Wednesday, 2017-08-30

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joehuanghello, sapd?06:13
sapd_Hi joehuang06:15
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joehuanghi sapd, for trio2o, I have some idea to make it better, but we didn't do that yet06:15
joehuangI saw sapd_ leaving, are you still online?06:16
sapdyes. I'm still online06:16
sapdCan you share me your idea?06:16
joehuangAs you know, currently Trio2o implement lots of tables which are duplicated with Nova/Cinder, and has to write API code to write these tables06:19
joehuangThis is not good, you have to implement flavor, volume type  server group etc code06:20
joehuangand because these tables may be updated in each release, so the code in Trio2o has to be updated to make the API compatible too06:21
joehuangThe idea is to simplify Trio2o as pure API redirection gateway06:22
joehuangthe first idea is to specify one of OpenStack instance as these metadata proxy, all flavor/volumetype etc operation will be redirected to this OpenStack instance06:23
joehuangtrio2o only forward the request to this openstack instance06:23
joehuangand no need to maintain API06:23
joehuangand in Trio2o, mapping and sync the flavor  volume type to other openstack instance could be done06:24
joehuangThe second idea is to install only Nova/Cinder API+ DB at the side of Trio2o06:25
joehuangfor the metadata CRUD like flavor, volumetype, server group etc, will be forwarded to the Nova/Cinder API+ DB06:26
joehuangthrough both of these two method, we can keep consistency of flavor, volumetype, server group etc table definition and API processing06:27
joehuangTrio2o can focus its function on API redirection and openstack instance scheduling, but not to duplicate the code implementation06:28
joehuangsapd, am I clear?06:28
sapdyeah, I just take a rest.07:11
sapdjoehuang, I think two method is possible to perform.07:12
sapdSo, We will install nova/cinder - api at the central, every request are related to flavor/keypair/volume type we will redirect to these API,07:14
sapdBut In nova local, We have to install nova-api it self.07:15
sapdWhen launch instance, They will call to this api, But it does not have these resource.07:16
joehuangthen you can create resource mapping in Trio2o admin API, to sync flavor/volume type etc resource to regarding OpenStack instance07:18
joehuangbecause flavor, volumetype etc resource are not created frequently07:19
joehuangand most of them are managed by the admin07:19
joehuangso when adding new flavor, you can specify the flavor will be presented in which open stack instance07:20
joehuangand then sync and create regarding mapping relationship07:20
joehuangif no mapping releationship, that means the openstack instance doesn't support this flavor07:21
sapdWe have talked about this idea before :D07:21
sapdThe design is same to tricircle07:21
sapdThe server already has resource mapppings.07:22
sapdWe can do it for flavor/keypair07:23
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sapdThe difference is we don't have to implement tables for keypair/flavor, these resource will be save on nova-api / cinder-api DB at central07:24
joehuangyes, maintain the duplicated code is painful07:25
sapdBut this design will have some issues about performance, We have to perform many requests.07:26
joehuangThe performance impact is quite minor07:29
joehuangjust one more http calling07:30
joehuangif not https used between Trio2o and "nova-api / cinder-api DB at central"(They are internal service, no need to expose to external world), the cost is < 20 ms07:32
joehuanghuman insensitive07:32
joehuangthe cost is human insensitive07:33
joehuangyou can test and verify it.07:34
joehuangI have to leave for a while, sapd, please send me mail if you have more comment07:42
sapdyes. I will try with flavor first, But recently I quite busy in my company.07:45
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