Python 3 goal for Ironic  https://review.openstack.org/53636809:24
ttxFast-forward upgrading was allocated a day... But it feels like the topic of upgrades / downstream consumption patterns / LTS / release cycle length is all linked09:25
ttxand really needs discussion09:25
cmurphyI suspect we might want a BM/VM slot, but haven't discussed it with those teams yet09:27
ttxI also feel like we could use a "community health" track for a day09:27
ttxcmurphy: I'm happy to schedule a VM/BM day if there is demand for it09:27
cmurphyI will try to see if we have a need for it09:28
ttxcmurphy: thanks!09:28
ttxKuryr asked to move to Tue-Wed so I'll fix that now09:29
mugsiettx: an hour or so for the health check middleware might be good as well09:32
ttxmugsie: if it's just an hour or so it can be added as a track and dynamically scheduled on the spot09:32
mugsieSounds good09:32
mugsieIt may fit into olso / API SIG / self healing as well, all 3 groups have an interest09:35
openstackgerritChandan Kumar proposed openstack/governance master: Mark the completion of Tempest plugin split goal for Vitrage  https://review.openstack.org/53916309:35
ttxLast topic I had is around post-lunch presentations... We had a couple suggestions09:38
ttxLike an infra update09:38
ttxOr a quick presentation of the release goals09:38
ttxSome mentioned the need to set the tone on Monday too09:38
ttxon Friday we'd likely do lightning talks09:39
johnthetubaguyttx: how were you thinking to "set the tone", a welcome session?09:40
ttxyeah, welcome session + a bit of a state of the union from TC09:41
ttxsee https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/dublin-PTG-postlunch09:41
johnthetubaguyI do like that idea09:41
johnthetubaguyseeing how the scientific SIG uses lightening talks, I am certainly warming to them09:42
ttxSo we could do something like...09:42
ttxMonday: Welcome to the PTG / housekeeping / set tone / situational awareness / release goals09:42
ttxTuesday: Infra update, including Zuulv309:43
ttxWednesday: Open slot09:43
ttxThursday: 5-min summary of meetings outcome09:43
ttxFriday: Lightning talks09:43
johnthetubaguyWednesday have summaries of the cross project sessions?09:44
ttxthat's a possibility yes09:44
johnthetubaguyI guess those are kinda lightening talks with a theme, sign up to present what is happening in your room09:44
ttxAlthough that's what most of the Thursday one is about09:44
johnthetubaguyI am all for a day off too09:45
ttxI kinda want to keep a day in backpocket just in case we have a pressing matter to talk about09:47
ttxand it's ok if we have nothing09:47
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Our ubuntu-xenial images (used for e.g. unit tests and devstack) are currently failing to install any packages, restrain from *recheck* or *approve* until the issue has been investigated and fixed.13:44
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dhellmannmugsie : I'm sure the oslo team has space on the agenda for the middleware discussion. Talk with gcb. https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/oslo-ptg-rocky14:02
mugsiedhellmann: thanks - will add it to the list now14:02
dhellmannttx: did the storyboard team ask for any time at the ptg?14:11
ttxdhellmann: they usually run in the Infra room14:11
dhellmanndiablo_rojo : do you know how many storyboard folks will be in dublin?14:12
ttxdhellmann: Zara should be present.14:12
ttxLet me check for Adam14:12
smcginnis+1 for the mix of mutable-config and mox for goals. I like that combination.14:13
dhellmannsomeone needs to design a test for the mutable-config goal14:14
ttxdhellmann: SotK not in the attendee list (yet)14:14
* TheJulia caffinates and reads14:26
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TheJuliacmurphy: ttx: I suspect it would be good to get nova and ironic in the same room (or at least try to with how busy the ptg can end up being), but I'm not sure if a dedicated track is really required or useful since it might just be diverting attention from other cross project items or items that need to be discussed in those teams14:42
cmurphyTheJulia: from a keystone perspective I was thinking it might be good to have nova+ironic+heat+keystone discuss unified limits and RBAC14:45
TheJuliaThat could have a good outcome14:46
TheJuliaand possibly some migraines :)14:46
cmurphywhat are PTGs for if not for migraine amplifiers14:47
smcginnisWe had our nova-cinder sessions during the latter part of the week, but I could see something like nova+ironic+heat+keystone being a much better fit for Mon-Tues.14:54
ttxthere is room for it, just let me know if you want it to happen14:55
TheJuliasmcginnis: I was thinking the same thing15:04
TheJuliaI'm explicitly posing the question in the ironic room for ironic contributors to gauge interest.15:06
TheJuliacmurphy: seems at least 1.75 ironic folk are interested (although only a 10 minute sampling) :)15:15
cmurphyTheJulia: cool, I'll write an email to the list to gather more feedback15:16
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persiattx: dhellmann: I spoke with Adam today, and he's hoping to make PTG: he's just trying to sort his schedule first (but is fairly local, so organising short-notice travel isn't so bad).16:30
dhellmannpersia :  ok, thanks16:31
dhellmannif we can get everyone together, maybe we can prioritize some work on storyboard itself to let us move forward a bit with the migration16:32
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fungii'm happy to set aside some time in my schedule there to participate in sb-related discussions too18:24
smcginnisZuul and storyboard are two things that I think would be of general interest to everyone.18:28
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smcginnisGood point mugsie.18:55
mugsieyeah - I was on the call as well, and was wondering about it, but from the reading of the policy, I *think* it is just the members. It would be very unusal for a public meeting to have reporting restrictions applied to public observers18:57
mugsienormally (in IE at least) this is to allow for a collective responsiblity (aka, when the board approves / rejects something, you either publicly stand by it, or resign)18:58
smcginnisYeah, I think that's probably the case.18:58
mugsiesmcginnis: mordred seems to agree with me :)19:07
smcginnisThen it's official. ;)19:08
mordredI do19:08
mugsieunfortunately I had to drop off before the end, so will not get to publish any notes this time :/19:09
smcginnisNot much too exciting in the latter part.19:09
diablo_rojodhellmann, fungi I was thinking we grab some reserveable space some morning(s) in DUB towards the end of the week19:10
dhellmanndiablo_rojo : sounds good19:11
diablo_rojodhellmann, fungi any days you would prefer? zuul conflicts to avoid?19:11
dhellmannfriday morning is the tc session19:12
diablo_rojoOkay so Wed/Thursday preferred.19:12
fungiinfra hasn't really scheduled out their wednesday->friday yet (still topic brainstorming) so i currently expect to just play it by ear19:12
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openstackgerritKendall Nelson proposed openstack/governance master: Add Storyboard Migration to Rocky  https://review.openstack.org/51387523:19
openstackgerritKendall Nelson proposed openstack/governance master: Add Storyboard Migration to Rocky  https://review.openstack.org/51387523:22
openstackgerritKendall Nelson proposed openstack/governance master: Add Storyboard Migration to Rocky  https://review.openstack.org/51387523:22
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