Friday, 2010-10-08

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Abd4llAalekibango, so next is wait for annegentle ?00:49
alekibangoAbd4llA: :) i am pretty tired :)00:50
alekibangoi would not say wait, there are some other steps in plan00:50
Abd4llAwell, I can work on the names00:51
Abd4llAand in the mean time00:51
Abd4llAI'm trying to understand nova more00:51
Abd4llAalekibango, so catch ya tomorrow00:54
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alekibango:) come sooner00:55
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Abd4llAyeah would do that idd, say around 3 pm ?00:56
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Abd4llAc ya01:01
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annegentlehey guys, sorry to be a bottle neck on the outline, looking at it now and you can definitely proceed without my "approval" as I can also come behind on wiki pages and act as editor02:14
annegentlein other words, you guys rock! And I will offer support for all the doc efforts!02:14
_0x44alekibango: Do you ever sleep? ;)02:28
alekibangoi do02:41
alekibangolast year it was in tuesday02:42
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galderzhi all09:30
galderza friend of mine, adrian cole, suggested i came to this room and asked a question wrt twisted python library09:31
galderzis anyone available to answer?09:31
galderzi'm writing a python TCP/IP binary client and wondered if using twisted would be a good choice09:32
galderzfor our own binary protocol09:32
galderzi have a small prototype using non twisted libraries (i.e. standard socket which prob is synchronous)09:32
galderzbut was wondering if using twisted would be a better choice09:33
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sorengalderz: I would certainly consider Twisted for something like that.09:38
* soren likes Twisted a lot09:39
galderzthx soren, i'll dig further into it then :)09:40
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* soren heads out for a while13:04
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jaypipesannegentle: do you have access to change this page?
dendrobatesjaypipes: no, but we can send changes to todd13:56
jaypipesdendrobates: ah, ok.  yeah, we need to remove the references to Tornado and Redis.13:57
jaypipes_cerberus_: any update on this one?
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 649188 in nova "RS API is still on Redis" [High,In progress]13:58
jaypipesdendrobates: oh, and good morning :)13:58
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jaypipesalekibango: heya, I offered you a suggestion for testing your fix for bug656012.14:24
gundlachjaypipes: hmm, you're not going to be done with GlanceImageService by Austin correct?14:25
jaypipesalekibango: see your merge request14:25
jaypipesgundlach: Well, it's not technically *me*. :) I've done all I can do up until now.  Teller and Parallax don't have the API calls done, so the only thing that works in Nova-Glance is the Faked clients I wrote :)14:26
gundlachjaypipes: well enough :)  and your fake clients don't use the RackspaceIdTranslator I assume (which uses Redis) right?14:26
jaypipesgundlach: but I did add unit tests and all the plumbing for Glance.14:26
jaypipesgundlach: no, they do not.14:26
jaypipesgundlach: all glance IDs are strings...14:27
jaypipesgundlach: URIs actually.14:27
gundlachjaypipes: cool.  so Redis is only used in Servers, then.  I thought cerberus had already merged the branch that excised Redis but I see I'm wrong.14:27
alekibangojaypipes: problem was i was too much into nova documentation and   supporting my customers...  thanks i will look into it and finish it today14:27
gundlachjaypipes: yes, the fact that glance IDs are strings was why I wrote the idtranslator in the first place (since RS API ids are ints)14:27
jaypipesgundlach: yeah, that's why I pinged him earlier about it...would be super-cool to get that done :)14:27
jaypipesalekibango: no worries, mate!14:28
gundlachjaypipes: yep! i had planned on just code cleanup next week but i'll be sure to lend cerberus whatever help is necessary to get rid of the idtranslator.14:28
gundlachi really do remember reviewing his code that got rid of the translator... hmm lemme go check his open branches.14:28
jaypipescool :)14:28
gundlachthain't none. so we'll have to ask him when he gets in :)14:29
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gundlach_cerberus_: ^^15:07
_0x44jaypipes: The API calls aren't done? sirp1 tested them end to end15:11
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sirp1_0x44: to be clear,  i tested glance end-to-end (parallax -> teller -> swift), not nova -> glance -> swift end-to-end yet15:12
_0x44sirp1: Ah, I thought you tested with teller -> parallax -> teller -> swift15:14
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_0x44sirp1, jaypipes What needs to be done in teller/parallax to get the GET API working?15:18
