Monday, 2015-12-14

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flwangdoraly was trying to split the classes under to different versions00:02
flwangand that patch was merged for some reasons00:02
flwangbut personally, i don't think that's the right direction, at least for now00:03
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Eva-iflwang: yes, I figured this out. What I don't know still is why there are "zaqarclient/tests" and "tests" directories in python-zaqarclient.00:08
flwangi think we're coping the same mode like zaqar, the 'tests' folder at the sub level is like a test stub which can be reused for unit test and functional test00:10
Eva-iflwang: thanks, now I understand00:12
flwangno problem00:12
flwangEva-i: did you test the patch?00:47
flwangor just rebased00:48
Eva-iflwang: just rebased, I'm gonna test it soon after I set up the environment right00:49
flwangEva-i: ok, i see. thanks00:50
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flwangEva-i: ping02:57
Eva-iflwang: pong, almost finished testing02:57
flwangEva-i: do you have a workable zaqar?02:57
flwangcan you help try the policy?02:57
flwangi just found it doesn't work since the oslo.policy upgrade02:58
flwanglike use a non-admin user access the pool and flavor02:58
Eva-iflwang: I can try, but I have not much experience with policies02:58
flwangjust switch to use a normal user to list pools02:58
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Eva-iflwang: i just need to list pools when authenticated by non-admin user?03:00
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Eva-iflwang: ok, got the result. When I run "openstack pool list" when authenticated as demo user I don't see any errors about not enough rights.03:08
Eva-iflwang: and that's bad, right?03:08
flwangcan you try curl or any other http client?03:08
Eva-iflwang: okay, I'll try curl now03:09
Eva-iflwang: I got an interesting result:
Eva-iflwang: the difference between these two requests in API. Seems like API v2 works normally, but API v1.1 not.03:19
flwangEva-i: it's expected, since we support policy since v203:20
flwangso you mean the policy.json works fine on your local03:21
Eva-iflwang: oh, I see03:21
flwangfor v2,  right?03:21
Eva-iflwang: let me test same curl as admin03:22
flwangcool, thanks03:23
Eva-iflwang: okay, tested as admin. So suppose it works normally03:23
Eva-iflwang: what wrong behavior do you observe with the policy? A normal user is able to list pools on API v2?03:26
flwangEva-i: yep :)03:27
flwangno worries, i will test it again in a clear env03:27
flwangbut, as you found, maybe we should improve zaqar client to let it works better for the policy03:27
Eva-iflwang: how is access to admin things is managed on v1.1 API?03:28
Eva-iflwang: i.e. before policies03:28
flwangfor v1.1, non-admin role should get 404 error since they can't see the endpoint03:29
Eva-iflwang: but as you see in my log when I tried APIv1.1 while logged as normal user, there was no 404 error.03:30
Eva-i"maybe we should improve zaqar client to let it works better for the policy" good point03:33
flwangas for 404, my statement is not really accurate,  see
flwangif you're enabling admin_mode, then those admin endpoints will be published, otherwise you won't see them03:37
flwangi assume in your env, it's true03:37
Eva-iflwang: so on APIv1.1 the only way to restrict access to pools and flavors is admin_mode variable?03:38
flwangIIRC, it's true03:38
flwangthat's why we use policy to improve it03:39
Eva-iflwang: all right, now it all makes sense03:39
Eva-iflwang: yes03:39
flwangi'm the original author of our policy support, so i know some of its history :)03:39
Eva-iflwang: I'm thinking about the problem. Maybe you just forgot that there can be two "policy.json" in environment. Tne located in "~/.zaqar/" directory overrides the one in "/etc/zaqar/" directory. And maybe you checked the one in "/etc/zaqar/" while there was a permissive one in "~/.zaqar/"?03:46
Eva-i*The one located in "~/.zaqar/" directory03:46
flwangi do have two for sure, but they are same and kept as default03:47
Eva-iflwang: okay03:47
Eva-iflwang: maybe you have found a security hole. =) And in this case it's good to not to delete the environment and try to inspect it.03:50
flwangmaybe :)03:51
flwangi'm working on the subscription patch and then run into this issue03:51
Eva-iflwang: mmm...03:51
flwangi prefer to take it as an env issue, but will dig03:51
Eva-iI got up at sunday. I'm supersleepy now and going to bed. Good night.03:52
Eva-i*woke up03:53
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ryansbmorning zaqarians14:33
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vkmcmorning ryansb!14:37
vkmchey there dynarro, Eva-i!14:50
Eva-ivkmc: yes, hello! =) There will be a meeting soon?14:53
vkmcI think so... this week is at 15.00utc?14:53
Eva-ivkmc: yes14:54
vkmcEva-i, thanks for the heads up14:54
dynarrovkmc, o/14:54
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mdnadeem1although, here is night, lolz14:55
vkmcmdnadeem, what time is it there Nadeem?14:56
Eva-idynarro: hello, I'm an Outreachy intern of this round =)14:56
mdnadeem18:30 pm14:56
dynarroEva-i, hey! nice to meet you!! awesome, I was in the last round! I hope you enjoy it like I did ;)14:57
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Eva-idynarro: nice to meet you too! I've read your blog recently. And yes, I'm enjoying internship. =)14:58
dynarrocool =)15:00
flwang1meeting time, guys15:00
vkmcflwang1, hey there!15:01
flwang1vkmc: hey :)15:01
flwang1Eva-i: dynarro: mdnadeem: mdnadeem1: #openstack-meeting-315:02
flwang1flaper87: ^15:03
dynarroflaper87, ^15:03
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flaper87vkmc: ^15:16
vkmcflaper87, ^15:16
flaper87dynarro: ^15:16
flaper87dynarro: you broke the pattern....15:17
* flaper87 shakes dynarro15:17
dynarroflaper87, I started the pattern, I can break it haha15:17
flaper87no no no, flwang1 started it. It should've ended there15:19
dynarrodamn it! your right hahaha15:21
