Saturday, 2018-05-12

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jrolldhellmann: I agree with that, but I think some people get frustrated with the informal process, because they barely have the time to do the work, let alone build the social capital to convince people that the work is needed01:55
jrollfor the RBAC thing specifically, it seemed to me that lance did exactly what you said, but was under the impression somehow that there was a formal process that involved the global specs thing01:56
jrollthat spec really didn't get much review until support was gathered during snowpenstack, AIUI01:56
jrollI could be totally wrong, to be clear :)01:58
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dhellmannjroll : yeah, I think the work lance is doing is a success now. I support ways to make that sort of thing more visible so people can find out and get involved17:26
dhellmannour past attempts at having a single centralized approval body for "design" or "architecture" had mixed results, so I hesitate to repeat that pattern. Advice groups have worked to some degree.17:27
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dhellmannI think the API WG is the most recent consistently active group, although I don't know how much their advice is put into practice, yet17:30
dhellmannsee the twitter conversation starting with
dhellmannI'm bad at linking to twitter conversations; I'm sure there's a better way to do that17:31
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shellfishersTESTING TESTING17:35
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fungiconstellations at least need to _start_ as a documentation construct (which is more than they are at this point) but i could see them growing legs over time20:13
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