Wednesday, 2017-04-26

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joehaungdongfeng, your patch needs to rebase07:04
dongfengfor job api ?07:04
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dongfengok, work on it now.07:22
joehaungdo you have other comments for this release notes:
dongfengnot any.07:23
dongfengwait a seconds07:24
dongfenga mis-spelling there .07:25
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joehaungThis weekly meeting will be cancelled if no urgent topic08:53
dongfengok, got it.08:53
joehaungpatches priorities to be merged were sent in the mail-list08:54
joehaungMUST to have(Should be merged before the end of this week): Release note and doc for multi-gw NS networking,  Add guide for multiple north-south gateways with east-west enabled, NICE to have(To be merged as far as possible): Include tricircleclient installation,  Implement asynchronous job Admin AP08:56
joehaungDocumentation on asynchronous job management, Add VLAN aware VMs support, Basic devstack gate run script: Release notes for asynchronous job management API, Networking Qos service spec,
joehaungIf you have comment on the first two patches, please submit ASAP08:57
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