Thursday, 2010-11-04

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alekibangoOrman: we dont know what the cheese is. first descibe cheese and you see also holes00:07
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Ormansniffing traffic is one00:10
OrmanWe have to protect against this.00:11
OrmanWiht new tools00:12
pvoOrman: vlans and network rules can prevent this.00:14
OrmanI just making a point.00:15
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mtaylorpvo: yes!01:04
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Ormanalekibango: When do you think we will have the goals done by?01:44
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Ormananyone on02:08
alekibangoOrman: not sure...02:10
OrmanSo how long do you think the goals will take02:11
Ormanto add/02:11
alekibangountill we see the whole picture right02:11
alekibangoyou know, like debian release :)02:12
alekibangoits ready when its redy02:12
OrmanI just want to get started on desiging02:15
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alekibangoOrman: ?03:19
OrmanWhat's up?03:21
alekibangoyou wanted to tell me something?03:21
alekibangoanyway. will send you a file over irc...03:21
OrmanOh yes I did haha03:21
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OrmanI think we do need goals,but I hope we can start on designing soon.03:22
alekibangoOrman: catch the file03:22
OrmanI see it,but can't open it03:22
alekibangouse inkscape03:22
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alekibangoha, i uncluded unused layers03:23
alekibangoi will send you smaller one03:23
alekibangoif you really need, i can make png03:24
OrmanOr you could email it to me03:24
Ormanpng would wokr jpg03:24
alekibangoi hate mails03:24
alekibangono it doesnt work03:24
alekibangobut it displays something03:25
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alekibangosvg is scalable you know03:25
OrmanYeah I know png might work.03:26
alekibangounderstand that png is only rendering of it03:26
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alekibangosvg is source03:26
alekibangoits one of my attempts to describe nova03:26
alekibangovishy: are u here?03:27
alekibangoOrman: why dont you accept those files from me03:27
OrmanSOrry I was busy for a min03:27
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jakedahn - thoughts?05:33
khusseinjakedahn: haha .. I like it :).05:34
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neogenixjakedahn: awesome, where do we get them ?05:46
neogenixkhussein: you're still up?05:46
jakedahnneogenix: just came up with the design like an hour ago, not sure what the plan for printing will be05:46
jakedahnwould you pay $20 for one?05:46
khusseinneogenix: How can I help you?05:47
neogenixjakedahn: probably, although maybe we can get some sponsored, and maybe add in some RS bits ;)05:47
jakedahndebating on whether or not it is best to put it on one of those 'upload design -> ship to buyers' companies, or actually screenprinting05:47
neogenixkhussein: i'm too sleepy to say something smart at you right now, but you do know me :P05:47
khusseinLet me bring up my secret people file database.05:48
neogenixyour first stop should be /whois :P05:49
khusseinHeeeey .. how is it going man?05:50
neogenixsecret database my hind-quarters!05:50
neogenixare you coming down here every day for the summit btw ?05:51
khusseinDatabase was loading :p.05:51
khusseinhaha, yes sir.05:51
neogenixmust be MySQL... we should get you involved in our analytics project :P05:51
khusseinI'll be there this Friday too.05:51
neogenixah, well if you get stuck down here, you're welcome to stop by at my place instead of making the trip back up05:51
khusseinSure thing .. thanks buddy. Yeah, I am guessing after the summit, hanging out with everyone .. it is gonna get late :).05:52
khusseinI am really excited about this summit, I missed the first one.05:52
khusseinAre you "presenting" ?05:53
neogenixI believe so, have you seen my blueprint ?05:55
khusseinNo? send me a link, I'll check it out.05:55
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DesiJatanyone from in here?06:25
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ranjibhey all08:17
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doudeCan I ask some questions about nova administration on this chat ?10:09
