Friday, 2010-12-03

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vishyKyleM1: are you running commands from the right window00:57
vishythe env variable gets set from sourcing the rc file00:57
vishywhich should automatically be done for you in screen 700:58
vishyyou have to run the euca-commands from that screen00:58
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JordanRinke1vishy: I am making a little info.txt for this tty image, anything of interest to put in it? otherwise I am just tagging it with creator and date01:28
JordanRinke1(like if it works with injected IPs etc)01:29
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vishyi don't know that01:36
vishyi didn't really create it01:36
vishyit came from here:01:36
JordanRinke1ok, name and date is what it gets for now lol01:37
vishyi just packaged it up into aki ari ami format01:37
vishyi'm out!01:38
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KyleM1vishy: Looks like that was my problem.  What's screen 0 used for, then?  Anyway, Ryan_Lane: I tried the security group authorization that you suggested but it didn't work.02:02
KyleM1I'll probably be back tomorrow morning when there's more activity if I need further help.02:03
KyleM1Thanks for the help you all provided, though.02:03
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BK_manOSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/nova/..//CA'05:33
BK_manWTF? -> /etc/nova/nova-manage.conf have --ca_path=/var/lib/nova/CA05:34
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BK_manThe stateOrProvinceName field needed to be the same in the CA certificate (California) and the request (California)06:00
BK_manCommand: openssl ca -batch -out /tmp/tmpEO6uHA/outbound.crt -config ./openssl.cnf -infiles /tmp/tmpEO6uHA/inbound.csr06:00
BK_manwhat's changed in openssl-1.0.0 ???06:00
BK_mansame thing on my Mac (OpenSSL 0.9.8l) however06:06
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openstackhudsonProject nova build #281: SUCCESS in 1 min 14 sec:
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ttxvishy: about the echosign Q vs. X, looks like a timestamp. P,Q,R means you signed it a long time ago, XB means you signed it around election time, XH means you signed it recently ?08:18
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sorenI think at least all your test e-mails are being held back because they look off-topic... Which they are :)08:45
sorenJordanRinke: I think at least all your test e-mails are being held back because they look off-topic... Which they are :)08:45
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openstackhudsonProject nova build #282: SUCCESS in 1 min 26 sec:
ttxsoren: are you buried under snow ?09:49
sorenttx: It's not that bad where I live.09:49
sorenIt's super cold, though. It's supposed to be -15 tonight.09:50
ttxWe have 17cm here. Which is unusual.09:50
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sorenYeah. I thought France was supposed to be sunny.09:51
sorenIt always is in the travel catalogues.09:52
ttxsoren: sun doesn't prevent snow. At least on ski resort pictures.09:52
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sorenttx: Good point.09:56
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uvirtbotNew bug: #684657 in nova "novarc improvement" [Undecided,In progress]
* soren lunches11:06
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beerpagesWillst du ein eigenes Gästebuch? Erstell dir eins auf www.beerpages.de11:17
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zykes-eday: around ?13:48
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sandywalshis euca-upload-bundle the only way to get a vm into objectstore?14:49
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chmoueli guess there is always ways to do it manually in /var/lib/nova/instances15:02
sandywalshchmouel, but isn't a db update required as well?15:03
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chmouelsandywalsh: doesnt seems like it or maybe it's another DB I don't know. I have put my images manually there (ie: tar xzf) without no problems15:36
sandywalshchmouel, ah ... that's great. thanks!15:37
sandywalsh(clever way of checking db activity as well :)15:39
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edayzykes-: yeah16:26
