Wednesday, 2010-09-29

ewanmellorjaypipes: My ears are burning.  Are you chasing me?00:00
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vishyis anyone here?01:29
vishyeday:  ??01:29
creihtdefine anyone? :)01:30
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zulsoren: still there :)01:34
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xtoddxcreiht: people who want to code review02:34
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edayvishy: yo02:40
vishyeday: hey, we're reviewing mad patches getting things merged02:40
edayvishy: cool02:41
vishywe are heavily diverged at the moment02:41
edayvishy: heh, ok. i'll be in and out this evening, packing for my trip tomorrow. let me know if I can help :)02:43
vishydo you have any outstanding branches?02:43
edaynothing that will conflict with your stuff most likely, just rackspace API things02:44
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vishysoren: some queries are messed up in regards to deleted flag09:59
sorenvishy: I believe you.09:59
vishysoren: I'm trying to fix but it is particularly annoying10:00
sorenvishy: I believe that, too.10:00
vishysoren: i can't get it to only load the non-deleted ones, so i think we're just going to have to check for deleted at the api layer when using the joined props10:00
sorenvishy: I'm not SQLAchemy savvy enough to know how to fix it. :(10:00
sorenThere /must/ be a way to filter the joined table.10:01
* soren may have an idea10:03
vishyi'm pretty close10:03
sorenvishy: Which query in particular are you looking at right now?10:03
vishyall the security_group ones10:03
sorenvishy: You work weird hours, btw :)10:05
vishywoah i may have gotten it10:06
vishysoren: when i get my teeth into a problem i can't stop ;010:06
sorenI know that feeling :)10:06
sorenvishy: Would it be annoying to you if I merged trunk into my security-groups branch?10:11
sorenvishy: I need to do so before being able to merge it anyway. There are a few conflicts here and there.10:12
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vishyi already did it10:14
vishyand fixed a few other bugs10:14
* soren hugs vishy 10:14
vishyjust trying to figure this last bit out10:14
vishydynamic loader :(10:25
vishyoooh extra primaryoin constraints10:28
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sorenCan't we just add a filter after the join that weeds out deleted rules?10:32
soren(or deleted security groups if you're querying instances)10:32
* soren lucnhes10:42
sorenlunches, even.10:42
vishyok i got it to work for rules10:49
vishynot sure how to do it otherwise10:50
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vishygot it11:14
vishythat was really annoying11:15
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sorenvishy: Can I see?11:27
vishyi spent about 3 hours trying to fix that11:27
* soren looks at the merge proposal11:28
vishyi put it up but because of the presence of trunk it won't be very useful, let me put trunk in as a prereq11:29
sorenDon't worry about it. I got it.11:30
vishygoing to bed...see you tomorrow11:33
sorenvishy: Quick question?11:35
sorenvishy: Are you using plain bzr or are you using one of the wrappers, too?11:35
vishyplain bzr11:39
vishyalthough it annoys me quite frequently11:39
sorenJust a few conflicts I was slightly surprised to see.11:40
sorenOh, hang on.11:40
sorenthose weren't from this branch.11:41
sorenNever mind :)11:41
sorenvishy: Do you have a some tests for this stuff?11:41
vishysoren: nah, could probably use one11:41
sorenvishy: ..or how did you test it? Do you have a series of euca-blah calls that would mess stuff up or something?11:41
vishyi was logging the sql11:42
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sorenvishy: Oh. How? :)11:42
vishyin sqlalchemy/session.py11:42
sorenvishy: That's a good trick to know :)11:43
vishyone additional issue.  I'm unable to hit the metadata server11:43
vishyi was tracking that bug down when i stumbled accross the issues with creating and revoking groups11:43
vishyi noticed that the forward rule on the network node wasn't getting hit11:44
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sorenvishy: Interesting.11:44
vishyso it is either getting blocked in the filter rules, or the basic setup in tools/setup_iptables.py11:45
vishyif you have any insights on that one before i wake up, let me know11:45
vishyotherwise i'll tackle it tomorrow.11:45
sorenvishy: Good night!11:45
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gundlach_cerberus_: care to review ?13:48
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uvirtbotNew bug: #651162 in swift "server side copy should error if a body is given" [Low,New]
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notmynamemtaylor: in launchpad, it sure would be nice if a merge proposal is attached to a bug, and then merged in successfully, the bug would then be marked as "fix committed"14:58
