Tuesday, 2015-12-15

openstackgerritFei Long Wang proposed openstack/zaqar-specs: Spec for more reserved queue attributes  https://review.openstack.org/25762200:18
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Eva-iflwang: flwang1: ping00:46
flwang1Eva-i: pong00:46
Eva-iflwang: how to conveniently run functional tests for python-zaqarclient?00:47
Eva-iflwang: for now I only know a way in which I modify tox.ini00:48
flwang1then run 'nosetests -sv tests.functional'00:48
Eva-iflwang1: oh, thank you. =) Perhaps we can make special tox environment for functional tests.00:50
flwang1generally tox use virtual env, which doesn't really work with functional test00:50
flwang1at least sometimes00:50
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Eva-iflwang1: oki00:55
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Eva-iflwang1: for me this additional env seems to work: http://pastebin.com/iydPA8S201:08
flwang1Eva-i: ok01:10
flwangvkmc: any luck you around?01:18
openstackgerritFei Long Wang proposed openstack/python-zaqarclient: Add support for subscription create v2  https://review.openstack.org/24939501:24
Eva-iflwang1: flwang: can I use something like {'ttl': 60, 'body': 'sexy'} as test message in functional test or it is not welcomed?01:49
flwang1Eva-i: hmm... let's use something suitable for enterprise usage01:51
flwang1personally, i don't think it's a good practice including some words in a formal code repo01:52
Eva-iflwang1: like {'ttl': 60, 'body': 'attractive'} ?01:52
Eva-iflwang1: oh, okay01:52
flwang1{'ttl': 60, 'body': 'image.upload'}01:52
Eva-i#success today I stopped doing one bad practice01:58
openstackstatusEva-i: Added success to Success page01:58
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lane_kongping flwang, flwang102:04
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openstackgerritEva Balycheva proposed openstack/python-zaqarclient: Fix freeze of Claim object's age property  https://review.openstack.org/25764902:18
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openstackgerritFei Long Wang proposed openstack/python-zaqarclient: Add support for subscription create v2  https://review.openstack.org/24939503:11
mdnadeemflwang: Hi good morning,03:16
flwang1mdnadeem: hi03:17
mdnadeemcan you point out what is wrong in claim patch03:17
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mdnadeemIt will be helpfull to rectify it.03:17
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-zaqarclient: Deprecated tox -downloadcache option removed  https://review.openstack.org/25671703:18
flwang1mdnadeem: did you test the patch?03:20
flwang1Eva-i is testing it and found a bug03:20
Eva-iflwang1: flwang: I think python language is the most non-enterprize language. It's named after Monty Python and tutorials are full of spam and eggs.03:20
Eva-imdnadeem: hello03:20
mdnadeemflwang1, No i did not test it locally, I dnt allocate a testing machine here, but i will sort out soon .03:21
mdnadeemEva-i, hii03:21
flwang1mdnadeem: so could you collaborate with Eva-i and work it out? i would like to try it before approve03:22
mdnadeemEva-i, may be today i will setup my machine and test it.03:23
flwang1mdnadeem: thanks03:24
flwang1mdnadeem: btw, can you rebase your v2 patches?03:24
mdnadeemflwang1, I was waiting for your patches to get merged then i rebase03:25
mdnadeem*your v1 patches03:25
flwang1mdnadeem: oic03:26
mdnadeemflwang1, I request you to review this spec https://review.openstack.org/#/c/246147/,03:26
flwang1we really need more core reviews :(03:26
mdnadeemsuch that we can target it to complete in M2.03:26
flwang1i did03:26
flwang1give we basically had agreement in the weekly meeting03:27
mdnadeemflwang1, It need +2 to get merged03:28
flwang1mdnadeem: i know :D man03:29
flwang1just commented03:29
flwang1i will approve it after you posted another patch set03:29
flwang1we can start to code now03:30
flwang1are you going to pick any part of it?03:30
flwang1mdnadeem: i don't have much bandwidth for M-2 TBH03:30
mdnadeemyes, as you mentioned i have already 2 patches , i will update it according to it03:30
mdnadeembasically, i will update these patches according to spec03:32
flwang1mdnadeem: awesome, btw, pls update the commit msg of these two patches03:33
mdnadeemflwang1, Thanks for reminding, i will03:33
flwang1thank you for the effort :)03:34
openstackgerritMD NADEEM proposed openstack/zaqar-specs: HTTP put improvement for existing resource  https://review.openstack.org/24614703:49
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openstackgerritEva Balycheva proposed openstack/zaqar: WIP. Make zaqar-bench use credentials from os_client_config  https://review.openstack.org/25505104:14
