Friday, 2018-07-20

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tonybSo I know I said SIG a lot before but looking at and I *think* I meant working group rather than SIG but if the sig structure is flexibile then I can propose a SIG02:09
tonybanyone around to chat about the pros and cons of each?02:09
clarkbtonyb: aiui the idea with SIGs was to make it a lot less formal so that people could start them up relatively quickly and anyone could particpate easily?02:43
tonybclarkb: I think I was stuck on the idea the SIGs communicate on the openstack-sigs list whereas I'd kinda like a lot of stable stuff to be on openstack-devel02:44
tonybbut I expect for the most part we could just cross-post liek API does and if that gets too gross think about it then02:45
openstackgerritTony Breeds proposed openstack/governance master: Remove Stable branch maintenance as a project team
clarkbtonyb: I think there is also some ideas to collapse the mailing lists into one or a few so maybe you can get ahead of that02:47
tonybclarkb: Okay I'll propose the sig and see how it flys02:47
smcginnisI think Thierry was also trying to move more things to be SIGs.02:48
tonybsmcginnis: Well I've done it now ;P
tonybI can't type but at least I used the same command on each git review -t so I still have a single topic02:50
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cmurphyttx: storlets and masakari also report not appearing on the project navigator, is that something you can help with?06:19
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ttxcmurphy: Masakari's first official "release" should be Rocky iirc, they were added after MembershipFreeze in the Queens cycle. Project navigator is updated around release time08:08
ttxStorlets is seen as a Swift extension, but that should not prevent their presence in the current version of the project navigator... I'll doublecheck08:09
cmurphythanks ttx08:53
cmurphysmcginnis: I went ahead and chatted with e0ne and added notes in
e0necmurphy: thanks for the good summary08:57
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ttxcmurphy: Masakari should definitely be added, was part of Queens. Will get that fixed. Re: Storlets, the project navigator under its current form is only showing first-level deliverables (things that are shown on the OpenStack map), and it's a Swift extension, that's why it does not appear there.09:43
cmurphyttx: okay thanks, will report back to them09:44
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ttxcmurphy: the project navigator is being rewritten right now (for better exposure of deployment tools) so there should be a lot of changes sooonish09:47
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cmurphyttx: oh interesting09:48
ttxbasically add a specific landing page for "deployment". We plan to have one around CLIs/user-facing tools too09:49
ttxsince the default format is not great for those09:49
* cmurphy books ptg hotel finally09:53
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mnaservery sleepy o/12:18
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TheJuliaGood morning12:30
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dhellmanntonyb: there's no reason the stable sig couldn't use the -dev list14:13
dhellmannclarkb : yes, I want us to collapse most of the separate lists down to a smaller number at some point. I thought maybe coordinating that change with a mailman upgrade would be good, but perhaps that's not necessary14:14
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dhellmannttx: it would be nice to coordinate some of that project navigator work with the docs team. they have some similar separation, and we would benefit from being able to easily link from one place to the other. or maybe remove some of the duplication.14:15
ttxdhellmann: I'll loop them in as soon as I have something solid14:17
dhellmannttx: ++14:18
dhellmannone challenge with removing duplication is that it's easy to update the docs site, and not the navigator14:19
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pabelangeris anybody else having issues with from ttx email to ML?14:54
cdentpabelanger: yes14:55
dhellmannit was mentioned in #openstack-release & ttx is looking into it14:56
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ttxpabelanger, cdent: I posted a followup email to point to the data while the tab is being restored15:00
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clarkbdhellmann: fungi has been working on getting a test mm3 deployment running. I'm not sure the list changes have to happen when that happens though15:50
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dhellmannclarkb : no, they don't have to, I just thought that might make the transition easer ("as part of upgrading, we have merged 50 lists into 5" or whatever)15:57
dhellmannotherwise we have to decide what to do with the old archives after the transition15:58
dhellmannwhen we do merge15:58
persiaFor the purpose of retaining the integrity of the internet, it is nice when old archives are still accessible using old URLs.  Whether that is through redirects is a more complicated question.16:00
clarkbpersia: ya I expect we would be able to keep the old list archives in place they just wouldn't be active lists and you would join the smaller number that are16:00
persiaThat is a common and sensible solution.16:01
persiaOften paired with mail aliases, so those sending mail to old lists either a) receive a reminder of which new list to use or b) have their mail silently redirected to the new list16:02
dhellmannright. so if we just install mm3 and do not migrate (all of) the existing lists, then the old archives stay where they are and we get new archives for the new lists16:04
dhellmannthe fact that we *can* migrate some lists doesn't necessarily mean we need to16:05
smcginnis"retaining the integrity of the internet" - got my good laugh in for the day :)16:05
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dhellmannttx: do we have any stats for how many unique core reviewers we have on all of our teams?17:37
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fungiclarkb: dhellmann: notes so far are at and it's mostly working. still need to figure out why hyperkitty doesn't see/index messages which are delivered through the mailing lists18:55
fungiand yes, the tactic i've seen used by other communities who have done mm2->mm3 migrations is to leave the old pipermail archives online indefinitely but also import the old archives into hyperkitty for continuity's sake18:56
fungibut nothing says we must follow that pattern18:56
fungidhellmann: i can run stats on unique core reviewers for all deliverable repos of each team (based on who has the ability to approve changes for them per their gerrit acls)18:58
fungithe tools/ script in openstack-infra/system-config needs applied to work with our current gerrit release, but should be runnable by anyone with a gerrit account18:59
dhellmannfungi : cool, I'll take a look at the script19:00
fungiit basically just retrieves and analyzes the acls, then queries gerrit for recursive group membership on the groups granted approval rights19:02
dhellmannthat sounds like exactly what I need19:04
dhellmannit's running now; I guess it dumps a YAML file and I'll need to do a bit of work to produce the stats I actually want, but that's perfect19:05
fungiright, i figured structured data at least gives you the option to merge it with dumps of things from other systems19:08
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fungidepending on what it is you want to know19:09
dhellmann++ for reusable outputs19:14
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fungithis was the closest data representation i could find corresponding to our vague notion of "core reviewers"19:24
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dhellmannTotal approvers: 143019:28
dhellmannAll repos: 1994 with average review team 819:28
dhellmannSpec approvers: 43419:28
dhellmannSpec repos: 57 with average review team 919:28
smcginnisThat number is higher than I expected.19:29
dhellmannI was surprised, too19:29
dhellmannhere's my script, maybe I got something wrong:
smcginnisProbably right, just a little surprising.19:30
dhellmannwe have a *lot* of repositories19:30
dhellmannthe question came up in the course of responding to the python-committers thread about potential changes in the governance model for that community:
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dhellmannif I don't count the repos with no review team in the averages I get19:55
dhellmannTotal approvers: 143019:55
dhellmannAll repos: 1994 with average review team 819:55
dhellmannStaffed approvers: 143019:55
dhellmannStaffed repos: 1447 with average review team 1219:55
dhellmannSpec approvers: 43419:56
dhellmannSpec repos: 57 with average review team 919:56
dhellmannoops, forgot to exclude unstaffed repos from the spec list19:56
dhellmannSpec approvers: 43419:56
dhellmannSpec repos: 55 with average review team 1019:56
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