Tuesday, 2010-08-24

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alekibangoBrian1: np, hopefully someone will reply :D00:01
alekibangoi should start my own company and add it on the list, hehe00:02
creihtBrian1: I think Mark Collier would probably be a good place to start00:02
alekibangoyep. i would mail him00:02
alekibangoif i was in your situation00:03
Brian1Is his address listed on openstack.org?00:03
creihtBrian1: I think it is mark.collier@rackspace.com00:03
Brian1Thanks guys.00:04
creihtBrian1: If that doesn't work, then poke us again in here :)00:04
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cwcreiht: wrt to practical implementation, do you know the ratio of container/auth/object instances?02:09
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notmynamecw: in our clusters, we have container = account = object instances (one each running on each storage node). we use the production rackspacecloud auth, so we don't handle that.02:24
creihtcw: instances as in actual entities on disk, or servers that hold those entities?02:24
notmynamecreiht: sorry, didn't want to steal your answer. just wasn't sure if you were on02:25
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cwentites on disk02:46
cwbasically it seems it's easier to make it as uniform as possible ... but that means you have a lot of copies and redundancy for non object data02:46
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notmynamebut non-object data is important too02:48
creihtcw: I don't know exact numbers, but in general, few accounts, more containers, and a whole lot of objects :)02:49
creihtwe also need to have replicas of the accounts and containers just like we do objects02:50
cwso you basically run the same set of process for each spindle?02:50
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cwand make it uniform02:50
creihtahh, I think it depends on your config02:50
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cwi'm asking what's know to work well :-)02:51
* creiht goes to refresh his memory02:51
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gholtWell, I suppose if you know you're only going to have a few accounts, a few containers in those accounts, and tons and tons of objects, you might not bother with the 1-1-1 ratio. For instance, if you're only going to have one account, you only need 3 or 4 account servers, any more would be idle. The only reason to have 4 is so you have a handoff if 1 goes down.03:19
cwthe plan is a lot of everything03:45
cwfor lack of really knowing03:45
cwto be clear ... it could be a lot of everything ... that's certainly the desire03:46
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cwgholt: do you check for disks that have abnormally high space ... it's not likely a problem but with enough spindles you should see some spectrum of sizes03:50
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zaitcevHow to run a specific test? For example, test.unit.account.test_server.TestAccountController fails... Any way to run just that?03:55
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zaitcevtest_DELETE_empty (test.unit.account.test_server.TestAccountController) ... ERROR03:58
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uvirtbotNew bug: #623172 in nova "Compute node failed to create vm instance on launching command euca-run-instances" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62317206:35
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sorenmtaylor: Still here, by any chance?07:53
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creihtcw: When we filled up a cluster during testing, we saw about a +/- 10% range of disk usage13:06
creihtIf I remember correctly13:06
creihtAnd it probably isn't a bad idea to monitor disc usage13:06
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creihtJust a heads up to anyone running swift, my middleware refactor branch is being merged to trunk, which means your configs will need to change14:58
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* creiht sighs15:06
creihtwhere's mtaylor when you need him :/15:07
gholtI think it's just a quick change, we can do and he can fix later, hehe.15:07
creihtgholt: we can install deps on hudson?15:09
gholtBy changing the debian/control file, sure!15:09
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gholtWant me to try?15:10
creihtsure :)15:10
creihtok, so just add python-pastedeploy as a dependency there then?15:12
gholtYeah, it should be that easy.15:12
gholtOkay, waiting for it to hit the debian branch, then I'll kick off the merge again.15:16
fmontezumaHello there, I discovered OpenStack project yesterday and I would like to understand why this project was created if there are already other open source projects like Eucalyptus in this area.15:20
fmontezumaBoth projects have the same purpose, right?15:21
gholtWell, the easiest answer is that they were developed over the same time period. But a key difference is that OpenStack will not have an Enterprise Edition. OpenStack will always be one edition: the full edition.15:24
creihtfmontezuma: openstack is also desgined to scale beyond what Eucalyptus does15:27