mtaylornotmyname: I completely agree with you ... it turns out there's difference of opinion on that ... HOWEVER ...14:59
mtaylornotmyname: the new version of tarmac (which I'm going to upgrade to soon) has a thing that will allow us to have it take care of that for us14:59
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notmynamemtaylor: +115:01
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mtaylornotmyname: actually - in my brain, a bug is "fix committed" when a branch has the fix and has hit launchpad ... and is "fix released" when it gets merged to trunk ... but others think of it as "fix committed" when it gets merged to trunk and then "fix released" when a tarball gets cut with that rev15:02
mtaylorI'm guessing you're thinking of the second version there?15:03
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notmynamemtaylor: so when do you choose to use "fix released"?15:21
mtaylornotmyname: I do mine in drizzle when the rev gets merged to trunk15:25
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sirp1_0x44: just approved your merge request for teller15:29
_0x44Thanks sirp115:30
_0x44jaypipes: Is Glance hudsonified?15:31
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jaypipes_0x44: ya.15:53
jaypipes_0x44: and Tarmacified :)15:53
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jaypipessirp1, _0x44: and good morning you two.15:54
_0x44jaypipes: Morning :)15:55
notmynameannegentle: stats code merge proposal with docs in it
_0x44jaypipes: Does that mean that my merge-prop will get automerged to trunk?15:55
jaypipes_0x44: yep15:56
_0x44Awesome, thanks :D15:57
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jaypipes_0x44: of course, when the merge prop is set to "Approved" it will... :) Right now, sirp1 has reviewed it with an Approve.  But we have it set up that someone has to manually approve the merge proposal (we do this after 2 Approve reviews land in Nova).  mtaylor said that we can automate this process if we'd like with a new Tarmac plugin that would look for some X number of Approve reviews and automatically merge when it s15:59
jaypipesees that...15:59
jaypipes_0x44, sirp1: of course, we'd want to discuss what value X should be?  1? 2? up to you guys :)16:00
_0x44Well probably more than 1, since I need to make some changes to that patch. :P16:01
jaypipes_0x44: :) you want me to review the paralax/teller patch?16:02
jaypipes_0x44: you are definitely a teapot, short and stout.16:03
_0x44Not yet, it needs to have image_lookup_fn uncommented and pointed at ParallaxAdapter.lookup and some of the ['uri']s changed to ['location']16:03
_0x44jaypipes: I could go for a stout, how about you?16:04
jaypipes:) definitely.16:04
gundlach_cerberus_: could you review ?16:06
*** physical has quit IRC16:07
_0x44jaypipes: The little teapot actually came from the fake cloudfiles file I stole from python-cloudfiles16:08
_cerberus_gundlach: can do16:09
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jaypipes_0x44: aww, and I thought you were just getting in touch with your inner child :)16:10
_0x44I should change all of the test data to nursery rhymes!16:10
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_cerberus_gundlach: looks good16:13
jaypipes_0x44: indeed :)16:14
jaypipes_0x44: ok, the parallax patch lgtm.  I'm going to approve the merge request unless you object?16:15
_0x44I don't object. I have another patch coming for that shortly, but I guess it can be its own merge proposal16:15
jaypipes_0x44: on a side note, it's good to see the merge conflict stuff that happened with that first branch merge have seemed to disappear! :)16:15
_0x44jaypipes: I'm using bzr right now... there didn't seem to be time to fight with the git bridge with FF on Friday16:16
jaypipes_0x44: ah, well, perhaps later there will be time...16:20
*** dfg has quit IRC16:20
_0x44jaypipes: Either that or I'll get grumpily comfortable with bzr16:21
* jaypipes backs off ... ;)16:21
* jaypipes notes there is a friggin log-jam of code reviews for Nova... need to get these reviewed.16:21
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_0x44jaypipes: RE: webob, I didn't know you could use it as a client.16:23
jaypipes_0x44: it was nothing more than a suggestion to look into...certainly nothing wrong with the patch.16:27
_0x44jaypipes: I'll look into it if I have time this week. Thanks :)16:28
*** dizz has joined #openstack16:28
jaypipes_0x44: yeah, no prob! I've just seen webob used a bunch in Nova and thought it was pretty nice.16:29
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jaypipesvishy: ping.  am I reading this merge properly that it removes the quote stuff from the db api?
