Monday, 2010-08-30

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sevenseekerlol, indeed... we need a feedback system now that you mention it :)00:20
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creihtsevenseeker: I enjoyed it, and clad we could be a part of it01:34
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sorenjaypipes: Could you either fix the conflicts here or change the status to something that gets it off the review radar?   Thanks! :)06:21
sorenjaypipes: Same for:
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* termie stretches09:02
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KanGouLyahi all :)11:29
KanGouLyaBonjour @ * :)11:30
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notmynamemorning KanGouLya12:28
KanGouLyahi all :)12:29
KanGouLyasorry I'm in France12:29
KanGouLyaI like the standar of OpenStack12:30
KanGouLyaI use dtc-xen with my servers12:30
KanGouLyaet i'm tring OpenStack over Debian Squeeze whit the git of dtc-xen & dtc-panel12:31
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jaypipessoren: yep, will do. sorry for delay.12:52
sorenjaypipes: No worries.12:53
sorenjaypipes: It's your stuff that doesn't get merged. I'm sure you care more than I. :)12:53
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* jaypipes needs to show brett piatt about blog feeds...13:52
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* coredump777 going to LinuxCon tomorrow. Weeeee16:38
dendrobatessoren: thanks for getting the meeting log up,  It was on my list.  We should automate that.16:49
anticwwrt to swift there were comments about support needed for very large files16:51
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anticwcan someone provide more details on the issue(s) there?16:51
anticwi'm tempted to suggest even 5GB is fairly large ... and that for large objects there should be a metaobject with a manifest desribing the components16:53
anticwthe proxies could then fetch (& cache?) that and do the work on beahve of clients16:53
anticwnot sure if gc becomes more of an issue though16:53
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dendrobatesanticw: link to the spec:
dendrobateser blueprint16:55
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anticwok excellent ... this is very like what i was thinking ...16:57
anticwwrt to allowing 'streaming' writes over 5GB ... why bother?16:57
anticwif people can't up-front determine the size, dissallow this16:57
dendrobatesfeel free to comment on the blueprint as well16:58
anticwedit it in place?16:58
anticwsorry, not familiar with the process16:58
dendrobatesthere is a whiteboard on the bottom of the blueprint16:59
dendrobatesyou can put whatever you like there.16:59
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anticwi think once implemented it would make sense to 'break up' larger objects that are already stored17:00
anticwbut only on spindles that have higher than avg utilization, say >2 stddev or something17:00
dendrobatesallowing a streaming write of a large file, might be a prereq to backup large compute instance, like windows.17:00
dendrobatesbut where they end up I don't care as long as I can stream them back out17:01
anticwdendrobates: does it really happen?   i've done things that stream large files myself and usually chunked in at the applicaiton level for various reasons17:01
anticwi assume most app people do that same17:01
anticwdendrobates: one you allow large files ...  you potentially can allow append (though not atomic append easily)17:01
anticwand even partial replacement17:01
dendrobatessome of  the swift guys can comment further, I'm sure they have other usecases.17:02
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anticwthe issue wrt to steaming the file ... is that hashing no longer works to locate the file or manifest, because once it's over the limit the object path presumably changes17:04
anticwwe can avoid that perhaps w/ a rename and then use EAs on that ... or simply have metadata elsewhere17:04
anticwa few 10s of kBs or less per giant file would be fine anyhow17:04
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SkyRocknRollseems like there are 150 people :)17:24
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creihtanticw: The main reason for larger files, is that everyone keeps asking for it :)17:54
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creihtanticw: as to hasing, the hash will point to the manifest, and the manifest will point to all the segments of the file17:57
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rlucioquick question, with the current nova trunk code is it possible to run the cloud controller and compute nodes on different machines?18:08