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zykes-eday: you know eventlet, how can i check if a socket got successfully ssl'ed using ssl.wrap_socket ?16:30
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edayzykes-: umm, I'm not sure. It dodn't throw any exceptions?16:44
JordanRinkeweee my mailing list membership works finally16:47
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edayspectorclan: re, it's actually the cactus release in april, and spring summit right after will be for D/E planning16:50
spectorclaneday: Fixed, sorry about that, get confused with names and dates easily16:51
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edayspectorclan: cool :)16:54
zykes-eday: nope, don't think so16:57
edayzykes-: what are you looking for exactly? once it's wrapped and you can xfer data, you're good. I think exceptions would be thrown if there was a handshake issue17:01
zykes-ah ok17:02
dubsquared1Greetings, folks!  Having an issue while generating some creds —>  —> I have tried —state-path and point to /var/lib/nova etc…would running as root vs sudo have a negative impact on setting the variables?17:03
ttxJordanRinke: yay17:06
xtoddxdubsquared1: have you passed in a --flagfile=... with the path to the flagfile that sets your cert location?17:10
xtoddxdubsquared1:  i don't run from the built packages, so i'm not sure how much help i can be.  i'd just try to be very explicit in setting the flags.17:10
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dubsquared1xtoddx:  i've tried a few different iterations … do i need to set  --ca_path: Where we keep our root CA in nova.conf?17:13
dubsquared1i've never had to do this before, this just started happing two days ago17:13
Ryan_Lanedubsquared1: depending on what version your package is, it could also be --state_path17:15
dubsquared1I am pulling from ppa:/trunk17:16
Ryan_Laneare your packages totally up to date?17:17
Ryan_LaneI'm also using the trunk ppa, and state_path is working for me17:17
dubsquared1in your nova.conf, state_path=17:17
dubsquared1ok, thats what i thought...17:18
dubsquared1lemme rekick this box…ive torn it up pretty bad17:18
dubsquared1one sec17:18
dubsquared1ok, all fresh…starting now17:23
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dubsquared1ryan_lane:  fresh install worked; had to remove python-tornado from my packages, and set path as you said in /etc/nova/nova.conf17:30
dubsquared1now, when i'm restarting my services, libvirt-bin, I am stuck here, and it's not continuing my script —>
dubsquared1correction:  that is nova-api, not libvirtr17:32
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Ryan_Lanedubsquared1: you are running into all the same issues as me :)17:47
Ryan_Lanedubsquared1: --daemonize=117:47
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dubsquared1ryan_lane:  i like you17:53
dubsquared1yay for all five nova services running now17:54
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edayxtoddx, vishy-afk: Do you guys consider the KeyPair table part of the Auth DB (part of user data), Compute DB, or something else?18:02
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* Ryan_Lane twitches18:12
Ryan_Lanein the ldap code, base dns are mixed with single object searches18:12
Ryan_LaneI see a lot of changed code on its way :)18:12
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vishyeday: keypairs are per user, so they definitely seem like they need to be part of the auth db.18:40
masumotok_Hi, I checkout nova's source using "bzr branch lp:nova", because I want to merge our live migration work to recent source code ( I developed based on austin release)18:42
masumotok_and I found that there is also nova/ directory under src/18:42
masumotok_which one is recent source code nova/ or src/nova ?18:43
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masumotok_I'm just wondering which directory ( nova/ or src/nova) I should use to merge..18:45
edaymasumotok_: I don't see a 'src' directory in the repo18:46
masumotok_did I misunderstand? after "bzr branch lp:nova", I found authserver/, extended-networking/, nova/, servers_api/ and swift/ under src/ directory.18:48
masumotok_OK, anyway, I use nova/ . not src/nova. Thanks!18:49
edaymasumotok_: hmm, I don't see any of those, I see:
edaymasumotok_: it looks like you might just be seeing your shared repo space there, where 'nova' is going to be trunk (looks like you have other branches in your shared repo)18:52
