Tuesday, 2010-09-21

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jeromatronanyone know if the Compute project is planning on providing the capability to have multiple IO devices?00:36
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uvirtbotNew bug: #644075 in swift "account-reaper does not have an except/log global catchall" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64407503:46
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uvirtbotNew bug: #644092 in nova "authorization not checked in ec2 api" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64409205:01
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chmouelthe /etc/sudoer.d/nova_sudoers from nova-common make sudo coredump backtrace pretty heavily! http://paste.openstack.org/show/28/13:41
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sorenchmouel: orly? Weirdness.13:53
sorenchmouel: Erk.13:53
chmouelyeah it can't parse the file nfi why13:54
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chmouelgot to reboot in recoverty to get root again on that box13:55
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matclaytonjust wondering where do you set the replication factor in swift? and can it be changed on a per file basis?13:56
notmynamematclayton: it's constant right now (global to the cluster13:57
creihtmatclayton: Currently it is set when creating the ring, though there are parts that still a bit hard coded to expect 3 replicas13:57
creihtmatclayton: do you want more or fewer replicas?13:58
matclaytoncreiht: ok thanks, our use case is that some files become "hot" and therefore we need to put them on more than one machine to serve the load (or three even)13:58
matclaytonbut only for short periods13:58
creihtso that is a bit different13:58
creihtthe replicas are more for durability13:58
creihtadding more replicas will not necessarily mean faster serving13:59
creihtat least the way the code is written at the moment13:59
matclaytonessentially we run a music hosting site (lots of mp3s) and looking at using swift for storage13:59
creihta better solution to what you are talking about is to have some sort of hot cache in front of swift13:59
matclaytonis this a good solution14:00
matclaytonyeah we use to run a hot cache on ssd's and can easily redeply that14:00
creihtat RS, we typically use the CDN integration for that type of use case14:00
matclaytonso whats the reasoning behind adding more replica's not increasing throughput14:00
matclayton(we would increase the proxies as well)14:01
matclaytonon average the load is fairly predictable, its just some hot spot as content becomes popular which we have found to cause problems in the past14:01
creihtwell it isn't coded in a way to try to evenly distribute read request accross all replicas14:01
matclaytonoh does it prefer a primary one?14:02
creihtit returns whichever one it finds first14:02
matclaytonah ok14:02
creihtwhich can be a bit arbitrary14:03
creihtnot that the code couldn't be changed to try do distribute the reads more evenly14:03
matclaytonsounds to me like that might self regulate a bit14:03
matclaytonor we can patch it, we are quite keen on swift being a python shop14:03
creihtall that said, it seems like it would be better to use something in front of swift to cache the hot content14:04
matclaytonindeed, we would do that anyway14:04
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matclaytonprobably just setup a couple of varnish nodes14:04
creihtwe were just talking about that :)14:04
matclaytonthe issue is our content size is average 100meg14:04
matclaytonwe have done varnish in front of S3 before and its not without issues14:05
matclaytonso holding them in memory doesn't work too well :)14:05
notmynamewhat sort of issues? it's not a setup we run, but it's common enough that you aren't the first to mention something like that14:05
matclaytonthe other question is, how performant is swift at delivering the files? what is the likely bottleneck?14:05
creihtthe bottleneck will most likely be the network14:06
notmynamenetwork to the storage nodes14:06
matclaytonbetween proxy and object?14:06
creihtreads are quite fast14:06
matclaytonis there anyway to just return a reference to files on disk and use that to serve files direct off object node through something like nginx14:06
creihtmatclayton: how many nodes are you running, and what type of networking are you using?14:07
