Thursday, 2010-09-30

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suchitphi guys08:05
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suchitpguys i am from thoughtworks and we trying to use openstack to implement a private cloud for thoughtworks08:06
suchitpbut our team has been trying to configure and install nova , but they have not had any success till now08:07
suchitpm hoping i  will get some help here :-)08:07
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sorensuchitp: What have you tried?08:18
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suchitpi have check out the nova code from bzr08:23
suchitpand trying to build the source code08:23
sorensuchitp: vishy has made this script:
sorensuchitp: ...which I'm told is really convenient if you're wanting to do development on Nova.08:28
suchitpok cool will try with this08:28
suchitpys we also intend to the same08:28
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sorensuchitp: If you actually want to deploy it, it depends on your target platform, but at any rate, things are still moving very fast, so it can be a bit daunting to keep up and things might not always be completely coherent. We're shooting for a release in about three weeks, at which point it should be ready for actual deployment.08:29
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suchitpyes we intend to deploy it too .... ya i understand that you guys are committing a lot , but i thinik first we will try to do a poc by then . then only after the major release we intend to move forward08:31
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aerohithey guys, i am working with suchitp09:02
aerohitsoren: i downloaded the script but i can't download the images.tgz file09:02
aerohitthe download would fail after a few MBs09:03
aerohitis there some other way of getting the file09:03
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uvirtbotNew bug: #651887 in nova "xenapi list_instances completely broken" [Undecided,Fix committed]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #652103 in nova "NameError in exception handler in sqlalchemy API layer" [Undecided,New]
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creihtUpdates SAIO instructions with an option to use a loopback device15:51
creihtSo I just noticed that if anyone is running SAIO on a machine that is public, they should probably change their /etc/rsyncd.conf to listen just to
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vishyaerohit: we need a better place to host the file17:03
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notmynamevishy: how big is the file?17:14
vishynotmyname: < 60 mags17:14
notmynamegot a link? I can throw it up in a CDN container in cloud files17:15
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mtaylorcreiht: are you at the castle today?17:17
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creihtmtaylor: I'm wfh today... is there something you needed?17:23
mtaylorcreiht: was just gonna come by and bug you :)17:24
mtaylorcreiht: running to lunch - will bug you here when I get back17:24
creihtmtaylor: if it is important, I can come in17:25
notmynamevishy: got a link to the file? I can put it in cloud files17:26
vishynotmyname: sure, if you can grab it out of the wiki17:26
notmynamemy ignorance of nova is starting to become clear to me...17:26
notmynamevishy: where on the wiki? (I'm not even sure what this file is...)17:27
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vishynotmyname it is a tiny busybox image17:28
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notmynamevishy: I'm uploading the file now. URL will be
notmynamevishy: I'm headed to lunch and will check on it when I get back17:34
vishynotmyname: cool, thanks17:34
notmynamevishy: storage is what I do ;-)17:35
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jaypipesvishy: ping18:13
vishyjaypipes: pong18:14
jaypipesvishy: heya, I'm wondering what devcamcar18:14
jaypipes's comment about moving from sqlalchemy model means.18:14
jaypipesvishy: on the latest merge prop:
vishyjaypipes: we've been discussing using table instead of model18:14
jaypipesvishy: who's "we"? :)18:15
vishyjaypipes: because we don't really use any features of the model classes18:15
vishyjaypipes: anso18:15
vishyjaypipes: since we're basically writing queries for each db method anyway18:15
jaypipesvishy: from a practical perspective, what would that mean for code that uses the db api?  could you explain, pls?18:15
vishyjaypipes: nothing, code using the db_api should be treating everthing as a dictionary, except for the case which we haven't figured out which is related objects18:16
vishythis would be an under-the-hood change18:16
vishybut it isn't really super high priority, so this is next release stuff18:17
vishydevin has been thinking about it a lot18:17
vishyso i guess we discuss at the summit18:17
jaypipesvishy: ok, good to know.  sorry, I saw that and was thinking "here comes another orm-deux monster patch" :)18:17
vishyjaypipes: hopefully that never happens again :)18:17
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jaypipesvishy: wanted to understand things ahead of the summit :)18:17
jaypipesvishy: cool, alrighty.18:18
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alekibangoso you want to drop sqlalchemy?18:19
