Monday, 2010-11-15

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dubsquaredanyone around this evening?01:12
kstewardI am01:12
kstewarddubsquared: are you a regular here?01:13
kstewarda question for the group...01:14
dubsquaredgoing to be, just getting heavily involved with openstack at work01:14
kstewardwhat's the best way to try OS out?   Will one server or two servers be needed?01:14
kstewardmore than two needed?01:15
kstewarddubsquared: where do you work?01:15
dubsquared  — anyone seen the resolution to this01:15
dubsquaredmy /tmp is writable, and all services are started01:16
dubsquaredi work at Rackspace01:16
kstewardah, the central instigators of OS01:17
kstewardnice that Rackspace took the leadership role and got OS going01:17
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dubsquaredAh, it wasn't just us….many many many folks :D01:17
kstewardright, but it sounded like you guys started the ball rolling, right?01:18
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dubsquaredOpenstack came from the Rackspace Cloud Files (Swift), and NASA's nebula project (Nove)01:18
kstewarddubsquared: did you attend the Design Summit?  If so, how was it?01:18
dubsquarednebula is built on KVM, and Rackspace Cloud is Xen based atm...01:19
dubsquaredthere is a lot of work that is going into the dev of OpenStack, as Rackspace will eventually be running it in our production env once it's more mature01:19
dubsquaredI did attend, it was very, very, informative!01:20
kstewardlots of enthusiasm and momentum building?01:20
dubsquaredMet a lot of good folks, and def seeing the rally come together01:20
dubsquaredYep :)01:20
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kstewardwhat other big name companies besides Citrix, Dell were there showing support?01:20
dubsquaredNTT from Japan had quite a few folks in town, RedHat and Ubuntu had a pretty good showing01:21
kstewardIntel too, i belive01:21
dubsquaredI didn't meet anyone from there, but there were hundreds there, probably so01:22
kstewardso... do you think Amazon will eventually support OS?01:22
dubsquaredpersonally, yes01:22
kstewardwhat about Microsoft?  Will they abandon Azure in favor of OS?01:23
dubsquaredNot likely, but they did recently say that HyperV was on-board for OS dev01:23
dubsquaredI'm pretty excited to see how that works into future integration01:24
kstewardI personally think Azure is doomed.  I heard that only 50 customers are on it.  And Ray Ozzie, the CTO who led the dev of Azure, has stepped down recently.01:24
dubsquaredThat will really scale the reach of OS int'lly01:24
dubsquaredYeah, I'm shocked that Ozzie is out!01:24
dubsquaredMS leadership is running out of ppl :)01:24
kstewardand MS isn't replacing him with another CTO01:24
kstewardtheir proprietary operating system under / in the cloud will be an expense and lock in that people will avoid like the plaque01:25
kstewardnot to mention the unreliability of a Window's operating system will only reduce interest in their cloud.01:26
dubsquaredHonestly, MS doesn't make 'bad' products...01:27
dubsquaredbut you're spot on with the vendor lock in scares01:28
kstewardwell I'm not impressed at all with Windows 7 64-bit .... I'm suffering with that at work01:28
dubsquaredI think that familiarity that HyperV brings to the table, and being able to integrate that HV into OS will really help MS scale into parts of the cloud possibly previously untouched01:29
kstewardI'd much prefer a LINUX machine, but the company doesn't support that (yet)01:29
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kstewardso what happened to the other open cloud effort (CCID i think it was called)?01:30
kstewardit was started about a year ago with some fanfare and then fizzled?  Any of that work move over into OS?01:30
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vishydubsquared: haven't run into that one but it looks like CA directory isn't set correctly somehow02:52
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dubsquaredany more insight into that vishy?03:00
vishydubsquared: is thare a openssl.cnf in your CA dir?03:05
dubsquaredwhere/what step is that gen'd03:07
dubsquaredI'm rolling with these, "" and taking notes in what needs to be updated03:09
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vishythat should get run automatically with genrootca.sh03:30
vishywhich runs on start of nova-api03:32
vishydubsquared: did you guys ever get a working centos image?03:32
vishyi'm downloading some iso's to make one03:33
dubsquaredyeah, it appears that my nova-api is not starting03:34
dubsquaredand on the centOS image, no, we tried 3 and got a similar error on each03:34
dubsquaredwe could get all the way to the bundle part, through enc… part.X......03:34
dubsquaredthen we'd get an error 'expecting:CERTIFICATE' etc etc03:35
dubsquaredi have the error sitting around here somewhere…ill look for in a sec03:35
dubsquaredIOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/nova/virt/libvirt.rescue.qemu.xml.template'03:35
dubsquaredso all these files are showing up missing03:35
