Monday, 2010-08-23

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secwansoren: hi, for setting up a full openstack environment, are the installfest instructions the preferred way (where preferred = working, reasonably current etc)08:11
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sorensecwan: Probably not.08:50
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sorensecwan: They're probably close, though.08:51
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secwansoren: tried yesterday, got close but was getting TypeErrors when attempting to grab the kernel/ramdisk identifiers having successfully bundled an image.  backtrace indicated a call to pythons was failing.  I figured that rather than trying to get older code to work, probably better to get current and try the 'installfromsource' approach on the wiki...09:03
secwansoren: i'm very interested to hear what peeps are currently doing to get a reliable test setup installed09:05
sorensecwan: The hmac problem thing was solved /way/ back. Are you running off current bzr?09:06
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secwansoren: i followed these instructions here: and could not see the right way to then run from recent source (as the nova code was installed as packages)09:10
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sorensecwan: Oh, that would explain it.09:24
sorensecwan: The packages referenced there are quite old.09:24
secwansoren: yeah and I wasn't confident enough in knowledge of openstack to try and switch from package to local source (I figured some old settings would carryover etc) hence trying the instructions from here now: .  These are a little broken so making some notes to share when I (hopefully!) get it working09:28
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sorensecwan: Cool. Feel free to ask if you run into trouble.09:39
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secwansoren: one thing that would help, is it safe to install the latest versions of dependencies from source (e.g. libvirt) or are there agreed versions peeps are dev'ing against? (as the version in the install instructions are quite old in some cases)09:51
sorensecwan: Which OS are you running?09:53
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secwansoren: ubuntu lucid09:56
sorensecwan: There's a PPA for lucid users with the required dependencies.09:56
sorensecwan: for the python stuff, most people seem to prefer virtualenv.09:57
sorenI don't use that, so I can't really help you with that.09:57
secwansoren: cool thanks09:59
sorensecwan: Let me know if anything is missing.09:59
secwansoren: will do09:59
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sorensecwan: I used to use it myself, but I've moved to Maverick, so I may miss things occasionally.10:00
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sorencreiht, mtaylor: I would very much like to get Swift uploaded today. It doesn't have to be bug free or anything (not even packaging wise). We can upload bug fixes at will once it's accepted.11:59
sorencreiht, mtaylor: Getting accepted into the archive is mostly about meeting the redistribution criteria. I.e. if it's all free software and debian/copyright is in order, we should be fine.12:00
sorenmtaylor: Oh, I fixed up python-eventlet earlier today and uploaded it.12:00
sorenmtaylor: It's awaiting review.12:00
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creihtsoren: awesome, and thanks!14:33
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letterj_mtaylor: was there an issue with this
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 619901 in swift "add debian package dependencies" [Undecided,New]14:45
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mtaylorletterj_: no - I just got busy this weekend - will take care of this morning15:59
mtaylorletterj_: sorry15:59
letterj_no worries16:07
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_cerberus_gundlach, eday: I'm thinking of merging in my api_tests branch. There aren't any actual tests on it so far. I'm just moving things around, and I added a bunch of stubbed out placeholders for tests. I was thinking instead of me attempting to implement them myself, we should probably be doing them as part of our individual pieces of the RS API. Make sense?16:30
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gundlach_cerberus_: i agree we should each write the tests for the bits we write; mostly what i want out is to be told the pattern in which to test my stuff, e.g. if there are any helpers i should be using.16:39
gundlachor like "you should use stubs, not mocks", or whatever.  i don't have nearly as much testing exp. as you16:40
_cerberus_gundlach: I actually don't have a lot of testing experience either. It's mostly osmosis from armmer16:43