matclaytonwe run 4 storage nodes at the moment14:07
matclaytonabout 20TB14:07
matclaytonhold 500Mbit out going14:07
matclaytongrows by about 30-40% monthly14:07
matclaytoncurrently this is just 4 machines with nginx and a dumb file system14:08
matclaytonall machines have 1Gig connection, internal and external14:08
creihtso swift should be able to saturate your 500Mb pretty easily14:09
creihtare you runing proxies on the storage nodes as well?14:09
matclaytonthats our current load, we are looking at switching to some other setup to be defined14:09
matclaytonwe can run proxies wither on the same nodes or seperate14:09
creihtavg file size is 100MB, or is that the upper end?14:10
matclaytonbasically because increases capacity is a real pain14:10
matclaytoncurrently average is 60Meg, however that is likely to increase14:10
matclaytonwe have 100M upload limit, which soon as we can, we would love to remove14:10
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creihtso when an object becomes hot, what type of throughput are we talking about?14:12
matclaytonso the other thought we had bounced around, was can we setup nginx on the object nodes, and give it access to the filesystem beneath swift, and get swift just to return the node_address and filename, preventing the internal traffic14:12
matclaytoncreiht: dont know the stats at the moment for that14:13
matclaytonbut we can be looking at few thousand people listening to the same file14:13
creihtmatclayton: we played with using senfile once, but if I remember correctly it didn't make that much of a difference14:13
matclaytonfor serving direct from the object node to the final clients, avoiding the proxy?14:14
creihtI'm trying to recall... it has been a while :)14:14
matclaytonknow that feeling,14:14
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creihtis there any way you can simulate a similar load?14:16
matclaytonwe could try14:17
matclaytonnot going to be easy, not really setup for it at the moment14:17
creihtit would be interesting to test it first to see where the weak points are14:17
notmynamethe sendfile test was to see if avoiding user space (memory) would be faster. turned out that the network was a much more limiting factor than kernel/user memory space14:17
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matclaytonyou are talking about proxy->obj store network?14:18
notmynamewe've mentioned exposing every storage node to public traffic, but I don't know that many (any) tests have been done on that14:18
matclaytonso I was wondering if you can just remove that step14:18
notmynamein our setup, proxy -> obj network is smaller than public -> proxy net, so that becomes the limiting factor14:19
creihtmatclayton: it is just code right? :)14:19
matclaytonexactly :)14:19
creihtI can't think of anything that would prevent you from trying it14:19
matclaytonso is most of your traffic internal then?14:19
creihtWe have a good amount of both external and internal traffic14:20
creihtnot sure which is more actually :)14:20
matclaytonah ok14:20
creihtbasically we have several trunked 10G connection coming in from the outside14:20
creihteach proxy has 10G to the outside14:20
creihteach storage node has 1G to everything14:21
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matclaytoncool, will give it a go as is and see how we get on, might try the serve direct approach. out of interest was there any specific reason it wasn't done that way originally?14:23
matclaytonsuppose you need the client to be aware of the system14:23
creihtwe talked about it14:23
creihtone of the main reasons that I can remember is that it is easier to handle failure scenarios if everything is going through the proxy14:24
creihtAnd it was more than "good enough" :)14:24
matclaytonyeah makes sense,14:24
creihtwe also like that the actual storage nodes are on a private network, not accesible directly by the public networks14:24
matclaytonoh i think this is the last couple of questions. Any reason for xfs over ext4? or something we shoudl watch out for on ext4?14:24
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creihtfor testing in our use case, xfs performance degraded much less over time than ext414:25
creihtyour use case is a bit different than ours, so I can't say weather or not there is a difference14:25
creihteverything should work fine on ext414:26