dubsquaredin our working cluster, i see those files exist03:35
dubsquaredi don't know where they came from thou :|03:36
vishydubsquared: people were reporting some files were missing03:36
vishyfrom austin03:36
vishythey are in trunk though03:36
dubsquaredwell i think I found two of them03:37
dubsquaredah, i think i recall Jordan saying something about that03:37
vishydubsquared: so the bundle image was working?03:37
vishy* not working03:37
dubsquaredit's start, format the filesystem, start creating the image, then spit out all the "part.X's"03:38
dubsquaredthen error right after that03:38 will grab from trunk?03:38
dubsquaredor what it the easiest way to get these missing bad boyus03:39
vishydubsquared: so the euca-bundle doesn't work on centos properly?03:39
vishymight have to use ec2-bundle :(03:39
dubsquaredyeah, that is #2 on my 'stuff to try' list03:40
dubsquaredgetting another image, from boxen is 1st03:40
dubsquaredi keep getting them from the net03:40
vishyi need a centos image by tomorrow, so i'm going to try it03:41
dubsquaredhaha nice03:43
dubsquarednothing like a little deadline to push the boundaries of "try harder"03:43
vishyunfortunately i've never actually used centos, so this could be exciting03:44
dubsquaredthat's how i felt installing on 10.04 ubuntu world03:44
dubsquaredi typed 'yum apt-get' a few times on accident when i first started...03:45
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JordanRinkewell hello there gents03:57
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vishyok trying a 5.3 image i found on the net first04:00
JordanRinkefound the 5.3 image on the eucalyptus site? :-D04:01
vishyafk a bit guys04:01
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dubsquaredoh herro jordan04:03
dubsquaredwelcome to, today04:03
JordanRinkeyeah dude, today is pretty awesome04:05
JordanRinkehows your install?04:05
dubsquaredit's aight….not quite done04:06
dubsquaredi think i ran into the 'missing files' issue04:06
dubsquarednova-api is not starting04:06
JordanRinkeso, just run /usr/bin/nova-api04:06
dubsquaredand due to that, i cant run my command to get my nova.zip04:06
JordanRinkeand it will spit the error to screen04:06
JordanRinkewhich tells you what file is missing04:07
dubsquarednova.exception.NotFound: Class get_connection cannot be found04:07
dubsquaredyeah, i've made it past that part...04:07
JordanRinkethats the error you get when you try to start nova=api04:07
JordanRinkegive me the last 20 lines or so of your error output -
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JordanRinkeyou have all your dependencies installed?04:11
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alekibangoannegentle: your screencast ended in a strange way. missing command 'killall'  went through the screen and right then you stopped the video. You should show how to navigate in those few screens to read logs (ctrl-a ctrl-n, ctrl-a "   etc)04:16
alekibangoand running few commands  would be also nice04:16
alekibangoeven if this could be for another video tutorial :)04:22
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HUhi, can the the number of proxy servers be configed to more than 1?  I'am worry if there's perfomance problem if quite many requests are processed by proxy.07:14
HUDo the proxy server be the bottle neck of the system ?07:15
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JordanRinkeyou can have multiple proxy servers07:27
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HUso could you please give some hints how to properly config the proxy servers to work together if i have 2 proxy servers?07:45
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JordanRinkeI *believe* you set them up the same as eachother07:46
JordanRinkethe proxy is just another entry point to the same data07:46
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HUif i have install proxy and auth server in one machine 1, and install another proxy server in machine 2, how to configure "default_cluster_url"  of auth-server.conf?08:29
JordanRinkei would try setting it to the ip of machine 108:30
HUso no special setting for the second proxy server , just config it as proxy 1 and start the service, right?08:31
anticwHU: we run multiple proxies for performance reasons08:37
JordanRinkeyey, there you go... someone who knows for sure :D08:39
anticwyou also want to bump the # of workers up to something like 2x the number of cores on the system08:39
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annegentlealekibango: yeah I agree, I'll re-record one when I can record more than 5 minutes (notice it stopped at 4:59?) :) Using  "throwaway" recorder software.14:23
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alekibangoannegentle: recordmydesktop :)14:47
alekibangoyet it might make sense to make more, shorter and focused videos14:47
annegentlealekibango: yeah even 5 minutes is too long14:48
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pvoannegentle: I thought 5 min was fine for a tutorial15:10
pvothough I did chuckle when you hesitated on vish's name. : )15:10