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masumotok_+eday: understand the situation. I surely have other branches. probably, I can remove them when I commit to my branch.19:04
masumotok_+eday: for now, I understand I should not care the directories which looks like other branch. It is enough.19:06
masumotok_+eday: thanks again19:06
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Ryan_Lane|foodvishy: handling LDAP schema versions is difficult19:39
*** Ryan_Lane|food is now known as Ryan_Lane19:39
Ryan_Lanevishy: if we are going to go that route, we should version the schema in the file at least via the comments, and have logic in the driver that configures things via schema version19:40
Ryan_Lanelikely the best way to handle this is to name the schema files by schema version, instead of as comments. the configuration should always default to using the newest schema19:42
Ryan_Laneat some point we need to finalize the schema though19:42
vishythat seems resonable19:43
vishyi'm just worried about having to do an ldap migration for the running system19:43
Ryan_Laneit's a PITA19:43
Ryan_Lanefor sure19:43
vishyjust because we changed the name of one attribute19:43
Ryan_Laneit isn't as easy as a SQL database19:43
vishyif it is a significant change, it can't be avoided obv19:44
Ryan_Lanethough, the schema *was* marked as experimental ;)19:44
Ryan_LaneisAdmin is a really bad attribute name. it doesn't describe what the user is an admin of. if anything it may be good to get rid of that attribute, and use a group19:45
Ryan_Lanethat still requires migration, though19:47
Ryan_Lanebut an LDAP database is usually shared by a bunch of applications, and isAdmin is misleading for LDAP admins19:47
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Ryan_Lanevishy: can you see any downside to using a group for this?19:48
*** brd_from_italy has joined #openstack19:49
Ryan_Laneexcepting that it'll require an extra search19:49
Ryan_LaneI can add logic to avoid the extra search for directory servers that support memberOf19:49
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holoway+1 for using a group20:00
holowaythat would be a very standard LDAP mechanism for handling it20:00
holowaythe attribute will only lead to pain20:00
*** jordandev has joined #openstack20:04
Ryan_Laneyeah, was thinking that20:04
Ryan_Laneand it's likely better to just do that now instead of making people migrate twice20:04
holowaycertainly, given the pain that can be involved in LDAP schema/layout migrations20:04
Ryan_Laneaccess/secret keys are useful attributes though20:04
holowaythere is a reason the howes book is so full of planning chapters20:05
Ryan_Laneyeah. ldap schemas are immutable20:05
holowayI would say that you would be fine having a configurable base for the group locations20:05
holoway(gotta run)20:05
Ryan_Laneyeah. I'm going to make basedn changes soon too20:06
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BK_manvishy: ping!20:21
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rlucioanyone happen to know if there are any docs out there for trying out the puppet stuff in nova/contrib ?20:57
*** allsystemsarego has quit IRC20:58
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xtoddxrlucio: there aren't.  it's a bit of trial and error.  they'll definitely require reworking to make them usable, they're just a starting point.21:00
*** westmaas has quit IRC21:00
rluciothat's what i figured. i'll give it a go and probably doc a bit on the way21:01
xtoddxrlucio: that would be fantastic21:01
rlucioxtoddx: its np gotta do it either way :)21:04
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Ryan_Lanehey.look at that, groupOfNames has an optional attribute "owner"21:11
Ryan_Lanethat may allow us to kill off the novaProject objectclass21:14
*** jkakar has quit IRC21:14
* Ryan_Lane goes to read the schema specifics21:14
* Ryan_Lane cheers21:15
Ryan_Laneit expects a DN :)21:15
Ryan_Lanevishy: any objections to removing novaProject objectclass and attributes, and using owner instead of projectManager?21:18
Ryan_LaneI think we can possibly get the schema down to only the novaUser objectclass, and the accessKey and secretKey attributes21:18
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BK_manwhat's wrong? Could somebody help me to troubleshoot it?