vishyalekibango: not exactly18:21
alekibangoi would say sqlalchemy might be hard first few days, but it might be life saver later :)18:22
vishyalthough after working with it for a while, I've considered that it might be easier to simply write sql queries18:22
vishyalekibango: we were discussing switching from the Declarative model18:22
alekibangovishy: its possible to use partial sql  for queries18:22
vishyalekibango: because we aren't really taking advantage of the classes that much18:22
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alekibangobiggest advantage is that you can run things in python, using simple for loop -- and do lots of stuff with DB. its much easier then SQL when you need to create dynamic queries18:23
alekibango*than SQL18:24
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alekibangowhen you do lots of them...18:24
alekibangovishy: but i can uderstand how u feel, my first joins with sqlalchemy -- that was pain18:24
alekibangobut possibility to do pythonic-style work with objects (table lines) -- that rocks18:25
alekibangofew years ago i admired how SA pools DB connections, but i came to love it when i started to use turbogears...18:26
alekibangoplease, if possible, keep SA in...18:26
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vishyalekibango: we haven't been discussing removing it18:39
vishyalekibango: just switching from their declarative class based model to the table model.18:40
vishyalekibango: and it is definitely up for discussion18:40
alekibangovishy: thanks, you made me scared at first :)18:42
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notmynamevishy: images.tgz is uploaded and should be ready to use. let me know if you have any problems18:46
vishynotmyname: thanks18:46
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mtaylorcreiht: not at all...19:35
mtaylorcreiht: I was going to come bother you about linux conf australia - stewart really wants a talk on swift in the storage mini-conf, so I wanted to double-check if anyone from the swift team was thinking of going - and if not, I was going to put in a talk, but I'll need some slides - and probably need to learn some things first19:36
mtaylorsince I'll be there already19:36
creihtwhen is it?19:36
mtaylorthe normal CFP has passed, but the one for the Data Storage is still open19:37
notmynamemtaylor: seems like the whole swift team needs to be there ;-)19:38
mtaylornotmyname: yes.19:38
mtaylornotmyname: I've been saying for ages that actually all of openstack should go ... but no one seems to agree with me!19:38
notmynamerick et al are int paris right now. we should have all gone to that one too19:39
mtaylorwhat's in paris this week?19:39
jeroyes what is ?19:40
creihtmtaylor: I don't think any of us were going to "happen" to be there, but if RS wants to send someone, I'm sure it would be difficult to find somone to convince :)19:41
creihtor I guess I should say openstack19:41
creihtbut not sure who determines all that19:41
mtaylorI'll see what I can do - so far all of my pleas have fallen on deaf ears19:42
mtaylorbut if I can't convince RS to pay for someone ... is there a good swift slide deck I could steal?19:42
jeronotmyname: do you know if they're attending a public forum ?19:42
*** jfluhmann has quit IRC19:43
creihtmtaylor: yeah between wreese and I, we should be able to get you what you need19:43
notmynameno idea. my knowledge of it stops with their tweets19:43
mtaylorcreiht: excellent. I suppose that means I'll actually have to break down and actually install it and stuff19:43
* mtaylor adds more to his todo list19:43
creihtor sounds like we need to get someone from swift there :)19:43
notmynamejero: open world forum19:44
*** sirp1 has quit IRC19:45
jeronotmyname: thanks i found it19:45
creihtmtaylor: you might swing by the swift area and talk to will19:47
mtaylorcreiht: cool. will do19:48
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littleideaWho can admin hudson?20:44
uvirtbotNew bug: #652409 in swift "Minor spelling/typo fixes in the Deployment guide (weather/whether, etc.)" [Undecided,New]
littleideagholt or mtaylor: can I get the jobs/*/config.xml files set up in hudson?20:47
mtaylorlittleidea: I can admin hudson ... and yes, I keep meaning to tar those up and publish them20:48
*** alekibango has quit IRC20:48
littleideamtaylor: sweet, can you send to andrew at cloudscaling20:49
mtaylorlittleidea: yup20:49
mtaylorlittleidea: although you'll want to alter/turn off a few of them :)20:49
mtaylorlittleidea: the ones that publish packages after building, that is20:49
littleideamtaylor: I probably use them for inspiration more than use them unedited.20:50
notmynameannegentle: I don't see any code associated with the bug you just filed. you mention a diff in your comment20:51
*** ttx has joined #openstack20:51
annegentlepushing it now...20:51
jaypipessirp1, _0x44: pls review if you could. thx.20:51
_0x44jaypipes: I'm getting on the plane now, I'll review it when I get to the cloudkick office20:52
mtaylorlittleidea: mailed20:52
annegentlenotmyname: should be there now, let me know if you can't see it20:52
littleideaI talked over these slides on OpenStack at the SDForum the other day. Someone might find them interesting.