rluciowell or maybe a better question is, what nodes can be run on separate machines right now?  I am a little confused given that the datastore hardcodes the redis server to be on localhost18:12
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anticwcreiht: yes ... i'm saying if you allow streaming ... you don't know it's a manifest until after you have a good chunk of the data18:22
anticwcreiht: at which point you have the first 5GB or so on a spindle that might not be ideal as the head of the manifest18:23
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creihtanticw: I think the current thinking to handle that case is that the first segment will be on the same device as the manifest18:26
creihtalways be18:26
vvuksanrlucio: i think you need to first of all make sure redis doesn't just bind to
vvuksanrlucio: i haven't gotten that far yet18:28
vishyrlucio: yes18:29
vishyrlucio: redis doesn't have to be on localhost18:29
rluciovvuksan: yea, im looking at the redis configuration info now...18:30
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk18:30
vishyrlucio: everything can theoretically be on different machines, although i don't know if all combinations have been tried in practice18:30
vishycompute and volume definitely work on their own boxes, otherwise you couldn't really run a nova cluster :)18:31
rluciovishy: makes sense, but then why is the datastore code hardcoded to connect to redis on localhost?  can i just hack that for now?18:31
vvuksanfor the time being if we can have everything but compute on one box18:31
vishyrlucio: flags18:31
rlucioah, :)18:31
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rluciothanks guys18:31
vvuksandid anyone get Virtualbox running ?18:32
vishyfor example18:32
vvuksanon compute ?18:32
vishythere is a branch with virtualbox but i haven't tested myself18:32
vvuksani see18:32
vvuksanbeen trying to compile the Xen kernel on Lucid18:32
vvuksanhas been hell18:32
vishymaybe ewan has some suggestions18:33
vishyusing kvm only here18:33
vvuksani am trying some low end boxes18:33
vvuksanand they don't have VT :-(18:33
vishytry uml?18:33
vishyyou can also do qemu18:33
vishyif you are just using for test and you don't need performance18:34
vvuksani guess that may be the way to do it18:34
vvuksani want to get a functional cluster :-)18:34
vvuksanwe'll improve upon that18:34
vishyi develop in a vm on my mac18:35
vishyand that works inside the vm18:35
vishyfor better performance, uml seems like a good choice, but I haven't actually gotten it running with uml yet :) Soren has though18:35
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vvuksani have been using soren's dpkgs18:37
vvuksani'll have to tweak them to use qemu18:37
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vishyyou should be able to just stick a --libvirt_type=qemu in /etc/nova/nova-compute.conf18:41
vvuksanon another question18:43
vvuksando I need virbr0 on compute nodes ?18:43
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates18:44
vishyare you using flat or vlan networking?18:47
vvuksantrouble is that libvrit installs dnsmasq and brctl18:47
vvuksanand configures virbr018:47
vishyflat tries to bridge everything into the bridge specified in flags18:47
vishywhich by default is br10018:48
vishyso probably what you should do is create br100 on your api/network node18:49
vishyand give it ip address
vishythen create br100 on all the other nodes18:49
vishybridged into the same eth device18:49
vishyand they should be able to communicate18:50
vishyyou will need to set up some masqerade rules if you want them to access the public net18:50
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xtoddxcreiht: so i want to run swift from my checkout, without packaging it, do i just change use = egg:swift#proxy to swift.proxy, since i have swift in my python path already using a .pth?19:05
creihtxtoddx: hi!19:08
xtoddxhey!  I'm on irc!19:09
creihtnot sure... let me look at the paste.deploy docs19:10
creihtxtoddx: I don't think you can since the entry point isn't defined19:13
creihtbut there may be another way19:13
xtoddxhm, okay19:13
creihtok so instead, I think you would do:19:13
creihtpaste.app_factory = swift.proxy:app_factory19:14
creihtinstead of use =19:14
creihtand for the middleware you would do something similar like:19:14
creihtpaste.filter_factory = swift.auth:filter_factory19:14
creihtactually, I think the first would be19:15
creihtpaste.app_factory = swift.proxy.server:app_factory19:15
xtoddxalirght!  thanks19:15
creihtxtoddx: either way, you really should just use python develop ;)19:16
xtoddxhow does that work with switching branches?19:16
xtoddxjust do it again in the new checkout?19:17
