Wednesday, 2010-12-01

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KyleM1I'm trying to get started with Nova and I'm having some trouble.  I downloaded the script and ran00:57
KyleM1    ./ branch00:57
KyleM1    ./ install00:57
KyleM1    ./ run00:57
KyleM1as root like the documentation said.  It appeared to work; I got dropped into a screen session with 8 windows; the first and last (nova and test) had prompts and the rest seemed to be running processes or tailing log files.00:57
KyleM1I detached the screen session and waited for everything to exit.  It seemed to give me usage text for some commands before giving me a prompt.  I tried './ run' again it said "dnsmasq: no process found" before exporting the EC2 keys and dropping me into screen.  This time window 6 (volume) shows a stack trace ending with "nova.exception.Error: volume group nova-volumes doesn't exist" and a prompt.00:57
KyleM1If I try using the three euca-* commands suggested in the documentation I get the following error:00:57
KyleM1    # euca-describe-instances00:57
KyleM1    EC2_ACCESS_KEY environment variable must be set.00:57
KyleM1    Connection failed00:57
KyleM1Finally, if I try running './ scrub' I get the following errors:00:57
KyleM1    # ./ scrub00:58
KyleM1    awk: {print \$1}00:58
KyleM1    awk:        ^ backslash not last character on line00:58
KyleM1Bother...I didn't realize those would get sent as different messages; some of them apparently got blocked as a flood.00:58
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KyleM1How much of the description of the problems I'm having got through?01:21
KyleM1Enough for anyone to point me in the right direction?01:21
zaitcevThis is where you wish our mailing lists weren't quite so dead, huh.01:23
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openstackhudsonProject nova-tarmac build #39,672: FAILURE in 58 sec:
KyleM1Bad times...launchpad seems to be down.01:36
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openstackhudsonProject nova-tarmac build #39,673: STILL FAILING in 9 sec:
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openstackhudsonProject nova-tarmac build #39,674: STILL FAILING in 9.1 sec:
openstackhudsonProject nova-tarmac build #39,675: STILL FAILING in 8.8 sec:
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openstackhudsonProject nova-tarmac build #39,676: STILL FAILING in 8.9 sec:
openstackhudsonProject nova-tarmac build #39,677: STILL FAILING in 9.1 sec:
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openstackhudsonProject nova-tarmac build #39,678: STILL FAILING in 9 sec:
openstackhudsonProject nova-tarmac build #39,679: STILL FAILING in 8.9 sec:
zulstupid launchpad02:09
openstackhudsonProject nova-tarmac build #39,680: STILL FAILING in 9.1 sec:
openstackhudsonProject nova-tarmac build #39,681: STILL FAILING in 9 sec:
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openstackhudsonYippie, build fixed!02:26
openstackhudsonProject nova-tarmac build #39,682: FIXED in 3 min 14 sec:
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dubsquaredlp is down?02:26
dubsquaredgetting 503s :(02:27
dubsquaredall better :D02:28
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openstackhudsonProject nova-tarmac build #39,685: FAILURE in 2 min 6 sec:
openstackhudsonYippie, build fixed!02:43
openstackhudsonProject nova-tarmac build #39,686: FIXED in 30 sec:
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zulsoren: when you get a chance can you review the apport hook changes i made to lp:~openstack-ubuntu-packagers/ubuntu/natty/nova/ubuntu-apport-hook02:59
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vishyKyleM1: sounds like multiple issues03:33
vishyKyleM1: the volume code always fails unless you specifically create a volume group.  There is info in the readme. The dnsmasq error is normal.  The euca commands should work from the test window.  You need to source the rc file in order for 'EC2_ACCESS_KEY' to be set for you, which is done automatically in the test window03:36
vishyKyleM1: the scrub error is new, and may be a recent bug that was added but also shouldn't really block from working.03:36
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ttxsoren: yes, I can try a Google Calendar.07:35
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dubsquaredanyone had an issue with an instance not terminating all the way?  —> INSTANCE        i-3zlylv        ami-i2fp07h4     terminating07:43
dubsquaredfiles are gone…and it's no longer accessible…but it's still there07:43
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uvirtbotNew bug: #683525 in nova "Key injection should be configurable" [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #683541 in nova "Metadata service unreachable from instance" [Undecided,New]
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sorenttx: mp filed. Now we wait :)10:58
ttxsounds sane. Whatever you put in there, can't be worse than
ttxsoren: ^11:02
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sorenttx: We need more core people in this timezone. Having to wait a day for stuff to land is annoying.11:26
matttsoren: or you could move to TX11:30
sorenmattt: Then there would be core people in this timezone instead:)11:33
sorenmattt: Then there would be /less/ core people in this timezone instead :)11:33
* soren lunches11:33
matttsoren: njoy :)11:34
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zykes-soren: you in .dk ?11:45
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sorenzykes-: Yes.12:31
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patri0tsoren: hey, I update nova packages and now I get "Warning: failed to parse error message from AWS: <unknown>:1:0: syntax error" when trying to euca-describe-instances13:34