littleideamtaylor: danke20:53
jaypipes_0x44: cool, thx man :)20:53
annegentlelittleidea: I like the photo on slide 68 :)20:56
littleideaannegentle: I try :)20:56
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notmynamelittleidea: nice slides. one minor nit to pick: #51 is off a little (auth doesn't talk to account)21:06
*** hazmat has joined #openstack21:06
creihtnotmyname: well it kinda did at one point when creating new accounts21:06
creihtbut that has been pushed into the proxy21:07
littleideanotmyname: thanks21:07
littleideahow does it work in 1.0.2?21:07
notmynameonly sort of. it talked to the services server, not the account server, right?21:07
creihtnotmyname: there is no services server in swift, remember? :)21:07
notmynameright. that's what I mean21:07
notmynameso that's been pushed to the proxy, and auth doesn't talk to the account server21:08
creihtin 1.0.2, I think the auth server did talk to the account servers when initially creating the accounts21:09
littleideanotmyname: gotcha, so the proxy now brokers everything21:09
notmynamekeeping rackswift, openstack swift, swift classic, and their various branches straight is getting really confusing21:09
littleideaI asked anticw and I think he was looking at the 1.0.2 code we have standing up.21:09
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notmynameso the current path is: all requests hit the proxy. the auth middleware on the proxy talks to the auth servers and allows or denies. the proxy then calls the account server to create an account21:14
notmynamelittleidea: creiht: ^^21:14
*** joearnold has joined #openstack21:15
creihtI think :)21:15
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notmynamemtaylor: is it necessary to resubmit a merge proposal every time I push changes to that branch?21:18
mtaylornotmyname: depends21:18
mtaylornotmyname: if you submit a merge prop, and it hasn't been approved, you can just keep pushing to it and it will update the merge prop diff automatically21:18
notmynameI have been, so what happens if I don't21:18
mtaylornotmyname: if you submit and it _has_ been approved, tarmac will only merge up to the rev that's been approved, so you might need to resubmit that prop21:19
notmynameso only resubmit for approved merges?21:19
mtayloror if you need to poke someone to relook at your stuff21:20
notmynameif a merge proposal is "needs review" and I keep pushing to it, will those commits go in to the final merge when it's approved?21:20
notmynameah. then I apologize to creiht and gholt for the email spam :-)   (and anyone else on the swift merge proposals mailing list)21:21
mtaylornotmyname: also, at times, depending on what you're doing, you can set the status back to "work in progress" if you're going back to deal with something, and then set it to "needs review" when you want someone to look again21:22
notmynameI mistakenly assumed the proposal was only for the current commits21:22
notmynamemtaylor: sure. I've done that lots ;-)21:22
notmynamemtaylor: anyway to make launchpad keep the status of the old proposal when it is resubmitted? (or at lease choose)21:22
mtaylornotmyname: not right now - I'll mention that to thumper ... there is also work in progress to split review status from merge queue status - so you can keep the status of approved or not even after it goes to merged21:24
mtaylornotmyname: but that's a good point on the resubmit21:24
*** ttx has quit IRC21:26
*** rossij has quit IRC21:30
*** alekibango has joined #openstack21:32
mtaylorjaypipes: ping?21:32
*** hazmat has quit IRC21:37
alekibangomtaylor: you did debian-packaging branch, right? if you will need help with it, please feel free to tell me. i would like to see good quality nova debian packages...  I  have some experience with packaging, but i am not a DD.21:37
*** rossij has joined #openstack21:39
jaypipesmtaylor: pong21:39
