Friday, 2010-08-20

gholtcreiht: Yeah, I got that part working already. Actually the way code is now, it took about as long as it took to build a new vm to try it out. :)00:00
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creihtYeah it doesn't take much to get it to work00:02
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creihtgholt: -^00:54
creihtUnit tests and funtional tests pass, and initial testing on my vm looks good00:54
creihtI still need to update docs, so it isn't ready to be approved yet, but wanted to get it up so people could look at it00:54
creihtTo all other onlookers, this change will refactor swift to make better use of wsgi middleware, and also introduces using paste.deploy for wsgi app configuration00:55
creihtThis also means that the swift configs for the web services have to change once this is committed00:55
creihtfeel free to take a look, and comments/bashing are more than welcome00:56
creihtgholt: I'll try to get the doc updates done this evening00:56
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creihtgholt: alright... docs are now committed, and it is ready to be reviewed :)02:33
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yanetijust a minor quibble07:12
yanetiPolicy: You must be a team member to subscribe to the team mailing list.07:12
yanetireally ?07:12
yanetinot that I don't have an account in launchpad but "team member" ...07:13
yanetianyways, cheers07:14
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klumpieaccount on10:52
klumpie<- drunk, sorry :o10:52
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aghasterI successfully set up a swift installation in a virtual machine using the guide for swift all-in-one13:47
aghasterI started using php-cloudfiles to connect to it and send some simple commands, and did the same manually with curl13:47
aghasteris there any kind of web interface available?13:47
aghasterit'd be much easier13:47
aghasterI know there's cyberduck, but it's for mac os x only13:48
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notmynameaghaster: the trick is finding something that works with swift and doesn't assume cloud files13:51
notmynamefor example, fireuploader (a firefox extension) works with cloud files, but it will only work with swift if you can switch the auth url in fireuploader13:52
notmynameCloud Mobile is an iPhone app that will work with swift13:53
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Guest721Hi, is it possible to use IPOIB for ring replication?13:57
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notmynameGlacee: IPOIB?13:57
Glaceefor swift13:57
GlaceeIP over infiniband13:58
GlaceeI want to use infiniband instead of 10gbe13:58
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notmynamesince swift is all at the application layer, the interconnects shouldn't matter too much13:58
notmynameuse token ring if it makes you happy :-)13:59
Glaceeok thanks..13:59
Glaceei will try it with infiniband13:59
aghasternotmyname: is there a page on the wiki that lists compatible apps?13:59
notmynameaghaster: no, I don't think so13:59
aghasterI'll try fireuploader then14:00
notmynameaghaster: look for 3rd party tools for cloud files and you may run across some other things14:00
notmynameGlacee: when you get it working, let us know. we don't use it at rackspace, so it would be good info for the next person who asks14:01
Glaceehehe sure14:01
Glaceei will receive my stuff within the next month and i will let you know14:01
notmynameGlacee: so to read between the lines: I don't know anything about infiniband. but I don't know why it won't work14:02
Glaceeyeah i understood that hehe.. but yes this is what i was thinking.. if I use it as IP over infiniband.. so I give an ip adress to my IB card.. it should be fine14:02
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notmynameis infiniband more expensive than 10gbe?14:04
Glaceesuper less expensive14:04
Glaceeand a lot faster14:04
Glaceedepends on your IB adapter and swtiches.. but you can go up as 25000mb14:05
Glaceethe best card and swtiches are 40gb14:05
Glaceea switch is around 5k and cards around 500-60014:06
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Glaceebut cables are more expansive.. about 60$ for 3feet14:07
notmynameour setup for cloud files is (multiple) 10gbe to the proxy servers and then 1gbe to the storage nodes14:07
Glaceecool.. i want to try infiniband for proxy servers and 1gb for storage nodes14:07
notmynameif you are using SSL (recommended for all but a completely private cluster), you may have some issues filling up the pipe14:10
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ctennisok, so if I'm building a ring on a device, and point it to some remote ip address nodes, I also have to similarly build the same ring on that device and point it back to the first node right?15:53
creihtctennis: We generall build the ring with all devices on it on one machine, and then distribute that ring out to all the servers15:54
ctennishow does it distribute?15:55
creihtThe ring should have all the storage devices that you want15:55
creihtctennis: that is left as an excersize for the reader :)15:55
creihtbut you could scp it15:55
creihtor have an rsync job on each machine that pulls the latest copy15:55
ctennisjust the ring.gz file?15:55
ctennisok, what about the secondary servers, like the reapers and whatnot, do they need to be running on all of the nodes as well?15:56
creihtand you will need a ring.gz for the object, container, and account15:56
creihtctennis: all the services need to be run as well15:56
ctennison each node15:56
ctennisok, great15:56
creihtfor each server type15:57
creihtso if you aren't running the account server on a node, it doesn't need the other account-* services15:57
ctennisI assume though that in building the ring, we can't use as an address, since if that gets distributed to another node, it won't know about the correct IP of the first one15:57