sorenpatri0t: Which version?13:39
zykes-is there any "smart way" to detect new boxes that comes up to have them autosetup & configured ?13:40
patri0tsoren: 2011.1~bzr430-0ubuntu0p13:42
patri0tsoren: solved, it was related to somethings else,13:43
zulsoren: hey did you have a look at the apport hook branch yet?13:44
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zykes-Puppet or ?13:51
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sorenzul: I didn't, no.13:52
sorenzul: Oh, wait, yes I did.13:52
sorenzul: it's empty?13:52
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sorenzul: that's odd.13:54
sorenzul: It shouldn't be.13:54
* soren asks in #launchpad13:54
sorenpatri0t: What was it?13:55
sorenzykes-: People use a variety of things.13:55
sorenzykes-: FAI, Cobbler, various homegrown solutions.13:56
sorenzykes-: Then puppet, chef, cfengine, whatever.13:56
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gundlachdid something change in to make nova-{sched,net,objectstore} start up daemonized despite --no-daemon?14:05
gundlachi'm getting that behavior lately14:05
zulsoren: ill resubmit it then14:07
sorenzul: Wait14:07
patri0tsoren: nova-compute has crashed, which I dont know why exactly but after restarting the service it is working fine14:07
sorengundlach: It's --nodaemon14:08
sorengundlach: always was :)14:08
sorengundlach: For those workers, at least.14:08
sorenzul: ok, go.14:08
sorengundlach: Oh, er..14:08
gundlachsoren: yes, quite.  same result :)14:08
sorengundlach: Ignore me.14:08
gundlachsoren: done!14:09
gundlach /ignore soren14:09
sorengundlach: I apparantly only read half of what you said.14:09
gundlachi suspect this is related to changing the default .conf location14:09
gundlachhmm, my and nova/contrib/ are out of whack -- i probably just am not using the latest correct version14:10
zykes-soren: but does cobbler work with debian based systems ?14:10
zulsoren: done14:13
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sorenzykes-: Sort of.14:17
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zykes-what's FAI ?14:29
*** arthurc has joined #openstack14:31
alekibangozykes-: fully automated installation14:31
alekibangosee fai-project.org14:31
alekibango(for debian, works imho also on ubuntu, can install debian, ubuntu and also other distros)14:32
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Ayyahy hya14:48
gundlachsoren: i think your utils.default_flagfile() change in bin/nova-* isn't working.  when i move the utils.default_flagfile() call above the 'from nova import service+twisted' lines, it works; in its current place, it does not.14:49
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dubsquaredmorning #openstack!14:58
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sorengundlach: Define "works".15:05
sorengundlach: It seems to have the desired effect to me.15:05
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eldarnugaevHi guys. Could you please help me? Are there any possibility to have two or three network interfaces per VM instance?15:18
sorenNot right now.15:18
eldarnugaevThanks. Are you going to add this feature in Bexar?15:20
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soreneldarnugaev: Not sure.15:21
sorenttx: ^ Do you know?15:21
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ttxsoren: no.15:23
sorenttx: You don't know or it's not planned?15:23
eldarnugaevsoren: Thank you15:24
ttxI don't know. The network spec is a bit obscure to me currently, especially wrt Bexar engagements15:25
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dubsquareddid the date get pushed for the q1 release?15:30
dubsquaredor can someone confirm dates for me?  i seem to have heard a date at summit, and then others that are floating around15:31
ttxdubsquared: you mean, do we have a date for the next release(s) ?15:31
*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack15:31
dubsquaredttx: i suppose so, has that even been decided :D15:31
dubsquaredah there it is!15:32
dubsquaredthank you15:32
* soren goes shopping15:34
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gundlachsoren: "works" means, reads the flagfile.15:35
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sandywalshgundlach, can you reassign to yourself and set your branch?16:04
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 680709 in nova "Auth should allow for fully customized URL's when defining x-Server-Management-Url" [Undecided,In progress]16:04
sandywalshgundlach, thanks!16:04
gundlachnp :)16:04
gundlachsandywalsh: how do i set the branch?16:05
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gundlachsandywalsh: nm, found it -- you have to go branch -> bug instead of bug -> branch16:06
*** GasbaKid has joined #openstack16:06
sandywalshgundlach, try now, I removed my link16:07
gundlachsoren: looks like i needed to move utils.default_flagfile() from 'if __name__ == "__builtin__":'  to within  '... "__main__":' instead, in order to get the flagfile read properly.  you don't have that trouble?16:10
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uvirtbotNew bug: #683737 in nova "bin/nova-* processes fail to read flagfile" [Medium,In progress]
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daboAnyone know why I would get this error starting an instance: "libvirtError: internal error no supported architecture for os type 'hvm'"
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fabianddabo: maybe you want to start a ppc guest on a i686 machine17:11
dabofabiand: I'm not sure what you mean17:12
*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack17:14