xtoddxBK_man: whats the contents of inbound.csr?21:23
BK_manxtoddx: let me check.21:24
* BK_man got Parallels Desktop crash... need some more time...21:25
* BK_man going to reboot21:26
*** BK_man has quit IRC21:26
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BK_manxtoddx: here it is:
xtoddxBK_man: that wasn't at all what I expected it to be like :(21:42
BK_manxtoddx: I don't remember how to parse it with openssl :-(21:43
BK_manxtoddx: what you need to see?21:43
xtoddxI was hoping to see where the "California" value was coming in at, since that was the problem21:43
Ryan_LaneBK_man: openssl csr -noout -text -in <file.csr>21:43
BK_manRyan_Lane: thanks21:43
sirpjaypipes: is the teller-api branch just waiting on another approve to merge into trunk?21:44
Ryan_LaneBK_man: that's not correct :)21:44
Ryan_LaneBK_man: openssl req -noout -text -in <file.csr>21:44
BK_manhere it is:
xtoddxmaybe the openssl.conf has a different stateOrProvidence?21:46
xtoddxactually: The stateOrProvinceName field needed to be the same in the CA certificate (California) and the request (California)21:47
xtoddxthat makes it look like openssl is just crazy, since those are clearly the same, but it is saying they aren't?21:47
BK_manxtoddx: never touched this by my hands. Using latest build21:47
BK_manxtoddx: same error for me even on my Mac (openssl 0.9.8l rather than 1.0.0 in RHEL6)21:48
xtoddxBK_man: did this error occur when first launching the api server?21:49
BK_manxtoddx: it occurs when I try to generate zipfle for a project21:49
BK_manxtoddx: /var/lib/nova/CA/openssl.cnf have that line:21:54
BK_manstateOrProvinceName_default= California21:54
BK_manxtoddx: here are my stuff:
BK_manxtoddx: tha'ts what I'm using for testing Nova on RHEL621:57
*** dubsquared1 has quit IRC21:57
vishyBK_man: I have never seen that error, but I do remember people having trouble with openssl 1.0.021:58
BK_manvishy: glad to see you! I can actually drive to you and show you an error21:59
BK_manvishy: are you in Mountain View at the moment? My colleague, Stan Klimoff accudentally lost you business card21:59
vishyBK_man: no, up in SF today22:00
BK_manvishy: ah, ok.22:00
spectorclanany mac folks there using a client that stays connected to IRC even when you logoff?22:00
*** hggdh has joined #openstack22:00
holoway /win 1622:01
BK_manvishy: I have no plans for weekend so we could hang on in some bar/whenever if you wish :-)22:01
zaitcevNext is an IRC client that stays connected even when you suspend.22:01
creihtzaitcev: That's called screen/irssi on a server somewhere :)22:01
zaitcevBaby steps, don't spook him22:01
vishyzaitcev: znc is gorgeous22:03
*** jdarcy has quit IRC22:03
vishyspectorlan: znc22:03
spectorclanvishy: looking at it now22:03
vishyI have one set up on a rackspace cloud server22:04
*** eldarnugaev has joined #openstack22:05
*** dirakx has quit IRC22:09
spectorclanvishy: compiling it now, thanks for the advice22:11
vishyspectorlan: you'll probably have the most luck putting it on a desktop or remote server, won't do much good on a laptop22:12
spectorclanvishy: hmmm, having problems in the compile. May have to look at this over the weekend22:15
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack22:15
vishyubuntu package ftw22:16
BK_manvishy: could you please more precise on openssl-1.0.0 issue? I've copied original request +CA dir to my Mac which have openssl 0.9.8l and re-created issue California <-> California22:17
vishyBK_man: it may be that 1.0.0 generates the db in a way that is not compatible22:17
vishyBK_man: I've run the tests successfully on mac22:18
BK_manvishy: I got your point. I will check it later22:18
*** gondoi has quit IRC22:18
dabospectorclan: I use the znc bouncer on my cloud server, and LimeChat client on my mac. When I re-connect, it plays back all the IRC traffic I missed.22:19
daboI can add you to the bouncer if you like22:19