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matclaytongreat thanks14:26
notmynamejust make sure that xattrs are enabled14:26
matclaytonah, likely to miss that, thanks14:26
creihtyou would find out pretty quick :)14:26
notmynameyou wouldn't miss it for long :-)14:26
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sorenchmouel: Apparantly, sudo gets very, very upset with you, if you sudoers file (or an included sudoers file) isn't mode 440.14:46
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uvirtbotNew bug: #644420 in swift "Typo in Getting Started in Swift doc page "developemnt"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64442014:56
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jaypipessoren: yep, that error forced me to  boot in recovery mode, into a root shell simply to change the perms, as the nova_sudoers file caused sudo to segfault.  Very annoying.14:58
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jaypipesdendrobates: pls set priority: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/austin-nosql-datastore-adapter15:11
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chmouelsoren: yeah prob the permissions in the package should maybe get fixed, have you seen that prb before?15:14
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jaypipesdendrobates: cheers :)15:18
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gundlachcerberus: are you aware of the text conflicts in the rs_auth mergeprop?15:53
gundlach_cerberus_: ^^15:53
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_cerberus_gundlach: I am not. I was enroute to the office15:53
_cerberus_I'll check now15:53
gundlachcool,  if you look at the mergeprop page you'll see at the top the list of text conflicts15:54
_cerberus_gundlach: merge conflicts fixed and repushed16:05
gundlachgreat, i'll take a look16:05
jaypipes_cerberus_: FYI, if you set the merge prop to Work in Progress while fixing up merge conflicts, then set it back to Needs Review, all reviewers will be notified to review again.  Just a quick tip ;)16:06
_cerberus_jaypipes: yeah, I did that earlier. I didn't want to start spamming ;-)16:07
jaypipes_cerberus_: :P)16:07
jaypipes_cerberus_: gah, my typing sux today.16:07
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sorenchmouel: I've pushed a fix to the packaging branch. It should be fixed by tomorrow.16:45
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gundlachvishy: I'm seeing errors in the quota unittests in one of my branches.  One is test_too_many_addresses, which has a note from you saying that this test isn't working properly... should this test be excluded or something?16:48
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gundlach(I'm getting a QuotaError)16:50
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gundlachvishy: nm, i found it.  you were using assertFailure incorrectly, i think -- you were supposed to return its value.  my branch is off twisted so i replaced it with assertRaises.17:55
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notmynamewhat's the bzr equivalent of git stash?18:15
hazmatnotmyname, bzr shelve ?18:15
notmynameand git stash apply == bzr shelve apply?18:16
hazmatnotmyname, bzr unshelve18:16
hazmatnotmyname, bzr shelve --list to see what's shelved.. you can apply a  symbolic name when you shelve18:16
notmynamewhat about git stash clear?18:16
hazmatnotmyname, i'm not a git user so.. dunno.. there isn't a way to kill a shelve content, but you can continually append additional shelves.. and unshelve specific things18:18
hazmatnotmyname, actually bzr shelve --destroy can destroy it..18:19
hazmatbzr shelve --help has the details18:19
notmynameI've got uncommitted changed that conflict with a branch I want to merge in (but I don't want to loose my uncommitted changes) in git, I would git stash; git merge; git stash apply18:19
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hazmatnotmyname, same thing with bzr .. bzr shelve --all -m "premergestuff" && bzr merge ../trunk && bzr unshelve premergestuff18:20
hazmatnotmyname, np18:21
hazmatnotmyname, there's also a very helpful #bzr channel on freenode18:21
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notmynamebut why would I use that when you're here? ;-)18:21
notmynamegood to know. I'll use that in the future18:22