pvobecause I would have done the same thing15:10
alekibangopvo: luckily his irc nick is shorter15:12
zulsoren Daviey: around? i was thinking of updating the snapshot in the archvie this week15:22
sorenzul: Feel free.15:23
zulsoren: how was your flight back?15:23
alekibangodid you go through scanners?15:24
sorenzul: Awful as always. I can never sleep properly on my way home.15:24
sorenExcept for the final leg (Copenhagen - Aalborg). I can never stay awake there.15:24
zulsoren: crappy..i almost missed my flight in montreal15:24
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sorenI'm not sure why. Maybe I'm subconsciously afraid I'll miss my next flight if I sleep too deeply.15:25
sorenzul: :( Got delayed somewhere?15:25
zulsoren: kind of the plane from toronto to houston was delayed so we were stuck waiting around for 20 minutes i think15:25
sorenHos is that only "kind of" getting delayed?15:26
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zulwe were late 20 minutes before starting and about 40 minutes delayed before landing in montreal15:27
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sorenIt's the "kind of" part I don't get.15:28
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sorenThat seems like text book "getting delayed" to me.15:28
zulit was :)15:28
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Davieyzul: shoot for gold!15:37
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sandywalshhi y'all ... trying to get nova running on clean ubuntu 10.10 64bit install, but running into an issue with rabbitmq16:49
JordanRinkewhats wrong?16:50
sandywalshit hangs on "starting rabbitmq" after apt-get install16:50
tr3buchetyou've b een to texas recently havent' you sandy!16:50
sandywalshmy ps -aux list looks like
sandywalshthe rabbit archives suggest there's already a copy running, but I've killed off all the processes and tried again ... same problem16:50
sandywalshit works fine on 10.10 32 bit16:51
JordanRinkeive done it on a 10.10 64bit build16:51
gundlachsandywalsh: is that 10.10-64 on metal or virtualized?16:51
sandywalshvirtual on vmware16:51
sandywalsh10.10 server (I should be clear)16:52
sandywalshI've posted this in the #rabbitmq room, no response yet.16:52
JordanRinkefor the sake of time/reset etc do you have anything against just doing a dpkg -P rabbitmq-server, rebooting and installing it again?16:53
sandywalshnope ... I'll give it a shot ... sec16:54
sandywalshhmm, that worked ... odd. Thanks JordanRinke!16:56
JordanRinkeno problem, I did a 40 node install and once or twice just had some random package issues16:57
JordanRinkefound the easiest way was to reset it, if the problem still existed, dive in to it16:57
sandywalsh:) makes sense16:58
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pikenhow hard is it to modify nova-compute to spawn custom vm instances that do not use the network manager, but spawn with given ip addresses?17:01
creihtmtaylor: ping17:02
pikenwe are looking at switching to sr-iov for infiniband to do pure device virtualzation for pure ib in the vm's.17:02
creihtmtaylor: you probably know what I'm going to ask about... :)17:02
JordanRinkeif you use the flatnetwork manage17:02
JordanRinkeit injects the IP from the DB and lets them go17:02
JordanRinkeI used that last week, gave all my VMs a public IP on a flat VLAN'd switch17:03
pikenI understand that, but in this setup, we can't have bridges as you can't bridge a 20byte mac network.17:03
JordanRinkeah I gotcha17:03
pikenwe are doing some weird things to get it now, but sr-iov with virtualized ib will double network performance.17:03
mtaylorcreiht: yes! will do as soon as I reboot after changing laptop batteries...17:05
creihtmtaylor: and thanks :)17:05
JordanRinkepiken: my bet is the best person to answer that question would be vishy17:06
pikenI will have to chat with him. Because if I do the work for it. I will make sure we can submit it back to have openstack as the first sr-iov supported cloud stack.17:07
annegentleI'm working on a man page for nova, but I'm not sure where it would be stored - tools? how would it get to the right location when someone installs?17:09
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edayannegentle: probably should be under docs/man, no?17:16
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edayannegentle: err, doc/man17:17
annegentleeday: that would also be logical :)17:22
sandywalshhmm, this rabbitmq issue seems to be related to changing the hostname17:22
annegentleeday: one thing I don't understand is, how does the file gets to the /usr/ directory?17:23
JordanRinkethe package would do it17:23
annegentleJordanRinke: ok, do I need to notify mtaylor once it's done?17:24
mtaylorannegentle: aroo?17:24
JordanRinkeif he is the one that is in charge of putting the PPA packages together (I don't know who does that)17:25
annegentlemtaylor: I'm making  a man file for nova, not sure 1) where to put it and 2) how it gets to the /usr/blahblah directory?17:25
mtaylorannegentle: there is a magical dictionary in doc/ that lists which sphinx docs get turned in to man pages17:26