spectorclandabo: that would work. let me know steps since this is a bit new to me22:19
BK_manvishy: when you DB resides on a Mac?22:20
BK_manvishy: CA db22:20
vishyit is in the nova folder22:21
vishysorry that is unclear22:22
vishywhen you check out a branch from launchpad, there is a CA folder22:22
vishyit uses that folder for the tests, the db is there22:22
BK_manvishy: nova-manage could not find appropriate DB. I forced to create a symlink in RPM /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/CA -> /var/lib/nova/CA22:22
spectorclandabo: I have the LimeChat client on my mac22:22
BK_manvishy: # grep ca /etc/nova/nova-manage.conf22:23
vishyBK_man: I run directly from the branch, generally22:23
vishyrather than installing to site-packages22:23
BK_manvishy: me too. Currently on  bzr43822:23
vishyand if you run the tests, to they pass?22:24
*** aimon has joined #openstack22:24
*** ppetraki has quit IRC22:25
*** spectorco has joined #openstack22:25
BK_manvishy: I'm not sure if it run during RPM build. What's a command for running tests?22:26
vishypython run_tests.py22:26
vishyor run_tests.sh22:26
*** Cybo has quit IRC22:27
*** miclorb_ has quit IRC22:27
*** dubs_ has joined #openstack22:29
*** spectorco has left #openstack22:29
*** hggdh has quit IRC22:29
*** spectorclan has quit IRC22:30
*** hggdh has joined #openstack22:30
*** hggdh has quit IRC22:31
*** spectorco has joined #openstack22:31
*** hggdh has joined #openstack22:35
*** Podilarius has left #openstack22:36
*** hky has quit IRC22:36
*** hazmat has quit IRC22:36
vishythen there is nosetests as well22:37
*** spectorclan has joined #openstack22:37
vishywhich i believe is as simple as cd'ing to the nose test directory and typing nose22:37
edayvishy: don't even need to cd ;)22:37
vishyoh, fancy22:37
spectorclandabo: 1 more question, I am connected but client not letting me post; what is the simple thing I am doing wrong?22:37
edaynosetests nova/tests/api/22:37
dabospectorclan: I don't know22:38
spectorclandabo:  hmm, when I enter text I see the following in the top window "Error(421) TEST Unknown command22:38
daboIn LimeChat?22:39
BK_manvishy: I think that I've done nose tests OK during RPM build.22:39
spectorclandabo: Yes22:39
spectorclandabo: there is a box b/w top and bottom window for typing22:39
*** jimbaker has joined #openstack22:39
daboI have a single line box at the bottom for typing22:40
*** dubs_ has joined #openstack22:41
*** DubLo7 has joined #openstack22:41
spectorclandabo: very strange, almost like I have no place to enter text for the channel; the only line I have is for commands22:43
spectorclanlooking at image22:43
spectorclandabo: my screen not like that image22:44
daboneither is mine22:44
dabo(I have my own theme)22:45
spectorclandabo: nope, I am not seeing all the info on the 2 right boxes.22:45
daboTry Preferences; Interface; Layout of the main window: 2 columns22:46
*** metoikos has quit IRC22:46
spectorclandabo: yep, looking at that now and that is what I have22:46
spectorcodabo: very weird but now it worked.22:47
dabowonder why it changed your nick, too?22:47
*** spectorclan has quit IRC22:47
spectorcostill here and working?? (sorry about this test)22:47
spectorcofinal test22:48
spectorcodabo: everything but nickname works22:49
*** BK_man has quit IRC22:49
*** abecc has quit IRC22:53
*** arcane has joined #openstack22:56
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*** hggdh has joined #openstack23:06
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rlucioxtoddx: do you know what version of puppet was being used with the contrib/puppet files?23:52
xtoddxrlucio: not off-hand, let me see if i can find out23:53
*** joearnold has quit IRC23:53
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack23:55
xtoddxrlucio: 0.25.5, maybe23:56
*** Ryan_Lane is now known as Ryan_Lane|away23:57

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