Monday, 2017-07-24

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joehuanghello dongfeng?02:08
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dongfenghello, joe02:11
joehuanghi, dongfeng02:20
joehuangthere are still many places using curl to create pod, for example "curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" \   -H "X-Auth-Token: $token" -d '{"pod": {"region_name":  "CentralRegion"}}'" in
joehuangcould update the curl command lines to use tricircle cli02:22
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dongfengyes, now we can use cli instead of curl02:22
joehuangwe need to use openstackclient cli instead02:22
joehuangcould you help updating all documents in Pike02:23
joehuangcurl is inconvienent02:23
dongfengok, if do timely it can be completed in pike02:23
dongfengI have a question, how to install python tricircleclient besides "python tricircleclient.whl"02:25
dongfengyou said that install by devstack, I'm not quite understand02:25
joehuangyou can just "pip install python-tricircleclient", but it's not the latest code, only install the released one.02:31
joehuangso you'd better to use devstack to install the latest code.02:31
dongfengyes, I first "python bdist_wheel" to get tricircleclient.whl, then “pip install tricircleclient.whl”. but how to install by devstack02:32
joehuangjust enable tricircle, it'll install tricircle client by default, because it's enabled in tricircle devstack plugin02:33
dongfenggot it~02:35
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