_cerberus_jaypipes: Gundlach just relayed to me that you had asked me something earlier. I'm looking at it now. Looks like I jumped the gun on my merge. I'll work on cleaning up the remaining id_translator calls15:19
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jaypipes_0x44: GET API is fine.  It's the rest that's not done :)15:31
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_0x44jaypipes: Ah, yes, that's expected :)15:31
jaypipes_0x44: :)15:32
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gundlachjaypipes: erm, the plan for Austin is to use LocalImageService to serve images in Glance's absence, right?15:41
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jaypipesgundlach: I'm assuming your above statement is limited to the Rackspace API?15:42
gundlachjaypipes: yes15:42
jaypipesgundlach: then yes :) it is and will remain the default (see FLAGS.image_server (set to 'nova.image.service.LocalImageService' by default)15:42
gundlachjaypipes: _cerberus_ pointed out that api.rackspace.image.Controller uses RackspaceIDTranslator, at a level above the particular ImageService.15:43
gundlachso i'll need to modify LocalImageService to use int ids, and get rid of the IDTranslator in image.Controller (because the IDTranslator uses Redis.)15:44
gundlachjust wanted to make sure you agree with that statement.15:44
jaypipesgundlach: ok, sounds good, yep.15:44
* jaypipes lmao. I could have predicted this with one arm tied behind my back.
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_0x44jaypipes: Even setting aside the mostly laughable copyright claims, there are still the software patent claims that are probably going to hurt the big G in the suit15:47
jaypipes_0x44: Oh, I know.  What I'm laughing at is people's surprise that Oracle would pursue this crap.15:48
alekibangoi still cant understand why someone would do software for banks using java - which must be deleted on notice from sun15:48
alekibangothat sounds ultra stupid for me15:49
_0x44alekibango: Millions of degree mill java developers15:49
alekibangobtw i ditched java when i turned my indy workstation to dust just by using 5 applets in 199x :)15:50
jeroalekibango: just because they will ignore the notice15:50
alekibangoi left php when it was around 1.x15:50
alekibangoluckily i found python15:50
_0x44jaypipes: I'm amused by people's sudden realization that Oracle is a bloodthirsty opportunist who only cares about money15:51
alekibangoi must say i hate having GIL, but still its pretty lovely language15:51
alekibangoand has vibrant community15:52
alekibango_0x44: but there is one nice thing from the sun founders - vi :)15:53
alekibangobut as RMS said, VI VI VI is editor of the beast, so who knows15:53
jaypipesalekibango: because bank software isn't distributed? ;)15:54
alekibangostill - sun can one nice morning say -- delete all java copies immediatelly15:54
_0x44alekibango: I use vim, and I code on a mac. I'm probably "part of the problem" according to RMS15:54
jaypipesalekibango: no, it can't :)15:54
alekibangohe said, using vim is not a sin, but penance15:54
jaypipes_0x44: you're part of the problem, but for totally different reasons :P15:55
_0x44jaypipes: I hate freedom, but only other people's :D15:55
alekibangoi have met RMS in person -- :)15:55
alekibangoand i must say that meeting changed my perspective15:55
_0x44alekibango: Did you switch to using BSD? ;)15:56
alekibangohe really is a big man  ( see for funny reading and explanation )15:56
alekibangoi still dont like some his habbits, but i must say i admire his will to have integrity15:57
alekibango_0x44: no :) BDS is  free only for developers. i think users should be free too15:57
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_0x44alekibango: I don't want to get into a philosophical argument about licensing, but from my experience what users want is the freedom not to have to treat computers as computers.16:01
alekibango_0x44: do you think you can define what FREEDOM is?16:02
alekibango_0x44: most people really want to get away from pain, have something good to drink and eat and thats it. :/16:03
_0x44alekibango: For me, yes. For anyone else, no. Hence the joke about hating other people's freedom.16:03
alekibangooh, it was a joke :)16:04
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alekibangoi am trying for years to come up with solid definition of freedom for my personal dictionary16:05
alekibangoif you think you can help, please do :)16:05
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dendrobatesanyone else seeing this from Stderr: 'WARNING:  Could not open /proc/net/vlan/config.  Maybe you need to load the 8021q module, or maybe you are not using PROCFS??\nERROR: trying to set name type for VLAN subsystem, error: Package not installed\n'16:17
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zulon maverick?16:21
gundlachjaypipes: care for a light snack?