fabianddabo: if you are using hardware virtualization, the architecture of the guest needs to correspond with the hosts architecture. but this could (maybe) also mean that your machines has no virt features at al (e.g. on an old cpu)17:15
dabothis is on the dev machines set up inside of Rackspace - I don't know the specifics, but I'm assuming that they're fairly recent. :)17:16
fabianddabo: Yeah, I suppose they are capable :)17:17
Ryan_Lanedabo: it could also be that hardware virtualization is disabled in the bios17:17
Ryan_Lanesome manufacturers ship that way for some (stupid) reason17:17
fabianddabo: what kinda image do you want to start?17:17
dabothe standard tiny: euca-run-instances -k test -t m1.tiny ami-tiny17:18
dabousing the script and instructions17:18
Ryan_Lanedabo: what is "--libvirt_type" set to?17:19
Ryan_Lanein your config file, which should be /etc/nova/nova-manage.conf17:19
Ryan_Lanethough some scripts have that set differently17:19
daboRyan_Lane: --libvirt_type=qemu17:20
Ryan_Lanestrange that it is trying hvm then17:21
daboRyan_Lane: actutally, it's in nova/bin/nova.conf - there's no /etc/nova/nova-manage.conf anymore17:22
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack17:22
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Ryan_Laneyeah. that's why I mentioned depending on the version of nova.sh17:23
Ryan_Laneolder versions have it in /etc/nova/nova-manage.conf, and pass --flagfile into the daemons17:23
Ryan_Lanebin is a rediculous place for a config file17:23
daboRyan_Lane: I said the same thing17:24
Ryan_LaneI hope that isn't the planned permanent spot17:24
gundlachdabo: see the bug i just filed -- that's the culprit i believe17:25
Ryan_Lanesome admins mount binary directories read-only17:25
gundlachdabo: i got the same error this morning17:25
gundlachdabo: merge into your code and see if it works17:26
dabogundlach: thanks... looking it up now17:26
*** westmaas has joined #openstack17:26
jaypipesgundlach: Fix Released or Fix Committed? :)17:27
gundlachjaypipes: good catch17:27
*** westmaas has quit IRC17:27
gundlachjaypipes: then again, if you Approve and give me 10 minutes, it'll be "Fix Released" :)17:27
dabogundlach: I'm still a lp/bzr n00b. How do I merge that into my local code?17:27
gundlachdabo: bzr merge lp:~gundlach/nova/broken-default-flagfile17:28
gundlachwhich updates your files but doesn't commit (until you bzr commit)17:28
gundlachso you can test the change and 'bzr revert -R .' to undo ALL uncommitted work17:28
edaysoren: ok, got another rev with separate classes now :)
jaypipesgundlach: should be Fix Committed regardless, no?  ttx?17:29
*** cole has quit IRC17:30
gundlachjaypipes: i missed the meeting in which that was discussed -- so i don't know the protocol if we've decided something new17:30
dabogundlach: great! that fixed it17:30
gundlachdabo: oh good17:30
gundlachdabo: lgtm my mergeprop then, would you? :)17:31
daboalready typing away on lp...17:31
jaypipesgundlach: it was on the mailing list, IIRC... but I forget the conclusion, which is why I asked ttx :)17:32
edayjaypipes, gundlach:  fix released == actually in a release, not just trunk17:32
gundlachso Fix Committed?17:33
gundlachmeans "in trunk"17:33
gundlachdone and done17:34
gundlachworld's citizens safe once again17:34
jaypipeslol :)17:36
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zykes-is there any kind of UI that can be used with the EC2 API atm ?17:47
gundlachzykes-: euca2ools CLI17:48
zykes-not web stuff ?17:48
gundlachzykes-: i have no info either way about web-based stuff, sorry17:48
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*** krish has left #openstack17:48
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dabogundlach: I add "has been" to those states: "Fix has been committed" and "Fix has been released" in my mind to make them more intelligible.17:49
*** deshantm_cosi has quit IRC17:49
jaypipesgundlach: foiled by pep8! :P17:49
gundlachdabo: yeah, thanks, it's just that we've been using "Fix Released" to mean 'released to trunk' for months, so I just need to get used to the new mapping.17:51
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dabogundlach: I'm so used to "release" being ticket-centric, not bug-centric17:54
zykes- will rackspace launch their control panel gundlach ?17:56
gundlachzykes-: again, i have no info17:57
gundlachsorry :)17:57
openstackhudsonProject nova build #273: SUCCESS in 1 min 12 sec:
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jk0is there a preference to where we should be placing the xenserver code? offhand, I'm thinking about making a nova/xenserver directory. are there any objections to that?18:10
jk0perhaps nova/virt would be a better place18:15
sandywalshjk0, I think so18:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #683779 in nova "servers created via ec2 api have no name in openstack api" [Undecided,New]
edayjk0: does it extend
sandywalshjk0, also if your messing with openstack compute, be aware of the big refactorying eday is working on
jk0eday: it doesn't at the moment (I've been using a local copy of the XenServer SDK) but it will18:21
*** gundlach has quit IRC18:21
edayjk0: well, you probably want to put in in, and if that gets large, perhaps turn into a nova/virt/xenapi module and split into more files18:22
jk0I think I'll do the latter, it's going to get pretty big18:22
*** westmaas has joined #openstack18:38
mtaylorsoren: got a sec for some idle speculation/thoughts on packaging18:39
*** joearnol_ has joined #openstack18:40
*** joearnold has quit IRC18:40
*** schisamo has joined #openstack18:45
*** asksol has joined #openstack18:46
*** eldarnugaev has joined #openstack18:46
*** eldarnugaev has quit IRC18:56
*** spectorclan has quit IRC19:03
openstackhudsonProject nova build #274: SUCCESS in 1 min 12 sec:
