Saturday, 2010-08-21

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gasbakid_juste a stupid question...mtaylor which ide do u use ???00:24
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mtaylorgasbakid_: vi00:30
mtaylorgasbakid_: :)00:30
mtaylorgasbakid_: if I wind up doing java development, I use Eclipse for that, because Java without an IDE is painful - but otherwise I just hack in vim.00:31
gasbakid_you dont like the eclipse pydev00:31
mtaylornah. too much overhead00:33
mtaylorI mean, I'm sure it's fine and all, but unless it's java (which is terribly designed and too complicated) I just prefer vim00:34
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littleideaI'm trying to build the documentation for swift and I'm new to python. Either the README is incorrect, or something else isn't set up correctly.01:13
littleideabaraka:swift andrew$ python build_sphinx01:13
littleideacomes back: invalid command 'build_sphinx'01:14
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littleideacome on, it Friday night, let's all hang out in IRC and work on stuff :/01:17
* littleidea wishes he had a real life01:17
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littleideaso, you have to install sphinx, then it works, crazy01:24
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zaitcevlittleidea: You need to have sphinx installed02:08
littleideazaitcev: thanks, I figured it out02:08
zaitcevYea, sorry.02:08
littleideanow I'm trying to figure out bzr and launchpad :)02:08
zaitcevI was in your position 2 days ago.02:09
zaitcevSo my shell history is02:10
zaitcevbzr whoami "Pete Zaitcev <>"02:10
zaitcevbzr init-repo .02:10
zaitcevbzr lp-login zaitcev02:10
zaitcevbzr branch lp:swift02:11
littleideathat's me now02:11
zaitcevAnd that's it. Thereafter I made a tarball of it and left repo alone.02:11
zaitcevOh, I also did  "bzr pull" yesterday apparently.02:11
littleideathis is what I did yesterday:
littleideafigured I should probably learn how bzr/lp works02:13
zaitcevI dunno, it looks like an unfortunate ubuntism. I'll just submit patches by e-mail like in every other open project.02:14
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johnbergoonroomba: woot?02:53
johnbergoonoops wrong irc lol02:53
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uvirtbotNew bug: #621542 in swift "SAIO docs say server image but point to full Ubuntu iso" [Undecided,New]
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ratasxy"The first release of openstack will have a gui or wui?14:49
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gholtI can't speak to the nova part, but the swift part is unlikely to have a gui/wui part early on. There are external apps that provide such interfaces, but need a bit of tweaking atm to work with swift as they were originally intended for Rackspace Cloud Files.14:56
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ctennisgholt: thanks for the feedback on my branch merge proposal15:20
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gholtctennis: No problem, I love that folks are starting to submit stuff. :) I'm a little slow on putting the people together with the companies. You with Cloudscaling?15:50
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gholtctennis: Oh, nm. I figured out how to read the contributors list: Tarknology16:01
ctennisyeah, though this is via cloudscaling16:04
gholtAh okay, things make more sense to me now, hehe.16:05
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littleideamtaylor: is the wiki a separate login from launchpad?16:51
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JimCurryhappy saturday openstack!16:54
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mtaylorlittleidea: yes... although it's on my todo list to fix that17:01
littleideamtaylor: gotcha17:01
littleideaI was just about to respond to your email17:01
mtaylorlittleidea: my todo list unfortunately continues to grow faster than I can shrink it ... but oh well17:02
littleideaThe wiki has some good stuff, but it's hard to find from the projects.17:02
littleideamtaylor: todo's tend to17:02
mtaylorI think we should have a good entry-point "how to contribute" page that's linked to from just about everywhere... and the how to contribute page should lead you from "sign the cla" to "here's how to actually get, work on and submit code"17:02
mtaylornow that you've pointed that out :)17:03
littleideamtaylor: redundancy in code is bad, but in communication redundancy is good17:04
littleideaI'm just pointing out the path I'm taking to onramp and where I think it could be improved for people coming after me. you guys are doing great.17:05
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mtaylorlittleidea: congrats. your code has been merged. :)17:28
littleideamtaylor: now I just need to learn python :)17:29
mtaylorminor details17:30
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littleideamtaylor: I was eyeballing this one
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 612722 in swift "stats-report doesn't do a good job of error reporting" [Undecided,New]17:32
littleideaMy python is weak, but it looks like there is also a fair amount that could be refactored, especially at the end where it does all the timing.17:33
littleideamtaylor: have any advice on good python resources?17:35
gholtlittleidea: Go for it! And feel free to bug me if you need. I wrote that code and yeah, it could use some love. :)17:35
mtaylorlittleidea: well, is usually a good place17:35
mtaylorlittleidea: there's a tutorial that's decent on  (
littleideamtaylor: at the end where it has the block with a series of blocks that end with 'if options.verbose' what does calling print with no arguments do?17:37
gholtJust prints a blank line.17:37
gholtThis might be useful as a starting point:
littleideamtaylor: ok, one more, what is a def inside of a def setting up?17:41
littleideagholt: thanks, will read17:41
mtaylorlittleidea: the interior function is local in scope to the enclosing function17:43
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littleideamtaylor: ok, help me to see it with one concrete example, take this: I'll try to explain it, and you tell me how wrong I am.17:46
mtaylorright. so - this is setting up a closure17:47
littleideaso the outer scope is get_error_log, it defines error_log, which does some stuff, and get_error_log returns the results of the call to the inner error_log17:47
mtaylorlittleidea: nope. at definition time, the interior function has access to the variables in the outer scope - so the prefix arg to get_error_log which is used in error_log is usable by the function ...17:48
mtaylorbut get_error_log is actually returning the function itself - so the return value is a function which when called remembers the prefix arg you passed to get_error_log17:48
mtaylordoes that make sense?17:49
littleideamtaylor: ahh, it's returning the actual function17:49
littleideamtaylor: so we could either use the function in side the scope of the outer function or we have the function name as a first class handle to the function17:52
littleideamtaylor: ok, one more an I think it will mostly make sense, in a call to get_error_log, where does the call to error_log get the value for msg_or_exc?17:53
mtayloryou'd call it like this:   error_log("Some message")17:54
mtayloror if you wanted to do the whole thing, it would be:17:54
mtaylorx = get_error_log("Prefix value")17:54
mtaylorx("Some message")17:54
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littleideaso you can keep reusing x with different values as a function17:55
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littleideamtaylor and gholt, thanks, that helps a lot17:56
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