Wednesday, 2018-07-11

TheJuliaSo typing this out tonight, before I call it a day as opposed to tomorrow and possibly forgetting....00:37
TheJuliaOne of the projects I've followed up on is inquiring as to what resources or ability the TC might have to raise awareness in order to raise visibility to possible contributors and additional users that might find their project useful.00:39
TheJuliaIt feels like, at least putting my ironic PTL hat on... that we rely upon people (a) finding documentation, (b) seeing a talk about how cool a component is, or (c) driving people into using something via a dependency.  It feels like we (as a community) have also burned the (b) route out... and that seems like it is difficult to re-cultivate without something involving culture, process, or product changes.00:46
pabelangerI'm not sure how successful asking for contributors for a project really is, without having a company be providing the contributors. I think we should go out of our way to try and link people together but I don't think it helps too much00:50
TheJuliaIn my career, I've only ever been granted physical resources when I've asked and been able to make a business case to solve a problem. While our projects are ultimately out to solve a problems, they involve humans and I don't think I've ever really been granted an investment of humans in my entire career even when all data pointed to increased headcount being needed to solve $problem.01:02
TheJuliaPerhaps $problem is what needs to be changed....01:02
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pabelangerAgree, I think selling the $problem to is key here. I think that is what we've tried as the TC with the top-5 help wanted: With infra hat on, we've had some success at gain new sysadmins but we've also lost the same amount (maybe more) during the same period.01:10
pabelangerLast I heard glance did see an increase but unsure if that is enough to remove it from the list01:11
mgagneTheJulia: familiar scenario here too, nothing new01:11
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fungimy question would be: where are your (potential) users and how have you tried to connect with them so far?04:17
fungi"build it and they will come" isn't really a model that has worked out well for a very long time04:18
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fungiconverting existing users into contributors is more viable than drumming up new contributors who have never heard of your project before04:20
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TheJuliafungi: that is a good point12:05
cdentIt is a good point, but I think OpenStack is slightly problematic on that level as there are many layers of "remove" between use and creation12:17
cdentWhen I used to sometimes patch the linux kernel it was because I was running linux for me12:18
cdentI do not have my own cloud.12:18
cdentIt should probalby be more true that more of the visible people in OpenStack are like mnaser, but they are rare12:19
cdentwe are drones in an economic system that does not measure value and labor accurately12:19
cdentbecause we want to maintain certain beliefs12:19
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/constellations master: import zuul job settings from project-config
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Jeffrey4lhi TheJulia, this is jeffrey zhang , kolla ptl ;D14:05
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TheJuliao/ Jeffrey4l14:16
Jeffrey4lTheJulia, are you free now? cloud we start now?14:19
TheJuliaI'm not really free at the moment, I'm on calls for the next few hours :\14:19
Jeffrey4lcool. but i may be off after 2-3 hours.14:22
TheJuliaokay, I'll hopefully will be free while your still on today. If not there is always tomorrow14:30
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Jeffrey4lok ;)14:34
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cdentIs it weird to be envious/jealous of the foundation helping to project manage kata, edge and starlingx?15:29
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TheJuliaOut of curiosity, has there been clarity on if the ops midcycle will be colocating in denver during the week of the PTG?15:56
TheJuliaironic once had a PM resource that was spending time helping doing the lift on some of the process work that we had inflicted upon ourselves and it was invaluable. It doesn't line up with classic code contribution as it is more sifting through records, reaching out, contacting people. That kind of overlaps the expected PTL responsibility but depending on amount of bandwidth needed that could be rather consuming.  tl;dr16:00
TheJulia+1 on the envious/jealous feeling, but they are helping to foster new adjacent communities so that understanding really tempers it.16:00
TheJuliaJeffrey4l: Do you happen to still be around?16:00
clarkbTheJulia: I'm told that the ops meetup will be colocated, but not 100% sure of the specific days yet?16:07
TheJuliaclarkb: Okay, curious because I have some folks trying to figure out if they can collect some time of a team's time, and that is one of the things I'm indicating to them that it is important to be available to obtain that operator feedback. tl;dr trying to avoid scheduling conflicts16:13
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clarkbTheJulia: ok, I can ask that ttx update his proposed schedule with the current ops meetup days16:14
clarkb(to help with scheduling)16:15
TheJuliaclarkb: I suspect that would help, but I'm not sure we need that level of clarity just yet :)16:17
TheJuliawell, operators might like it, but hopefully they are planning on attending for multiple days which gives them the chance to interact directly with teams16:17
clarkbya sounds like the vast majority intend on staying for the entire ptg, but they will also have their own meetup time16:18
dhellmannoh, that's good news.16:19
dhellmannit'll be interesting to see how it plays out16:19
TheJuliaIndeed, I think it will really spawn some interesting collaborations, and refined clarity on needs/wants.16:20
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