_cerberus_gundlach: I think what I'll do then is to write up a couple of the servers tests and then merge the branch in, and you can use those as a reference16:46
gundlach_cerberus_: sounds good16:46
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eday_cerberus_: yeah, sounds good. just propose when it's ready and I'll take a closer look17:04
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aghasterI'd like to know if the openstack-web-control-panel can be used with swift18:11
aghasterI've set up SAIO in a VM, and I'm looking for a web interface to use with it18:15
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notmynameaghaster: I'm not familiar with openstack-web-control-panel, but just about any interface to Rackspace cloud files should work (with some little tweaks, perhaps)18:27
aghasteryeah, I know... I'm having trouble finding one that works or has good instructions on how to configure it with a custom swift installation18:28
notmynamelook for something that can set the auth server. all of the rackspace cloud files language bindings support this--something built on top of them may expose that functionality18:29
aghasterIf I followed the SAIO guide, my auth server should be on localhost:11000/v1.0, right?18:31
aghasterI could authenticate with curl manually18:31
notmynameya, i think so18:31
aghasterI checked the code for openstack-web-control-panel and I noticed it was using X-Auth-User instead of X-Storage-User to authenticate18:32
notmynamethey should both work18:32
aghasterdumb question, what exactly is the API key? is it the password, or the key you get when you authenticate?18:32
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aghasterI get a key when I authenticate manually with curl18:33
notmynamethe api key is a password18:33
notmynamewhat you get back is an auth token18:33
notmynameso, you should only need to give your password to the auth server once (per token TTL)18:34
aghasterdo I need to set up SSL before being able to use the auth server, or would using http cause problems?18:34
notmynamethe only problems are the standard ones when not using SSL18:35
notmynamethe auth server works non-SSL18:35
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gholtaghaster: For some reason the openstack-web-control-panel has the auth hardcoded. You'll have to hack that.
redbothis is weird looking python18:43
aghasterI think it's ruby18:43
aghastermust be why it's weird looking python ;)18:44
[ack]that belongs in a quote database18:44
aghasterlol yeah18:44
aghasterI changed the hardcoded value to http://localhost:11000/v1.0 but it just gets stuck on "authenticating..." forever18:47
gholtHmm. Just not sure then, :( need to bug the project owner on that one. Maybe it's not quite ready to go yet.18:48
creihtI think that is more of a proof of concept, not sure what stage it is at18:48
gholtCome on now, it has 6 commits! That's primetime, baby!18:49
* gholt wonders how he can get his swauth stuff turned into a project...18:49
* creiht still needs to look at that18:50
notmynamegholt: only needs a few more commits, then it's good to go!18:50
notmynameaghaster: mike is getting on. he'll be able to help you18:51
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greenisussomebody asking about the web control panel?18:51
notmynamegreenisus: aghaster18:52
greenisusokay, chatting one on one so i don't derail the conversation :)18:53
notmynameproblems with auth. he changed the hard coded (!) auth target to his swift auth server, and it's not working18:53
greenisusi need to try that as well18:53
greenisusi've only used it against rackspace18:53
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aghasterI can see in the terminal where I launched the web control panel that the url seems right18:56
aghasterI tried with curl using X-Auth-User and X-Auth-Key and it works18:56
greenisusyou mind sharing it with me so i can debug?  it'll take me a while to get swift set up18:57
greenisusalso, just so you know, the web control panel is compute only for now.  storage support is next18:57
aghasteroh. well you just answered it18:58
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greenisushaha, answered what? :)18:58
aghasterI'm trying to use it for storage18:58
aghasterand you said it wasn't supported yet18:58
greenisusyou'll have to stay tuned in that case :)  the mobile apps cover storage though18:58
aghasterI have an Android phone18:59
greenisusokay, i'll be happy to help you out with that18:59
greenisusgive me a bit though.  in a call starting now18:59
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aghasterI guess lp:~mike-mayo/openstack-android needs to be compiled from source?19:03
greenisusyes, that would be the way to go19:05
greenisusneed to provide an apk that works as well19:05
notmynameaghaster: have you seen this?