doudeI try ti run nova on a Debian testing amd6410:13
doudeI use the script propose on git hub10:13
doudeon this script the env file is generated by the command nova-manage10:15
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doudebut in this file the var EC2_CERT point to an file doesn't exist10:17
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doudeDo i need to create this file befor by another command ?10:17
doudethe files are certificats10:18
doudefor the environement var EC2_CERT, EC2_PRIVATE_KEY and NOVA_CERT10:19
doudeI saw another method with the nova-manage commande which generate a zip file withe the file novarc and the certificates10:20
doudethe command "nova-manage project environment" must generate the certificat ?10:23
ranjibthe certificates sud be generated under CA subfolder10:33
doudeso why the generated novarc file doesn't point to this directory ?10:38
ranjibthere are seprate shell scripts to generat the root ca , which is invoked automatically10:38
ranjibit should10:39
doudeyes, i've got the root ca certificat in the CA dir10:39
ranjibby default it's set to "/CA"10:39
doudebut I don't have the other certificates10:39
ranjibinstance speficic certificates are generated via euca-add-keypair10:40
ranjiband the generated .pem file you use to to connect to the instances10:40
doudeeuca-add-keypair generate only the certificate .priv use to to connect to the instances10:44
doudeI don't have certificates cert.pem and pk.pem10:45
doudelike I have when I use the command "nova-manage project zipfile"10:45
ranjiblet me check10:46
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uvirtbotNew bug: #670867 in nova "NoMoreNetworks exception during nova-manage installation" [Undecided,New]
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pikenI will circulate later today an early alpha of the python based install system with install manifests.13:23
ranjibpiken: great13:31
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mdiverall:  I'm trying to issue the command euca-run-instances and I'm getting an error   "ValueError:  String too long "   , any idea ???13:36
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mdiverI've got an error no nova-network.log saying :    "nova.exception.NotFound: No network for id 1"  ..   Any idea ???14:00
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jaypipesmdiver: any way related to this?
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 670867 in nova "NoMoreNetworks exception during nova-manage installation" [Undecided,New]14:04
jaypipespiken: do you have a blueprint or spec page for that python install system?14:05
mdiverjaypipes: One thing that I've realized is , that I have to create the Network first..14:06
jaypipesmdiver: are you following along the installation tutorial?14:06
dendrobatesjust so everyone knows, we have 63 approved blueprints and 39 slots, so arbitrary cuts are coming14:07
mdiverjaypipes: Yes.14:07
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dendrobatesfor the summit ^^^14:07
mdiverjaypipes: I'm running Centos though14:07
jaypipesmdiver: k14:08
jaypipesmdiver: pls do update the install docs if you find an error! :)14:09
pikenjaypipes: No, I do not a the moment. But I will submit a blue print when I get a chance.14:10
jaypipespiken: are you coming to the summit?14:11
mdiverjaypipes: I've created the networking,   nova-manage create network 10.0..... ,  restarted nova-network, and still getting   nova.exception.NotFound:  No network for id 114:11
dendrobatesDaviey: are you around?14:12
pvodendrobates: I was looking for the other blueprint for shared-ips but I didn't see it.14:12
pikenjaypipes: No, I cannot make it.14:12
pvoI saw one for shared-image-groups14:12
pvoer, shared-ip-groups, I mean14:12
jaypipesmdiver: :( I would suggest entering a bug and someone will investigate.  either that, or ping vishy  :)14:12
dendrobatespvo: is yours different, I might have been hasty.  I am going through many bps in a short period of time14:13
dendrobatesI guess I thought yours was for shared ip groups too14:13
pvomine was for sharing ips between instances with xenserver14:14
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pikenOk, I think I know what mdivers issue is with networking. Let me paint a picture as to how our network is setup so you have an idea.14:14
