Friday, 2010-08-13

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adjohnDoes anyone know if the web interface stuff is working with nova yet?09:37
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dendrobatesgood morning #openstack.15:03
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pvowhy hello dendrobates15:05
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mtaylormorning dendrobates15:09
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devcamcarcreiht: are you around? have a question for you about configuring swift rings20:05
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creihtdevcamcar: howdy20:05
devcamcarcreiht: howdy! how goes? i specifically have a question for you about ring-builder20:06
devcamcarwe are setting up swift on boxes with 7 2TB disks in them20:06
creihtgood thanks, and ask away :)20:06
devcamcarring-builder object.builder create 18 3 1220:06
devcamcarfor instance20:07
creihthow many boxes total?20:07
devcamcarbut we are getting index errors20:07
devcamcarright now its 10 but that will rapidly increase20:07
creihtindex errors?20:07
creihtcan you paste an example?20:07
devcamcarbasically i'm not sure what those 3 numbers are20:07
creiht18 is the ring size as a power of 220:07
devcamcarTraceback (most recent call last):20:07
devcamcar  File "/usr/bin/ring-builder", line 487, in <module>20:07
devcamcar    parts, balance = builder.rebalance()20:07
devcamcar  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/swift/", line 184, in rebalance20:07
devcamcar    self._initial_balance()20:07
devcamcar  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/swift/", line 334, in _initial_balance20:07
devcamcar    while available_devs[index]['zone'] in other_zones:20:07
creiht3 is the number of replicas20:07
devcamcarIndexError: list index out of range20:07
devcamcarDevice z1-ip.ip.ip.ip:6000/7_"" with 1.0 weight got id 6920:08
devcamcarso it does up to 69 of them and then gets unhappy20:08
creihtHow many zones?20:08
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creihtWell you should start with a minimum of at least 320:11
creihtrecommended 520:11
creihtif you have 10 machines, I would recommend starting with 5 zones of 2 machines each20:12
creihtdevcamcar: and are you still running the old codebase?20:13
creihtIf so, I would recommend using the current swift code from openstack20:14
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ctennisanyone know of any of the cloudfiles gui programs (cyberduck,etc?) that work with swift out of the box?20:14
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creihtctennis: unfortunately not yet, as they don't allow you to set what auth server to use :/20:15
creihtThere is a commandline tool in swift (st) that you can use20:15
ctennisI've hacked cyberduck to point its auth server over to my swift one, but it complains of ssl errors20:15
creihtoh interesting20:15
ctenniseven though it's set to "http"20:15
ctennisI'm not sure if it's trying to force SSL anyway or not20:16
ctennismust be20:16
creihtctennis: Sounds like cyberduck is trying to make an ssl connection20:16
ctennisthe auth server supports ssl I think right?  cert_file and key_file in the config?20:16
creihtyou can set up the swift proxy to run ssl20:16
creihtctennis: yeah20:16
ctennisI did that, but when I set those values the server won't start at all20:16
devcamcarcreiht: we are using current launchpad ppas for siwft20:16
creihtboth of those should point to paths to the files20:16
ctenniswith no output in the syslog20:17
devcamcarcreiht: and we have 1 zone, just verified, because of a problem with the script i was running :)20:17
creihtctennis: auth, or proxy?20:17
redboit's probably expecting the auth server to be ssl20:17
ctenniscreiht: auth20:17
ctenniscreiht: err, sorry, proxy20:17
ctenniscert_file/key_file valid configuration items for the auth server too then?20:17
ctennisI didn't try that, but it would make sense (I don't think they're listed in the docs)20:18
creihtThose config values should work for all of our wsgi services20:18
ctennisok, great.  I'll try it.20:18
creihtctennis: and you can try running the service directly to see what error you get20:18
creihtswift-auth /etc/swift/auth.conf20:19
ctennisah, ok excellent20:19
creihtswift-proxy-server /etc/swift/proxy.conf20:19
ctennisIf I'm successfull I'll report back.  It was pretty easy to hack up cyberduck thus far.20:19
ctennisthank you creiht20:19
creihtctennis: If you get everything working, there are several people who would like to know about it :)20:19
ctennisI bet!20:20
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creihtdevcamcar: The traceback you posted above looks like old code20:20
*** vishy has joined #openstack20:20
redbohe might be using the release ppas20:20
devcamcarcreiht: deb lucid main20:21
devcamcarno good?20:21
creihtdevcamcar: btw:
* creiht can't verify if the ppas work well yet20:21
creihtWe are still having a couple of issues with them in our lab, and have been working through some kinks20:21
creihtis now swift/common/ring/builder.py20:22
vishyany nova-ites on right now.  I want to discuss testing20:22
creihtso something doesn't seem right20:22
devcamcarcreiht: damn, ppa is giving out old code then :(20:22
creihtnot sure how that is possible :/20:23
creihtmtaylor: -^20:23
creihtas that would be pre-openstack naming20:23
redboare you sure you don't have the pre-ppa version and the ppa version installed?20:23
vishycreiht: I always blame monty20:23
creihtdevcamcar: btw, looks like several of us are coming to the meetup20:24