annegentlemtaylor: hurrah for magical dictionaries!17:26
annegentlemtaylor: glad I asked, now I will make an rst file17:26
mtaylorannegentle: that's right!17:26
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annegentlethanks all17:26
mtaylorannegentle: oh - what I meant was doc/source/conf.py17:27
mtaylorannegentle: see man_pages = in the swift docs17:27
annegentlemtaylor: ok17:27
annegentlemtaylor: oh good an example17:28
mtaylorannegentle: hrm. I may be lying to you...17:29
annegentlemtaylor: yeah I don't see one in swift yet17:29
mtaylorannegentle: in fact, it does appear that there are none in nova or swift :)17:29
annegentlemtaylor: exactly the opportunity I need on a Monday :)17:30
alekibangoman pages are needed17:30
alekibangoeven simple ones17:30
alekibangocould make it much better17:30
mtaylorannegentle: so - you want to add an entry to that looks like this:17:30
mtaylorannegentle: with one entry per manpage... the fields are (location_of_rst_file, man_page_name, man_page_title, author, section)17:32
annegentlemtaylor: ok, got it. I'll start with nova-manage (there are other nova commands but seems like a good starting point)17:32
JordanRinkeit would be nice to have a man page for each service that explains what flags they service takes in its .conf file17:34
JordanRinkeand if it depends on any other services to be running17:34
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annegentleJordanRinke: yeah good idea, a way to connect-the-dots back to the flag files17:36
pikendo the components currently check to see if there is a config file for it in /etc/nova?17:37
*** dubs has joined #openstack17:37
pikenlike /etc/nova/nova-compute.conf for nova-compute17:37
JordanRinkeif you run them using the service controller, it sets the flag file17:37
JordanRinkeif it doesnt exist it just uses defaults and pukes all over itself17:37
pikenyeah, and that is only there in the ubuntu service files.17:37
JordanRinkeso i think the answer is no, but that is by design17:39
JordanRinkesince you can throw all the flags into the commandline if you want17:39
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jaypipesxtoddx: you're all pushed to openstack-common18:53
xtoddxjaypipes: oh man, i'm like people now!18:53
xtoddxthere's gonna be no living with me18:53
jaypipesxtoddx: :)18:53
* jaypipes denies all future xtoddx merge proposals.18:54
xtoddxhaha, seems appropriate18:54
xtoddxjaypipes: are we gonna get that set up with hudson, and docs on, or is that a mtaylor question18:54
jaypipesxtoddx: it's an mtaylor question, but I can work with him on that...18:55
mtaylorjaypipes: just let me know what you need18:55
jaypipesmtaylor: will do.18:55
jaypipesmtaylor: five thousand dollars, small bills please.18:55
Ryan_Laneis there a guide somewhere for creating VMs for use with nova?18:55
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JordanRinkeRyan_Lane: not that I have seen but it is needed18:57
JordanRinkeif you can find guides related to euca2ools those will work18:57
xtoddxRyan_Lane: do you mean installing nova inside a VM, or launching a vm within nova?18:58
Ryan_Lanewell, I made an image using vmbuilder, but I also need the ramdisk and kernel somehow18:58
jaypipesRyan_Lane: yes, right now only AMIs are supported, so you can use the Amazon docs in a pinch.18:58
Ryan_Laneah. ok. amazon docs will do18:58
jaypipesxtoddx: or do we support raw images now?  not sure that patch made it in...18:58
Ryan_Laneare there any pre-existing images, other than the tiny one made for testing?18:58
xtoddxno raw images yet, afaik18:59
*** maple_bed has joined #openstack18:59
jaypipesRyan_Lane: not that I know of...we really should have a place for that...18:59
*** maplebed has quit IRC18:59
xtoddxryan_lane: there is a script in bin for grabbing the latest ubuntu images18:59
Ryan_Lanewith raw images, would it be possible to upgrade kernels in the VM? :)18:59
jaypipesRyan_Lane: feel free to create a page on the wiki for that and we can work as a community to add in "factory" images.18:59
xtoddxi think vishy's script also grabs some images18:59
JordanRinkeRyan_Lane: here is a guide I used over the weekend18:59
Ryan_Laneyeah, the images it grabs are the tiny ones18:59
jaypipesxtoddx: just the tiny one AFAIK.18:59
Ryan_Laneand the tiny one doesn't work with injected IPs19:00
JordanRinkeit is not exactly relevant, but all the commands at the end are useful19:00
JordanRinkei used this guide to make an ubuntu image from a running box19:00
Ryan_Lanein fact, the tiny one totally breaks when using flatnetworking (I submitted a patch for this)19:00
jaypipesJordanRinke: if you've got free time, if you could add that to the wiki somwhere, that would be helpful! :)19:00
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk19:01
Ryan_Lanea public repository of user-created images would be nice19:01
*** mdomsch has quit IRC19:01
JordanRinkejaypipes: it is on my to do list19:01
JordanRinkeI am going to push a couple images to the CDN and make a guide on building images19:02
JordanRinkeand have a couple premade images available for download19:02