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flwang1vkmc: flaper87: ryansb: pls review our zaqar client patch and the UI patch, thanks16:03
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Eva-iflwang1: we must come up with something if we want to start working on API ref now. Soon docbook/wadl format for API ref will be changed to swagger and rst. Should I start making API ref in the old format? :o16:07
Eva-iflwang1: I'll review UI patch today16:08
flwang1Eva-i: no, we don't need to waste time on the old format, IMO16:08
ryansbI'd really rather the new format16:08
ryansbdocbook/wadl format sucks to work on16:08
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Eva-iTo make API ref in the new format I will need an example of API ref in this format, something which I can use as a base.16:10
flwang1Eva-i: then you need to talk with doc team16:11
Eva-iAlso I wanted to ask: when I use python-zaqarclient and ask the claim's age, it's always returns "0" even if there was a delay between claim creation and asking the claim's age. Is it normal?16:11
Eva-iflwang1: alright16:11
flwang1Anne G ?16:11
flwang1let's address one by one16:11
flwang1so are you ok with the api format question?16:12
Eva-iflwang1: what do you mean if I'm okay with my question?16:13
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Eva-iflwang1: I'm okay with your replies. And I will contact Anne Gentle soon.16:15
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flwang1Eva-i: sorry, just away for a coffee16:21
flwang1i'm sleepy since i wake up too early today16:22
Eva-iflwang1: oki16:22
flwang1ok, let's back to the claim question16:22
flwang1Eva-i: so you mean after you claimed a queue, and then query the claim based on the claim id, the age of the claim is not correct, is it?16:23
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Eva-iflwang1: not exaclty, I'm just using "claim" object instance to ask age16:28
Eva-iflwang1: here's tiny code example
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Eva-iflwang1: oh, I had to simplify the code more...16:35
flwang1Eva-i: paste is slow  for me :(16:35
Eva-iflwang1: okay, will upload to pastebin16:35
Eva-iflwang1: here:
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flwang1mdnadeem: still around?16:40
flwang1mdnadeem: the patch set you summited against claims v2 is not really correct, you can't change the patch author16:41
Eva-iflwang1: am I using the age property right?16:43
Eva-iflwang1: I'm looking at the code defining this property and I'm not sure the code is right.16:44
flwang1how did you create the claim?16:44
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Eva-iflwang1: just like in the example I posted in Does work for you?16:45
flwang1Eva-i: it looks ok, i will give it a try later and let you know16:48
Eva-iflwang1: oki, thank you16:49
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Eva-imdnadeem: ryansb: vkmc: Can you please check if subscriptions work in "examples/websocket.html" example and tell me later the result?16:50
Eva-imdnadeem: ryansb: vkmc: for me it doesn't work. =/16:51
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Eva-iflwang1: so, describing in two words what I said: I think that is not correct.17:00
Eva-iflwang1: this property is defined in a way that it only queries claim's age from the server on the first call. On sequential calls it will just return the same age as in the first call. But claim's age is changing with the time flow, and this property must return an updated age on each call.17:11
flwang1Eva-i: i can see your point now, i think we should remove the line 8317:13
flwang1can you give it a try?17:13
Eva-iflwang1: already given and it works17:13
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Eva-iflwang1: but it's not enough to fix this.17:14
Eva-iflwang: so I will report a bug and then fix it properly, okay?17:15
flwang1Eva-i: yep, thanks and it's a nice catch i think17:18
Eva-iflwang1: thanks for confirming it =) I decided that from now on I'll be more confident and will just report the bugs when see unexpected behavior instead of discussing it first in the chat. ;)17:19
flwang1sure, since i will review the bug reports :)17:20
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Eva-ihehe, I reported many important bugs today17:47
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openstackgerritFei Long Wang proposed openstack/zaqar-specs: HTTP PUT improvement for existing resource
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/zaqar-specs: Support for binary data in the websocket transport
Eva-iflwang: wow, thanks for approving my spec20:19
flwangEva-i: :)20:19
flwangEva-i: btw, md's patchset for claims is not really correct i think20:25
Eva-iflwang: why do you think so?20:27
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flwang1. he should not change the author name20:29
flwang2. i think his patch set is missing some tests20:29
Eva-iflwang: 1. So he must either to remove Co-Authored-By tag or add Doraly Navarro as the second author?20:32
flwangEva-i: did you see this line? Authormd nadeem<>Dec 10, 2015 11:47 PM20:33
flwangunder the patch set 1120:33
flwangyou can compare it with patch set 1020:33
Eva-iflwang: oh, I see now. I wonder how is it possible.20:34
Eva-iflwang: 2. Okay, I will inspect if this patch is missing some tests related to API v2. For now we have discovered that both v1.1 and v2 APIs are missing a test case where the claim's age is properly tested.20:35
flwangi haven't dig into the code of test, so i'm holding on to approve it before some tests20:35
flwangEva-i: agree, you can add the test cases in you fix20:35
flwangfor age, i mean20:35
Eva-iflwang: yes, I'm planning to do so. You can confirm this bug officially
openstackLaunchpad bug 1525994 in Python client library for Zaqar "Age property of Claim object returns wrong values on subsequent calls" [Undecided,New] - Assigned to Eva Balycheva (ubershy)20:37
flwangEva-i: done20:39
Eva-iflwang: thanks20:40
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