Monday, 2017-08-28

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sapdzhiyuan, I think we should use session to get neutron client instead of token.03:26
zhiyuantoken is directly passed to local neutron server so local neutron server can decide whether to serve the request.03:35
zhiyuani remember that when using session, after the token is expired, session will try to apply a new token, is that correct?03:36
sapdbecause use token in nova/neutron client was deprecated,03:59
sapdI'm use source code from master branch, But I can't get neutron-port . After change this function ( to use keystone session I could get it.04:01
sapdthe error log, something like that04:03
sapd2017-08-28 00:01:27.221 50 ERROR neutron.pecan_wsgi.hooks.translation [req-94008db8-e28d-434b-a5c8-fb2e5ae4d092 e145fc37e6e7474c989288cd811b417b 808a0be8438e46269e850f2e9c5dea8a - - -] DELETE failed.: EndpointNotAvailable: Endpoint for neutron is not available04:03
zhiyuanwhen using session, do you need to pass user and password?04:06
zhiyuanfrom the error log, seem like the service url is not correct: "Endpoint for neutron is not available"04:08
sapdneutron service url is correct. I guarantee.04:17
zhiyuanwhen using session, do you need to pass user and password?04:18
sapdWe already have the function to get keystone session (
zhiyuanthat's for admin user, the username and password are read from configuration. maybe we can rename the function to get_admin_keystone_session04:25
zhiyuanwe also need to handle normal user cases04:26
zhiyuanthe EndpointNotAvailable exception is raised when ConnectionFailed exception is raised by the neutron client.
zhiyuanmaybe you can direct raise the ConnectionFailed exception to see what's the exact problem for the token way04:29
sapdSo if use token was deprecated in the future, We need migrate from token to session. I think we need a function get_session_from_token, and use this session for all client object04:29
sapdlet me try04:30
sapdMy changes:
sapdI tested with another user in other project.04:55
zhiyuanso wrapping the token in a session works05:05
zhiyuanI just issue a "recheck" request on one of my open patch set to see if the token way problem can be reproduced on the OpenStack CI05:09
zhiyuanbtw, could you share the link about the deprecation of using token in nova/neutron client? I would like to add a topic in the coming weekly meeting05:16
sapdI the python-novaclient doc from newton version But now I can't find them . zhiyuan06:39
sapdYou can see in repository: This is newton version  and pike version06:40
sapdThe function handle auth_token is gone06:40
sapdzhiyuan. I think this spec
zhiyuanthanks for the info, sapd.07:10
sapdbtw  what version of python-neutronclient are you using?07:11
zhiyuanit seems that neutron-client hasn't started similar deprecation, in, if the session is not provided, it still constructs a http client07:11
zhiyuanAs I said, I issued a "recheck" request to the OpenStack CI, and the test succeeded,
zhiyuanso I think the token way can work with neutron master currently07:14
zhiyuanthe version of neutronclient in my env is
zhiyuanoh sorry, the version is 6.3.007:15
sapdI don't know how to explain :D08:12
zhiyuansapd, any hints from the ConnectionFailed exception?09:01
zhiyuanthe error message of ConnectionFailed contains the reason for the exception09:01
sapdthe error related to client can't authenticate with keystone09:04
zhiyuanis it possible that the token passed to common.cilent expired?09:06
sapdNo. it is not.09:40
zhiyuanoh, maybe it's because of the keystone url. in your modification, you use auth_url=cfg.CONF.client.identity_url, while in the token way, auth_url is used, self.auth_url = cfg.CONF.client.auth_url10:04
sapdWhen I meet this error, I do not modify any source code.10:06
zhiyuanjust back from dinner. My idea is that maybe the identity_url and auth_url options are mis-configured10:27
zhiyuanauth_url does not point to the correct keystone url so the original codes have problem.10:30
zhiyuanand identity_url that you use points to the correct keystone url10:31
zhiyuanmy guess10:31
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