*** spectorclan has joined #openstack19:15
*** laurensell has quit IRC19:17
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates19:19
*** gundlach has joined #openstack19:24
*** BK_man has joined #openstack19:28
BK_manhi all19:28
*** abecc has joined #openstack19:29
*** abecc has joined #openstack19:30
*** theron has quit IRC19:33
ttxjaypipes: yep19:34
*** schisamo has quit IRC19:38
*** jc_smith has joined #openstack19:38
ttxjaypipes: do branches automatically move to "Approved" when they got 2 approvals ? Or do they need a status update ?19:43
ttxexample at hand:
*** dirakx has joined #openstack19:44
creihtttx: I think someone has to set the approval status19:44
jaypipesttx: right now, manual.  we could automate it through Hudson/Tarmac, but right now, it's manual19:45
ttxcreiht: ok. I lost that power when "openstack admins" was removed from nova-core :)19:45
creihtI would vote we don't automate that, as there may be changes that you want more people to approve19:46
ttxcreiht: right, that also allows us to fast-track minor changes with one approval.19:47
creihtyup, and insures that someone from the core group was the one that flipped the status19:47
dirakxHi all I'm a newbie using openstack, I'm trying to run my first project, but I'm getting this error, do you know how can i fix it?19:54
dirakxbe gentle :)19:55
vishydirakx: that was a bug in an older package.  I "think" a more recent package may work.19:56
vishydirakx: but tbh, I always run from source using trunk19:56
dirakxvishy: ok I'll try trunk then,19:56
dirakxvishy: thanks!19:57
vishycontrib/ in trunk might help you get started19:57
dirakxvishy: oh..I did use that page for my installation19:58
dirakxthe bzr command should give me the last code available.19:59
JordanRinkeyou can grab trunk and just copy those files into the place they need to go19:59
*** westmaas1 has joined #openstack20:00
vishydirakx it looks like you are running nova from a package install20:00
BK_mandirakx: what OS are you using?20:00
*** rlucio has quit IRC20:00
vishyas opposed to nova.sh20:00
JordanRinkeyou may end up missing an XML template as well, depending on what you have, but the files are available in the trunk/branch you just need to copy them in20:00
dirakxBK_man: ubuntu 10.0420:00
*** westmaas has quit IRC20:00
BK_mandirakx: should be fine20:00
* BK_man created a home-made script to get nova RHEL6 RPMs from per-commit tarballs20:01
BK_manwanna share it soon (github?)20:01
BK_manI also need to host a public yum repository with all deps (50% is from EPEL)20:02
dirakx@all I'm going to try this againg step by see if i'm missing something and I'll get back to you.20:02
larissadirakx: Error: "all" is not a valid command.20:02
BK_manany advice on where can I host it for free?20:02
dirakxBK_man: github ;)20:02
notmynamegithub is offering their cheapest plan free for a month now (holiday special)20:03
openstackhudsonProject nova-tarmac build #39,894: FAILURE in 13 sec:
BK_mandirakx: so upload ~60Mb is ok? Just pure yum repo20:03
notmynamecheapest paid account that is. they have free accounts20:03
dirakxBK_man: not so sure though...haven't try that amount of data.20:04
*** rlucio has joined #openstack20:08
gundlachxtoddx, _cerberus_: what is the difference between sql/models/Instance.{display_name,server_name} ?20:11
_cerberus_6 letters20:11
xtoddxgundlach: display_name is user-editable, and meaningful for the dashboard20:11
_cerberus_Or that20:11
xtoddxits so users can nickname their own resources20:11
gundlachserver_name is only set by the OpenStack API, and it represents the user-editable name of the Instance to display in the control panel.20:11
xtoddxi don't know where server name came from?20:11
_cerberus_I think I put that in there20:12
xtoddxwell, then they are identical20:12
gundlach_cerberus_ created it as part of Openstack Servers API.  Sounds like I can collapse these.20:12
xtoddxthank you, sir!20:12
gundlachsending a mergeprop your way in a few minutes :)20:12
openstackhudsonYippie, build fixed!20:13
openstackhudsonProject nova-tarmac build #39,895: FIXED in 5 min 33 sec:
openstackhudsonProject nova build #275: SUCCESS in 1 min 22 sec:
*** joearnol_ has quit IRC20:18
*** joearnold has joined #openstack20:19
*** hggdh has quit IRC20:20
*** hggdh has joined #openstack20:23
*** joearnold has quit IRC20:25
*** schisamo has joined #openstack20:32
openstackhudsonProject nova-tarmac build #39,900: FAILURE in 1 min 27 sec:
*** westmaas1 has quit IRC20:36
*** westmaas has joined #openstack20:38
openstackhudsonYippie, build fixed!20:42
openstackhudsonProject nova-tarmac build #39,901: FIXED in 3 min 45 sec:
xtoddxgundlach: right now display_name gets the value of kwargs['display_name'] which is probably not set20:44
*** rlucio has quit IRC20:44
xtoddxwe should probably default it to the internal_id or something20:44
openstackhudsonProject nova build #276: SUCCESS in 1 min 13 sec:
xtoddxunless the UI or the Openstack API checks for it to not be set20:44
gundlachah, i assumed ec2's api set it.  openstack's api does (now)20:44
gundlachno you're correct, there's no enforcement, so i should provide a default.  thanks.20:45
xtoddxjust ping me after that change and i'll review/approve20:45
*** laurensell has joined #openstack20:46
gundlachxtoddx: i'm thinking i should put the default in compute/manager.create_instance, rather than in both apis or in db.instance_create.  whatcha think?20:46
xtoddxthat might be too late if somebody tries to hit the UI while it is scheduling20:47
patri0they, anyone has any idea why I face this problem?