vishyquote = quota?16:34
jaypipesvishy: s/quote/quota16:34
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jaypipesvishy: yeah, sorry :)16:35
vishyat some point an extra copy of the quota methods got merged in16:35
*** _0x44 has quit IRC16:35
vishyit just removes the second copy16:35
jaypipesvishy: ah, gotcha.  thx16:35
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_cerberus_Question for the room: the project_id attribute on instances. I'm not sure how to represent it or what it should be with regards to Rackspace created instances. Can someone give me a run down?16:44
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sirp1jaypipes: _0x44: just submitted
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jaypipes_cerberus_, gundlach: looking at the new fault code...why not just have nova.api.rackspace.Fault inherit from nova.wsgi.Serializer?17:02
gundlachjaypipes: because it's supposed to be a WSGI app, and the serializer isn't a WSGI app -- it *uses* serialization, but it *isn't* serialization.17:02
gundlachit could have inherited from object, actually (i think i inherited from wsgi.Application to be semantically clearer)17:03
jaypipesgundlach: ok17:03
jaypipesgundlach: why isn't Serializer a wsgi.Application?17:03
gundlachjaypipes: because it's a utility used by code that needs to convert dicts to XML/JSON and back17:03
gundlachit's not the target of a request17:04
gundlachhmm, Fault isn't a target of a request either -- so maybe I should have made it a webob.Response.  webob is a little confusing in that respect because, for simplicity of coding, Responses are WSGI applications17:04
jaypipesgundlach: hmm.  and a Fault is a
gundlachright.  It's like a specialized webob.exc.HTTPException (which is both a Response and a WSGI app)17:05
jaypipesgundlach: I think Serializer should be moved out of nova.wsgi then.  it's confusing..17:06
gundlachjaypipes: where would you put it?  it pulls request info out of the wsgi.environ17:06
jaypipesgundlach: utils, where all the other utility code goes ;)17:06
gundlachjaypipes: is utils already couples to WSGI?17:06
jaypipesgundlach: I'm not sure why it should be coupled, to be honest.17:07
gundlachjaypipes: that's a valid point; i guess it could take it a URL, an Accept header if any, some metadata, and a dict, and output a string.17:07
jaypipesgundlach: I mean, unless we actually make it a wsgi application (like I think it should be)... basically, it would be middleware that serializes a response from another wsgi application...17:08
gundlachwell, i know cerberus is doing work in the Servers entity right now, which uses Serialization, so I would suggest that you go ahead and make the change, but to avoid conflicts let's postpone until after Austin FF.17:08
jaypipesgundlach: similar to the Debug(Application)...17:08
jaypipesgundlach: sure, yeah, no worries. it just seemed a bit odd to me, tis all :)17:08
gundlachah! ok, you said "application" which i think of as different from "Middleware".  lemme think thru what you said17:09
gundlachok, so -- we actually did discuss this way back when and came to the conclusion that middleware is not a good solution to the problem.17:09
gundlachbecause the serializer needs to accept a *dictionary* but the WSGI spec says the output of a WSGI app/middleware must be an iterable of *strings*17:09
jaypipesgundlach: I see.17:10
jaypipesgundlach: I gotcha now...make sense.17:10
gundlachcool.  we dabbled with the idea of pickling to string just so the Serializer could do its work as middleware, but quickly discarded that idea17:10
gundlachso that's why i built it into wsgi.Controller, so anyone using the Controller could write action methods that return dicts, and they would Just Work.17:11
jaypipesgundlach: cool :)17:11
jaypipesgundlach: on another note, tarmac is showing merge conflicts for this:
gundlachthanks for applying a critical eye to my code though, the more the merrior :)17:12
uvirtbotgundlach: Error: "merrier^" is not a valid command.17:12
gundlachshut it, uvirtbot17:12
gundlachjaypipes: no it ain't, i merged from trunk and re-approved17:12
jaypipesgundlach: doh, yeah, missed the re-approve, sorry.17:13
gundlachnp ;)17:13
gundlachthx for going thru the backlog of mergeprops17:14
jaypipesgundlach: heh, trying my best :)17:14
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*** littleidea has joined #openstack17:28
gundlach_cerberus_: since you're doing manual deserialization, is req.environ['inst_dict'] still relevant in server action methods?17:32
_cerberus_gundlach: no, it's not17:33
gundlachkthx i'll excise it from action()17:33
_cerberus_I just pushed a new version of servers_api up, if you want to see how I did it in update()17:33
gundlachis it ready for merge to trunk?  i'll review and merge it and then pull it to do reboot()17:34
*** sophiapmobile has joined #openstack17:35
_cerberus_gundlach: no, I was just pushing in case someone else needed a reference17:35