zuldendrobates: interesting havent seen it16:23
dendrobateszul: it is on a cloud instance, with a very stripped down build16:25
dendrobatesprobably something missing16:25
jaypipesgundlach: mmmm, delicious.16:25
zuldo you have vlan installed?16:25
gundlachjaypipes: is that a lgtm? :)16:25
jaypipesgundlach: done :) feel free to set it to Approved.16:27
gundlachjaypipes: thx for the quick turnaround :)16:27
jaypipesgundlach: of course!16:28
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gundlachand with that, i'm out for the day.  adios!16:28
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dendrobatesjaypipes: soren's head barely fits through a door as it is, without you saying he does excellent work in a code review.16:39
dendrobateshe might ask for more money, if he thinks he's good16:39
dendrobatescurrently he is paid entirely in Dr Pepper, which is very valuable in DK16:40
dendrobatescan anyone tell I am a bit giddy, who needs sleep.16:40
jaypipesdendrobates: :)16:41
jaypipesdendrobates: I'll buy stock in Dr. Pepper then ;)16:41
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dendrobatesis anyone testing openstack on xen-server or open source xen?17:20
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dendrobatesjaypipes: if we give a FFE for glance is it close to being ready?17:20
jaypipesdendrobates: depends on what you mean by "ready".  If you mean "read and write API done", then no.17:21
jaypipesdendrobates: If you mean "read API works and a FakeParallaxClient is hooked in and unit tested", then yes.17:22
dendrobatesjaypipes: how is it useful the way it is?17:22
jaypipesdendrobates: as for testing on Xen, we need to get mtaylor's help to set up a box and hook it into Tarmac.17:22
jaypipesdendrobates: it isn't particularly useful the way it is.17:22
jaypipesdendrobates: wasn't enough time to get the rest of it done. sorry :(17:23
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mtaylorjaypipes: yes17:23
mtaylorjaypipes: so - today I'm going to figure out how to make tarmac run hudson jobs instead of building directly17:24
jaypipesmtaylor: cool :)17:25
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Abd4llAhi alekibango17:38
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dendrobatesdo we have the bugbot running?17:54
dendrobatesbug 65700117:55
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 657001 in nova "Change all references to Rackspace in the API code to Openstack" [High,In progress]
alekibangohi Abd4llA17:56
dendrobates_cerberus_:  I created the above bug to get around FF17:58
_cerberus_dendrobates: thanks man17:59
*** guynaor has joined #openstack17:59
dendrobates_cerberus_: thanks again for doing this for me.18:00
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uvirtbotNew bug: #657001 in nova "Change all references to Rackspace in the API code to Openstack" [High,In progress]
dendrobatesuvirtbot: a little slow18:02
uvirtbotdendrobates: Error: "a" is not a valid command.18:02
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Abd4llAso nova currently have an RBAC model?18:45
Abd4llAs/so/so does/18:46
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sorendendrobates: Launchpad has an 8 minute delay before it sends out e-mail. After that, it can take up to 10 minutes (I think) before the bugbot polls the mailbox and finds the new bug.18:53
*** ppetraki-lunch is now known as ppetraki18:55
sorendendrobates: The 8 minute delay (should you be wondering) is to collect multiple changes to bugs by the same person into one e-mail. 8 minute without changes to the bug by the same user makes Launchpad assume you're done.18:59
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_0x44jaypipes: There's already a filesystem backend/ swift object storage backend for teller19:05
_0x44They're usable too.19:05
sorendendrobates: I've tested nova on Xen. It works.19:06
*** spackest1 has quit IRC19:06
jaypipes_0x44: yeah, I know.  I have just finished converting the "bugs" to blueprints and establishing the dependency tree... pls ignore emails for now :)19:08
_0x44jaypipes: Why do they need to be blueprints? I thought there was already a glance/teller/parallax blueprint?19:08
jaypipes_0x44: see here:
dendrobatessoren: xen server, or the oss one?19:08
jaypipes_0x44: bugs are bugs. blueprints are for features, which is what all of those were.19:08