creihtOne of the main reasons NASA dropped working with Eycalyptus to start Nova15:27
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fmontezumacreiht: right... got it. I dont have experience with IaaS. Trying to learn15:28
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creihtfmontezuma: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/07/19/nasa_rackspace_openstack/15:29
fmontezumacreiht: There is something to help with using Java/PHP or to help I need to know Python or C++ ?15:30
creihtfmontezuma: Currently a majority of the code is python15:30
creihtfmontezuma: feel free to look around and see if something interests you15:31
creihtfmontezuma: https://edge.launchpad.net/nova/+milestone/low-hanging-fruit15:32
fmontezumacreiht: I'll read about it15:35
creihtfmontezuma: If you have any questions feel free to ask here or on the mailing lists15:36
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fmontezumacreiht: Is there some easy area where I can start with? So I learn python as well.15:38
creihtfmontezuma: the low-hanging-fruit link has items that can be worked on by people just getting started15:39
fmontezumacreiht: looking for the repository where I can download the branch used here. Sorry... I am not familiar with launchpad15:43
creihtfmontezuma: http://wiki.openstack.org/GettingTheCode15:43
creihtIs also probably a pretty good place to learn how to set up the code15:44
fmontezumathanks man15:44
fmontezumaI'll read it better at the end of the day15:45
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alekibangobtw in those installation manuals, imho it would be VERY nice to default on virtualenv usage. like this tutor:  http://www.joinfu.com/2010/07/developing-nova-on-linux-getting-started/16:22
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alekibangovirtualenv rocks, it helps to manage sane server environment16:23
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vishythese instructions are pretty good as well: http://wiki.openstack.org/InstallationNova2010072916:32
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alekibangovishy: the page recommends getting virtualenv, but is not activating it...16:53
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[ack]is openstack intended to be used to host machines for a single organization? is there support for multi-tennant clouds?17:15
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dendrobates[ack]: multi-tenancy is a key requirement of the project17:19
[ack]then i'll have a look at the dev pages to see what i can contribute17:19
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dendrobateseveryone:  I just sent an email to the team about a release meeting on Friday and about creating blueprints for features17:20
dendrobatesping me or email me if you have questions.17:20
tonywolfdendrobates: am I on that list; I'd like to see what you have on creating blueprints for features.17:21
dendrobatestonywolf: are you a member of any of the launchpad teams?  That is who it went to.17:22
dendrobatestonywolf: I'll be in SA on Thursday.  We need to catch up.17:22
tonywolfdendrobates: I thought I was a member, but I don't seem to be getting e-mails. I'll check into it. I would love to catch up, I'm free most of Thursday afternoon at the moment.17:24
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edayjaypipes: you have a couple merge reqs approved with conflicts, just FYI if you have time to sync with trunk. :)18:25
jaypipeseday: k will do thx18:26
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letterjmtaylor: I'm getting an error trying to build packages based on python-sphinx (>= 1.0.2)18:58
mtaylorletterj: you need to install sphinx from the swift-core ppa18:59
letterjmtaylor: the ppa I get is 1.0~b1-1ubuntu1~lucid019:00
gholtThe  1.0~b1-1ubuntu1~lucid0 from lucid (just made available in the last 24hrs) seems okay.19:00
mtaylorletterj: so it is, my bad - that depend should be (>= 1.0) ... why the hell did I think it was 1.0.2?19:01
gholtIt was getting really late/early?19:01
mtaylorgholt: yeah. good point :)19:01
letterjmtaylor: No worries.  I don't see how you keep all the stuff straight for both projects. You are doing great work.19:02
mtaylorletterj: thanks! ... don't forget, I'm also still working on drizzle too. I need a clone...19:03
letterjReally?   Wow!   That's insane.19:03
letterjI can create a bug and fix it later today.   I need to get our lab up or gholt will be mad at me19:04
mtaylorit may be one of the reasons I'm so hot and heavy about automation19:04
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mtaylorletterj: I've got it fixed ... one sec19:04
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mtaylorletterj: I've been needing to get actually working swift packages back in the ppa for a while... this should just about do it19:05
letterjthe last issue is the /etc/swift directory.  I guess we can create that by putting the *.conf files in there19:06
mtaylorwe should probably fix that in the trunk branch and then merge it up to the nightly branch19:07
letterjI still like putting *.conf-sample files where you had them19:08
mtaylorI do too19:08
mtaylorI'm not sure what the _right_ way to do some of this is - I don't fully like any of the 'right' solutions19:08
