Tuesday, 2010-08-31

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uvirtbotNew bug: #627146 in nova "AttributeError: virConnect instance has no attribute 'getVersion'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62714600:07
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redbohow come for the last week or so, I get a google maps api alert every time I visit a page on launchpad?15:06
redbogithub never gives me google maps api errors15:08
vvuksancause obviously launchpad guys screwed something up15:08
vvuksangoogle maps api key is coded to a particular site15:08
jaypipesredbo: yeah, I noticed that on Monday. Haven't seen it today yet...15:10
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redboI unchecked "Display map" and it quit that15:14
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notmynamewell, sure. but then how can I stalk openstack devs?15:15
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sevenseekermmmmm, stalking...15:54
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dendrobatesjaypipes: +1 on common options processing.16:31
jaypipesdendrobates: :)16:31
jaypipesdendrobates: http://wiki.openstack.org/CommonOptionsProcessing16:31
jaypipesdendrobates: just finishing up the proposal...16:31
dendrobatesjaypipes: and +1 for using the wiki16:31
dendrobatesIt's our's we should make the most of it.16:32
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creihtWhy don't we just use the built in opt_parse?16:39
dendrobatesI don't care so much what we use, as that we standardize.16:40
creihtwell the proposal seems to be to create our own16:42
jaypipescreiht: I don't know.  Why don't you guys use optparse? ;)16:42
jaypipescreiht: no, you may want to re-read the proposal...16:43
creihtoptparse is our preferred way, we may still have some that don't just because we hadn't gotten to it yet16:43
jaypipescreiht: I'm using optparse underneath.  It just adds the ability to have module-specific options and automatically handle configuration files16:43
edayjaypipes: so, you may already have this written, but will pulling args require the __name__ vars or the explicit module name as well?16:45
jaypipescreiht: and a benefit to using this proposed openstack.common.config would mean no longer having to deal with both ConfigParser and optparse.  the common.config module would handle that all.16:45
creihtSo is a requirement that every config value has to be able to be set on the command line?16:46
jaypipeseday: not sure I follow you...16:46
jaypipescreiht: not at all.16:46
edayjaypipes: what is the var/method to get the value of --nova-datastore-engine ?16:46
jaypipescreiht: all options specified using add_module_option would be able to be put in any standard configuration file.16:46
jaypipeseday: 2 ways (I'm still finishing the wiki page..):16:46
jaypipeseday: method one:16:47
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jaypipesprint config.options.nova_datastore_engine16:47
jaypipeseday: method two:16:47
jaypipesmc = ModuleConfig(__name__)16:47
jaypipesprint mc.engine16:47
* creiht doesn't see anything wrong with just using opt_parse for options and ConfigParser for config files16:47
creihtbut I also live in the swift world, so I'm not sure if there is more needed by Nova16:48
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jaypipescreiht: that's what this module does...only you wouldn't need to clutter your code with calls to those libraries.. it would all just be done for you.16:48
edayjaypipes: ahh, ok. I like the latter, and you may want to ave ModuleConfig(__name__) for adding to. For example: mc = config.ModuleConfig(__name__); mc.add_option('engine', ...)16:48
jaypipeseday: I just haven't written that part yet :)16:49
jaypipeseday:  in the wiki...16:49
edayjaypipes: I know, I just can't wait :)16:49
jaypipescreiht: well, like I said, this is just a proposal.  once I'm done with the proposal I'll toss it over to the ML and you can feel free to bash it :)16:49
creihtIt all seems like a lot of hand waving to me to change one set of calls to another set of calls :)16:49
* jaypipes stabs eday with patience knife.16:49
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jaypipescreiht: I think you'll see the benefit especially when we have common components like auth* that you will need to specify options for16:50
edaycreiht: so, you don't expose all options to both command line and config file? Having one wrapper to manage both seems like a win to me16:51
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creihtcan seem a bit problematic to me, especially when you start talking about paste.deploy config files16:54
creihtand the fact that swift configs have serveral sections16:55
creihtbut I guess if you guys can make it all work, and isn't that much of a change, I wont press that hard against it16:56
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creihtjust seems like a lot of extra stuff to me, without much extra gain16:57
jaypipescreiht: I think that's because you are thinking only of swift right now?16:58
creihtpossibly, I dunno16:59
jaypipescreiht: this is what the config files would be like: http://codepad.org/lrbP2skE16:59
jaypipescreiht: I don't think that goes against the swift config file layout.16:59