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Eva-imdnadeem: Fei Long asked me to figure out what tests claimsv2 patch might be missing. I think your patch is missing "tests/functional/queues/v2/test_claims.py" functional test.04:30
mdnadeemEva-i, Please have a look at this https://review.openstack.org/#/c/213165/11/zaqarclient/tests/queues/claims.py04:33
mdnadeemit include functional test04:33
Eva-imdnadeem: oki, I'm checking04:35
mdnadeemEva-i, cool04:35
Eva-imdnadeem: oki, I see even more little problems now. Will describe it now in the patch.04:46
mdnadeemEva-i, I am setting up my system, let me test it first.05:10
Eva-imdnadeem: I left you a personal message05:21
Eva-imdnadeem: also forgot to say, when Fei Long said "Eva-i is testing it and found a bug" he meant this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-zaqarclient/+bug/1525994. This bug is not related to your claimsv2 patch, your patch just inherits this bug from zaqarclient.queues.v1.claim.Claim.05:55
openstackLaunchpad bug 1525994 in Python client library for Zaqar "Age property of Claim object returns wrong values on subsequent calls" [Medium,In progress] - Assigned to Eva Balycheva (ubershy)05:55
mdnadeemEva-i, Thanks06:00
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openstackgerritShu Muto proposed openstack/python-zaqarclient: Drop py33 support  https://review.openstack.org/25773008:36
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openstackgerritMD NADEEM proposed openstack/python-zaqarclient: Added support to claims  https://review.openstack.org/21316512:36
openstackgerritMD NADEEM proposed openstack/python-zaqarclient: Flavor show cli support for v2  https://review.openstack.org/25025813:00
openstackgerritMD NADEEM proposed openstack/python-zaqarclient: Flavor update cli support for v2  https://review.openstack.org/25025313:08
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mdnadeemvkmc: ping14:14
vkmcmdnadeem, pong14:14
mdnadeemvkmc, do you see any usecase for claim cli support?14:15
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mdnadeemlike Query Claim, renew , delete a claim14:15
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vkmcmdnadeem, well yeah14:16
vkmcmdnadeem, how would you manage claims otherwise?14:17
mdnadeemvkmc, I guess claim should use by some automated script while processing a job14:18
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mdnadeemif we claim messages by cli, it return a list of messages on terminal, which of no use untill we grep all messages by some script and process it14:20
mdnadeemvkmc, Sorry i know its very kiddis question, however i cant relate its use case for implemeting its cli support14:21
mdnadeemdynarro, ^^  any suggestion14:23
Eva-igood morning14:41
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ryansbmdnadeem: yeah, that's right14:47
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ryansbthe use case would (most likely) be claiming some number of messages, then parsing the JSON out and doing something with the messages14:49
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Eva-imdnadeem: maybe CLI can be useful for people who can't or don't want to program on python, but know bash.14:52
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ryansbor for some reason want to parse stdout instead of using the http API14:55
ryansbheaven knows why they'd want that14:55
mdnadeemEva-i, good morning :)15:04
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mdnadeemryansb, Sorry, i am not getting your point15:05
mdnadeemYou mean there is no use case of cli support for claim?15:06
ryansbno, I'm saying there is15:06
ryansbI'm just saying that I'm not sure how prevalent that use case is outside "interactively playing with zaqar"15:07
ryansbwhich IS a good use case, and an important one to help people use zaqar15:07
mdnadeemryansb, hmmm got it.15:08
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mdnadeemmake sense to me15:08
ryansbI just have a hard time imagining someone writing a big program in bash and using the CLI client to claim/ack messages15:08
Eva-iryansb: yes, you're right15:09
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Eva-iOther openstack services usually have CLI functionality for occasional operations. Most of the CLI commands are needed so rare, that they can be executed manually by human once and forgotten. That's why I think CLI interface is mostly for humans.15:25
Eva-iZaqar's operations on claims are different. They're needed only on massive workloads and require automation.15:25
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flwang1vkmc: ping16:42
Eva-iflwang: hello16:44
flwang1Eva-i: hi16:46
flwang1Eva-i: btw, as for your comments in the HTTP PUT spec, if we use 409, then we will break the idempotence of PUT16:47