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mtaylorletterj: ok. all fixed and merged and stuff. give the latest lp:swift/debian a go!19:21
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letterjmtaylor: I still get the error on bzr bd.  I emailed you the error I'm getting19:28
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mtaylorletterj: cool19:30
mtaylorletterj: aha! ok. fixable... 1.0~b1 is actually < 1.019:33
mtaylorletterj: but, there are packages we can backport for 1.0.1 (which would be nicer in the ppa anyway because that way they aren't beta...)19:33
mtaylorletterj: gimme a few and I'll have the ppa sorted19:33
mtaylorletterj: ok - new packages uploaded to ppas ... may be a few hours before they get built there19:40
mtaylorletterj: if you want to not wait, grab lp:~swift-core/ubuntu/lucid/sphinx/backport and do a bzr bd in it ...19:42
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letterjmtaylor: thanks for taking  the time to look at this.19:48
mtaylorletterj: my pleasure!19:51
mtaylorsoren: python-sphinx version is going to bork us for maverick unless we can get 1.0.1 into maverick as part of this... see lp:~swift-core/ubuntu/maverick/sphinx/backport19:52
mtaylorsoren: other option is to remove the doc packages from swift when we upload to ubuntu for the first time and then add them back once ubuntu has a sensible version of sphinx19:53
creihtI'm not sure why we have to make 1.0.1 required?19:53
creihtIf they have the older version, it is just a warning19:54
mtaylorcreiht: because of that thing from a while ago where there was an incompat ... ah19:54
creihtdocs still build fine with the older version19:54
mtaylorcreiht: well, that may be a better solution19:54
mtaylorcreiht: you and your being sensible19:54
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mtaylorsoren: ignore what I said - we should just drop the version require :)19:54
mtaylorsoren: but also we should get the version of sphinx in ubuntu updated ...19:55
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edaygundlach: hehe, so I feel like a total PITA, but in that last rev of your merge you don't really need the 'else:' where you broke up the ternary line :)20:29
gundlachright, but if/else is going to be clearer than if: foo; return... if we're going for clarity :)20:29
gundlachi definitely don't want20:29
gundlachif type(result) is dict:20:29
gundlach  return serialize(dict)20:30
gundlachreturn result20:30
gundlachbecause then "return result" looks like the normal behavior, and it's not!20:30
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gundlachbut at this point i am happy to make any changes you wish in order to get the code to merge, so let me know if you'd like me to drop the else:20:31
edaygundlach: hehe, I'm approving as is (and would have with the ternary).. it's pretty silly :)20:31
gundlachyay! thanks20:31
edaygundlach: but I see your point20:31
edayi guess with the else:, it doesn't feel like there is any default20:33
gundlachheh, right; that's the idea behind the ternary -- it implies the default.20:33
edayI guess you could negate the type check and drop the else so serialize looks like the default20:33
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edaymtaylor: something up with the nova tarmac machine? been getting a lot of errors with volume tests cases (unrelated to changes being merged)21:11
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mtayloreday: looking21:18
mtayloreday: don't see anything21:18
mtayloreday: perhaps we need to set up the test job for that differently or something?21:19
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edaymtaylor: the last merge attempt failed due to an unrelated test failing, which makes me think something changed on the machine21:20
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mtayloreday: not really - haven't done anything different there except installed a new package that swift needed21:24
edayhmm, ok21:24
edaymtaylor: can you run the test suite 10 times and see if you get it everytime?21:24
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mtayloreday: on the box or off?21:25
edaymtaylor: on the tarmac box21:25
edayjust curious how often it fails21:25
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mtn_dudeDoes anyone know what kind of monitoring of nodes are available, natively or through SNMP, in OpenStack?21:42
gholtWith Swift, it's all log monitoring. Of course, the standard OS monitoring capabilities are there.21:43
mtn_dudeK. So, in addition to OS-based SNMP I could implement something like Splunk?21:46
gholtWell, I can't speak for Nova, but with Swift yes. We're looking to clean the logs up a bit to make monitoring better/more-useful, but it "works" for the moment. Future direction will be better use of the log levels, such as critical just for really bad things.21:49
gholtBut yes, some sort of remote log collecting is recommended.21:49
gholtMonitoring disk usage, network interfaces, processes, etc. is best via the usual OS facilities.21:50
mtn_dudeThx! Will set it up in the near future and test out.21:50
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