notmyname(just saw it myself)19:06
aghasternotmyname: I'm bookmarking that19:06
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aghasternotmyname: there's a link in that page for "swift-solo" which appears to be scripts to automate a swift installation19:08
notmynameya. I was just looking at it19:08
notmynameI know there is a nice chef script for setting up a system19:09
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xfrogman5aghaster: you may also want to check out this article at cloudscaling
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sorencreiht, mtaylor: Did you guys see my message earlier today?20:02
creihtsoren: yes20:02
sorencreiht, mtaylor: Is there anything I can do to help?20:02
* creiht passes to mtaylor20:03
creihtsoren: thanks for your help though :)20:03
sorencreiht: Sure, no problem!20:04
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mtaylorcreiht: no - looking...20:25
*** secwan has joined #openstack20:25
mtaylorcreiht: I mean..20:25
mtaylorsoren: no - but now I saw it. agree. gime 20 minutes and let me hand you something for review20:25
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sorenmtaylor: I'll do it tomorrow. I'm calling it a day.20:37
* soren vanishes20:38
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mtaylorsoren: ok - will have it for you by tomorrow20:39
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spackestso, trying to use java-cloudfiles to connect to an saio instance up at amazon, and I am wondering the analog to this url
spackestor what port does the auth service run on?21:04
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spackestlooks like 1100021:24
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pandemicsynspackest: if you followed the saio docs its http://yourip:11000/v1.022:08
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v pandemicsyn22:09
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spackestpandemicsyn: found it, thanks22:19
spackestnow having a hard time getting cloud files to build, darn it22:20
spackestthink that might be for another day :)22:20
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littleideagholt: ping22:20
gholtHeya, I was just about (honest!) to reply to your bug comment.22:22
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gholtThere are no tests for anything in the bin directory. Once we got around to testing stuff like that, we put the code-to-test into a package in the main swift dir and then just had the bin file call that code.22:23
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gholtAs a for instance, bin/swift-ring-builder uses swift/common/ring/ a lot. the second file is the only one with tests.22:24
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zaitcevGuys, ext4 is ok for Swift, right?22:32
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zaitcevI mean it definitely has EA since Red Hat loves SElinux.22:33
*** novas0x2a has joined #openstack22:34
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redboit works22:36
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vishydid i miss anything important?22:49
*** mrayzenoss has quit IRC22:50
glangecrehit is pregnant22:51
*** londo_ has quit IRC22:51
glangeer, creiht22:52
vishyhaving a swift-baby?22:52
glangeit's going to be human22:53
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gundlachhey, anybody know of a friendlier way to use pdb than to use pdb?  like, a free python IDE that lets you visually step through the code and mouseover vars to get watch values?  i want to code in vim but occasionally would love to hop into a graphical debugging environment...23:02
gundlachi spend a lot of time in Chrome's Web Inspector, and have used VS.NET in the past, and those make me pine for a user-friendly debugging experience in python23:02
sirp1gundlach: long time since i last used it, but might be worth a look23:05
creihtgundlach: Komodo IDE allows it, but you have to pay for it23:06
creihtI think some of the other IDEs allow for it as well, but I really don't have any experience with it23:06
gundlachcreiht: Komodo costs money now? And supports pdb?  I didn't know that.  Maybe I've been using their plain old Editor or something23:07
creihtKomodo IDE costs, Komodo Edit is free, but doesn't have the debugging functionality23:08
alekibangogundlach: imho best python ide is vim + ipython23:08
creihtgundlach: might be interesting23:09
creihtalekibango: I agree :)23:09
alekibangogundlach: you need that for windows?23:09
creihtThough visual debugging isn't all that great with vim23:09
alekibangoyes, could be better. but i know some 30% of vim functions, which makes me ultra powerfull23:10
