Wednesday, 2010-08-11

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comstudvishy- yep, cbehrens == comstud00:18
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holowayif we use oauth, does that imply the client implementations need to store session state?00:27
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xtoddxholoway: yes, that is assumed anyway in the RS api, they all need to keep the session token00:28
holowayin that the token needs to get sent on every request, right?00:29
creiht1.) it sends the token with each request00:29
creiht2.) it signs the request with the secret00:29
creihtoauth 2.0 seems to support both of those00:29
gholtI'm not sure about 2 with oauth2. My limit understanding says that's oauth1. oauth2 allows using signing to get a token.00:32
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creihtgholt: My (limited) research said that it can support both00:33
creihtbut since the spec is still evolving, who knows :)00:33
creihtbut #1 was for sure what spured on the development of v2.000:33
gholtWhere'd you see the signing part? I was looking and couldn't find it.00:34
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creihtWas a blog post from someone at yahoo explaining v2.000:34
gholtDid you write it? j/k Where?00:34
creihttrying to see if I can dig it up00:35
creihtguess not from yahoo, but that is what I referring to00:35
creihtAlso to clarify, the signing in v2.0 is not compatible with v1.0 signing00:36
* creiht goes to actually read the latest draft00:37
gholtWe might be interpreting what's written differently. I see nothing that states each request is signed. But yeah, who knows?00:37
creihtI'm saying that it is either or00:37
creihtsigning is one option00:37
creihtanother option is to use a token00:37
creihtbut I'm looking at the draft now to see if that is actually true :)00:38
gholtI'm guessing that not part of the spec, but just: if you want to make your token this way, go ahead. hehe00:38
gholtAt least, I'm not finding a lot of matches when searching for "sign" in the spec.00:39
creihtyou may be right :/00:39
comstuddinner with ppl.  bbl00:40
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gholtI think you could write an auth server and swift/nova auth middleware that supported both oauths. Deployers could decide which they preferred or deploy both and let the client decide.00:44
creihtPhacops: howdy00:45
Phacopsjust wanna say i find openstack is a very good iniatiative00:45
creihtthanks! :)00:45
Phacopsand thanks to people who are working on it00:46
* gholt is off to dinner and waves to Phacops on his way out.00:47
bitmonkgholt: you might like repoze.who..00:49
bitmonkit may be less than you're looking for, but it's a wsgi middleware which implements pluggable auth much like what is found in, without committing to the rest of zope.00:51
bitmonkauthentication, not authorization, i believe is the distinction between it and z.a.s00:51
creihtbitmonk: yeah repoze.who is very interesting, but just a small piece of the auth puzzle :)00:51
bitmonkwell yeah it's a framework, but the point is it maps out a well tested means of, say, supporting more than one auth mechanism.00:52
creihtbitmonk: that is very true, and something to look at on the swift/nova side of the equation00:53
bitmonkthe plugins are easy to write and might be reusable by the zope community.  even if not, i'm sure the repoze kids would love some heavily used oauth examples..00:53
creihtbut what we are pondering at the moment is a reference auth server that would be utilized by all openstack projects00:53
creihtthat something like repoze.who could very well talk to00:53
bitmonkcreiht: seems like maybe in swift/nova you get identification from something like repoze.who, potentially, and then decide if that principal has access to do whatever..00:53
bitmonkah sure..00:53
creihtbitmonk: I think repoze.who already has an oauth plugin, but not sure if it is v2 compatible00:54
* bitmonk nods00:54
creihtI haven't looked that deeply yet00:54
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bitwizardoo nice it isn't taken00:54
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bitmonkso you're talking like, auth store..00:55
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bitwizardbit wizard is on my bizcard00:55
* batmonk emits a dark glare00:55
bitwizardmaybe it should be my new irc name00:55
batmonki recommend against having a memorable irc nick.  it's really wierd when people use it in person.00:56
batmonkunless it wouldn't be to you, and then, i say go for it00:56
bitwizardgood point00:57
bitwizardeveryone calls pvo pvo00:57
creihtbatmonk: re: auth store, more or less00:57
bitwizardand dendro dendro00:57
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batmonkhave you guys seen stanford webauth? it can sit on top of krb5.  that would be something repoze.who would talk to in backend (or an example of how to webify krb5 tokens)00:58
batmonkoath2 to krb5 would be sweet.00:58
creihtbatmonk: I've heard of it, but haven't looked at it much00:59
batmonkinvolving kerberos would be wise, where there are tokens.00:59
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creihtgholt: so after skimming the spec, I believe you are right, and that everything is token based01:04
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creihtI supposed you could do v1 style signing with tokens if you really needed to01:08