devcamcarredbo: new boxes, shouldn't be possible, unless i had a diff ppa in there at some point and didn't notice, but i'm pretty sure that didn't happen20:25
devcamcarcreiht: awesome, i'll be there the 24th and 25th20:25
devcamcar26th and 27th rather20:25
vishycreiht: the code-a-thon on the 26th?20:25
creihtor whatever this is:
creihtvishy: is that the same thing?20:27
pvomtaylor: do you know of anything that works like tarmac for git?20:28
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mtaylorpvo: I do not - although I suppose it would be possible to write one20:30
mtaylorpvo: you'd need an approved merge queue somewhere to read20:30
mtaylorcreiht: eek. sorry - I'll look in to that and see what's up20:31
pvomtaylor: yea, I would have thought there is an easy to find tool, but in a bit of googling can't find something. will dig further.20:31
creihtmtaylor: it may not be an issue, but I know we still don't have the ppas working quite how we would like yet20:31
mtaylorcreiht: agree20:31
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mtaylorpvo: I think the protected-trunk idea still hasn't caught on in the wild quite yet - most folks seem to still push to trunk and then run post-push tests as far as I can tell20:32
pvoI <3 it20:34
*** devcamcar has joined #openstack20:35
mtaylorpvo: I'm going to be working on a hudson plugin to do what tarmac is doing in a more integrate fashion - should be easy enough to make that plugin also support git/github once it's up and going20:35
mtaylorpvo: eventually I want us to be able to offer a build-farm-as-a-service20:35
mtaylorthat works like this - watch a launchpad/github project for merge approvals, run the tests, push, etc.20:35
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pvomtaylor: I like it20:44
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mtaylorpvo: sweet!20:44
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vishycreiht: yes same thing20:52
creihtvishy: cool, then several of us will be there :)20:52
vishyso i'm trying to improve our testing again20:53
*** devcamcar has joined #openstack20:53
vishyi need to figure out how we can run objectstore in test mode20:53
vishyanyone want to help/lend ideas?20:54
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sorenvishy: test mode? As in without ever touching the filesystem?21:32
*** justinsheehy has quit IRC21:38
sorenMeh, I should be heading bedwards anyway.21:41
*** justinsheehy has joined #openstack21:42
* soren has wasted an unreasonable amount of time today trying to debug his UML guest image only to just now discover that there's a bug in the particular version of UML on his laptop. *sigh*21:42
sorenI'll be it was fine to begin with.21:43
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devcamcarcreiht: whats a sane number for the partition power? i see 18 as default everywhere21:49
devcamcarcreiht: but i dont fully understand how that affects things21:49
creihtExplains it a bit21:50
creiht2**18 is what we use in most of our testing/staging environments21:50
creihtThe main thing to remember is that once it is set, you can't really change it21:51
devcamcarare there performance penalties for going higher?21:54
devcamcarhard to know how many drives there will be in the future21:54
devcamcarmight be good to set it to 20 if that doesn't hurt things21:54
creihtIf you go too high, then things like replication can slow down21:54
devcamcarhow high is too high? :)21:55
creiht20 shouldn't be a problem21:55
redboshouldn't hurt too much.  more partitions, but they will be sparser.21:55
devcamcarthink 20 seems like a safe number for us21:55
gholtWe try to come up with a partition count that equals the number of expected devices at maximum cluster size * 100.21:55
creihtThat would mean >10k drives at 100 parts per drive21:55
devcamcarwe have lots of data :)21:56
creihtThat would be 20Pb of total storage21:56
devcamcaryea that is a reasonable start for us actually21:56
creihtalmost 7Pb usable21:56
gholtThe main reason for devices * 100 is that you can still tweak device weights at 1% granularity.21:57
devcamcarour first nebula pilot  for swift is about 100T usable21:57
devcamcarmin_part_hours - 12 or 24?  i see both.  what is real world impact?21:58
gholtThat's based on how long replication is testing and is just a safety feature, not required to be set perfectly.21:59
creihtdevcamcar: That is how much time must elapse before the ring will allow a replica of a partition to move21:59
creihtand yeah that can change down the road21:59
devcamcarok cool21:59
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creiht24 should be pretty safe, which means after it has moved one replica, it wont allow you to move any replicas of that partitions for another 24 hours22:00
devcamcarcreiht: got it22:01
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ctenniswhere does one set the proxy server url that the auth server returns?22:25
ctennisthe default_cluster_url in auth-server.conf doesn't seem to impact it22:25
*** avsm has joined #openstack22:30
*** devcamcar has quit IRC22:30
gholtAh, that's only at account creation.22:32
gholtIf you need to change it afterwards, you just have to update the db field, sorry. Danged dev auth servers. :)22:32
gholtIt's just a sqlite db, usually at /etc/swift/auth.db   so sqlite3 /etc/swift/auth.db  should get you going.22:33
*** devcamcar has joined #openstack22:37
ctennishm, ok thank you22:38
ctennisI'll just create a new account then22:38
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ctennissuccess on getting cyberduck to talk to swift23:31
*** mtaylor has quit IRC23:40
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