flwang1but your point is a good point16:47
Eva-iflwang1: okay, then maybe 204 is better. I'm sure you have more experience with that.16:50
flwang1Eva-i: it's not an easy problem :)16:56
flwang1mdnadeem: around?17:00
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Eva-iflwang: ping18:14
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flwangEva-i: yes?19:36
Eva-iflwang: would you like to update Zaqar wiki page to make it contain information not only for RESTful API, but also for websockets?19:37
flwangEva-i: it would be nice, however19:38
Eva-iflwang: it's too early?19:39
flwangi don't think wiki is a good place for  api ref19:39
flwangwe should use the offical api ref side19:39
Eva-iflwang: i'm not saying about api ref now19:39
flwangbut for websocket, we can add it into developer docs19:39
flwangEva-i: if so, are sure we have enough resource to do that?19:39
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Eva-iflwang: i'm not going to describe websocket API, just want to say that Zaqar has persistent connections feature. For now Wiki tells that Zaqar has only RESTful API and even opposes it against persistent connections which are usual. See the API section.19:44
flwangEva-i: ok, got it. for that case, i'm good to add it.19:44
flwangjust go for it19:44
Eva-iflwang: flwang1: just want few lines19:44
Eva-iflwang: flwang1: oki19:45
flwangEva-i: thank you!19:45
Eva-iflwang: I can also tell the viewers of the wiki page, that Zaqar team is currently reworking documentation. Maybe I'll also make a small instruction on how to build docs from "doc/user-guide" by maven?19:47
Eva-iflwang: would you like that?19:48
flwangEva-i: to get our user guide doc?19:49
Eva-iflwang: yes19:49
flwangEva-i: i'm good19:50
Eva-iflwang: oki19:58
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flwangflaper87: ping20:24
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Eva-iflwang: can I paste a some text from one of the Zaqar's specifications to wiki? Both wiki and spec have Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) license.21:09
flwangwhich spec?21:10
Eva-iflwang: this one https://specs.openstack.org/openstack/zaqar-specs/specs/backlog/persistent-transport.html, first paragraph21:11
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Eva-iflwang: it's just written so good =) But, of course, I can try to explain websocket connections using my words.21:19
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flwangEva-i: i think it's ok for the copy21:28
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Eva-iflwang: I'll need to make attribution inside the Wiki for this. In the end I decided to write my own explanation... I have updated the wiki and you can see changes.22:05
flwang1ok, cool22:07
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Eva-iflwang: flwang1: I almost finished figuring out details for API reference. Tomorrow will ask Anne Gentle few last questions.22:22
flwangit's awesome22:22
Eva-iflwang: flwang1: what would you like me to focus now?22:22
flwangi haven't dig into the config ref work22:22
flwangdepends on how much work left in your hand now22:23
Eva-iflwang: 1. some my things are waiting for approval 2. I need to finish writing two patches (and in one of them I'm stuck and don't know what to do) 3. Want to spend some time learning django and angularjs, then join development of Zaqar UI.22:31
flwangEva-i: do you have a sizing in your mind for api ref work?22:32
Eva-i4. If everything is smooth, start writing Zaqar API22:32
Eva-iflwang: we can talk now about documentation, though I don't have much information. I can say there are huge problems.22:33
Eva-i*I don't have all information needed22:33
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flwang1do you have a sizing in your mind for api ref work?22:40
Eva-iflwang: first of all, I think our focus in this release cycle to migrate/convert some Zaqar docs to the official places is in conflict with Doc team currently striving to reorganize/convert everything. For example, now I'm starting to think it's impossible, and it's better for us to write our local API reference in .rst format for now.22:43
flwangEva-i: hmm... really?22:43
flwangso you mean the swagger/rst work can't be done in this release?22:44
Eva-iflwang1: flwang: I'm not sure about it before tomorrow22:44
flwangthen, let's wait22:45
flwangotherwise, our discussion may be based on a wrong assumption22:45
Eva-iflwang1: flwang: did you read how Doc team will reoganize API ref? They want api-ref to be generated automatically from project source code.22:45
Eva-iflwang1: flwang: they want to extract endpoints, http methods and return codes automatically.22:47
