Monday, 2010-09-20

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anotherjessejoshuamckenty: wanna do a simple merge review?01:17
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vishy_soren: I thought i had uml working before, but i had to recreate my vm.  It says it is successfully booting but the network interface doesn't seem to be coming up any more.08:42
vishy_end of my log is: VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly on device 98:1.08:43
vishy_Warning: unable to open an initial console.08:43
vishy_Not activating Mandatory Access Control now since /sbin/tomoyo-init doesn't exist.08:43
vishy_soren: I'm using the stuff from the nova-core ppa. Let me know if you have any ideas08:43
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joshuamckentyvishy: review is good.09:01
vishyjoshuamckenty: huh?09:07
joshuamckentyYou asked for a review, and I gave it to you09:07
joshuamckentyoh, I guess anotherjesse asked09:08
vishyyeah i didn't think i requested anything specific from you09:08
vishyalthough i do have about 12 outstanding patches09:08
vishyi'm off to to the europeans!09:09
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sorenvishy-afk: Well, /someone/ got a huge ORM patch merged that also happened to disable the /etc/network/interfaces mangling. :) Maybe that's what you're seeing.10:21
sorenvishy-afk: UML guests are delightfully easy to debug, though.10:21
sorenvishy-afk: Replace the <console> tag in the libvirt xml with: <console type="pty" />10:22
sorenvishy-afk: ...and then you can use "virsh console" to connect to the console.10:22
chmoueldo you need two nodes (cloud controller and volume controller) to get  up an running for testing nova?10:42
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sorenchmouel: Nope.11:25
sorenchmouel: You don't even need a volume controller unless you need EBS.11:25
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chmouelah k probably need to update the up and running doc or maybe there is another one for only playing around?12:20
sorenchmouel: Not that I know of.12:21
sorenchmouel: Things just change too rapidly for the docs to keep up. Not needing nova-volume isn12:21
sorent new, though.12:21
sorenThat's always been the case, afair.12:21
chmouelah k sweet i am trying to setup an env to play around and see if i can put my notes somewhere12:24
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zulwhat is the permissions of the nova.sqlite file suppose to be?14:54
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_cerberus_Quick question: I know there's been lots of conversation about Redis effectively going away, but the datastore module and Redis code is alive and well post ORM refactor. Did I miss something?16:11
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vishy-afksoren: no luck getting the console to work16:24
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vishy-afksoren: says no console available for domain even with that change in.  About the orm refactor, I had it working inside my orm branch (i thought).  I wonder if i have neglected to install something important this time.  But I don't see any error messages...16:26
gundlachvishy-afk: you were willing to get the API code converted off of Redis -- implying that Redis was going away.  Is Redis going to be around in Austin 100% for sure?16:26
gundlachs/get/help get/16:28
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eday_cerberus_: it's still being used for the fake_ldap auth store for now, but that is being replaced too17:20
_cerberus_eday: ahh, ok17:20
_cerberus_What's the fake_ldap store being replaced with? The ORM refactor as well?17:20
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eday_cerberus_: that, or just defaulting to LDAP. I guess a flat-file would be easy to do as well17:21
_cerberus_Alright, I'm just trying to figure out where to do the auth at the API layer in this whirlwind of changes17:22
_cerberus_Thanks man17:22
edayyeah :)17:23
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vishygundlach: I am still willing.  The plan is to keep redis but be able to run without it.17:25
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sorenvishy: Oh, by the way, which version of libvirt are you using?19:20
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sorenvishy: Was it you who said you'd get the user db stuff to use the ORM?19:38
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sorengundlach: How likely are bug 613187, bug 613189 and bug 613190 to be addressed in time for Austin?20:01
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 613187 in nova "Support GETting shared ip groups in API" [Medium,Triaged]