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vishygundlach: returning the value from assertFailure solves the issue?18:39
*** annegentle has joined #openstack18:40
gundlachvishy: twisted.trial's documentation mentions that you must return the deferred from your testcase, so i imagine that was the cause of the problem you mentioned in your note.  my branch moves onto eventlet, so i can just use the standrad unittest.TestCase.assertRaises.18:40
vishygotcha, i'll try with returns to see if that fixes it18:42
vishyeveryone: bpython18:42
vishycoolest thing since sliced bread18:42
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gundlachwow vishy, thanks; will switch from ipython18:48
gundlachi love the autocomplete ui18:48
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gundlachsoren: i'm stuck trying to merge https://code.launchpad.net/~gundlach/nova/controllers-in-api/+merge/34795 again, same error as yesterday: "deleting parent in nova/endpoint".  could you take a look, or point me to someone else to ask?18:51
gundlachi'm getting to the point where i'm spending a couple hours a day just trying to get this to merge, which is silly :)18:51
pvois soren still around?18:52
gundlachdunno, he's still in the room, but idle18:52
pvomtaylor might be lurking ... :)18:52
gundlachah, thx, last i checked mtaylor wasn't in here :)  mtaylor: ^^ ?18:52
mtaylorpvo: aroo?18:52
* gundlach cheers18:52
gundlachmtaylor, i'm in need of some serious hudson-launchpad-fu18:53
mtaylorgundlach: I will do my best to provide such a thing :)18:53
gundlachthx! :)  so i've got two concurrent problems:18:53
vishygundlach: yeah it really rocks18:54
gundlach1) when i try to merge lp:~gundlach/nova/controllers-in-api to lp:nova, sometimes i get the "deleting parent in nova/endpoint" error mentioned above.  i don't know how to convince trunk that it's *ok* that i'm deleting the nova/endpoint/ directory.18:54
*** allsystemsarego has quit IRC18:54
gundlach2) when i do manage to merge, i'm getting unittest errors that look like eventlet 0.9.12 hasn't been installed on hudson yet to replace 0.9.10.  on my local venv, i don't get those errors.18:54
vishygundlach: i just created a branch adding support to nova-manage for bpython18:54
gundlachvishy: :D18:54
gundlachmtaylor: so at the moment i'm trying to merge a branch that intentionally has a unittest fail by printing out eventlet.__version__, to prove to myself that 0.9.12 is really installed :) but #1 above is blocking that experiment at the moment.18:55
mtaylorgundlach: hrm. ok. well, I thought soren was working on getting the eventlet upgrade done... lemme check18:56
mtaylorand the other thing is weird... but lemme look at that too :)18:56
gundlachyep, he's reported that it completed, which is why i'm confused18:56
gundlachas usual, probably my lack of bzr/lp knowledge causing the prob, but i'm stuck hard enough to ask for help :)18:57
mtaylorok. no - eventlet 0.9.10 is still installed18:59
* gundlach steps back from the abyss19:00
mtaylorgundlach: ok. 0.9.12 is now installed19:00
mtaylorgundlach: ok - trying it again.19:06
mtaylorgundlach: oh - didn't you say you pushed a deliberate test case fail?19:07
gundlachyeah, and i just pushed the revert of that.  it looks like my Approve got in before the revert.19:07
gundlachi'll approve again :)19:07
mtaylorI just did19:08
gundlachso it looks like you fixed whatever the "delete parent endpoint" error was about -- however you did it, thank you.19:08
mtaylorany time!19:12
gundlachIT WORKED!19:12
gundlachmtaylor: let me buy you a beer at the summit19:13
creihtannegentle: welcome to your first merge :)19:13
* annegentle makes friends with bzr19:14
mtaylorgundlach: I will allow you to buy me beer :)19:14
vishyannegentle: bzr is a fickle friend19:18
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dendrobatesRelease meeting in 1 hour in #openstack-meeting20:00
*** jsgotangco has joined #openstack20:13
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_cerberus_So it appears my merge failed. https://code.launchpad.net/~cerberus/nova/rs_auth/+merge/35727 I attempted to add a new model to the db for the API auth tokens. It would seem I need to do something else to facilitate that change20:25
_cerberus_Someone care to point me in the right direction?20:25
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gundlach_cerberus_: did these tests pass in your branch, before you tried merging?20:32