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creihtI guess what I am trying to say, is that you have to sell me more on what benefit do we get by adding this extra code, versus using just the built in command line and config file parsing libs17:05
creihtalso, by using paste.deploy, your wsgi apps become more data driven, and I'm not sure how you are going to be able to set the options in the code like that17:08
zulhow would i run openstack with qemu17:09
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creihtjaypipes: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~hudson-openstack/swift/trunk/annotate/head:/etc/proxy-server.conf-sample17:10
creihtand example of how our current confs work17:11
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dendrobateszul: very slowly :)17:12
zuldendrobates: i mean is there a switch i have to use?17:13
dendrobateszul: you'd be better off using soren's uml work17:13
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zuldendrobates: k17:13
zuldendrobates: i was afraid you are going to say that :)17:13
jaypipescreiht: I'm having trouble understanding what you mean by "become more data driven" above... could you elaborate?17:15
creihtpaste.deploy will build your wsgi app based on the config17:16
creihtthe config file determines what code gets instantiated17:18
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jaypipescreiht: so, since paste.deploy reinvented the wheel for ConfigParser, you're suggesting we just use the paste.deploy INI file conventions?17:32
*** PiotrSikora has joined #openstack17:33
creihtI believe paste.deploy uses ConfigParser, what it invented was being able to compose arbitrary wsgi apps through python egg entry points17:33
jaypipescreiht: how do Swift's tests provide options to swift's applications?17:34
creihtpaste.deploy config files are still readable by ConfigParser17:34
creihtby creating the config dictionary17:34
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jaypipescreiht: so swift's tests emulate/mock paste.deploy?17:34
creihtwhen wsgi apps are initialized, they are sent a config dictionary17:35
jaypipescreiht: the environ you mean?17:35
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creihtwhen the actuall app is initialized17:35
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creihtso you can either instantiate the wsgi app through paste.deploy (which in turn sends the correct config items), or manually send a config dict when testing17:36
creihtat least in the case of unit tests17:37
jaypipescreiht: I see, ok.17:37
jaypipescreiht: so, how do you test non-faked environments?17:37
jaypipescreiht: would you have to create a new config dict and hard-code that into the test setup?17:37
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creihtjaypipes: when you say environment, do you mean the environment that is passed through the wsgi app, or something else?17:38
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jaypipescreiht: the config dict.17:38
creihtwe have functional tests that test the full stack17:39
creihtthat require a working system for it to connect to17:39
jaypipescreiht: the reason I am asking is that the end-goal is to have (up on hudson.openstack.org or similar) a testing platform that goes through all the various configurations of openstack projects and stresses the unit tests in different ways (for instance, with and without LDAP auth, with ReDIS, with SQLite as the datastore driver, etc...)17:39
jaypipescreiht: and those functional tests, how are options provided to the tests? or are they hardcoded in the test cases?17:40
creihtthe test reads a config file :)17:40
creihtso it knows what system to connect to17:40
jaypipescreiht: a regular config file, or a paste.deploy one?17:40
jaypipescreiht: in other words, does the functional test framework use paste.deploy to deploy into a test platform?17:41
creihtthe functional tests assume that a functional system is already running, and you just give the tests a url and creds to run its tests against17:41
jaypipesok, gotcha.17:41
jaypipescreiht: thx for the info. very useful. I'm trying to determine how best to work a standard configuration module that tries it's best not to trample on any of the good work you guys have already done and also to bring a little unity with that work over to nova.17:42
creihtI'm all for having a standard way of doing configuration17:42
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jaypipescreiht: and I'm all for not trampling on your feet :)17:43
*** burris has joined #openstack17:43
creihtI have a tendancy to use modules that are already available, rather than custom coding (and even more so if it is already in the std library)17:43
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creihtjaypipes: and I also don't mind making changes if things are better17:48
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redbowhere can I look at lp:swift on launchpad?17:50
littleidearedbo: https://launchpad.net/swift17:50
creihtredbo: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~hudson-openstack/swift/trunk/files17:51
redbook... now how do I check out a specific revision?  :)17:52
gholtClick on it?17:52
littleideaCan anyone explain the blueprint deadline for this friday?17:52
redbos/check out/branch from/17:52
gholtman bzr17:53
gholt -r <revision>17:53