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 613189 in nova "Support creating shared IP groups in API" [Medium,Triaged]
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 613190 in nova "Support deleting shared IP groups in API" [Medium,Triaged]
gundlachsoren: not sure -- ask cerberus who is doing servers-related coding20:01
gundlach(though i will probably hop on board with him before feature freeze)20:01
soren_cerberus_: ^ ?20:01
sorengundlach: Thanks.20:01
gundlachif we could cut them, that would be fine with me, but as i understand it the API is an important piece of Austin, so the more we can ship the better20:02
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_cerberus_I'm working solely on servers related code. I haven't touched the shared IP stuff20:02
* soren thought that was servers related code :)20:04
edaysoren: well, all the API bits are related, just not specific launch/reboot/destroy/... type commands20:05
_cerberus_Right. The shared ip stuff specifically is segregated into it's own controller20:06
_cerberus_And obviously it's servers related, but as eday pointed out, the servers code is focused on low level servers actions20:06
soren_cerberus_: Now you piqued my curiosity. :) What sort of stuff are you working on, specifically? launch, reboot, destroy all already work, don't they?20:08
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soren_cerberus_: Maybe I'm reading something into "low level" that I shouldn't.20:11
_cerberus_I mean at the API level20:12
_cerberus_REST calls into server functionality20:12
_cerberus_Sorry for the confusion20:12
sorenNo problem at all :)20:13
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gundlachI can't merge to trunk because Hudson reports "deleting parent in nova/endpoint".  Which means that the endpoint/ dir is nonempty but I'm trying to delete it.  I just pulled trunk and as far as I can tell, endpoint/ just has some .pyc files in it...20:35
gundlachany idea how to work around this?20:35
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sorengundlach: Let me have a look.20:40
sorende nada.20:40
sorengundlach: Ah, I think I know what's going on.20:42
gundlach"you don't grok bzr".  Yeah, I knew that :)20:42
sorengundlach: I don20:42
sorent think it's your fault at all, actually.20:43
* soren is testing that hypothesis20:43
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sorengundlach: Yup, not your fault. Let me fix that for you.20:45
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gundlachhooray, and tyvm!20:48
sorengundlach: Retrying.20:48
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gundlachmeanwhile, as long as you're fixing all my hudson problems: seems to be failing with the same unittest errors i was getting pre-eventlet-0.9.12, but i don't get those errors in my venv.20:50
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gundlachis this related to what was screwing up 34795?20:50
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sorengundlach:  <--- Success.20:51
sorengundlach: ii  python-eventlet                   0.9.12-0ubuntu1~lucidppa1         A concurrent networking library for Python20:51
sorengundlach: Not sure what to say. I've not yet dived into eventlet, so your guess is probably better than mine.20:52
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sorengundlach: I wonder why eventlet is being loaded for those test cases, though.20:53
gundlachsoren: the tarmac thing looks like a failure ("Conflicts merging lp:"gundlach...controllers-in-api into lp:nova".20:53
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sorengundlach: Right, but I can't read.20:53
gundlachre eventlet: it's loaded because in importing nova.api.ec2, it imports nova.api, which imports nova.wsgi, which uses eventlet.20:54
sorenI see. Uh.. I'm going to have to pass on that one.20:56
sorenFor now, at least.20:56
* soren is hoping someone with half an eventlet clue perhaps can shed some light on it.20:57
* gundlach thinks he's got it20:57
gundlachi imported some more tests into that hadn't been being run20:57
gundlach... no, wait, that shouldn't affect it, because it ran fine on my box20:57
gundlachif it ran fine on my box in a new venv, i assume it should run fine on hudson... sigh :)20:58
gundlachi'll keep digging20:58
gundlachsoren: so does your "i can't read" comment mean you're back to trying to figure out what's wrong with Hudson? or that you don't know what's wrong?21:01
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sorengundlach: I have a vague idea. I'll look at it tmorrow.21:57
sorenNow, sleep.21:57
gundlachsoren: thanks.  sorry for the trouble... i just want to get past this merge :)21:57
sorengundlach: I hear you. Don't worry about it.21:57
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