sorendendrobates: oss19:09
jaypipes_0x44: I can't visualize a dependency tree of bugs.19:09
_0x44jaypipes: AHA! I see what you did there.19:11
jaypipes_0x44: :)19:12
jaypipes_0x44: I put all your blueprints into Beta Available status since their all committed to trunk (but not yet packaged). Once Glance is a package-able distribution, they'll go to Implemented status.19:13
_0x44Awesome, thanks jaypipes.19:13
_0x44I was reading "blueprint" as "needs to be done"19:13
jaypipes_0x44: yeah, no worries :)19:13
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zykes-when's openstack going to release ?19:34
jerooct 21st ?19:36
zykes-that with a full ui etc ?19:36
jeroyou can get an idea here
zykes-so no support then for vmware19:39
alekibangozykes-: wmware is proprietary technology which has its own proprietary cloud system19:39
alekibangoopenstack is here to reverse that trend19:40
openstackalekibango: Error: "is" is not a valid command.19:40
alekibangoopenstack: easy19:40
openstackalekibango: Error: "easy" is not a valid command.19:40
alekibangowho owns that bot? :)19:41
alekibangozykes-:  kvm,uml,xen,qemu is enough for me...   virtualbox is coming too19:43
creihtopenstack: list19:43
openstackcreiht: Admin, Channel, ChannelLogger, Config, MeetBot, Misc, Owner, Services, and User19:43
alekibangoopenstack: owner19:44
openstackalekibango: Error: "owner" is not a valid command.19:44
alekibangoopenstack: list owner19:44
openstackalekibango: announce, defaultcapability, defaultplugin, disable, enable, flush, ircquote, load, log, quit, reload, rename, unload, unrename, and upkeep19:44
alekibangohmm thats not hte right keyword19:44
alekibangohe should react  only when : is behind his name19:45
alekibangoor ignore unknown commands19:45
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zykes-alekibango: what about folks who run vmware then ?19:55
alekibangozykes-: i am not openstack spokeperson19:56
alekibangobut for me, its the same as what about guys who drink beer_19:56
alekibangomaybe there is some way to migrate19:56
alekibangobut i really ignored vmware all the time19:56
alekibangoi like using free software only if thats possible19:56
alekibangozykes-: that is my personal opinion = and my employer (me) doesnt always agree19:57
notmynamedendrobates: I'd love to hear your comments on that article ^^19:58
alekibangoi will give you mine: he has right to write that article.  and everyone here has right to fork that code. that is what happens when its going evil.   you cant really hijack a free software...20:00
alekibangoso let everyone be dictator of his own project please :)20:00
notmynamesure, but you can't argue forking the code every time a dev thinks the governance is "evil" is good for a project20:00
alekibangoeveryone can create his own country20:01
alekibangonotmyname: for me its about what is good to all the stakeholders20:01
alekibangoi was criticized the same way from people who never helped me in my own project20:02
alekibangoso i can understand20:02
alekibangowe might talk about the power balance20:02
alekibangoand right, its moving a bit20:03
alekibangobut until the code is open, i dont worry much20:03
*** jonwood has quit IRC20:03
alekibangoheh until, my penguin english bites :)20:03
alekibangodendrobates: but also i would like to hear response20:04
alekibangoimho USERS can control the software whenever they wish = when its free/open software20:05
zykes-i would like to have vmware support as well20:06
zykes-would be awesome20:06
alekibangowell, might be, you are free to contribute20:06
creihtzykes-: patches welcome :)20:06
*** Abd4llA has quit IRC20:06
alekibangobut get also army of lawyers20:06
zykes-creiht: don't know python so20:07
alekibangoto deal with potential problems around proprietary IP20:07
alekibangozykes-: you can learn python tonight20:07
alekibangoin 2-8 hours20:07
zykes-alekibango: hmm, ok ?20:07
*** murteas1 has joined #openstack20:07
alekibangoreally, its easy language20:07
_cerberus_zykes-: :-) Awesome book20:07
alekibangomy 7 yo son is able to use it20:07
Ryan_Lanezykes-: do you know any programming languages? if so, python should be easy to pick up20:08
creihtzykes-: ask vmware to do it? :)20:08
Ryan_LaneI learned it in a couple days20:08
alekibangowell, the core, covered in tutorial, can be done in hours20:08