gundlachalekibango: i use linux, thanks; and i use ipython23:10
alekibangoi used to keep an eye on eric  (development ide)23:11
gundlachthough i don't know how to visually step through code a line at a time in ipython23:11
gundlachonly to say '%pdb' so that i can examine the code after it has bombed23:11
alekibangotry looking on it it has some features23:11
alekibangogundlach: 1) try ipython, get used23:11
*** tobym has quit IRC23:11
alekibango2) try command pdb in ipython23:11
alekibangothere are colors, visual clues, etc23:12
gundlachalekibango: i use ipython all the time, but 'pdb' just turns on pdb debugging *once the program has crashed*.  right?  i want to set a breakpoint and step through some code, without having to type 'L' whenever i wish to get a context printout23:12
vishyi'll take a look at ipython23:12
vishynever used it23:12
creihtipython is very handy23:12
alekibangogundlach: as  i usually run all my scripts via ipython, thats enough for me23:13
alekibangoipython can be used as  shell23:13
creihtBut I'm with gundlach pdb isn't as easy to use as one would like :)23:13
gundlachcreiht: thanks, that looks like what i need23:13
alekibangothere are many interesting tips on ipython page, take look on that23:13
gundlachalthough apparently there's a 'vimpdb' project that i've just installed and am trying to figure out, too23:14
vishyyou mean you can debug without log statements?23:14
alekibangovishy: i never used python in interactive mode after learning ipython :D23:14
alekibangogundlach: and btw i use linux, too. i prefer to have freedom.23:15
gundlachalekibango: i use ipython for interactive work but still use python to start scripts -- as ipython has a noticeable startup delay, at least on my box.23:16
sirp1one of my favorite things about ipython is being able to type "edit <module>" and jump right to the source23:16
gundlachif you know some magic command to get rid of that slowdown, let me know ;)23:16
gundlachsirp1: yeah, that's great -- and to type 'edit' and get a vim console where you can work on temp code over and over23:16
*** miclorb has joined #openstack23:16
creihtjust a little playing around with winpdb seems to look pretty nice23:16
alekibangogundlach: magic to make it faster: dont use 'store' too much23:17
gundlachcreiht: yeah, and 'sudo pip install winpdb && winpdb' and it's up and running23:17
gundlachalekibango: i never have; it takes about .8 seconds to start rigth after installing it23:17
gundlachmaybe i just have a slow box (2.xGhz)23:17
alekibangostrange... its under 1sec here23:17
gundlachyes, 0.8 seconds23:17
alekibango0.5 for me23:18
* creiht adds winpdb to the list of things to play around with a bit more23:18
*** Brian1 has joined #openstack23:18
alekibangoheh, i have winpdb installed, yet i never used it23:20
*** John has joined #openstack23:20
gundlachcreiht: yeah, this looks exactly like what i need when the debugging gets tough.  thanks!23:20
creihtI had heard about it berfore, but never have really messed with it until today23:20
creihtgundlach: awesome23:20
*** gundlach has quit IRC23:21
alekibangowinpdb looks nice, really23:21
*** John has quit IRC23:22
Brian1Hi.  I represent one of the companies listed as a participant on the community page.  The link to our site is incorrect.  Does anyone know who to contact to fix this?23:23
alekibango Brian1: which url?23:25
creihtdendrobates: -^ ?23:25
alekibangoBrian1: -- here?23:26
Brian1alekibango:  Riptano - the link has us listed as using ssl (https:) it should just be http:23:26
alekibangoBrian1: i am not the man, but  i believe that he will reply soon23:27
*** jdmaturen has left #openstack23:29
Brian1alekibango: Thanks for the help.23:34
*** spackest has quit IRC23:34
*** lyetz_ has joined #openstack23:35
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*** novas0x2a has joined #openstack23:39
vishywinpdb isn't curses :(23:44
vishyi don't have a gui on my dev vm :)23:44
creihtvishy: I think you might be able to use it remotely23:46
creihtYeah you should be able to connect winpdb to a process running remotely23:48
vishyoo nifty23:48
vishythat would be fun23:48
vishyweekend project :)23:48
*** jtdowney has quit IRC23:48
*** metoikos has quit IRC23:48
*** lyetz_ has quit IRC23:48
creihtbtw, could be interesting as well23:49
creihtNow that I just about have swift working with paste.deploy, I'm looking forward to hooking that in and doing some profiling23:50
creiht(Not that paste.deploy was a requirement, just makes it trivial to throw in now)23:51
*** lyetz has joined #openstack23:52
*** RobertLJ has joined #openstack23:55
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*** ppetraki has joined #openstack23:57

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