Thursday, 2017-03-02

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dongfenghello, zhiyuan, I have q question in the async job spec. in the review page I pointed out the question, please give a tip. thanks03:34
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YipeiHi, all, i created a new security group which enables imcp and tcp for the vms and amphora07:45
Yipeinow vms are ping-able07:45
Yipeibut, when creating listener, i found an error in xjob07:45
YipeiModelMapException: Unable to map model class loadbalancer_stats07:46
Yipeisorry, not xjob07:47
Yipeiin central neutron07:47
joehuangthere is no lb in central plugin yet07:53
joehuangyou need to deploy like what we discussed in meetup, deployed LBaaS in local Neutron, and configure Ocatavia to use central Neutron07:54
Yipeii have already configure octavia to use central neutron, lb is successfully created08:04
Yipeithere exist one entry in central neutron08:05
Yipeibut there doesn't in local neutron08:06
Yipeiplease see detailed info here #link
joehuangbut LB is in local Neutron or central neutron?08:13
Yipeiin central neutron08:17
Yipeii configure octavia to use central neutron08:19
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joehuangto Yipei, LBaaS is working together with Neutron API server, but Octavia is standalone service09:11
joehuangif LBaaS is in central Neutron , then it'll access the database in central Neutron09:12
joehuangI suggest to put the LBaaS in local Neutron09:14
Yipeii see09:14
Yipeii configure octavia to use local neutron09:14
Yipeijust now09:15
Yipeifind some error09:15
joehuangLBaaS plugin to be configured in local Neutron09:15
Yipeiline 3909:15
joehuangBut Octavia to use central Neutron09:15
YipeiLBaaS in local neutron?09:16
joehuangyou can check the deployment proposal we suggested in
Yipeitenant->neutron-LBaaS(local) ->octavia(central), like this?09:19
Yipeii mean octavia use central neutron09:20
Yipeiset --os-region-name as RegionOne, we can use LBaaS in local neutron09:21
Yipeiis that right09:21
Yipeineutron --os-region-name=RegionOne lbaas-loadbalancer-create --name lb1 subnet109:22
Yipeithen LBaaS go to octavia driver, then octavia use central neutron09:22
Yipeias configured09:22
joehuangneutron-LBaaS(local) ->octavia(local) -> central Neutron09:26
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dongfenghi, zhiyuan, are you online?09:36
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