pvoshared-ip-groups will be apart of that though14:14
jaypipespvo: talk to eday on that.  I think he worked on the shared-ip-groups thing..14:14
pikenWe are running the physical nodes on infiniband with ip over ib setup.14:14
jaypipespiken: nice.14:15
pvojaypipes: yea, I was going to talk to eday but I think his bps is a related, but different14:15
pikenEach node needs its own /32 for the ip ranges for the vm's as they cannot share subnets between nodes due to the ip routing needed for infiniband14:15
dendrobatespvo we can still just use one blueprint and have one discussion14:16
jaypipespiken: ah. makes sense.14:16
pikenIs there a way to set nova up to deploy vm's to the nodes with a set range of ip's it can use on each node?14:16
jaypipesdendrobates: only if it refers to the same thing...doesn't sound like it.14:16
pikenCreating vnets won't work due to it as KVM and virtio thinks what ops did was not even possible. lol14:16
dendrobatesIIUC, one  is a subset of the other14:17
pvodendrobates: ok, I'll update eday's.14:17
jaypipespiken: hmm, not sure.  haven't tried that.  however, there is a FlatManager and DHCPManager style for networking...14:17
jaypipespiken: the default is VlanManager still I think?14:17
jaypipesdendrobates: ah, k14:17
pvodendrobates: what should we do for features that are going to be hypervisor specific?14:17
pikenWhat does FaltManager do as I don't know if DHCPManager will work unless we can manage the DHCP assignments per node14:18
pvoshould we include a 'not implemented' in the other compute nodes for kvm, uml, etc..?14:18
jaypipespvo: prefix all those blueprints with this-blueprint-is-hypervisor-specific. :P14:18
pvoxs-*, which I"ve done.14:18
jaypipespvo: I saw. I was joking :)14:18
pvobut it raises a different question14:19
jaypipespiken: FlatManager allows you to set static IPs for a range of addresses IIRC.14:19
jaypipespiken: range of static IPs... you know what I mean. :)14:19
pvowhat is the right way to add features to a specific hypervisor that isn't getting implemented in another at the same time?14:19
jaypipespvo: there are drivers for each HV.  each virt template can include functionality specific to one HV if I read the code corectly...14:20
pikenhmm, would it allow us to set ranges of statics based on the ip address of the node being provisioned too?14:20
ttxanotherjesse, vishy, termie: you should register your attendance to the summit at:
jaypipespvo: there's a few things that need to standardize (like power states), but other things can be specific to an HV.14:20
pvojaypipes: agreed there... I foresee problems though.14:21
jaypipespvo: up until now, each virt driver module has a set of flags specific to it14:21
jaypipespvo: explain?14:21
jaypipespvo: or rather, elaborate? :)14:21
pvolet me think on it more. Maybe I typed too soon14:21
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pikenalso, I just registered the blueprint for the unified install system.
ttxdendrobates: apart from the three aforementioned guys, we are only missing rlenglet, Todd Willey, Ziad Sawalha.14:28
ttx(in the "session leads dept")14:28
ttxdendrobates: also missing "MSFT" who is supposed to present the hyperv session14:29
* ttx matches IRC nicknames with real names14:32
ttxxtoddx: you should register your attendance to the summit at:
dendrobatesxtoddx: are you coming to the summit14:33
dendrobatesziad will be there14:33
ttxdendrobates: I can force his attendance14:34
ttx(I think)14:34
ttxdendrobates: (for ziad)14:35
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pikenWhat wiki should I put my spec on for the unified install system.14:36
dendrobatesI think rlenglet or someone representing midokura will attend14:38
dendrobatesWe can cancel if they don't show14:39
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mdiverNow I'm getting InstanceLimitExceeded  quota14:44
mdiverany idea ?14:45
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zul "Ubuntu" not "Unbutu" ;)14:51
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notmynamezul: just patched it. should be pushed by hudson/tarmac/whatever soon14:56
zulnotmyname: thanks14:56
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creihtmtaylor: reminder to get swift/1.1 into tarmac/hudson :)15:00
DweezahrIs it possible to get the administrative Nova working in a VM?15:01