gundlachah, ok17:35
gundlachi'll check it out17:35
*** hisaki has quit IRC17:35
_cerberus_I want to finish up the instance creation before I attempt to merge again17:35
johnpurhi, there are 14 approved austin blueprints... is it safe to assume they all are tracking to the ff tomorrow?17:35
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gundlach_cerberus_: reboot will basically need to call  are you by any chance moving to nova.api, or should i, or can you think of a reason that i shouldn't?17:55
*** jakedahn has joined #openstack17:56
gundlach_cerberus_: mm, answered my own question -- most of the stuff in is in fact very ec2-specific.17:56
gundlachso i'll just move the reboot code to nova.api and will refer to it.17:57
_cerberus_Glad I could help :-D17:59
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gundlach_cerberus_: is servers.translator_instance() going to use "instances" as its service_name now?18:01
_cerberus_gundlach: since I need both an image translator and an instance id translator, I've created new helper methods for each18:01
gundlachwhat's the server one called?  i'm coding blind, hoping my code will merge into yours cleanly :)18:01
_cerberus_super clever18:02
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*** littleidea has quit IRC18:13
DavieyIs anyone currently working on ebs for root support?18:30
*** johnbergoon has joined #openstack18:37
_cerberus_soren or vishy: Based on prior logs, you guys seem to be pretty familiar with the nova networking. Could either of you (or someone else) give me a run down of what I need to do with the project_id for instances created through the rackspace API?18:39
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vishy_cerberus_:  project_id?18:42
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vishygundlach: i have a branch in for reboot18:43
_cerberus_vishy: the instance model has a project_id field18:43
_cerberus_And it seems a fair amount of the flat networking makes use of it18:43
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gundlachvishy: ok, so you do not have a branch out for reboot in RS API, if i understand you.18:43
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vishygundlach: yes, ignore that i thought you were talking about rescue18:44
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vishy_cerberus_: so does the rackspace api have a concept of projects?18:44
_cerberus_It does not18:44
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_cerberus_There are places in the flat networking code where it seems that it's assumed project_id won't be null, however, so I'm afraid to just ignore it18:45
vishy_cerberus_: do you have a concept of shared groups?18:45
vishyor does every instance just belong to a user?18:45
_cerberus_The latter18:45
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gundlachjaypipes: turns out Fault really needs to inherit from webob.exc.HTTPException or from Exception, because it's supposed to be raiseable :)18:51
jaypipesgundlach: ya, that does make sense.18:52
_cerberus_vishy: So in that vein, what would you suggest I do?18:52
_cerberus_vishy: I'm just going to assume project_id == 1 or something of that sort. Please correct me otherwise18:57
vishyyou can do what we already did18:58
vishybefore we had projects18:58
vishyset it to user_id18:58
vishyset both user_id and project_id to user_id18:58
_cerberus_Oh, awesome18:58
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gundlach_cerberus_: reboot branch is ready for lp:~cerberus/nova/servers_api, but you'll need to merge from trunk i think to get the diff down -- i only touched i think 1 spot in each of 3 files but the current diff looks huge19:40
_cerberus_gundlach: Thanks, I'll take a loook19:41
gundlach(i did my work off of trunk)19:41
_cerberus_More o's mean harder looking19:41
_cerberus_gundlach: ok19:41
gundlachhah!  how lovely -- i've always wanted to talk about BF but wanted to avoid dropping any bombs19:43
jaypipesgundlach: re-merge with _cerberus_'s branch is needed I think...19:43
jaypipesgundlach: and/or trunk.19:43
gundlachjaypipes: meaning, i should merge his branch into mine?19:43
jaypipesgundlach: I see the debug printout still in there in nova-manage.19:43
jaypipesthat was just merged into trunk.  so, prolly just merge with trunk?19:43
gundlachtrunk is already up-to-date in my branch, except for a modification to nova-manage19:43
jaypipesgundlach: hehe, jinx.19:44
gundlachjaypipes: i don't quite get bzr's model, but: when my branch is merged into cerberus's, won't it understand which bits *i* did versus which bits i pulled in from trunk, and only apply the parts that *i* did?  aka, it shouldn't matter whether i merge in the latest nova-manage work from trunk, right?19:44
jaypipesgundlach: if you merge with trunk, it will apply to _cerberus_'s branch those changes you just merged.19:45
