Tuesday, 2017-07-25

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joehuanghello, dongfeng01:05
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joehuanghello dongfeng03:23
joehuangcould you help on this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/tricircle/+bug/170619003:23
openstackLaunchpad bug 1706190 in Tricircle "tricircle has no installation, admin, or configuration guides" [High,Confirmed]03:23
joehuangwe need to reorganize the documentation03:23
joehuangto complete openstack documentation migration03:24
joehuangall documents are there, but the folder structure needs to align with openstack requirements03:24
joehuangthank you very much, so I would like to assign this bug to you03:25
dongfengok, got it.03:25
dongfengthe job pagination patch is there and wait to be merged, the doc and releasenote hasn't been complete03:26
dongfengI'm wondering whether both doc and releasenote can be add timely03:27
dongfengjob pagination patch is developed by xu zhuang, and I think if the doc and releasenote are added by me it may a little faster. if job pagination path is merge then I will plan to add them03:29
joehuangthat's good proposal05:09
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MeherHello everyone14:15
MeherIs there anyone here?14:17
MeherI encountered a problem when installing Tricircle with "Multi-pod Installation with DevStack", I need help14:18
MeherPlease, I need help14:44
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