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dendrobateszul: next time fix it yourself.  It's about as much work as posting it to the channel.  damn lazy canadians  :)15:06
zuldendrobates: heh15:06
annegentlenotmyname: ha, thanks for fixing!15:08
DweezahrI get an error no 111 when issuing euca-describe-instances15:10
DweezahrI am running 10.04 LTS in VMware15:10
annegentlepiken: for unified install go ahead and put it on, I think15:11
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pikenannegentle: When I get a chance to grab it from my home server, I will get it up.15:15
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pvosoren: did you say you've mounted vhd's on a loopback before?15:44
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sorenpvo: Yes.15:47
sorenczajkowski: oh hai :)15:48
czajkowskisoren: hey there said I'd pop my head in15:49
sorenczajkowski: Was this on Tuesday? Tuesday's a bit blurry :)15:49
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dendrobatessoren: probably at UDS15:52
_0x44dendrobates: RS fucked up the speaker release. You should get that fixed.15:52
sorendendrobates: Yes, Tuesday at UDS is slightly blurry. Tuesdays in general are fine. :)15:53
soren"the speaker release"? What's that?15:53
dendrobates_0x44: in what way, I haven't seen it.15:53
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dendrobatesholy crap15:55
_0x44dendrobates: It only applies to RS employees15:55
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creiht_0x44: link?15:55
_0x44creiht: It's still in the GPL version until 2015, but they dropped it from their proprietary licensed you can link to it package15:55
dendrobates_0x44: can you send me a copy, and tell  exactly what is wrong15:56
_0x44creiht: explains more succintly than I can15:56
creihteither way, it isn't a good sign of things to come15:56
dendrobatesnope I hope oracle doesn't ever buy rackspace15:57
_0x44dendrobates: Josh mentioned it and I only have a printout. In the first para of the RS Master release for the summit it says "I, the undersigned employee of Rackspace US, Inc."15:58
_0x44dendrobates: He might have been sent the wrong release15:58
dendrobateswell the tech tracks don't have speakers, so not our problem15:59
_0x44Is the keynote tracked?15:59
_0x44Don't mind me, I might have misheard15:59
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czajkowskisoren: no idea I'm just back from USA this morning16:02
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sorenczajkowski: Oh, wow.16:06
czajkowskisoren: spent 3 days in disney :D16:06
czajkowskisoren: moving to the UK in the morning for 6 months16:07
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sorenczajkowski: Big day!16:13
sorenOh, have to run16:13
creihtannegentle: ok I'm done with the multi-server docs for now16:20
creihtso feel free to take a look/edit/merge :)16:20
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doudeI have some troubles to run Nova on a debian testing16:35
doudecan you help me ?16:35
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vishyreading scrollback16:47
vishythe issue with NoMoreNetworks is probably due to different workers being started from different directories and hence not using the same db file16:47
vishyInstanceLImitExceeded, you can change your quota with nova-manage, or you can terminate the instances with euca-terminate-instances so that they aren't used in quota calcs16:48
*** dysinger has joined #openstack16:48
vishydendrobates: there are some blueprints that could be combined in to one session, for example, there are 3 relating to networks16:49
vishypiken: One of my blueprints is making the required changes that would allow you to get an ip based on the host that the vm is on.  The best way to do this is to move allocation down the stack16:50
vishyblueprint is here:
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*** krish has joined #openstack17:21
annegentlecreiht: awesome, thanks for finishing up multi-server swift, I'll put a merge request in17:21
*** Cybodog has quit IRC17:24
*** itaifrenkel has joined #openstack17:25
*** dizz|away is now known as dizz17:26
itaifrenkelhello. I've got a newbie installation Q. Is anyone online ?17:26
*** dizz is now known as dizz|away17:26
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates17:26