*** dysinger has quit IRC21:39
mtayloralekibango: yes... soren has been working more with the recently21:40
mtayloralekibango: but I'll definitely loop you in21:40
*** AngryParsley has joined #openstack21:41
alekibangomtaylor: imho some docs for the branch should be somewhere21:41
mtayloralekibango: in which way? like how to build the debs?21:42
alekibangoplan, mission goals21:42
alekibangoand maybe even that one readme :)21:42
alekibangoi was able to build debs (after correcting one wrongly failing unittest), but they failed to install21:43
jaypipesmtaylor: ooooh.21:43
*** jc_smith has quit IRC21:43
mtaylorjaypipes: right?21:43
mtaylorjaypipes: I'm going to work on getting it set up for drizzle - will set it up for openstack next21:43
alekibangomtaylor: i usually very much miss a simple readme stating what is this project about, and how is it supposed to be used21:43
jaypipesmtaylor: ++21:44
mtayloralekibango: ah, well, that's a thing for jaypipes21:44
*** jc_smith has joined #openstack21:44
jaypipesmtaylor, alekibango: hmm, what am I supposed to do?21:45
*** joearnold has joined #openstack21:45
*** silassewell has joined #openstack21:45
*** hazmat has joined #openstack21:48
alekibangojaypipes,mtaylor: random visitors will not understand what most nova branches are about.  For example debian-packaging is in my interest - but there is no readme.txt, no roadmap, no explanation, no contact, no wiki21:48
*** littleidea has quit IRC21:48
*** jc_smith has joined #openstack21:48
alekibangoi would say every important nova branch should be documented somewhere in wiki21:48
jaypipesalekibango: sorry, what do you mean by "branches"?  do you mean the different *openstack* projects?21:48
alekibangohaving some project documentation21:48
*** jc_smith has quit IRC21:49
alekibangojaypipes: projects, or branches of them21:49
alekibangosome branches are supposed to be long term work i suppose21:49
alekibangonot just bug fixes21:49
jaypipesalekibango: the only branches any user would be concerned about are the trunk series branches...21:49
alekibangoand they deserve some wiki at least21:49
jaypipesalekibango: every other branch is simply someone's working branch before it gets into trunk.21:49
* soren just finished the redisectomy21:49
jaypipesalekibango: but I agree that each project needs much more docs.21:50
jaypipesannegentle: ^^ :)21:50
jaypipesalekibango: annegentle is working on improving the documentation.21:50
jaypipessoren: everything? or just the fakeldap driver redis depends?21:50
sorenjaypipes: The latter.21:50
alekibangojaypipes: i know, seen her. but i am new to bazzar and LP21:50
sorenjaypipes: Oh, right, there's still the rackspace id thing.21:50
jaypipessoren: so it's a partial redisectomy ;)21:51
sorenjaypipes: Darn it.21:51
jaypipesalekibango: no worries, mate :)21:51
alekibangojaypipes: some project might not be merged well - teh debian folder should not be in trunk21:52
jaypipesalekibango: do you have a link for me to look into?21:53
mtaylorjaypipes: debian-packaging branch will never be merged back in21:53
mtayloralekibango: I see what you're saying - I can get a readme in there (usually in debian/README.packaging is where that does I believe)21:53
alekibangomtaylor: that would rock...21:53
alekibangojaypipes: imho its over21:54
alekibangojaypipes: my head hurts when i see
alekibangothere are so many branches - and some of them might be interesting21:54
alekibangobut i dont know for sure21:54
alekibango-- no docs21:54
*** rnirmal has quit IRC21:54
jaypipesalekibango: ah, so you are wondering what each of those branches is for...ok, lemme explain why you don't need to worry about that :)21:55
*** pharkmillups has quit IRC21:55
alekibangoi know some of them are just bug fixes and things to be merged later -- but i think even they should have some readable description somewhere - not just name21:56
alekibangoat least 1-2 lines describing what is the branch about would make me very happy21:56