xtoddxbin/nova-import-canonical-imagestore downloads images from
JordanRinkesince there is no real quickstart for people wanting to deply right now19:02
xtoddxshould get 10.10 ec2 release and such19:02
*** mdomsch has joined #openstack19:02
JordanRinkebut then you have to strip out the ec2 scripts19:03
JordanRinkeif you are making images19:03
xtoddxwhy's that?  doesn't metadata work?19:03
JordanRinkeyou REALLY need to have vishy's nova-debug script19:03
jaypipesJordanRinke: cheers mate!19:03
JordanRinkextoddx nope, no path to the server I was told there might be a work around but at least last week we were unable to get that to function19:04
jaypipesxtoddx: FYI, I made a ton of progress on the continuous integration tool while on the plane back to Ohio :)19:04
xtoddxjaypipes: awesome, JordanRinke: not so awesome19:05
xtoddxjaypipes: do you need machines donated to the cause for running various configurations?19:05
JordanRinkextoddx: we need to just provide images or have some type of ec2 stripping utility anyways19:05
jaypipesxtoddx: I will, but not yet. RS is getting the first ones...19:06
JordanRinkewe are getting the first what?19:07
jaypipesJordanRinke: :) the first few machines for doing continuous integration testing in RS labs.19:07
JordanRinkeoh yeah they just came in19:08
JordanRinkeI think dubsquared is working on them right now19:08
jaypipesJordanRinke: were you at the session on it at the summit?19:09
JordanRinkelol dude, I was the one asking you about installing glance on the cluster i built19:09
jaypipesJordanRinke: I was going to work with johnpur on it, but if I can work directly with RS labs, that would be awesome :)19:09
jaypipesJordanRinke: ah!19:09
jaypipesJordanRinke: sorry, my bad!19:10
jaypipesJordanRinke: face recognition to IRC nick interface FAIL.19:10
JordanRinkelol its cool19:11
JordanRinkeI will have to check with Piatt but I am almost certain all the gear dubsquared just got was for community openstack labs19:12
JordanRinkei don't know what he is planning to do in terms of swift/nova deployment etc19:12
jaypipesJordanRinke: should I still ask john purrier to get hardware allocated, or should I just talk to you guys?  Basically, all I need at first is one machine to run the test clients (CI program) and two other machines for the cloud (one for API/Scheduler/MQ) and another for compute/volume19:12
jaypipesJordanRinke: I'll check with john purrier on what he was planning, then, make sure I don't step on any toes.19:13
JordanRinkeI would say pop an email to him and Wayne Walls (dubsquared) to see what is up19:13
jaypipesjinx. :)19:13
jaypipeswill do. cheers!19:13
JordanRinkewe might be stepping on eachothers toes, or one group might just be moving faster19:13
creihtjaypipes: if only we had some resources that we could spin up and down as needed...19:13
jaypipescreiht: :P19:14
jaypipesJordanRinke, creiht: it's the human resources that are the issue as always, right? ;)19:14
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates19:14
*** vishy-afk is now known as vishy19:15
jaypipescreiht: hey, if you're *really* nice to me, I might just consider building a stress/CI tool for Swift.  But only if you're really nice. :)19:15
vishyJordanRinke: any luck getting a centos image to run19:15
*** jeevan_ullas has joined #openstack19:15
JordanRinkei got it built but I had trouble with my nova instance, I need to rework a few of the dev servers I haven't had time to do it today19:15
JordanRinkeI have a zip with the image if you want to try running it somewhere19:15
*** glange has left #openstack19:16
vishyJordanRinke, would be great, since i can' tget anything working so far19:16
vishydoes it have a kernel and ramdisk as well?19:16
JordanRinkecan you not even get an image to bundle?19:16
vishyno i can bundle19:16
vishyjust can't find one that works19:16
JordanRinkehow are they failing?19:17
vishyhave an old 5.3 but it doesn't have virtio support19:17
vishyso it can't load the disk19:17
jaypipesJordanRinke: want me to cc you on that email?19:17
JordanRinkejaypipes: sure19:17
vishymy centos knowledge is very limited19:18
JordanRinkeI am a RHEL dude so it is a little easier for me to move around on vs ubuntu19:18
JordanRinkealthough technically I am actually a windows engineer lol19:18
JordanRinkeim trying to get to the server with the image but it looks like the IPs for the summit may have been deallocted19:19
JordanRinkecan you ping ?19:19
JordanRinke(I know there were some internal routing issues - so it might still be there)19:19
JordanRinkeyeah, so that server had the image19:19
vishyhow did you build it?19:19
JordanRinkegear probably got pulled today :(19:19
creihtjaypipes: I would like to see you build something that could actually *stree* a swift cluster :)19:20
*** joearnold has joined #openstack19:20
creihterm *stress*19:20
JordanRinkeI made a VM on VMware Workstation, bunlded the volume, then bundled the kernel/ramdisk and then the image with the bundle19:20
jaypipescreiht: yep, that's what I'm building for Nova.  I'd be glad to do it for swift too :)19:21