alekibangomost other stuff are external modules20:08
alekibangothe core is really easy to learn20:09
notmynameheh. I was just about to paste that20:10
alekibango - that one is really nice20:10
creihtnotmyname: shouldn't you be fixing code? :)20:10
creihtor should be :P20:11
*** Abd4llA has joined #openstack20:11
alekibangomy son is using
notmynamecreiht: seems that the code I wrote is fine. clayg is the one who sabotaged me! ;-)20:11
alekibangonow my 5 yo son is beggin me to help him learn coding20:12
creihtalekibango: hows it going? I've heard good things about that20:12
*** spackest has quit IRC20:12
alekibangoyes its nice... but the last version of the book is for python3, which i didnt expect :)20:12
alekibangowe finished 4th chapter and he liked it20:12
alekibangothey played the 'guess number' game for hour20:13
alekibangohe really started with GVRNG20:13
*** Abd4llA_ has joined #openstack20:13
alekibangohe programmed library helping the bot to get out of the maze20:13
alekibangocca 200 lines of code20:13
alekibangoreally smart guy :)20:13
*** benoitc has quit IRC20:14
Abd4llAQ. When a blueprint gets "released", does it get removed from LP ?20:14
*** jdarcy has quit IRC20:14
sorenAbd4llA: Blueprints don't get removed.20:15
sorenAbd4llA: For purposes of tracking history, really. Just like we don't throw away version control history once we think we're sure a change that's been applied works like it should.20:16
zykes-using git ?20:17
*** murteas1 has quit IRC20:17
alekibangozykes-: back to the article -- imagine that some big company will send more developers here and HIJACKS it instead of  rackspace and nasa20:18
alekibangoi would rather have some good dictator instead20:18
*** jero has quit IRC20:18
alekibangoand when dictator is ungood -> move to own country20:18
Abd4llAok that's good, I thought so too. But I'm trying to see old specs of nova. "Projects, roles, different components..etc" and I fail to find blueprints that describe such stuff20:18
Abd4llAthey all look pretty recent to me20:19
alekibangoAbd4llA is asking because he is trying to figure out how documentation structure might look like20:19
notmynamealekibango: but isn't that one of the points in the article? control comes from contribs20:20
alekibangoif is here anyone willing to help with documentation structure for nova, please
*** benoitc has joined #openstack20:20
alekibangonotmyname: i agree... but also power comes from it20:20
alekibangoand the power can overtake  big boards and directors20:20
alekibangoand can migrate20:21
zykes-how come other probjects use git fine then alekibango ?20:21
alekibangoi would also like git more20:21
notmynamethese are fairly complicated bits of code. if there are gobs more devs working on it and features are added that RAX/NASA don't want, so what?20:21
alekibangozykes-: bzr is also distributed20:21
notmynamegit would be great20:21
Abd4llAsoren: so did u guys create specs somewhere else previously ?? Or was it all in blueprints ?20:22
alekibangoyes i got used to git20:22
alekibangoAbd4llA: this projects runs just from summer20:22
alekibangoblueprints are best you can have20:22
alekibangonotmyname:  for rejected stuff, look at nova merge requests in notepad20:23
sorenAbd4llA: The stuff that NASA did before it turned into OpenStack Compute does not have blueprints.20:23
Abd4llAI C :)20:24
alekibangonotmyname: i have never seen so free/open cloud team as here....20:24
alekibangomost clouds are only partially free, if they are released as opensource20:24
alekibangothey mostly sell some enterprise version (thats the version for the spaceship)20:25
alekibangoits not like this here... and if it will be, i will be one of those who will fork it20:25
notmynamealekibango: I admit I'm pretty ignorant of the nova side of things. I can only speak with perspective from swift. I realize that, since nova is "earlier" in the dev process, things are a little more at risk from going in the wrong direction20:25
zykes-nova is ?20:26
alekibangozykes-: openstack compute20:26
creihtnova is what originated at nasa as their compute cloud20:26
creihtswift is the object storage that originated at RS as cloudfiles20:27
alekibangonotmyname: yes, there are risks, but after evaluatinng all other cloud projects, i found out that this project has 1) smart people 2) smart companies behind those people 3) good spirit 4) massively scalable (10^6 hosts) 5) open, nice and extendable code20:28