redbois that the number of the revision on trunk, or the revision id?17:54
gholtYeah, I think it's that localized revision number nonsense.17:55
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redbook I think I got what I wanted17:56
dendrobateslittleidea: people that are working on features need to have those features spec'd out and blueprints made so we can track them.  We also need to write a test plan that incorporates all the upcoming work17:57
dendrobatesIt's really just paperwork, but we need to be able to tell people what will be in each release of openstack17:58
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rluciohey all... when running compute nodes on separate machines from the cloud controller, is it assumed that all of the machines are sharing (via nfs or something) the vm disk images ?18:12
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vvuksanshouldn't it be getting from the objectstore18:14
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rluciowell, tbh I haven't really looked into the functionality of the objectstore18:16
*** aliguori has joined #openstack18:16
rluciomust be more configuration magic.. gah18:18
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vvuksanrlucio: are you able to launch VMs on your local machine ?18:24
vvuksanlocal dev env ?18:24
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rlucioyea, i can.  i also have a setup with the cloud controller++ on one machine and the compute node on another, which will try to start a vm but fail when attempting to get the image.. the compute node is trying to find the image in images_path18:26
vvuksani suspect you are right then18:26
vvuksanit needs NFS mount18:26
rluciowhich is why i thought it needed to be nfs ya18:26
*** justinsheehy has quit IRC18:26
rlucioi want to make sure i do it the right way tho18:28
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xtoddxswift problem:  Error trying to load config /etc/swift/proxy-server.conf: No section 'proxy-server' (prefixed by 'app' or 'application' or 'composite' or 'composit' or 'pipeline' or 'filter-app') found in config /etc/swift/proxy-server.conf20:21
creihtxtoddx: My guess is that you have updated the code since you last ran it :)20:21
creihtthe config files have to be changed a bit20:21
creihtxtoddx: is this on your saio?20:22
xtoddxyea, i pulled trunk, but i'm using the paste.deploy configs in trunk/etc20:22
*** jforester has quit IRC20:22
creihtxtoddx: make sure you have a section called [app:proxy-server] and not [app:proxy]20:23
xtoddxi have app: main20:23
creihtI changed the name to be consistent with everything else20:23
creihtxtoddx: can you paste your conf?20:23
xtoddxno, i have pipeline main, and app proxy20:23
xtoddxi'll change to proxy-server quickly20:24
creihtsorry about the changes20:24
xtoddxwoo! changing the app to proxy server and changing proxy => proxy-server in the pipeline does it20:25
xtoddxcreiht: thanks20:25
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*** ctennis has joined #openstack20:33
vvuksani have been working on some chef recipes similar to swift-solo (inspired by it)20:34
vvuksaneverything installs and kinda works :-)20:34
vvuksani am still working through quirks20:35
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*** rlucio has joined #openstack20:35
vvuksananyone else wants to give it a try :-)20:35
*** aliguori has joined #openstack20:35
vvuksanwhat's weird is that if nova-objectserver is daemonized it crashes20:37
vvuksanif I run it in the foreground it doesn't20:37
vvuksangranted most of this is installed via Soren's packages20:37
vvuksanso things may be a bit outdated20:37
*** pharkmillups has joined #openstack20:39
rlucioi just tried (trunk from last friday) and it works fine20:39
vvuksani'll try that then20:40
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rluciovvuksan: btw, i stumbled onto some insight on the images issue from earlier... it says in nova/virt/images.py: flags.DEFINE_bool('use_s3', True,20:42
rlucio                  'whether to get images from s3 or use local copy')"20:42
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amscanneHi all, just wanted to see the history of discussion here... seems that http://irclogs.openstack.org/logs/2010-08/%23openstack.21.log (and later log files from #openstack) give a forbidden error... that's probably relevant to someone here :)21:22
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gholtamscanne: You're right, I just don't know who. :)21:41
gholtsomeone: Hey fix the 403 errors on the IRC logs! :)21:41
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gholtdendrobates: Maybe you know who runs the IRC logs? And how to get their permissions fixed?21:42
dendrobatesgholt: I don't know for sure.  perhaps spy does.21:43
gholtspy: ping! ^^21:43
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spyi'm not running that server, but i do have one up and running that has accurate logs21:44
spysame server that hosts the meeting minutes21:45
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littleideais there an api for launchpad?22:36
littleidealike can I get all the blue prints from an API22:36
creihtlittleidea: I believe so, but not sure where you find out about that22:38
zookoThere is an XML-RPC API for the issue tracker.22:39
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