jaypipesalekibango: those branches are branches that may or may not be merged into trunk (the top branch on that list).  You don't need to even look at them. :)  A better way to see what's going on in Nova is to subscribe to merge proposals, which DO explain what is in a branch, and what the code will do..21:56
* alekibango is looking for merge proposals...21:57
alekibangohah, just found them :D21:57
alekibangoyes, that looks very nice21:58
alekibangobut imho ubuntu and debian packaging will not merge...21:58
jaypipesalekibango: so, if you click on one of those merge proposals, you will see an explanation as to the branch that is being proposed for merging (usually into trunk)21:58
jaypipesalekibango: that is a totally separate thing. mtaylor can explain that better.21:58
alekibangoraw-disk-images <-- i would love those21:58
alekibangojaypipes: and thats what is making my head hurt, unable to read fast what is which thing and waht is another one....21:59
jaypipesalekibango: the best way to see what is going into a release is to look at the list of blueprints and bugs for a release:
alekibangojaypipes: found that :) yes that is good page21:59
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sorenjaypipes: Do you happen to have any clue whatsoever about the amount of work it would take to get rid of the rest of redis?22:43
sorenjaypipes: It's something about mapping some Rackspace ID's to something else or something.22:43
*** pvo has joined #openstack22:43
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v pvo22:43
*** kevnfx has joined #openstack22:44
pvovish: link for etherpad
sorenburris: What about it?22:44
*** gundlach has joined #openstack22:44
sorengundlach: Just the man I wanted to see!22:44
burrissoren sorry just providing the link for people at the SF meetup22:45
sorengundlach: 22:43 <+soren> jaypipes: Do you happen to have any clue whatsoever about the amount of work it would take to get rid of the rest of redis?22:45
gundlachsoren: yeah i know, dietz just told me you mentioned my name :)22:45
sorenburris: Oh. Then it's lp:~soren/nova/novascript22:45
burrisoh whoops22:45
sorenburris: It's on github (search for "vishvananda github novascript" on google, and you'll find it) if you prefer.22:45
gundlachsoren: so i'm gonna argue with vish/todd/_cerberus_ about the right way to go, and maybe try it myself this afternoon.22:45
sorengundlach: That would be wicked awesome.22:46
gundlachyeh, we'll see if it works :)22:46
sorengundlach: I just pushed this: lp:~soren/nova/redisectory22:46
sorenThat was way more work than I expected, but by $DEITY I love working on project with as many unit tests as Nova.22:47
sorenI was really delightful just pointing the auth manager at another backend, running the unit tests and keep writing code until everything turned green.22:47
*** jkakar has quit IRC22:51
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ramossorry, forgot slash23:00
soren23:00 -!- Irssi: Unknown command: halp23:00
sorenI would really appreciate another review on
sorenWithout it, networking is quite broken, especially if you're running as non-root.23:03
* soren passes23:04
* soren passes out, even23:04
*** tonywolf has left #openstack23:07
*** kevnfx has quit IRC23:08
*** aliguori has joined #openstack23:32
*** kevnfx has joined #openstack23:39
*** jfluhmann__ has joined #openstack23:42
gundlachsoren: since i'm too lazy to read your diffs, what have you accomplished in redisectomy?23:52
gundlachuh oh i think "passes out" maybe means you went to sleep.  i'm going to be forced to read your diffs.  *theatrical sigh*23:53
gundlachsoren: oh hoh, ok i see you're extracting redis from DB Auth; i'll keep a separate branch for redisectomy in the RS API23:56
*** miclorb_ has quit IRC23:56
*** _anm has joined #openstack23:56

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