patri0tthis is in a NC20:48
dubsquaredthis might be a dumb question, but here goes:  when setting up nodes, do I have to install euca2ools to authorize ports on each node?20:48
sorenpatri0t: Which vresion of Twisted?20:48
gundlachxtoddx: i don't get it -- can you explain?20:48
gundlachthis would be right before the call to db.instance_create()20:48
xtoddxgundlach: i thought the instance was created in nova/api/ec2/
xtoddxand compute/manager didn't run untill after it had been cast, scheduled, cast again20:49
gundlachxtoddx: that's the EC2-specific API code.  both that and the OpenStack-API's servers.Server.create() code call compute_manager.instance_create20:50
gundlachhmm, i'll go look20:50
xtoddxbut if i schedule, and try to refresh my browser on the web ui while it is in scheduling state i could get a copy with an empty field20:50
xtoddxi think it is okay for us to tell api consumers that field may be blank20:51
xtoddxin which case  your way is fine20:51
*** BK_man has quit IRC20:51
patri0tsoren: thanks, out dated twisted20:52
gundlachxtoddx: just looked and ec2/ calls compute_manager.create_instance (persisting to DB) before casting "run_instance".  is that what you expected?20:52
xtoddxnope, i guess that makes your way super-awesome!20:52
gundlachbecause i still think my approach guarantees a non-blank... ah ok then :)20:52
* gundlach shoots for super-awesomeness when possible20:52
*** brd_from_italy has joined #openstack20:53
*** al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away20:56
* gundlach pings xtoddx for a review:
sorengundlach: You need to set a description and/or commit message.20:59
gundlachsoren: huh, i thought i typed my comment into a big field called "description (optional)" or something, but it showed up as a regular comment.20:59
gundlachsoren: thanks21:00
sorengundlach: Sure.21:00
*** rlucio has joined #openstack21:00
sorengundlach: Approved.21:01
*** mdomsch has joined #openstack21:02
* soren just shaved another 8 lines off the default nova.conf.21:03
sorenIn ubuntu, that is.21:03
*** hggdh has quit IRC21:04
*** laurensell has quit IRC21:04
*** laurensell has joined #openstack21:05
soren"cat nova*.conf | wc -l" down from 51 to 5 over the last week or so.21:06
*** joearnold has joined #openstack21:07
dirakxhi all while running ./ run I'm getting only one worker running that is 0$* nova, I've redone my installation with no luck either creating a project.21:08
*** joearnold has quit IRC21:09
dirakxanybody knows how to debug this. ?21:09
*** joearnold has joined #openstack21:09
gundlachdirakx: can you paste the error you're seeing into
dirakxthis is while running something like sudo nova-manage project zipfile PROYECT admin21:11
dirakxgundlach: i did a fresh installation from sources.21:11
*** hggdh has joined #openstack21:12
gundlachsoren: i think you have state on this21:12
gundlachsoren: ^^21:12
annegentledirakx: is that the same error as RafaelOrtiz is seeing on the wiki?21:12
gundlachdirakx: i think there's an open bug about this21:12
dirakxannegentle: yes :)21:12
annegentledirakx: ok, then you're doing what I was going to suggest next - come on into the channel :)21:12
gundlachxtoddx: nurr, internal_id isn't set until saving to the database, so i can't grab it to create a display_name.21:13
dirakxgundlach: oh..Is there a workaround, can you paste bug's link ?21:13
gundlachdirakx: i'm not sure re: workaround -- i think i've just heard soren talking about it in here.  i'll go hunt down the bug link.21:13
annegentledirakx: I'm looking for the bug now...21:13
xtoddxgundlach, so is the default just "Server " right now?21:14
gundlachxtoddx: it's null21:14
dirakxannegentle: yes--btw Is really confusing all the documentation around, but also there is a lot to do in documentation land ;).21:14
annegentledirakx: yep, that's actually my job, the doc, and boy there's a lot of web property to wrangle21:14
gundlachdirakx, annegentle: what i was thinking of was which doesn't look that relevant upon closer inspection21:15
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 677537 in nova "Nova-api requires nova-compute templates in order to run." [Medium,Triaged]21:15
dirakxannegentle: Sure, will give a hand when possible,21:15
annegentleis it 65402521:16
annegentle the bot is falling down on the job :)21:16
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 654025 in nova "nova-manage project zip and nova-manage vpn list broken by change in DB semantics when networks are missing" [Undecided,Incomplete]21:16