*** almaisan-away is now known as al-maisan17:27
*** ianweller has quit IRC17:27
*** ianweller has joined #openstack17:28
annegentlecreiht: the google analytics code isn't on, is there something in the build environment preventing it at build time?17:29
annegentleitaifrenkel: sure, go ahead17:29
PentheusI don't see any bugs filed for swift/common/internal_proxy which was added (I believe) for the stats parsing; is there anyone that knows about any that have not yet been filed? I see it failing to perform successful requests, i.e. somehow all of the GET/HEADs it produces result in 404s.  I don't see anything obviously wrong with how it is building its URLs.17:30
khusseinThe wiki is updated now
*** ppetraki has joined #openstack17:31
*** sparkycollier has quit IRC17:32
*** rlucio has joined #openstack17:35
itaifrenkelmy Q is how does external dependencies work ? For example redis installations or any other prerequisite software. Is the openstack just the wrapper?17:35
itaifrenkelWhat about dependencies on implementations that are not opensource ?17:36
*** krish has quit IRC17:36
*** littleidea has joined #openstack17:38
dendrobatesitaifrenkel: external dependencies will be the responsibility of the implementor to install17:38
dendrobatesitaifrenkel: whether they are open or not.17:38
itaifrenkelThe implementor you mean the sysadmin doing the integration?17:39
itaifrenkelWhat about tests. How they can all pass in the automatic build without the dependencies.17:39
dendrobatesitaifrenkel: we cannot know where they should be installed or how they should be configured for any specific implementation17:39
dendrobateswe can make assumptions in a test env that we cannot in a real env17:40
dendrobatesfor example, we can run everything on one system17:40
dendrobatesbut that is not a reasonable productuon setup17:40
dendrobatesand, we no longer require redis.17:40
dendrobatesrabbitmq is a good example though17:41
itaifrenkelok got it. So the tests have a rabbitmq mock?17:41
*** jc_smith has joined #openstack17:42
*** Mr_T has quit IRC17:43
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*** Mr_T has joined #openstack17:44
*** notmyname has joined #openstack17:45
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dendrobatesyes, we have fake everything.17:46
*** ambo has joined #openstack17:46
itaifrenkelok thanks!17:47
dendrobatesdevcamcar: he warmed up even more over the course of UDS17:47
devcamcarthats awesome17:48
devcamcarhe's a pretty big investor in eucalyptus isn't he?17:48
zaitcevLike Bin Laden said, people bet on the strong horse.17:49
zaitcevBecome stronger than Eucalyptus and voila.17:49
zaitcevSame thing happened to Xen and KVM before.17:49
dendrobatesdevcamcar: canonical will be at our summit in force.17:52
zaitcevMaybe I can fight them to the death.17:53
zaitcevIn a cage.17:53
*** kw1 has joined #openstack17:53
*** kw1 has left #openstack17:54
jdarcyI guess I'm glad I won't be there.  ;)17:54
dendrobatesjdarcy: will you ne at fudcon in Jan?17:55
zaitcevThe thing about Canonical is that their engineering capacity is too thin, relatively speaking. It's not like they develop anything except thin slivers of code like Unity.17:55
zaitcevSo, they aim to compensate with promiscuity and jumping on any fad.17:55
zaitcevThat's how shipping Eucalyptus in Ubuntu came about.17:55
dendrobateszaitcev: I don't think that is true.  I think they develop too many non free things.17:55
rbergerondendrobates: are you coming to fudcon in january? :)17:56
jdarcydendrobates: No current plans, but I should go to *something* and that'd be a good one.17:56
dendrobatesrbergeron: sure.17:56
zaitcevYea, and what do you think Eucalyptus is? They posted the code and then refused to accept any  patches.17:56
rbergeronjdarcy: you should come17:56
zaitcevSome open that is.17:56
rbergeronin fact i thought you were ;)17:56
zaitcevIn OpenStack I just posted a patch and voila, incorporated17:57
jdarcyThat's Tempe, right?17:57
zaitcevActually heck my fix was too hasty, someone from Rackspace reworked it17:57
jdarcyNever been there.  It'd be nice.  ;)17:57
dendrobateszaitcev: to be honest many people left Canonical because of that.  And it was not canonicals doing, far from it actually.17:57
dendrobatesrbergeron: I thought I would see if jaypipes wanted to join me.17:58
zaitcevI'm going to drive to Fudcon, although it's the same distance from me as San Antonio.17:58