alekibangothis project wins in most, if not all of those things20:28
alekibangoi realized i must join the winning team in this :)20:29
zykes-alekibango: where to get the code ?20:29
alekibangozykes-: wiki.openstack.org20:30
alekibangothere is all20:30
alekibangothere are some features missing, but i feel i do not need worry about those...  i will do them myself, or someone other will do20:30
*** yoramheller has joined #openstack20:33
zykes-has openstack seen any large deployments yet ?20:33
sorenzykes-: Swift is running Rackspace Cloud Files. Nova is running NASA's Nebula platform.20:34
notmynamezykes-: rackspace and swift are pretty large20:34
notmynameerrr...rackspace and nasa20:34
*** murteas has joined #openstack20:34
zykes-so the code is "prod" ready ?20:35
alekibangoswift is production ready20:35
alekibangoits used in rackspace20:35
alekibangonova is prerelease now20:35
zykes-so, what's the diff ?20:35
zykes-one controls the hypervisor the other20:35
alekibangozykes-: nova will be released in 2 weeks20:35
alekibangonova runs virtual machines20:35
alekibangoswift provides reliable storage20:35
zykes-storage how ?20:36
alekibangoin first nova release, swift will not be integrated well yet (prolly)20:36
creihtzykes-: swift is object storage, similar in scope to amazon's S320:36
alekibangocreiht: btw how similar is swift to CEPH ?20:37
zykes-ceph ?20:37
creihtwhat is ceph?20:37
alekibangoi would love to have ceph in production quality20:37
alekibangothere si some rdb20:38
jc_smithceph is a block device20:38
creihtyeah different goals20:38
jc_smithswift is an api or http thing20:38
notmynameunstructured object storage20:38
zykes-meaning ?20:38
alekibangoi didnt found time to understand swift more :) will need to do in next week20:38
zykes-how does work in connection to per say vmware ?20:39
notmyname"Swift is a highly available, distributed, eventually consistent object/blob store"20:39
jc_smithI was writing an NBD server that runs on top of swift, but I'm not sure the concurrency would work for that20:39
jc_smithif you are looking at ceph, check out sheepdog20:39
alekibangojc_smith: does it have url?20:40
creihtSwift isn't a file system20:40
notmynamezykes-: so it's not a block device, but for storing files (objects)20:40
alekibangoyes i seen sheepdog20:40
alekibangoand i actually wanted to use it before i found nova20:40
Abd4llANova relies on libvirt heavily right?20:40
notmynamezykes-: our biggest use cases at rackspace are static content for websites (images, js, css, etc) and backups20:40
jc_smithabd4lla: yes20:41
creihtzykes-: swift is a lot more like a key value store, where the data you are storing are files20:41
alekibangozykes-: so you need VMWARE support in libvirt20:41
alekibangorest is easy20:41
jc_smiththough it is abstracted into a "driver" so it may not be hard to replace it20:41
jc_smiththats how the xen support is working I think20:41
alekibangohey it has some
Abd4llAdo u know if swift is based on dht ?20:42
jc_smithit would take some refactoring in other areas too, like if you are using esxi, its running busybox linux, so nova-compute wouldn't be running on that20:43
creihtAbd4llA: there are a lot of common concepts20:43
notmynameAbd4llA: no20:43
creihtbut it doesn't use a DHT20:43
jc_smithits using consistent hashing20:43
notmynameAbd4llA: but similarities20:43
burriswhy is swift not a dht?20:45
*** ptremblett has joined #openstack20:45
jc_smithburris: because you didn't write swift? ;)20:45
creihtburris: there are a lot of commonalities20:45
creihtWe focused very specifically at storing files20:45
creihtso everything is optimized around that20:46
creihta DHT in general is much more generic20:46
notmynamewe will gaim more similarities when we push out the large file branch20:46
burrisjust wondering because it semes to be a dht to me...  values are mapped to keys which are placed in buckets dsitributed over machines, and the buckets are chosen with hashing... i.e. its a dht20:46
creihtFrom a very abstract perspective, it is very much like a DHT20:46
burrisit is a dht :-)20:46
alekibango -- lolz nice photo20:47
creihtand you could "abuse" it by using it as a DHT, but it wouldn't work well as a DHT20:47