xtoddxgundlach: i meant display_name, it should still get a value, even if it is a silly one.  so is the workaround to default to "Launching" and then after launch update to "Server %s" if it is named "Launching"?21:16
gundlachannegentle: that doesn't look related to me on first glance, but i'm just a bystander :)21:17
annegentlegundlach: heh. yeah it looks too old21:17
* dirakx is not sure about how to tackle this problem yet. 21:17
* annegentle apologizes, must go to a meeting21:17
tr3buchetdoes anyone have an image for nova that doesn't automatically use dhcp regardless of what's specified in /etc/network/interfaces ?21:18
gundlachxtoddx: i think display_name's default is 'null' if not set, and i think that my answer is to just save twice.  since we're splitting into one sqlite db per compute worker, i don't mind hitting the db twice in a row.  does that seem reasonable to you?21:18
sorendirakx: Which tarball did you use?21:18
*** GasbaKid has quit IRC21:19
sorendirakx: It was fixed /very/ recently.21:19
sorendirakx: Like... 3 hours ago or so.21:19
xtoddxgundlach: i've got no complaints.  is it going to be smart about not making the second trip if it was actually passed a value?21:19
sorenannegentle: People report bugs on the wiki? Seriously?21:19
gundlachxtoddx: super-smart.21:19
*** laurensell has quit IRC21:19
xtoddxyou know how i like it21:19
*** GasbaKid has joined #openstack21:20
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk21:24
*** rsampaio_ has quit IRC21:25
Ryan_LaneI'm using the packages on ubuntu 10.04, and nova-api is failing to daemonize. has anyone seen this?21:26
Ryan_Laneit starts the wsgi on 8774 and 8773 and then just sits there21:26
dirakxsoren: I used the bzr check out branch21:26
dirakxrecently less than 3 hours ago21:27
dirakxsoren: I have to run now..but thanks for helping me out, I'll get back to #openstack later ;)21:28
*** dirakx has quit IRC21:28
*** Ryan_Lane is now known as Ryan_Lane|food21:28
*** brd_from_italy has quit IRC21:28
*** kevnfx has joined #openstack21:28
*** pothos has quit IRC21:29
*** pothos_ has joined #openstack21:29
*** pothos_ is now known as pothos21:29
rlucioRyan_Lane: can you try re-running it with the --debug flag?21:29
*** DubLo7 has quit IRC21:30
rlucioRyan_Lane: i had a similar issue the other day and it turns out it was that the api currently requires python-libvirt to run, due to bug #67753721:31
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 677537 in nova "Nova-api requires nova-compute templates in order to run." [Medium,Triaged]
*** kevnfx has left #openstack21:31
sorenRyan_Lane|food: How are you running it?21:31
jk0where does nova-manage expect the flagfile to be?21:32
Ryan_Lane|foodsoren: via /etc/init.d/nova-api start21:33
sorenRyan_Lane|food: That hangs? Really?21:33
Ryan_Lane|foodi installed python-libvirt21:33
Ryan_Lane|foodstrace doesn't show anything21:34
sorenRyan_Lane|food: You... installed python-libvirt?21:34
Ryan_Lane|foodI think it is simply failing to daemonize21:34
sorenRyan_Lane|food: It didn't get installed automatically?21:34
Ryan_Lane|foodsoren: no21:34
sorenRyan_Lane|food: Sorry, which packages are you using?21:34
Ryan_Lane|foodubuntu 10.0421:34
*** holoway has quit IRC21:34
*** zul has quit IRC21:34
*** smoser has quit IRC21:34
*** cloud0_ has quit IRC21:34
sorenUbuntu 10.04 didn't include Openstack :)21:34
sorenIt didn't exist :)21:34
Ryan_Lane|foodusing the ppa21:35
sorenThere are like 6 PPA's.21:35
sorenRoughly, even.21:35
* Ryan_Lane|food groans21:35
rlucioRyan_Lane: did you get any output with --debug?21:35
sorenRyan_Lane|food: What's the exact version of python-nova?21:35
Ryan_Lane|foodrlucio: no difference with that21:36
Ryan_Lane|foodsoren: 2011.1~bzr431-0ubuntu0pp21:36
sorenRyan_Lane|food: Oh, right, python-libvirt is a dependency of nova-compute, not nova-api. *sigh*21:37
*** holoway has joined #openstack21:37
*** zul has joined #openstack21:37
*** smoser has joined #openstack21:37
rluciowell, it is a dependency for the api right now too21:37
* Ryan_Lane|food nods21:37
sorenRyan_Lane|food: Can you check which flagfile it attempts to use?21:37
sorenRyan_Lane|food: And then pastebin said flagfile?21:37
*** mdomsch has quit IRC21:38
* soren pimps pastebinit21:39
sorenRyan_Lane|food: Ah.21:39
Ryan_Lane|foodI probably need to use fake ec2 as well21:39
sorenRyan_Lane|food: You have no --daemonize=1 in there.21:39
sorenRyan_Lane|food: Nope.21:40
sorenRyan_Lane|food: EC2 and Openstack API's are running on separate ports now. No more FAKE_subdomain.21:40
Ryan_Lane|foodah. cool21:40
Ryan_Lane|foodthat fixed it. thanks21:41