JordanRinkeusing euca2ools19:21
Ryan_LaneIf I'm getting this error: ProcessExecutionError: Unexpected error while running command.19:21
Ryan_Lanesudo tune2fs -c 0 -i 0 /dev/loop019:21
Ryan_Lanedoes that mean my image is bad?19:21
creihtjaypipes: well I was trying to make a joke about the difficulty in actually stressing a swift cluster :)19:21
JordanRinkebrb gas station run for energy drinks19:22
jaypipescreiht: hehe, I can break anything brother.  trust me ;P19:22
*** maple_bed has quit IRC19:22
jaypipescreiht: so, challenge accepted!19:22
vishyRyan_Lane: seems like it19:23
Ryan_Lanedo I need to build the images as xen, or will any image type work?19:23
vishyRyan_Lane: needs to be a single ext partition19:24
sandywalshis there a way to do an anonymous pull of openstack? Why do I need to create a launchpad account?19:24
Ryan_Lanemine is currently root and swap19:24
Ryan_LaneI can't have swap?19:24
vishysandywalsh: yes bzr branch will work it just warns you19:24
vishyRyan_Lane: no swap for you19:24
sandywalshvishy, thx19:25
Ryan_Laneswap is done via swap files?19:25
vishyno swap right now19:26
Ryan_Laneah. interesting19:26
*** daleolds has quit IRC19:30
jaypipessandywalsh: you don't need to have a LP account... just bzr branch lp:nova.19:31
dubsquared1vishy:  you get that centOS image for today?19:32
dubsquared1or did i see that JordanRinke got one?19:32
vishydubsquared1: not successful yet19:32
dendrobatessandywalsh: but as a ozone dev you will need one.19:33
*** dubsquared1 has quit IRC19:36
*** dubsquared1 has joined #openstack19:37
jaypipesxtoddx: pls merge your local openstack-common with trunk again.  I made a few fixes for PEP8 and renamed pluggable_unittest to test_pluggable to enable nosetests...19:41
*** burris has quit IRC19:42
*** maplebed has joined #openstack19:43
sandywalshdendrobates, yup ... it's all in place, but was just asking for someone else who was running into trouble.19:43
sandywalsh(have you tried it recently to be sure? O.o )19:44
JordanRinkealright, did I miss anything awesome?19:47
sandywalshdendrobates killed a man19:47
sandywalshwith a trident19:48
jaypipesdendrobates: pending your approval:
*** dabo has quit IRC19:50
*** dabo has joined #openstack19:52
*** dabo has quit IRC20:03
*** dabo has joined #openstack20:04
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk20:05
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates20:05
*** dabo_ has joined #openstack20:07
jaypipesdendrobates: as part of the approval process, are you not setting the priority?20:13
*** dabo_ has quit IRC20:15
*** joearnold has quit IRC20:16
czajkowskidendrobates: are open stack going to  have a presence at FOSDEM this year20:20
dendrobatesczajkowski: yes we are20:21
dendrobatesjaypipes: I will be doing that later.20:21
sandywalshthe network service is always asking for sudo password to do the iptables ... should I add iptables to the sudoers file for that account to prevent this? Or is there another recommended approach?20:23
jaypipesdendrobates: ah, k20:24
sorenczajkowski: I'm hoping I'll go.20:25
sorenczajkowski: Still haven't heard back from them, though. Not sure if I got accepted or not.20:25
sorenWell, I'll probably go regardless.20:26
czajkowskiI just posted to ubuntu-devel re a miniconf option this year, gone for the last 4 years now20:26
czajkowskibut ubuntu has a very poor presence at it20:26
czajkowskisoren: what did you submit?20:28
sorenczajkowski: Hm... I should remember, shouldn't I?20:28
sorenczajkowski: Something Openstacky.20:28
czajkowskireally ya don't say :)20:29
zulyay i have trunk working from debian packaging20:29
zulby that i mean trunk working on natty20:30
xtoddxcan somebody help me figure out why failing:
xtoddx./ runs fine for me locally20:30
*** brd_from_italy has joined #openstack20:36
*** mdomsch has quit IRC20:37
sorenxtoddx: The hudson box has a newer pep8.20:41
sorenOh, wait.20:41
xtoddxpep 8 is fixed, there are test errors now20:41
sorenxtoddx: Well, yes, it has a newer pep8, and it actually runs it.20:42
sorenxtoddx: Oh, sorry.20:42
* soren starts paying attention.20:42
xtoddxi'm assuming hudson just runs ./, which works for me20:42
*** mdomsch has joined #openstack20:42
sorenxtoddx: Let me check that for you.20:43
sorenSheesh! That was convoluted.20:48
sorenxtoddx: This is what hudson does:20:48
sorenxtoddx: pep8 --repeat --show-pep8 --show-source bin/* nova && python && nosetests -w nova/tests/api20:48
xtoddxah, nosetests!20:48
sorenYeah, because more testing frameworks is more good.20:49
sandywalshHmm, trunk build. I run-instances and the instance seems to be stuck in "scheduling" ... no blatant errors in any of the service windows. virsh list is empty.20:50
sandywalshwhere's a n00b to go?20:51
sorenAre you running nova-schedule anywhere?20:51
sorenIf not, you should try it. It's all the rage.20:51
sandywalshnope, api, objectstore, compute and network20:51
sorenCan't schedule stuff without a scheduler. :)20:52
sorenWe really should add a timeout for that sort of thing.20:52
sandywalshah, I was just following a tutorial and didn't see any scheduler mentioned20:53
