Tuesday, 2017-08-29

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zhiyuanhi yipei02:42
Yipeihi zhiyuan02:42
zhiyuani think the t_subnet query can be moved to the except block02:43
zhiyuanonly when b_subnet not found, query t_subent and do the trick02:44
zhiyuanno need to always query top subnet02:44
Yipeiok, i see02:46
Yipeione second02:47
Yipeithen cannot get the network id when querying b_network02:47
zhiyuanif b_subnet not found, you first query t_subnet, then you get the network_id02:50
zhiyuanif b_subnet found, b_network is already there02:50
zhiyuanalso construct a testcase02:52
Yipeiok, i am working on the testcase02:53
sapdHi zhiuan, I deploy tricircle and trio2o but They are not working.03:07
sapdI think some problems are related cell v203:07
sapdhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/25422187/ error log on nova local03:08
sapdArchitecture: http://imgur.com/a/ibyLv zhiyuan03:09
zhiyuancould you check whether the nova_context module has set_target_cell method?03:25
sapdThank zhiyuan, I'm using nova code from mile stone two , so It does not have this method03:39
zhiyuanyou are welcome :)03:50
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