patri0tsoren: I can not connect to an instance which is running on another node, any idea?21:41
sorenRyan_Lane|food: Sure.21:41
sorenRyan_Lane|food: Do you need help getting opendj into Ubuntu?21:42
sorenpatri0t: Maybe security groups is working for once.21:42
patri0tnope, I checked it21:42
sorenpatri0t: Then it's probably routing or something like that.21:42
sorenpatri0t: I'd bug vishy about it. Endlessly.21:42
sorenvishy: So, Mr. What do you think about making daemonising the default?21:43
Ryan_Lane|foodsoren: ooo. yeah. I do21:45
Ryan_Lane|foodsoren: I was looking at that yesterday. seems daunting :)21:46
*** jordandev has joined #openstack21:47
patri0tsoren: So, what should I do?21:47
sorenpatri0t: Talk to vishy. He's smart.21:47
sorenRyan_Lane|food: We should talk about it in #ubuntu-server or #ubuntu-motu.21:47
*** Ryan_Lane|food is now known as Ryan_Lane21:48
*** alekibango_ has quit IRC21:50
jordandevHello, just small question: is there any picture or slides with the global architecture of OpenStack Compute21:50
KyleM1Like this?
jordandevyes kind of that21:52
jordandevThank you21:52
KyleM1You're very welcome!21:52
jordandevbut no nice picture are available until now, that's it?21:53
patri0tjordandev: I prefer this one21:54
jordandevthats exactely what i am looking for21:54
KyleM1Oh that's cool.21:54
KyleM1Thanks patri0t21:54
patri0tKyleM1: your welcome21:55
dubsquaredis it possible to set up a controller and two nodes, but only one nice per server?  i am having issues getting dhcp addresses on the instances that are launching on the nodes...21:55
jordandevthanks patriot, now i can convince more people to use and develop OpenStack21:55
patri0tdubsquared: In my case it is exactly the same scenario and it's working, why you may need an extra NIC?21:57
* gundlach loves making Hudson run tests for him21:57
*** jc_smith has quit IRC21:58
dubsquaredpatriot:   can i ask you some questions on how you have your networking set up?22:00
dubsquaredi have a call atm, but it should be short22:00
*** ddumitriu has joined #openstack22:01
sorengundlach: ..and pep8 :)22:02
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates22:02
gundlachi guess i should give in and install my .vimrc and venv on the lab box i've been hacking on22:02
*** westmaas has quit IRC22:03
*** ddumitriu has quit IRC22:04
sorengundlach: You have pep8 highlighting in vim?22:05
sorengundlach: That's neat. I have pyflakes highlighting. It goes a long way.22:05
gundlachsoren: no, just trailing whitespace removal upon save.  and tabs get spacified.  on the lab box i've been hacking on, i have to remember to carefully use the spacebar when attempting a code change, etc22:06
sorengundlach: erk.22:06
gundlachsoren: pyflakes is like pylint, right?22:06
sorengundlach: Only super-fast.22:06
sorengundlach: But yes.22:06
gundlachsoren: ah, which answers my next question as to why you didn't have pylint running in vim :)22:06
sorengundlach: pyflakes is fast enough that it can run every time I change a character in vim.22:07
gundlachwow, nice22:07
gundlachlink to plugin?22:07
sorengundlach: ...and immediately highlight if I accidentally reference a variable that isn't defined.22:07
KyleM1Yeah, that sounds amazing.22:07
gundlachooh, fantastic22:07
sorengundlach: ...or if an import is suddenly not necessary anymore.22:07
gundlachI'm properly impressed22:07
sorenor similar things.22:07
sorenIt's wicked awesome.22:08
gundlachI was thinking we should put up a good vimrc+plugins for nova development22:08
gundlachhad only thought of "remove trailing WS on save" but now there are 2 things we could include22:08
sorengundlach: That would make sense.22:08
sorenI wonder which version of pyflakes.vim I have. It seems much more actively maintained than I expected.22:09
gundlachsoren: looks like a fork is bundled in the plugin.22:10
sorengundlach: Yup.22:10
sorengundlach: Use that.22:10
gundlachoops, i read s/pyflakes.vim/pyflakes/ .  nm.22:10
sorengundlach: don't bother trying to get it..22:10
*** rlucio has quit IRC22:11
sorengundlach: Let me know what you think.22:13
sorenIt's teh awesome.22:13
* gundlach loves it!!22:14
sorenChanged my life.22:14
gundlachamazing.  thank you!22:14
openstackhudsonProject nova build #277: SUCCESS in 1 min 13 sec:
sorengundlach: Sure!22:14
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack22:15
* vishy is shocked to find out that people have been developing python in vim WITHOUT pyflakes22:16
gundlachheh :)22:16
creihtthere is too much noise with pyflakes22:16
gundlachcreiht: you mean false positives?22:17