_cerberus_gundlach: I failed to run the full suite :-/20:33
_cerberus_My own tests passed, and I forgot to check the outer suite :-P20:34
gundlachand, i've found it useful to "bzr branch lp:nova trunk" then cd to trunk/ and "bzr merge lp:<the branch i'm trying to merge in hudson>" to check if i get the same test failures as hudson does20:34
gundlachah!  well, there you go :)20:34
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_cerberus_gundlach: hmmm, I'm likely doing something wrong, but they do all fail in trunk as well20:35
gundlachyour test failures look like something is really basically wrong e.g.20:36
gundlach[ERROR]: nova.tests.access_unittest.AccessTestCase.test_002_allow_none20:36
gundlachTraceback (most recent call last):20:36
gundlach  File "/var/lib/hudson/src/nova/hudson/nova/test.py", line 217, in run20:36
gundlach    self.setUp()20:36
gundlach  File "/var/lib/hudson/src/nova/hudson/nova/tests/access_unittest.py", line 76, in setUp20:36
gundlach    self.context.project = self.project20:36
gundlachexceptions.AttributeError: 'AccessTestCase' object has no attribute 'project'20:36
gundlachdoesn't self.project get set in setUp()?20:36
gundlachmaybe you somehow made setUp() not get run on the tests?20:36
_cerberus_*that* seems really unlikely20:37
gundlachwhen i have test errors in run_tests.sh, i modify run_tests.py to remove all but one "from some_tests import *" and add an "import logging" which seems to be required and then run them again20:37
*** pvo_ has quit IRC20:37
gundlachto help narrow it down.  try that out and see what yo uget.20:38
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edaygundlach: it looks like the cloudpipe API parts are still dependent on tornado/nova.endpoint modules... did you have a branch fixing this yet?20:46
uvirtbotNew bug: #644704 in swift "Change object-updater to track what containers have been updated" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64470420:46
gundlachnope, i just got unit tests to pass.  i hadn't realized those were still tied in.20:46
*** scottie has joined #openstack20:46
gundlachi'm not familiar with cloudpipe -- is that something that's going into Austin?20:46
edaygundlach: well, it's been in there for a while, it's the VPN functions around servers20:47
edaygundlach: things like bin/nova-manage still depend on endpoint as well :)20:47
gundlachhmm, i guess they should have had unit tests ;)20:47
gundlachi'll take a look -- i'm working on redoing access_unittest now that rbac has gone away20:48
edaygundlach: yeah, probably should have. either way, should probably get this fixed up since trunk is broken, I'm going to poke at it some20:48
gundlachthat would be great!20:48
edaycan remove these tornado deps as well20:49
gundlachif you make a branch lemme know and i'll review it asap20:49
edayvishy: I assume you guys still use/need cloudpipe?20:51
*** ohiocitrix has joined #openstack20:52
ohiocitrixIs there an openstack meeting coming up in a few or did I miss it?20:53
creihtohiocitrix: in 6 minutes20:54
creihtin #openstack-meeting20:54
ohiocitrixOK, will go there. appreciate it20:54
*** ohiocitrix is now known as spectorclan20:55
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dendrobatesRelease meeting in 4 min in #openstack-meeting20:56
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edaygundlach: it looks like in the port to wsgi, the ec2 URL maps dropped the cloudpipe controllers all together:21:05
eday            (r'/cloudpipe/(.*)', nova.cloudpipe.api.CloudPipeRequestHandler),21:05
eday            (r'/cloudpipe', nova.cloudpipe.api.CloudPipeRequestHandler),21:05
gundlachah yeah, i added a TODO which may have gotten lost in the 70 merge attempts which said "I'm not adding cloudpipe until i hear that we absolutely need it"21:06
*** jdarcy has quit IRC21:06
edayhmm, ok. probably should have confirmed before it hit trunk :)21:06
gundlachyeah, i hadn't realized how much of the code wasn't covered by unittests.21:07
gundlachpardon me for leaving so much stuff messy in this merge, apparently -- the merge has been a real headache :)21:07
edayyeah.. testing def needs to be improved21:07
zulsoren: i noticed in the trunk you need a newer python-eventlet are you going to ask for a FFE?21:11
sorenzul: I expect to, yes.21:12
zulsoren: k thanks21:12