ctennisrealizing it works fine in the examples for doing everything on just one machine though15:57
ctennisok, awesome15:57
ctennisonce the ring is built, does the .gz file change at all via other external means?15:58
ctennisie, do we need to worry about keeping it rsynced15:58
creihtonly if you manually change it15:58
ctennisok, awesome15:58
ctennisthanks for the hints15:58
creihtnormally we have an admin machine that we do all the ring management on, then the rings get pushed out15:58
ctennisthe servers needed re-inited after a ring change then?15:59
creihtWe also have something that checks the md5sums of the rings on all the nodes to make sure we don't accidently get a node with the wrong ring15:59
creihtThe servers will reload the ring (within 15 seconds)15:59
ctennisawesome, so there's no need to tell them to manually rebalance on a ring change then?16:00
creihtcorrect, once you push out the rings, it should all take care of itself16:00
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creihtreplicators will pick up that partitions aren't supposed to be on there any longer, and rsync them to their new location16:00
creihtAnd I'm supposed to be off today, so time to spend some time with the kids :)16:02
zookoGood morning (UTC-6), people of #openstack.16:02
ctennisthanks creiht16:05
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cwarner__Hello, everyone. :)16:17
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cwarner__I have a question about multi-tenancy in Swift. Objects are stored in ring partitions based purely on the MD5 of their contents, right? Does this mean that data from different customer accounts is co-mingled on the devices?16:23
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ctenniscwarner__ yes, that is correct16:28
gholtOther than it's the MD5 of the object's path, yes.16:28
cwarner__Ah, okay. Great, thanks! :)16:28
ctennisgholt: in allocating space for the various server data, I assume you allocate a lot more for the object-server than the container and account servers?16:29
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redboctennis: they actually cohabitate on our installation.  But yeah, accounts generally take up little space, containers medium space, and objects lots of space.16:54
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mtaylorsoren: I got distracted by some things ... I'll try to get some swift packaging stuff pushed up for you to look at here in just a bit17:48
mtaylorletterj: ^^17:48
letterjmtaylor:  Cool,  I redid my merge to only include the rsync dependency and removed the duplicate net-tools reference17:49
mtaylorletterj: yup. saw that.17:50
letterjAt some point we need to have a good discussion about what the packages are suppose to do.17:51
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vishydoes anyone know where came from?18:03
vishyi don't know how to do git blame with bzr18:03
* cw is guessing18:07
cwyeah, that works18:08
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gholtMost stuff will be attributed to creiht, since he did the initial uploads. :)18:28
gholtBut, in this case, he did write in swift.18:29
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termiesoren: ping, was wondering whether denmark has telcos that offer flat rate data prepaid19:21
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termiesoren: or alternatively at least who some mobile providers tehre are19:21
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blpiattanyone here able to answer some questions or point me to documentation about the vlan and advanced networking features in nova?19:51
edayblpiatt: is the best there is at the moment19:51
blpiatteday, perfect thanks19:52
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vishyblpiatt: i know quite a bit about it if you have any questions20:54
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jerodoes that include some form of IP filtering mechanism a la ec2's security groups  ?20:55
jerooh, yes20:55
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vishyjero: security groups aren't implemented yet21:03
zaitcevI'm afraid I need coaching in Python.21:03
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zaitcev  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/swift-1.0.2-py2.7.egg/swift/common/", line 80, in connect21:03
zaitcev    return HTTPConnection.connect(self)21:03
zaitcev  File "/usr/lib64/python2.7/", line 736, in connect21:04
zaitcev    self.timeout, self.source_address)21:04
zaitcevTypeError: create_connection() takes at most 2 arguments (3 given)21:04
vishyyour code or distro?21:04
zaitcevWhen I copy-pasted the code from into my own, it worked fine.21:04
vishydifferent version of httplib?21:05
zaitcevA possiblity, yes.21:05
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zaitcevActually, it should not be. But it's Python, and I'm entirely clueless about its workings.21:05
jerovishy: are they planned ?21:06
vishyjero: unsure21:10
vishyeventually yes21:10
vishyi should say that they are definitely planned, but they may not fit the aws api perfectly21:10
vishyso we'll have some sort of translation layer21:10
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jerovishy: does that mean instances should address network-level security at the guest os level ? or is there some kind of alternative mechanism21:20
jeroeg. to allow selective traffic between instances without knowing their ip addresses in advance21:21
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vishyjero: right now it is trivial for all instances in a given project to be isolated22:39
vishyjero: we will have some sort of support for security groups, but rather than have it actually create unique subnets it will probably just be setting rules up per-instance22:41
sorentermie: Mobile, you mean? Sure.22:45
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mtaylorvishy: sorry - that's my fault23:15
mtaylorvishy: fixed23:19
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