creihtI guess I hesitate to call it a DHT, becuase its use case isn't the same, as say cassandra20:47
alekibangolooks like  amish community20:47
*** ptremblett has quit IRC20:47
jc_smithus cloudscalers are amish20:48
burrisits not the use case that determines if it's a dht...  it would be the structure20:48
notmynameand it's not like the DHT used for bittorrent20:48
alekibangoreally?  how do you make electricity?20:48
jc_smithI'm typing with a wooden keyboard20:48
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk20:48
creihtcall it what you want, we call it object storage :)20:49
alekibangoamish movement started under another name in my country around 14[1-4]020:49
jc_smithI call it cool ;)20:49
burrissure it's object storage implemented with a dht20:49
jc_smithwhat country is that?20:49
alekibangoand the man who started it was my fav author -- petr chelcicky :)20:49
zykes-what's object storage used for contra block ?20:50
*** burris has quit IRC20:50
redboswift is a dht that handles big objects hopefully better than most, and it also has indexes of the keys, which is sort of unusual20:51
alekibangojc_smith: czech republic, but i am afraid its now all EU here now...20:52
jc_smithI need to renew my french passport so I can take part of this EU stuff ;)20:53
Abd4llAwhat's the scheduler btw?20:53
alekibangojc_smith: anarchists, commies, pacifists, right wing conservatives --they all consider petr chelcicky to be inspiration, if not founder of theirs ideology. He remains one of those geniuses who are not understood even 600 years later...20:53
jc_smiththe scheduler decides what node a vm should be put onto in the context of nova20:54
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates20:54
*** benoitc has quit IRC20:54
*** benoitc has joined #openstack20:54
alekibangoand until this day, for example wikipedia cant even write first line correcly20:54
alekibango(he was not political leader at all)20:54
zykes-what os does rackspace run ?20:55
notmynamezykes-: for swift we use ubuntu20:55
alekibangozykes-: it works on debian too20:55
alekibangoand other linuxes20:55
zykes-i meant for hypervisors20:55
alekibangozykes-: it has no h*vizors20:55
jc_smithI'm guessing RS cloud is xen?20:56
jc_smithmost public iaas non-vmware based clouds are xen based20:57
zykes-so swift is more storage and nova is controlling typically xen ?20:57
redboyeah, at least the linux part is xen20:57
jc_smithnova more typically integrated with kvm right now, xen is in the works20:57
cachedoutjc_smith is there a particular reason that it's been xen over kvm?20:58
zykes-still don't see the roles of  switch and nova .20:58
Abd4llAso far from what I saw, from a user prespective, learning to use nova is a matter of learning to use eucatools ?20:58
jc_smithI think because its been more mature longer, and the drivers for windows guests were more stable earlier20:58
jc_smithabd4lla: when interfacing/consuming nova, yes. But to manage a nova deployment, no20:59
jc_smithnova has flags you pass into various daemons and command line scripts for driving it21:00
jc_smithkvm was too bleeding edge 3+ years ago when most of these clouds were being built, hence xen. I think kvm is very viable now21:01
Abd4llA+1 on kvm21:02
jc_smithredhat is also heavily backing and supporting kvm21:02
Abd4llAI never liked the way xen runs21:02
* soren does not like Xen. At all.21:02
* soren <3 kvm21:02
zykes-RHEV :p21:03
dendrobatesnow now soren.21:03
jc_smithxen is always behind with getting upstream linux kernel features21:03
alekibangoredhat people think that xen will pass away soon21:03
sorenalekibango: Yeah, they're finally catching on :)21:03
jc_smithbut, having worked at a company that had hundreds of xen nodes, I can say it was fairly stable and easy enough to manage.21:04
dendrobatesit is still used heavily by rackspace and amazon running almost all the worlds cloud server21:04
alekibangojc_smith: well, on old kernels21:04
jc_smithgogrid is xen too21:04
zykes-isn't xen stable now at 2.6.3x something ?21:04
alekibangokvm is starting to be as good as xen (almost)  -- but is easier to run21:05
alekibangozykes-: to be fair, i stopped watching it. kvm is in kernel21:05
zykes-alekibango: and kvm is "natively" supported by redhat / debian / ubuntu21:05
alekibangozykes-: xen is also in debian, supported21:05
zykes-well last time i tried it it was pretty harsh to get up contra kvm .21:06