jaypipesvishy: if time, #openstack-meeting.  would be good to get status updates from anso :)21:15
zulsoren: if you need help let me know21:15
sorenzul: Will do, thanks.21:16
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vishyeday: we def. need cloudpipe but we are still using cloud.py at the moment21:41
vishygundlach: cloudpipe endpoint could be its own app21:42
gundlachvishy: fine with me; i don't need to get cloudpipe off of tornado, i just needed to get the API off of tornado.  if cloudpipe doesn't expose an API, we're set.21:43
gundlach(public API)21:43
gundlachvishy: re cloud.py -- do you mean api.ec2.cloud.py?  Be aware that's off of Twisted now21:43
edayvishy, gundlach: It looks like we'll probably want to do api/cloudpipe, and then create a generic run_instances function somwhere that both ec2/rs/cloudpipe can call21:43
gundlacheday: remind me -- run_instances fires up some new virtual servers?21:44
edaygundlach: yup21:44
edaygundlach: cloudpipe currently takes a controller and uses that to start some, but we should have it using a lower-level function most likely21:45
edaygundlach: we'll want to create one anyways for ec2/rackspace APIs to share21:45
gundlachif i understand the arch correctly (and I don't ;), it seems to make sense that all 3 of ec2/rs/cloudpipe would put the same message onto the queue to start the process of spawning instances.  wouldn't that be the common API they share rather than some class/function?21:45
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gundlachyou know what, don't even bother answering my question -- i'm sure you understand better what's going on, as i have barely looked at servers impl :)21:46
edaygundlach: yes, right now cloudpipe calls nova.endpoint.cloud.run_instances (old API call that doesn't exist now). We'll want both of those and the rackspace "start servers" call all using the same method/function/whatever to send the same message to the scheduler21:47
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gundlachendpoint.cloud.run_instances == api.ec2.cloud.run_instances; maybe it's sufficient to point RS API to that function, then21:48
gundlach(and to point cloudpipe there as well)21:48
gundlachand, now that i'm seeing that cloud.py may be used for more than just EC2 api, maybe api.ec2.cloud should be moved to api.cloud or something21:49
edaygundlach: yup, pretty much. although I don't think the canonoical function should live in api.ec2, probably move to nova.compute somewhere21:49
*** brd_from_italy has quit IRC21:50
edaygundlach: and all api/*/cloud can call nova.compute.api.run_instances() or something21:50
gundlachsounds good to me21:50
edaybut I'm working on a branch that fixes cloudpipe and removes tornado for good21:51
vishyso lets say that i accidentally did a bzr pull in my parent directory21:52
vishyhow do i fix it?21:52
vishyjust completely hypothetically speaking21:52
*** adjohn has quit IRC21:52
vishyand for the record it is really really dumb that bzr lets me do that21:53
gundlachvishy: about as dumb that it lets you type 'bzr revert' in the parent directory?21:53
pvohypothetically... :)21:53
vishyit does21:53
vishyand it doesn't do anything useful21:53
vishyit doesn't actually revert in the parent dir21:54
gundlachparent dir meaning nova/, inside of which live your branches and trunk/ ?21:54
vishyso no ideas?21:54
dendrobatesperhaps a question for #bzr21:54
vishysigh ok i guess i'll clean it up by hand grumble21:55
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vishyso user error22:06
vishyi used bzr init instead of init-repo22:06
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vishygundlach: are you here? I'm getting test errors in S3APITestCase about twisted being activated multiple times23:28
vishyand reactor being unclean23:28
vishyi need eventlet 9.12?23:29
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*** sophiap has joined #openstack23:36
rluciois anyone planning on updating the debian-packaging branch anytime in the near future?  The branch is already pretty far out of date23:39
*** joearnol_ has joined #openstack23:44
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*** johnbergoon has joined #openstack23:47
vishyrlucio: yeah, we need to do that23:55
vishyrlucio: i was hoping to convince soren or monty to do it, but I might try and tackle it if they aren't available23:56
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