dendrobatesnew feature request: schedulerless scheduling20:53
sorensandywalsh: It wasn't always there. It used to live inside the api server.20:53
sorendendrobates: Not as crackpot of an idea as you may think :)20:53
sandywalshah, ok. any notes on that, I'll update the wiki20:53
dendrobatesI don't think it is a crackpot idea20:54
sorenWith certain restrictions, the message queue would make a very, very decent scheduler on its own.20:54
sandywalsh./bin/nova-schedule --flagfile=...  ???20:54
dendrobatesi agree, then let the nodes decide what to accept20:54
dendrobatessoren, any chance of you updating your blog post.20:55
sorendendrobates: Even better: Have separate topics for each VM size. If you can't handle a certain size, unsubscribe from it.20:55
sorendendrobates: that way, we don't even have to broadcast.20:55
JordanRinkesandywalsh: /bin/nova/nova-scheduler --flagfile=/etc/nova/nova-scheduler.conf (or wherever that file lives)20:56
dendrobatesthere are other things than size20:56
sorendendrobates: That's a muth.20:56
sorenOh, VM's?20:56
sandywalshJordanRinke, my nova-manage.conf is pretty basic ... are there special entries for scheduler?20:56
JordanRinkenot that I know of20:56
sandywalshI stated the scheduler and it doesn't seem to be picking up any jobs20:56
sorendendrobates: Right, those were the "certain restrictions" I was talking about.20:57
sorendendrobates: Well, some of them.20:57
sandywalshdoes the scheduler have to be running when the create request is first made?20:57
sorensandywalsh: I don't think so, no.20:57
sorensandywalsh: The request is probably sitting in the message queue, waiting to get delivered.20:57
JordanRinkesandywalsh: you need to have the basic stuff in it20:57
JordanRinkesandywalsh: such as the sql db info etc20:58
*** JordanRinke is now known as JordanRinke-afk20:58
sandywalshswalsh@novadev:~/openstack/nova$ less /etc/nova/nova-manage.conf20:58
sandywalshsomething more?20:58
sorenAll that is just for nova-manage (which doesn't need most of it).20:59
sorenUnless, of course, you specifically point nova-scheduler at the same flagfile.20:59
sorennova-schedule, I mean.20:59
*** maplebed has quit IRC20:59
sandywalshthat's what I just did (for S&G's)20:59
*** maple_bed has joined #openstack20:59
sandywalshshits and giggles20:59
sorenOh, those.20:59
sorenIt makes sense.21:00
sorenThings used to refuse to start if you passed unknown flags to them, so we had to have separate flagfiles for each worker.21:00
sorenNow they don't, so we should be able to use the same flagfile for everything.21:00
sandywalshso it seems to have picked up .../nova/nova.sqlite as the db and sqlalchemy as the backend, which seems fine.21:01
sorenthe flip side is that if you misspell sql_connection as "sql_conection" or whatnot, I can take a *looong* time to figure out why the bloody thing won't talk to your database.21:01
*** gundlach has quit IRC21:01
*** allsystemsarego has quit IRC21:01
sorenBefore, you'd get an error about an unknown flag.21:01
sandywalshis there a wiki page on the scheduler config?21:01
sorenThere's really almost nothing to it.21:02
sorensql_connection and rabbit_host is all it needs to work.21:02
sandywalshdo you have a sample incantation?21:02
*** dizz|away has quit IRC21:02
sandywalshit's all on one machine, so it got rabbit correctly21:02
soren"nova-schedule --sql_connection=sqlite:////var/lib/nova/nova.sqlite" is what I use. It defaults to a local rabbit.21:03
sandywalshdoes scheduler pick jobs from the db or from the queue?21:03
sorenOh, it is actually nova-scheduler, not nova-schedule. Imagine that.21:03
sorensandywalsh: queue.21:03
sorensandywalsh: The api server collects the info from the request, puts it in the database, and sends a message that this particular VM needs scheduling.21:04
sorensandywalsh: So the bulk of the info is in the db, but the "scheduling job" I guess is a message queue thing.21:05
sandywalshok, I'll check that api and scheduler are using the same db. thanks soren!21:05
sorenNow that you've actually had a scheduler running, the message may have been received (and subsequentely dropped on the floor), so you may need to do another RunInstances.21:06
sorensandywalsh: np21:06
sandywalshyeah, that's what I'm going to try ... terminate-instance then create again21:06
*** JordanRinke-afk is now known as JordanRinke21:07
sandywalshbtw> terminate-instance doesn't complain when you give a bad instance id21:07
*** maplebed has joined #openstack21:22
*** pothos has quit IRC21:22
*** maple_bed has quit IRC21:22
*** aimon has quit IRC21:22
*** aimon has joined #openstack21:23
*** pothos has joined #openstack21:23
*** miclorb has joined #openstack21:27
sandywalsheuca-run-instances ami-tiny --kernel aki-lucid --ramdisk ari-lucid -k nova_key21:28
sandywalshgives me21:28
sandywalshlibvirtError: unknown OS type hvm21:28
*** joearnold has joined #openstack21:28
pikenyou need to enable VT in bios and make sure the kvm module is loaded21:29
pikenwhat distro are you using?21:29
pikenyeah, do `lsmod | grep kvm"21:29