alekibangowell, thats true21:06
dendrobatesthere are 16 merge requests that need reviewing:
alekibangoand thats why i stopped worrying about xen and started to love kvm21:06
Abd4llAI'm facing the following error
zykes-though installing kvm takes no more then the time installing the OS itself :)21:06
alekibangodendrobates: ah, right, back to work21:06
dendrobatesAny core devs out there that can help? it would be greatly appreciated.21:07
alekibangozykes-: kvm is in 10 seconds for me :)21:07
Ryan_Lanenova-objectstore package is missing a dependency on python-greenlet21:08
dendrobateswhich package?  maverick?21:09
creihtpython-eventlet should depend on python-greenlet21:09
dendrobateswe can do an SRU for ubuntu, but it might be a while.  Final freeze for Maverick is tomorrow, so all the work is focused on that.21:10
zykes-i'll look into python tmrw21:10
Ryan_Laneshould I be targeting maverick instead of lucid?21:11
Ryan_Lanelucid is much more appealing for me, since it is LTS21:11
sorenRyan_Lane: No, that an eventlet problem. I've uploaded a fix already.21:15
*** murteas1 has joined #openstack21:15
sorenRyan_Lane: To Maveric. Not lucid, yet.21:16
*** murteas has quit IRC21:16
*** burris has joined #openstack21:17
burrisswift is actually three dhts, one ecah for accounts, containers, and objects, plus a proxy server makes an object store21:17
redboTrue, the object portion is a pretty straightforward DHT and the account and containers are sort of a modified DHT.21:19
creihtburris: alright... you caught us...21:19
alekibangonice one21:20
redboSo there are a lot of architectural similarities to other DHTs.  We didn't really blaze a lot of new ground.21:23
notmynameunlike some DHTs (pastry for example), we don't pass messages along to other nodes. the proxy talks directly to the node that will store the data21:24
notmynamebut unlike Pastry, we have to manually add and remove nodes from the cluster. there is no automatic node up/down facility21:26
*** jsgotangco has joined #openstack21:28
*** jsgotangco has quit IRC21:28
*** jsgotangco has joined #openstack21:28
*** jsgotangco has joined #openstack21:29
Ryan_Lanesoren: ah ok. it's fine. just thought I'd make sure you guys knew it was an issue :)21:30
sorenRyan_Lane: bug 657047 :)21:30
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 657047 in python-eventlet "Missing dependency on python-greenlet" [Undecided,New]
Ryan_Lanefor a production set up of nova. what's the architecture look like? a cloud controller, a volume node, and a bunch of compute nodes?21:36
alekibangoRyan_Lane: ^21:43
*** jakedahn has joined #openstack21:43
*** joearnold has joined #openstack21:46
Ryan_Laneah. that's much better. :)21:47
alekibangoand there was another image i cnat find right now21:47
Ryan_LaneI don't see info about ldap in install instructions anywhere21:47
alekibangoits faked by python21:48
Ryan_Laneah. ok21:48
alekibangobut can use real one if you want21:48
Ryan_Laneplanning on it :)21:48
alekibangowhich makes installation harder21:48
Ryan_Laneany idea the schema is it using?21:48
alekibangoRyan_Lane: me too21:48
Ryan_Lanenot openldap though21:48
* Ryan_Lane hates openldap21:48
alekibangome too21:48
alekibangono idea21:49
Ryan_LaneI'm packing opendj for ubuntu as we speak21:49
Ryan_Lanewhich is a fork of opends21:49
Ryan_LaneI'm ok with the fake user store for now :)21:49
Ryan_LaneI think I'm likely to keep most components with the controller21:50
Ryan_LaneI'll probably separate storage and compute21:51
*** ctennis has joined #openstack21:52
*** ctennis has joined #openstack21:52
alekibangosomeone help us -- there was a nice image of nova cloud architecture somwhere - and i cant find it... :)21:56
alekibangoimages of possible cloud designs21:56
*** iammartian_ has quit IRC21:57
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*** Tushar has joined #openstack22:02
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dendrobatesI'm out for a bit.  Please do code reviews if you have time.  We need to get all these branches merged before real testing can start22:08
*** jakedahn has quit IRC22:08
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creihtall outstanding merge proposals for swift are reviewed and merged22:38
*** rnirmal has quit IRC22:38
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