jaypipesdendrobates: quoi?17:58
rbergeronzaitcev: where are you located?17:58
zaitcevrbergeron: Albuquerque.17:59
dendrobatesjaypipes: I was going to ask if you wanted to go to fudcon with me in Jan.17:59
rbergeronahhhh. you're in smooge's neighborhood :)17:59
jaypipesdendrobates: I get back from holiday on th 6th Jan.  Is it after that? and where?17:59
rbergeronzaitcev: would you go via 40 to flagstaff?17:59
rbergeronjan 29-31 in arizona17:59
zaitcevrbergeron: Probably. Whatever Google suggests.17:59
* rbergeron is in flagstaff18:00
jaypipeshmm, interesting.18:00
*** joearnold has joined #openstack18:00
zaitcevI was going to present something like "Project Hail Postmortem" at Fudcon, but I dunno. Maybe we can look into iwhd and the Deltacoud's storage side, maybe Swift.18:01
*** iammartian has quit IRC18:02
*** arthurc has quit IRC18:04
*** joearnold has quit IRC18:05
*** joearnold has joined #openstack18:08
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*** joearnold has quit IRC18:14
dendrobatesrbergeron: do you want me to present anything?18:19
*** itaifrenkel has quit IRC18:20
rbergeronI think it would be great to have a session on openstack - whether you want to do a "how to get it running" type thing, or more of a high level "what it is and what you can do and here's our roadmap" kind of thing, or both - up to you.18:20
dendrobatesI would really like to do a bof or something like it about how we can work better with fedora.18:21
rbergeronI think it'd be interesting also to have maybe a session on interoperability-type stuff - how all of these different things can / do / won't work together, as far as OpenStack, Deltacloud, etc. go.18:21
rbergeronIf maybe you + other folks are interested in discussing that.18:22
dendrobatesrbergeron: I'll think it over, is there a deadline?18:22
zaitcevDeltacloud is management, as far as I can tell. You know, iwhd has a CF back-end.18:22
zaitcevI don't know if anyone uses it though.18:22
rbergerondendrobates: No hard and fast deadlines - I'd say if you can put something on the wiki before the end of 2010, you'd be find. We try to keep some of it barcamp-style, and other parts we try to schedule.18:24
dendrobatesrbergeron: awesome.18:24
jaypipesvishy: good point on lazy-loaded modules...18:24
*** cole has joined #openstack18:26
rbergeronzaitcev: as I always say - most everyone knows better than I do, so I encourage you good folks to propose your own sessions :)18:26
*** neogenix has joined #openstack18:26
dendrobatesrbergeron: do you know if Amber Graner is scheduled to come?18:27
*** n1c0b has joined #openstack18:28
rbergerondendrobates: she had been planning on it previously - I know she had procured money for either the hotel or the airplane portion, and was pretty sure she could come up with the other half.18:29
rbergeronthat was pre-fire, though, and I haven't talked to her about fudcon sicne that point18:29
dendrobatesyeah, that was crazy18:29
rbergeronBut she had been planning on definitely attending, so I have to think she still will.18:29
rbergeronIndeed it was :/18:30
coleamazing story18:30
*** n1c0b has left #openstack18:31
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*** sparkycollier has joined #openstack18:36
*** HouseAway is now known as AimanA18:37
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rbergerondendrobates: as an FYI we're planning on having OpenStack as a feature (assuming everything gets packaged, which is in progress) so it would be cool to have some folks around to talk about it - not to mention there will likely be plenty of people interested in actually tinkering with it / using it who are from sysadmin land18:41
creihtannegentle: you will have to ask monty about the analytics thing18:43
annegentlecreiht: okay, will do.18:44
*** joearnold has joined #openstack18:45
*** iammartian has joined #openstack18:46
creihtPentheus: Are you talking about the internal_proxy in terms of the stats stuff?18:48
Pentheuscreiht: yup18:50
creihtPentheus: can you paste the logs/error messages to
*** mischer has quit IRC18:53
Pentheuscreiht: Let me throw together the evidence18:53
creihtPentheus: cool... that will be very helpful for debugging the issue18:54
mtaylorannegentle: check again - I just added the env var to the hudson job19:03
