Thursday, 2017-04-27

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dongfenghello, zhiyuan, are you online?00:43
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joehuanghello dongfeng02:02
joehuangyour comments on the patch is for one deleted file. The file will be removed from the repository02:03
dongfengoh, see it02:05
dongfengsorry for  it02:10
joehuangyou can remove -1 if the comments are invalid02:14
dongfenghow to02:14
joehuangjust reply, and don't select -102:15
dongfengok. got it.02:17
dongfengI replied02:17
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joehuangIf you think the patch is ok, you can +102:38
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dongfenghello, joe, I installed the Tricircle using DevStack. then the curl can't work.07:23
dongfengthe error is "you don't have permission to access /tricircle/v1.0/jobs"07:24
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