creihtyou run it in whichever branch you are working on at the time19:17
creihtthat's how I do it19:17
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_cerberus_eday, gundlach: I noticed we don't have an RS API Blueprint yet. Shall I create?19:17
*** codingrobot has joined #openstack19:18
xtoddx_cerberus_: is there a way to link tickets to blueprints?  there are bugs existing for that work.19:18
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codingrobotmay i ask why bzr was chosen instead of any other dvcs?19:19
jbryce_cerberus_: there already is a blueprint i believe19:19
creihtcodingrobot: because it is the most awesome thing ever, and why would one choose anything else? ;)19:20
jbryce_cerberus_: yep19:20
_cerberus_Does that count? That says nothing of the RS API specifically, and it also hasn't been approved19:20
xtoddx_cerberus_, jbryce: want me to just update my blueprint by incorporating the existing tickets?19:20
_cerberus_xtoddx: I'm alright with that. The wording on the blueprint should probably explicitly mention adding the rackspace API as a goal19:21
jbryce_cerberus_: it's not really the RS API. it won't track exactly to RS and will really be the official Openstack REST API.19:21
xtoddxisn't RS a subset of OpenStack?19:21
jbryce_cerberus_: the RS API is the starting point but they are not equal19:21
_cerberus_jbryce: Sure, but it's being written as one of the selectable APIs in the code base. It's just another option19:22
_cerberus_xtoddx: whatever works for me. Just add the tickets I suppose19:23
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jbryce_cerberus_: for something like the aws api's that are completely tied to a 3rd party for their spec it makes sense to name them for the 3rd party, but i think a big goal with the openstack rest apis is to have something not tied solely to 3rd party specs but that is really driven by the project, community and the actual features and capabilities. naming it after rackspace will probably confuse some people about that goal19:30
_cerberus_I'll agree with that, but existing RS API client bindings are expected to work, no? It should be obvious that people can use existing code19:32
eday_cerberus_: we do have one, as OpenStack API19:34
_cerberus_eday: I'm not arguing anything here. All I wanted to say is that maybe the existing blueprint should mention the word Rackspace since it forms the basis for the API19:35
eday_cerberus_: oh yeah.. it def needs to be revised and link to gundlach's "bugs" for features to be completed :)19:36
jbryce_cerberus_: i'm all for clarity. definitely think we should update the description to make it obvious.19:36
_cerberus_jbryce: sounds good. Obviously it's the basis for the official API going forward. I just wanted to make it clear that the initial requirement list is coming from us scanning the RS API docs and implementing API endpoints (even if the existing functionality does not yet exist)19:37
sorenvvuksan: The packages are somewhat out of date. I'm working hard on an update for them, though. Should definitely be done within the next few days.19:39
vvuksansoren: thx19:40
*** mray has quit IRC19:40
jbryce_cerberus_: cool. i'm just hyper-sensitive after api-gate last week. = ) i'm happy to edit the description, but i don't know that i've got perms for that...looking at the blueprint, i don't see a link for it at least19:40
vvuksansoren: i don't mind lending a hand19:40
vvuksansoren: perhaps we should even set up a buildbox19:40
xtoddx_cerberus_, jbryce, eday: tickets are linked now19:40
sorenvvuksan: We already have that :)19:41
_cerberus_jbryce: totally understand. Didn't mean to set anyone off19:41
_cerberus_xtoddx: awesome, thanks dude19:41
vvuksansoren: sweet :-)19:41
sorenvvuksan: The packaging just haven't kept up with everything else, so I'm trying to sync stuff up.19:41
xtoddxi also linked my authserver branch, if anybody else has branches up, i'd suggest linking them as well19:41
gundlachjbryce: what's "api-gate"?  did i miss something?19:42
edayxtoddx: cool, thanks :)19:42
edaygundlach: search for "openstack aws" on twitter19:43
jbrycegundlach: a lot of fud about how rackspace was going to force openstack to drop compatibility mode for aws and basically take sole control of the api spec19:43
gundlachyeah, i'm all for it, let's get a bunch of companies onto the technical board just to wrest control away from them ;)19:44
gundlachmaybe we can do like Python, and make a blueprint for that and then explicitly reject it as a non-goal19:45
gundlach"Wrest control away from partners so that Rackspace can own their code again after open-sourcing it: WontImplement"19:45
pjzOSEPs ?19:45