mtaylorcreiht: and I haven't forgotten about you :)19:03
*** dragondm has joined #openstack19:05
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*** Pentheus has quit IRC19:11
*** Pentheus1 has joined #openstack19:13
Pentheus1creiht: I included a small patch in the paste which I believe actually fixes the issue.  Saw the issue while putting together the pastes to demonstrate the problem.19:15
* creiht defers to notmyname 19:16
creihtnotmyname: -^19:16
Pentheus1His branch was merged19:16
Pentheus1doesn't that make it your problem now :-)19:16
creihtPentheus1: I beleive you are correct in your patch, but I stlil defer to notmyname, as stats is his baby :)19:18
Pentheus1creiht: oh of course, that sort of deferral is honorable :-)19:19
*** scaraffe has quit IRC19:20
Pentheus1notmyname: Thanks for the stats branch by the way, saved me from some terrible regexp/split pain19:20
*** Pentheus1 has quit IRC19:25
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jaypipesgah, just spent another hour on phone with Dad... now he has Ubuntu, he wants to install every free software package under the sun. :)19:40
jaypipesat least I'm not de-virusing his computers over the phone anymore...19:40
jaypipesvishy, soren, creiht: congrats on your prize. ;)19:41
*** Maro1 has joined #openstack19:41
*** Maro1 has left #openstack19:42
creihtmore meetings :/19:42
jaypipescreiht: :)19:42
annegentlemtaylor: thanks for adding the env var to the doc build!19:43
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates19:43
zulsoren: congrats19:49
*** KanGouLya has quit IRC19:52
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colefor anyone on ubuntu 10.10 - (thx to soren's blog entry)19:55
*** joearnold has quit IRC19:57
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sorenzul: on what?21:14
*** littleidea has joined #openstack21:14
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sorenjaypipes: prize? What did I miss?21:16
*** jfluhmann has quit IRC21:18
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OrmanCommunity, Something has come up that I knew before hand needed my attention. I feel I have contributed what I can right now. However due to my schedule in my studies I am signing off.21:52
*** KanGouLya has quit IRC21:53
*** KanGouLya has joined #openstack21:55
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dendrobatessoren: you were elected to the board22:06
*** littleidea has quit IRC22:08
OrmanI will try to get on here when I can,but I don't know if I'll be back. I know it's sudden,but I hope you all understand that for myself my education comes first.22:09
*** khussein has joined #openstack22:09
*** metoikos has joined #openstack22:17
*** KanGouLya has quit IRC22:18
czajkowskiOrman: I'm sure folks will understand, the joys of a community others will always pitch in or step up and there are lots of people involved22:19
sorendendrobates: How can you tell?22:22
sorenOh, there it is!22:23
dendrobatesOrman: bye, and please stop by anytime, we aren't going anywhere.22:25
Ormandendrobates: thanks man your understanding and everyone else's.22:26
alekibangoOrman:  study well and thanks for your work.22:26
alekibangoand yes, you can stop by anytime :)22:27
OrmanThank you all and I have all the faith in the world that OpenStack will live on. ;)22:27
*** silassewell has quit IRC22:29
OrmanBye guys it's been quite an experience and I thanks for welcoming in.22:30
*** glange_ is now known as glange22:30
OrmanWho knows I might be back or I might be involved in some other Nasa projects.22:31
alekibangoit was nice having you here Orman :)22:31
OrmanGod bless you all and I am going to email Anne.22:31
Ormanalekibango: Thanks man same to you.22:31
OrmanGod bless guys22:31
xtoddxOrman: see ya around22:32
*** jonkelly has quit IRC22:32
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jaypipessoren: the oversight committee :)22:49
*** Orman has quit IRC22:49
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uvirtbotNew bug: #671197 in nova "Smoke tests are broken" [Medium,In progress]
*** burris has joined #openstack22:52
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sorenjaypipes: Yeah, got it. Just somehow missed the e-mail.23:07
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* soren calls it a day23:21
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