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creihtSo I think it comes down a lot to, do we want just a "dev/reference auth", or a real scalable auth01:16
creihtIf it is just dev/reference auth, then it may be just easiest/fastest to use the RS style auth01:17
creihtIf we want a "real" auth server, then that is a whole other beast :)01:17
creihtAnd a good question would be, are most places who are going to implement openstack in production going to need an auth service as well, or will they want to bolt it onto the auth that they already have?01:18
creihtMy hunch is that most places are going to want to bolt it on to whatever auth they already have in place01:19
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devcamcarhey all, have a launchpad question: if i specify a dependency branch in launchpad does it diff against that branch or trunk?01:39
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carstencreight: My guess would be: Ability to use existing authentication, but authorization through OpenStack01:51
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heckjFYI - the logs at are throwing permission denied errors - going back just a week or so02:08
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bitmonkcreiht: all of what you had to say supports consideration of repoze.who, i think more than you may think.  the idea is to have separate, disconnected plugins for things like handling oauth, oauth2, etc.. and backend providers.  supporting krb is crucial to anyone using AD, but is also a great unix solution, and then you just use ldap for metadata.  but, i should stop pontificating and throw some code down ;)03:18
bitmonki think the question of reference versus default sort of concepts is very valid.. don't want to document something around a way noone uses it in The Real World(tm).03:19
bitmonkbut with repoze.who you could have a simple 'default' which may not be so much a reference as a means for developers to have a working system without ldap/krb or whatever else.03:19
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bitmonki dunno, i have to spend some more time with the setup as it exists now.. i like that it's heavily wsgi focused instead of choosing a framework.  even if i'm a listless zope-lover, if a framework had been chosen, it would probably be django.  i was happy to have grep -r django . return nothing ;)03:22
bitmonkand the overall code size of at least the base checkout is very impressively compact..03:23
bitmonki'll probably dip into some cleanup work and get to know it better before i make too strong of statements as to What Should Be(tm) ;)03:23
* bitmonk noticed kapilt in swift03:24
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creihtbitmonk: Ah yes, he comitted some clean ups03:59
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bitmonkkapilt is a prolific python ninja.  hazmat on irc.03:59
bitmonkor, i have heard, the Gen Y version of 'ninja' is 'coding zombie', but i'm not sure i'm comfortable migrating directly to that api.04:00
creihtahh... nice to make the connection04:01
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carstenHope someone can help: uses an import "rrdtool". Where do I get this from and how do I install it in a virtenv?06:33
PythonPupCarl, I have not tried it yet, but I see instructions to install it by typing   easy_install PyRRD06:45
PythonPup for instructions, carsten06:46
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carstenpythonpup: thanks. I tried PyRRD and the environment picks it up. But it does not seem to include rrdtool06:47
PythonPupDid you look at section of
PythonPupI'll be going through this in a few days, so I'd like to know what ends up working.06:50
carstenHaven't found the sanet page before. I'll give it a go ...06:51
carstenpythonpup: Generally following worked quite well for me.06:51
carstenThere are some additional packages you need to install with easy_install, but apart from rrdtool they seem straight forward to find.06:52
PythonPupthank you06:52
carstendaemon is another package that give me headaches. easy_install finds it, but it seems incompatible with Nova (ie does not contain everything  Nova expects). Maybe a version mismatch.06:53
carstenpythonpup: thanks again, I have to leave now (end of day in AU); I'll try you suggestion tomorrow.06:55
PythonPupI am reading a book titles Daemon, and I know what a Unix daemon is, but I don't know the Python package.06:55
PythonPupI guessed you were in Chicago.  G'day, carsten06:55
PythonPupa book titled Daemon, that is.06:56
PythonPupI guess it makes sense that a compute cluster manager would need a module called daemon.  Good luck.06:59
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uvirtbotNew bug: #616312 in nova "nova-manage project zipfile throws AttributeError" [Undecided,New]
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termieif there are any eventlet people around, how does one generally throw an exception from a spawned greenthread without having the exception traceback look like it is coming from the hub?14:54
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jaypipestermie: good question...haven't figured that out myself...15:16
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jaypipesvishy: what version of pylint are you using that is showing the deprecation warnings?  I'm on
jaypipesmtaylor: any idea what happened here?