creihtit has its uses, but I get annoyed with too easily22:17
creihtmore like lots of messages of things that I don't think are really that important22:17
sorencreiht: the vim plugin isn't as verbose as pyflakes on the command line.22:18
creihtwell that is good to know :)22:18
sorencreiht: Well, I guess it is, but it doesn't seem as obnoxious. It highlights things that are wrong, it doesn't list a million things at the same time that it's unhappy with.22:18
sorenvishy: Do you have a similar plugin for pep8 compliance?22:19
sorenvishy: the only ones I can find require you to actively do stuff to check for compliance. I want it to /notice/ when I do it wrong and tell me about it.22:20
vishyvishy: no I don't22:20
*** rlucio has joined #openstack22:20
*** arthurc has quit IRC22:23
*** abecc has quit IRC22:29
czajkowskisoren: you're on very late22:30
sorenIt's not even midnight! :)22:31
czajkowskivery close to!22:33
vishysoren: do i need to switch to use a different ppa? or will they all get added with the current version?22:35
*** jdarcy has quit IRC22:36
*** spectorclan has quit IRC22:36
*** allsystemsarego has quit IRC22:37
sorenvishy: uses a ppa?22:37
sorenvishy: Oh. Yeah, it should probably use ppa:nova-core/trunk22:38
vishysoren: yup sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nova-core/ppa22:38
*** irahgel has left #openstack22:38
vishyk switching it to trunk22:39
*** Cybo has quit IRC22:40
*** jordandev has quit IRC22:41
*** ppetraki has quit IRC22:42
*** laurensell has joined #openstack22:47
* soren heads bedwards22:51
sorenG'night all!22:51
sandywalshnight soren22:52
vishyany networking geniuses here?22:53
* sandywalsh averts his eyes22:56
*** matiu has joined #openstack22:56
vishythis should be a fairly easy question22:57
vishyI'll put it up and people can chime in22:57
vishyif i bridge into a public interface that has an ip and move the ip onto the bridge22:57
vishycan i also give the bridge a private ip?22:57
* dubsquared listens22:58
vishyand if I do, will other systems bridged into the same inteface be able to hit it?22:58
dubsquaredim pretty sure you cant do that, but im not a networking genius22:59
vishyI may just have to test this out to find out22:59
Ryan_LaneI see the openssh-lpk schema is in the auth directory but not used. the nova schema has an object class that is very similar. is there any reason why openssh-lpk isn't used instead of this objectclass?23:03
Ryan_Laneor is neither one actually used?23:03
vishyit isn't used?23:04
Ryan_Lanehmm. it is?23:05
* Ryan_Lane checks to be sure23:05
vishy    MUST ( cn $ sshPublicKey $ keyFingerprint )23:06
vishyit uses it23:06
sandywalshConfused about something ... what's the difference between --libvirt_type and --connection_type ? They seem to mirror each other?23:06
Ryan_Lanenot used23:06
Ryan_Lanevishy: I mean it isn't actually used in the code23:07
vishysshPublicKey is from that schema23:07
vishyright we pulled the keys out of ldap23:07
vishybut never removed the schema23:07
vishyso you're right it isn't used any more23:07
Ryan_Lanewhy remove them from ldap?23:07
*** joearnold has quit IRC23:08
vishywe decided they went better in the db23:09
Ryan_LaneI guess it doesn't matter too much, I can pull that info from the api23:09
gundlachsandywalsh: from a cursory grep, looks like connection_type can be libvirt, xenapi, or fake, while libvirt_type can be kvm|qemu|uml|xen.  sounds like the latter is more specific.23:09
Ryan_LaneI'm going to remove that from the schema then....23:09
vishyconnection_type picks the ComputeDriver23:10
vishylibvirt_type picks the libvirt driver23:10
Ryan_Laneand I'll remove the lpk schema23:10
vishyRyan_Lane: sounds good23:10
Ryan_LaneI think we should rename the isAdmin attribute too23:10
Ryan_Laneto isNovaAdmin23:10
Ryan_Laneor something along those lines23:11
vishyRyan_Lane: seems reasonable23:11
sandywalshgundlach, yup I did same search. It seems they can be merged, yes?23:11
vishysandywalsh: no23:11
vishysandywalsh: they are at two different layers and should be separate imo23:11
vishylibvirt_type is only used if you are using a libvirt_conn as your ComputeDriver23:12
sandywalshvishy, oh, I see, libvirt_type is only required when connection_type is libvirt23:12
sandywalshdoes # work as a comment in flag files?23:13
sandywalshthe C version of gflags seems to suggest so23:14
*** gundlach has quit IRC23:15
sandywalshhmm, actually both say they can handle # or // ... I must have something else wrong.23:16
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