jbrycei said something to the effect of "if you actually look at the dev work being done, you'd see people (including rackers) who are IMPROVING the aws code"19:45
edayxtoddx: is your auth-server branch related to the OpenStack/RS API? I thought it was more so swift could access nova auth?19:46
jbrycegundlach: nice19:46
edayxtoddx: want to make sure I'm not missing something here :)19:46
xtoddxboth, since swift already does the RS way of using tokens, and setting the right headers19:46
xtoddxby being compat with swift, i'm compat with OpenStack API19:46
edayahh, ok19:47
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edayxtoddx: did you see my notes about using the wsgi/routes framework we're using for the new api?  some of the auth-server code implements what the mods already give us (url parsing, routing, ...)19:48
xtoddxyes, and i'll probably do a cleanup on the branch once we merge in the new paste.deploy stuff from swift and the orm refactor from nova19:48
edayhow is the orm stuff going? I've not heard much about it yet beyond you guys were working on it :)19:50
xtoddxeday: coming along nicely, i think i'll be able to start merging the authserver with orm this evening.  vishy is the one mostly responsible for it.19:52
vishyeday: it is rapidly moving from unthinkably horrible to just excessively bad19:56
gundlachmtaylor: looks like _cerberus_ 's branch ~cerberus/nova/api_tests failed to merge due to those Volume unit tests failing... are those supposed to be fixed, or do you need to kick redis again?19:58
gundlachvishy: +1 for using that as topic in #openstack :)19:58
pjz /topic19:59
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edayxtoddx, vishy: any incremental branches for merge would be great... easier to review those than the 5k patches :)  (I know it may be difficult to break up, but even merging incomplete/unused code would be good to follow along)20:01
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vishyeday: you can see the changes in lp:~vishvananda/nova/orm_redux but it will be a little tough to do it in incremental patches, since I've rewritten it 3 times. I don't recommend bzr log -- here there be dragons!22:19
*** miclorb has joined #openstack22:19
vishyeday: the plan is to do pep8 and pylint cleanup and fix some of the api commands that i broke, then propose for review.  There are quite a few changes, and there are a few things which I'm not totally happy with, but as a whole the structure is way cleaner22:21
vishyeday: if you start looking at it and have questions or comments let me know.22:22
edayok.. I may just wait until the merge prop22:24
vishyk hopefully it is tonight22:24
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edayvishy: I assume it's still using a central data store for all servers? If so, which DB are you defaulting to?22:36
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edayJimCurry: hey! did you make it to Portland?22:37
*** localhost has quit IRC22:43
JimCurrywe did!  but we room serviced both nights.  1) we were exhausted each day with our son (who woke up at 4 am since he thought it was 6), and 2) my wife was uncomfortable using a babysitter she didn't know.22:43
JimCurrybut the city was awesome!22:43
JimCurryzoo, children's museum, pearl district, jamison square, voodoo donuts, trailer eats were all highlights22:44
JimCurryalmost as good as austin :)22:44
edayahh, cool :)22:44
*** justinsheehy has joined #openstack22:44
JimCurryseriously, we added it to our list of acceptable places to live.  very cool city.22:45
JimCurryhuge contrast vs seattle where we also spent a few days.  that was too big and too touristy.22:45
edayportland beats austin for me, mostly due to the heat/humidity :)22:45
edayyeah, seattle is fun to visit a few times a year, but not sure I'd want to live there22:46
JimCurryright now, you win that debate.  check with me in october though.22:46
edaymaybe portland summer, austin winter.. hehe22:46
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vishyeday: sqlite is default for testing, but it is using sqlalchemy so mysql and postgresql should work23:28
vishyAttributeError: virConnect instance has no attribute 'getVersion'23:28
vishyblast you soren!23:28
vishyi think i need to upgrade my python-libvirt23:28
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edayvishy: yeah.. just curious what you guys were going to be using (pg or mysql)23:32
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vishywait a second23:34
vishyi think that is a typo23:34
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vishyanyone know if there is a way to diff two branches in launchpad?23:59

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