Wednesday, 2017-07-26

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joehuangwe'll start meeting soon in #openstack-meeting00:59
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zhiyuanto dongfeng, maybe you can change the sleep interval from 10s to 20s if the smoke test fails again01:59
dongfengok. local tox test all passed. I'll make a change and upload again02:00
dongfenghi, now if I put "recheck" will the jenkens run gate test again?02:01
zhiyuanduplicate option: bind_host02:02
zhiyuanthis is the error from py3502:02
dongfengoh, it always turn this error unexpectedly02:02
dongfengsometimes it turns up, some times it not02:03
zhiyuanI think you hit this error:
dongfengok, I02:04
dongfengok, I'll have a try. thx02:04
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dongfenghi, zhiyuan, I have another problem. each time I use the "git remote add gerrit https://xxx.tricircle.git", then I need to provide http passwd for "git review", it there a way to avoid input http password?02:14
dongfengI use ubuntu 16.0402:16
zhiyuanfor me, I use "expect", a linux tool02:22
dongfengok, I'll have a try02:32
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joehuanghello dongfeng?07:01
dongfengI see your comment just now07:01
joehuanghello dongfeng, for the doc structure07:01
joehuangI think we'd better to move networking guide to a standalone section, like this07:02
dongfenghow about the "Service Function Chaining Guide" and "VLAN aware VMs Guide"07:03
joehuangand put SFC VLAN under networking guide too07:03
dongfengok, it's more clear07:04
joehuangthe second link is to show the contents under networking guide07:05
dongfenggot it07:07
joehuangand you can create an empty file for command line "Command-Line Interface Reference" under Tricircle admin guide07:07
joehuangthe command line file can be added after pike-3, before pike-rc07:08
joehuangok, so it's more clear now07:10
joehuangwill comment the patch07:10
joehuango, I just forgot that, if we move the file to another path, the link in should be updated too after the patch merged07:16
dongfengyes, I noticed it07:17
dongfengthe migration guide also pointed out that07:17
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