flwangthen it would be great and we can save much effort22:47
flwangEva-i: so it would be nice if you can confirm with lana and anne if the new format will happen in Mitaka22:52
flwangthen we can know if we should focus on this work22:52
flwangbtw, i just checked the config ref22:53
Eva-iflwang: flwang1: many of OpenStack projects are using "routes" python library for wsgi. And doc team wrote a tool to extract api-related information directly from the source code which is using this library. If I'm not mistaken Zaqar is using "falcon" library for this. I'm not sure it's possible to extract API information. And if it's possible, the tool need to be written for22:53
flwangmost of the docs now are rst formst22:53
Eva-iextracting API information.22:53
flwangthat's right22:54
flwangwe're using falcon22:54
flwangyou said 'wrote a tool' so do you mean there is a tool already?22:54
Eva-iflwang: the doc team specs say that DocBook/WADL format will not be supported(be frozen) after 16 january. Then swagger/rst will come.22:55
Eva-iflwang: they have a prototype of this tool and it's working now with Murano project, if I understand it correctly22:57
Eva-iflwang: this tool is located now in this repository https://github.com/russell/fairy-slipper22:58
Eva-iflwang: you can try to git clone this tool, execute migrate.sh and run_server.sh to see how future API reference will look like22:58
Eva-iflwang: after migrate.sh you can find swagger/rst sources in created "api_doc" directory inside repository22:59
Eva-iflwang: these files are in the future format23:00
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Eva-iflwang: migrate.sh is now buggy and will throw some errors, but run_server will execute normally and you will be able see partial API reference.23:01
flwangEva-i: good to know23:01
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flwangi think we may need a plugin for the tool23:01
flwangto support falcon23:01
Eva-iflwang: there is more information in this document https://github.com/russell/fairy-slipper/blob/master/doc/source/usage.rst . In the end you can find the information about this tool - controllers/routes_inspector.py.23:03
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flwangi see23:06
flwangEva-i: i may need have a talk with russell23:07
flwangto see if it's possible to let the tool work with falcon/zaqar23:07
Eva-iflwang: there are other projects which do not use "routes" library for wsgi: http://specs.openstack.org/openstack/docs-specs/specs/liberty/api-site.html#proposed-change. I wonder how doc team will handle their API references. This is the first question that I want to ask tomorrow.23:09
Eva-iflwang: the second one is about: can Zaqar have API-reference in the official place, but without dynamic updates extracted from the code?23:11
flwangEva-i: those are good questions, IMO. personally, i can't see why we can't maintain the files manually23:13
flwangbut let's wait for the comments from anne23:13
flwangEva-i: btw, as for the zaqar ui, if you want to join23:13
flwangyou don't need much information about  django and angularjs23:14
flwangif you know how to horizon works and some knowledge of js, then you should be able to do it23:14
flwangnow i'm going to complete the client work asap23:16
flwangand then complete the config ref and zaqar UI in M-223:16
Eva-iflwang: for me Zaqar UI is the most exciting task after websocket task23:17
flwangEva-i: cool23:17
flwangEva-i: i think after i figure out the basic workflow, then you can just add new feature to it and it should be easy23:18
Eva-iflwang: yeah, I'll see some UIs from other projects also23:18
flwangyou can just take manila ui or magnum ui as a reference23:19
flwangthey're inspiring me :)23:19
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Eva-iflwang: in my life I try to not to offer any help, when I'm not sure I can fully provide it. Now I'm starting to think I made a real mistake when I offered my help for API-ref and "User Guide" which doc team decided to restructure during Mitaka. Hopefully not much time passed and maybe there's still the time someone smarter than me will take these tasks.23:27
flwangEva-i: it's ok, you have done a great job23:30
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flwangEva-i: so have about we swap the tasks :)23:30
flwangyou take the config ref23:30
flwangand i will talk with doc team about the api-ref work given there are many unsure things23:31
flwangas for the new rst format of config ref, you can refer this https://github.com/openstack/openstack-manuals/tree/master/doc/config-ref-rst23:31
flwangbrb, lunch23:32
Eva-iflwang: I think it would be wonderful!23:32
Eva-iflwang: I want to take config-ref23:32
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