Monday, 2022-01-24

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lajoskatonaHi, I just would like to understand how to progress with neutron-fwaas ( & )18:08
gmannlajoskatona: what I was thinking on this was keep the neutron/fwaas as it is in neutron stadium (neutron deliverables )and we remove the 'deprecated' state from it. so that inspur team can maintain it there.18:09
gmannlajoskatona: if you see it is not maintained there then we can deprecate or retire it again 18:09
gmannthat way we avoid 1. project rename 2. a new sepaarte project overhead/cost18:10
gmannlajoskatona: does it sounds good ? or neutron team has some other concern which we have not considered to keep it in neutron stadium ?18:14
lajoskatonagmann: yeah, it is simple and easy, but it means that the team have to keep an eye on fwaas :-)18:22
lajoskatonagmann: I think I bring this topic again to the team to be sure that is can work with consensus18:24
gmannlajoskatona: yeah, but that is same as any other projects or deliverables in neutron stadium. in case any other neutron stadium project is not maintained by neutron team usual checks.18:24
gmannlajoskatona: i mean you do not need to have special eyes on it but just they asked to maintain and now in Z release we see it is not actually maintained so we ask them reason if they say we do not need now then we retire. 18:25
lajoskatonagmann: yeah, that's true, the fear from the team is that the usual daily maintenance must be covered by the core team18:30
lajoskatonagmann: but I fetch my optimistic hat now, and believe that Inspur will keep it green18:32
gmannlajoskatona: yeah that is the things. there is always work for core team, may be you can ask them to involve in that? but I agree on your point of some extra work for core team. 18:32
gmannlajoskatona: if neutron team thinks even long term it will not be beneficial (or extra work for core team) to have neutron-fwaas in stadium project then we can re-think on moving it in x/ namespace. But that is if that is not coming back to /openstack later18:33
lajoskatonagmann: no, as we discuss it more this is the best solution, let's revive fwaas as it was previously and if nobody maintains is we retire it again, this is life18:35
gmannlajoskatona: cool. 18:36
lajoskatonagmann: thanks18:37
gmannlajoskatona: actual issue here is maintainer disappear and when we deprecate/retire it nobody comes and later they raise hand to maintain. its just timing things, if new maintainers raise hand for help during first deprecation itself then we would not face such issue   18:37
gmannlajoskatona: thank you too for discussing it and re-considering. 18:37
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