Wednesday, 2017-03-01

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joehuanghello, Sindhu01:38
dongfenghi, zhiyuan, are you online? In the spec about async job management API, the format of request and response is give by a service url & json data or given by a table? which one is better?01:50
dongfengthe spec url is here:
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sindhuHi joehuang02:36
sindhujoehuang: I spoke with Victor regarding timing for meeting02:36
joehuanghi Sindhu02:37
sindhujoehuang: how does 8.30am (our time) sound? Will it be too late for you?02:38
joehuangI will figure out what time here02:38
joehuangit's 22:30 pm in China02:40
joehuangI'll check whether there is slot available02:40
joehuangonly Friday UTC 14:00~15:00 is available, i.e, 8:00~9:00 am in your local time, is it ok?02:43
joehuangthe meeting can start from 8:30am02:45
joehuangHello, just nominate Victor Morales as core of Tricircle, please vote in the mail-list02:49
sindhuYes that works for us. We can start at 8. Thank you so much.02:56
sindhuWill vote.02:56
joehuangTuesday/Wendsday may have available slot, but not in openstack-meeting channel, I'll check which official meeting channel is03:00
sindhuSure :)03:03
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joehuang I am not able to open the calendar file to check which time slot is available03:19
zhiyuanhi joe, I can open it in the brower03:21
zhiyuanit's just plain text03:21
joehuangOk, I found that we only need to delay to 14:00UTC (8:00am in Sindhu time) in same #openstack-meeting channel03:23
joehuangon Wednesday03:24
joehuangis it ok03:24
zhiyuanfine for me03:24
dongfengfine for me03:25
sindhu8am Wednesday works for us03:25
sindhuThanks everyone03:26
sindhuThanks joehuang03:26
joehuangok, I'll create a doodle poll and submit a patch03:26
joehuangplease vote for Victor as core of Tricircle :)03:26
joehuangin mail-list03:26
sindhuYes will do03:27
joehuangwe can start the new weekly only after the patch was merged03:28
joehuanghave to submit a patch to occupy the time slot :(03:28
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zhiyuanso it's still 13:00UTC for today's meeting?03:43
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joehuang According to the discussion in the IRC, we'd like to move the weekly meeting from UTC1300 to UTC1400, there are several options for this time slot, please vote before next Monday, then I'll submit a patch to occupy the new time slot and release the old time slot.  Poll link:  Note: before the new weekly meeting time is settled, we have to have weekly meeting at old time slot.04:00
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