gundlachjaypipes: hm.. ok, let's say i branch from trunk, modify one file, then want to get my change merged into a branch owned by cerberus.19:45
jaypipesgundlach: because you can't do a merge without making a commit to your local branch with the merged changes.19:46
gundlachis there a way to do that, or does he have to choose to accept my changes *as well as* all of trunk?19:46
gundlachmaybe cherry-picking is what i'm looking for here?19:46
jaypipesgundlach: sure, you can do that.19:46
gundlachgot it.19:46
jaypipesgundlach: bzr merge -c CHANGESET19:46
gundlachbut it'll still look ugly in launchpad, because i can't make a mergeprop for just one changeset, correct?19:46
jaypipesgundlach: or use bzr merge -rX-1..X where X is the revision you want to merge in19:47
gundlachright, same as svn syntax19:47
jaypipesgundlach: no, not that I'm aware of...19:47
jaypipesgundlach: I'm just seeing the conflicts show up...was just warning you :)19:47
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gundlachi think i'll do this: branch from cerberus, cherry-pick the change from my trunk branch, and propose that for merge rather than my trunk branch.19:47
jaypipesgundlach: may be best to not even merge with trunk and see if the Tarmac merge handles everything.19:48
gundlachjaypipes: yes, thank you.19:48
jaypipesgundlach: yeah, do that and let's see if that'll work.19:48
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gundlachjaypipes: yep, that worked, thanks:
jaypipesgundlach: sweet.19:58
pvovishy: are you or anotherjesse going to the meetup tomorrow?20:00
jaypipesgundlach: hehe, I see you added the stubout imports to get nosetests --all-modules going? :)20:01
gundlachjaypipes: yeah -- once you told me about all-modules i have been able to see the errors that you saw :)20:01
gundlachi'll need to rename those files, or rename which --all-modules tries to run20:02
vishypvo: todd and i will be there20:02
vishypvo: anotherjesse has a meeting20:02
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pvovishy: sweet.20:14
_0x44Aw man, vishy is going to be there? I wonder if it's too late to cancel my flight?20:15
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jaypipesxtoddx: around?  I figured out what was going on with the conflicts on your authserver branch...I'm resolved them all and will push to LP for merging.20:17
vishytwitch, you're coming!?20:17
vishysoren: are you here?20:18
_0x44vishy: Yes :) Are you reconsidering?20:18
vishypvo: yeah i might have to miss20:18
vishyall outgoing traffic from the vm is failing miserably using security groups20:19
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sirp1jaypipes: _0x44: pushed up changes per your comments:
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_0x44sirp1, jaypipes I'm marking sirp1's merge proposal approved unless there are objections.21:09
jaypipes_0x44: sorry, been cleaning up the authserver work in nova...21:10
jaypipes_0x44: oh wait, no, I already looked at that one.  yep, approve away.21:10
_0x44jaypipes: No worries, he fixed our concerns. :)21:10
jaypipes_0x44: rock on.21:11
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vishysecurity groups fixed!22:02
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vishythat was annoying22:02
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uvirtbotNew bug: #651598 in swift "Write timeout bug in proxy server" [Undecided,New]
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* rbergeron hopes everything is okay22:54
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sorenvishy: Finally arrived at my hotel in Paris, so sort of here now.23:04
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jc_smithis anybody working on integrating sheepdog with nova?23:08
sorenjc_smith: Not yet, no.23:09
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sorenJust to mention it: I've been working on getting rid of Redis. I'm halfway done implementing a DB backed auth manager driver. I hope to finish tomorrow, but now I need sleep.23:11
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jc_smithwould be nice to just clone an imagine instead of pulling one from a storage system that streams/dd's stuff into a block device, but then again that assumes a lot of things about how many images you want sitting on your distributed block device system just waiting to be cloned. different use cases I suppose, but I know some people who don't want to wait to download a vm image (let alone resize the fs) before launching23:13
vishysoren: i had to make a little change to rules and ordering to get it to work23:14
vishybut i think it works properly now23:14
sorenvishy: Awesomeness.23:15
sorenvishy: I'm looking forward to reviewing your changes!23:15
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sorenvishy: I really need to sleep now, though. Traveling is hard work.23:16
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vishysoren: sleep well23:31
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