mtaylorjaypipes: eek - no. it looks like there was a test failure and the merge happened anyway -15:41
* mtaylor files bug with self15:41
mtaylorjaypipes: oh - unless that branch was included in a different branch and passed tests in that branch15:42
mtaylorjaypipes: but I'll go looking in to it just to make sure15:42
jaypipesmtaylor: hmmm, perhaps, but not likely for that particular branch...15:42
jaypipesmtaylor: cheers15:42
* jaypipes gives mtaylor a pass. but just this once!15:43
* mtaylor dances a little jig15:43
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*** pcrews has joined #openstack15:59 now lets you subscribe to page changes and sends password recovery emails.16:04
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notmynamedoes it still allow anon editing on every page?16:04
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dendrobatesthat was fixed last week16:05
jaypipesdendrobates: nice.16:05
dendrobatesbtw, why does everyone implement ALC's differently.  it always pisses me off.16:06
dendrobatesI am guaranteed to mess it up the first few times.16:06
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jaypipesdendrobates: ACLs?16:23
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jaypipeseday: mind if I take on
pvoeday is in training today16:43
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vishymonty: are you here?17:15
vishyjaypipes: i'd love that to be done17:15
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creihtmtaylor: it seems like the first time that I try to load a paste, it errors out, but if I reload it will load fine17:52
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alekibangothe same here with konqueror browser17:57
creihtI'm using chrome on linux17:58
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mtaylorcreiht: blast. k. I'll look in to that :(18:02
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creihtjaypipes: re: logging tracebacks in eventlet - turns out to be a misunderstanging on how exceptions should be returned in events18:26
jaypipescreiht: I see18:27
creihtsince the exception object doesn't have the full traceback18:27
creihtrdw is going to update the eventlet docs to make that more clear18:27
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gundlachwhen i run pylint on a file (novatrunk/nova/ it complains about being unable to import eventlet, webob, and routes -- all packages in my virtualenv.  am i doing something wrong?19:04
gundlachis '../tools/ pylint' not enough?19:05
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gundlach... bueller?19:27
* creiht doesn't use virtualenv, but sounds like pylint isn't using the correct python19:28
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gundlachcreiht: yep, that was it.  duh.  thanks.19:32
gundlachi'm still new at venvs -- i'm using them because the nova install instructions say to do so, so i followed them :)19:32
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letterjmtaylor: I'm getting any error when I try to add a new email address in launchpad,  (Error ID: OOPS-1684D1381)20:08
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jaypipestermie: so...this bug:
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 610402 in nova ""make test" requires virtualenv" [Undecided,Fix committed]20:14
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jaypipestermie: that is the original one you are referring to, right?20:14
jaypipestermie: in regards to my patch on installing into virtualenv?20:15
termiejaypipes: GOD DO YOU EVER STOP20:15
termiejaypipes: jaykay20:15
jaypipestermie: hehe20:15
termiejaypipes: no, not really20:15
termiejaypipes: so, i first added this makefile that did this stuff20:15
termiesoren had issue with it because it was installing things on the system20:15
termiethe decision was to move the installation to a separate script20:16
heckjgundlach: my cleaning (r220) included  a patch to the Venv requiremens to include pylint and pep8 within it - might make things easier, but you'd have to re-set-up the venv20:16
termiethen the makefile changed to suit hudson20:16
termiethen the makefil was removed to suit debian20:16
jaypipestermie: ah, ok, which was the tools/ and install_venv?20:16
termieand the test stuff put into run_test.ssh20:16
termiejaypipes: correcy20:16
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gundlachheckj: thanks, good to know20:17
termiethe main goal of the whole thing is just to try to make everybody use the same environment20:17
termieso that bug reports are limited to actual bugs rather than library mismatches20:18
termieand to make it easier for people to run the tests so that they actually do it20:18
jaypipestermie: so, the newer bug (615906) was due to, apparently, when running install_venv, the pip -E was apparently *not* respecting the --no-site-packages... or at least, that's what it seemed to me.  There should be no need to have *any* version of anyjson on my local system for and to succeed (since pip should just install it into the venv), but that's not what happened.20:18
* jaypipes thinks that is hard to follow...but that's the story :)20:19
termiejaypipes: right, which is what i was guessing in my statement that it was not a clean virtualenv20:19
termieso i think the bugfix is to make sure it is a clean virtualenv20:19
jaypipestermie: but it was :)20:19
termiejaypipes: then fix the bug ;)20:20
jaypipestermie: oh, are you saying that the fix was to rm -rf the virtualenv?20:20
termieno, i am saying the fix is to make sure that you are getting the version of anyjson that is in the virtualenv20:20
* jaypipes really not understanding...20:20
termiesince that is the main purpose of vitualenv and it tends to work quite well at it i am assumign somewhere in here we have some user error and my code was doing it wrong20:20
termieif pip is not respecting the virtualenv when it is checking dependencies we should find a way to make sure it does20:21
termiebecause it certainly seems to every time i use it20:21
termieotherwise it wouldn't be installing things i already have on my system20:22
jaypipestermie: I can only tell you what happened...20:22
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jaypipestermie: the only solution I found was to adapt the install_venv script to call tools/ pip -E blah blah instead of just pip -E blah blah...20:23
termiejaypipes: then perhaps that is a fine solution20:23
jaypipestermie: which, reading the docs for pip seemed redundant, but unfortunately, that's all that worked. :(20:24
termiejaypipes: but the patch you have is not limited to that20:24
jaypipestermie: the only other thing the patch does is automatically install virtualenv instead of returning an error message saying virtualenv is required...20:24
jaypipestermie: when is run.20:24
termiejaypipes: yup, but that is different functionality that, as i said, has been discussed and decided agianst previously20:25
termiebecause that was the original functionality20:25
termieand it was changed to be what it is now (prior to your patch)20:25
jaypipestermie: ok, understood now.  I'll put in a follow-up to remove that part.20:25
termiei've got to go dinnerize20:25
jaypipestermie: lol, ok20:25
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sorentermie: I had an issue with sometihng because it installed things on the system?21:05
sorenThat doesn't ring a bell.21:06
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jaypipessoren: next merge proposal should explain everything...21:41
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* jaypipes hopes he got everything right in this latest patch of
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carstenShould the current tools/ be sufficient to install anything I need?23:22
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carstenAfter doing toosl/ and selecting the created interpreter enivronment in PyDev I still get unresolved imports: routes, webob, and rrdtool :-(23:23
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