pikenif it returns that kvm is loaded you need to enable VT in bios21:30
pikenif not, try `modprobe kvm` first.21:30
sandywalshhmm, ok ... doesn't seem to be loaded. Sorry, thought I covered off on that. Thanks piken!21:30
*** burris has joined #openstack21:38
*** adjohn has joined #openstack21:46
*** gundlach has joined #openstack21:56
*** Gibby is now known as Gibby_away21:58
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk22:13
*** HouseAway is now known as AimanA22:13
*** rlucio has joined #openstack22:17
*** mdomsch has quit IRC22:21
*** westmaas has quit IRC22:25
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates22:28
*** gundlach has quit IRC22:28
*** maplebed has quit IRC22:28
*** maplebed has joined #openstack22:29
JordanRinkeso, a question on images... how do you specify the size of an image... even using euca-bundle and setting the size to various options... all my images end up deplying with a 10G main partition, and a 20G unmounted partition22:37
*** aimon has quit IRC22:48
*** aimon has joined #openstack22:48
*** daleolds has joined #openstack22:50
*** rlucio_ has joined #openstack22:52
*** gundlach has joined #openstack22:54
*** rlucio has quit IRC22:56
*** rlucio_ is now known as rlucio22:56
*** pvo has quit IRC22:57
*** gondoi has quit IRC22:58
*** ppetraki has quit IRC23:00
vishythe second partition is based on size23:01
*** Cybodog has quit IRC23:01
vishyer instance type23:01
vishythe first partition is resized to 10G if it is smaller than 10G23:02
JordanRinkeis there any way to change / stop that?23:04
JordanRinkeie: I want to just make a bunch of images that are a single 4G partition23:05
*** anticw has quit IRC23:06
*** anticw has joined #openstack23:07
*** aimon_ has joined #openstack23:07
*** aimon has quit IRC23:10
*** aimon_ is now known as aimon23:10
vishyif you launch as m1.tiny it won't resize and won't make a second partition23:11
vishyJordanRinke: did you see my note about bundle-vol?23:11
JordanRinkenot sure that I did23:14
JordanRinkeah i see it now23:14
JordanRinkehang on23:14
*** tonywolf has quit IRC23:14
*** Podilarius has left #openstack23:27
*** brd_from_italy has quit IRC23:34
*** joearnold has quit IRC23:37
tr3buchetgetting a nice error for nova-volume23:37
tr3buchetnova.exception.Error: volume group nova-volumes doesn't exist23:37
JordanRinkeyou need to make that VG23:38
dubsquared1there is a mssing volgrp23:38
* dubsquared1 stare 23:39
vishytre3buchet: there is a question23:39
vishywith answers23:39
tr3buchetthe best kind :D23:39
JordanRinkeso what does nova-volume actually do?23:42
*** jc_smith has quit IRC23:43
tr3buchetstores volumes?23:46
*** greenisus has joined #openstack23:47
tr3buchetmy understanding is you can mount disk in volumes in the VMs on compute nodes23:47
dubsquared1is that the married guy, greenisus?23:47
greenisusyep, that's me!23:48
greenisushoneymoon starts tomorrow23:48
greenisustrying to wrap up everything i can before we leave for maui23:48
dubsquared1noice!  congrats!23:48
greenisusthanks :)  it was awesome23:48
greenisusi'm 11 away from inbox zero23:48
greenisusso dendrobates == rick clark, right?23:49
*** adjohn has quit IRC23:49
*** sophiap has quit IRC23:49
JordanRinkeeveryone start spamming greenisus! if he can't clear his inbox he cant leave! bwahahah23:49
greenisusand i hope the rest of the summit was as awesome as what i saw23:49
greenisusJordanRinke: no!!!23:50
*** joearnold has joined #openstack23:50
*** rnirmal has quit IRC23:52
dragondmI'm trying to get nova running as well, this is currently on a slice (same as what tr3buchet is doing)  I think the problem with nova-volume is deeper than just the missing volume.  It looks like the iscsi_trgt kernel mod is not existant23:54
JordanRinkewhy would you even us a VG on a slice?23:55
*** sophiap has joined #openstack23:55
dragondmhe's just trying to get nova running23:55
dragondmto setup a dev env23:56
dubsquared1iscsi_trgt kernel mod23:56
dubsquared1there are 4 missing mods, so iscsi wont start, etc23:56
dragondmto be honest, I don't thing nova-volume is needed for basic function23:57
dragondmdubsquared1: thought so.23:57
dubsquared1you can however, download the vanilla kernel source, and compile the modules separately23:57
*** jc_smith has joined #openstack23:57
dubsquared1i believe that dragondm is right;  if you just want nova up and running for basic playing around, nova-volume doesn't seem to be needed23:58
dubsquared1but FYI, if you do need iscsi support:23:59
dubsquared1here is the list of what you'll need to get going:23:59
dubsquared1- make modules23:59
dubsquared1- make modules_install23:59
dubsquared1- cd /lib/modules/
dubsquared1- insmod the following (Exact order is important)23:59
dubsquared1 - insmod scsi_mod.ko23:59
dubsquared1 - insmod sd_mod.ko23:59
dubsquared1 - insmod scsi_wait_scan.ko23:59
dubsquared1 - insmod scsi_transport_iscsi.ko23:59
dubsquared1 - insmod libiscsi.ko23:59
dubsquared1 - insmod libiscsi_tcp.ko23:59
dubsquared1 - insmod iscsi_tcp.ko23:59
dubsquared1well, minus those first three lines...23:59

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