Monday, 2010-12-27

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wedjathello everyone10:00
wedjatcould someone explain to me what is exactly the difference between an admin and a reseller admin ?10:01
wedjat(for swift)10:01
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wedjat[swift] does someone know how to delete users ?12:20
wedjatseems that there is no other way than alter the sqlite database right ?12:23
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notmynamewedjat: swift-add-user --help should explain the differences between admin and reseller admin pretty well13:53
notmynameswift-auth-add-user, that is13:53
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wedjatnotmyname: thanks for your answer. yes, i think i've found the real difference between simple admins, and resellers14:02
alekibangothats great that you found the real difference between simple admins and resellers :)14:03
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* alekibango is having good times... going disconnected for few days...14:05
* alekibango will be back on the last day of the year...14:05
alekibangovishy: sorry for not having enough time to work things out and try your  'reboot' solving branch... will sure do when i am back14:06
openstackhudsonProject nova build #334: SUCCESS in 1 min 18 sec:
alekibangosandywalsh: btw in python-cloudservers,  CLOUD_SERVERS_API_KEY  is what?   where will i get it?14:13
alekibangoi only know EC2_ACCESS_KEY / EC2_SECRET_KEY   from using eucatools14:14
alekibangoand i dont seem to be able to set passwords using nova-manage user :)14:14
alekibangosandywalsh: i would like to try python-cloudservers while offline14:16
sandywalshthose are the changes I make to my novarc14:19
sandywalshThe concept of project is foreign to rackspace. We're in the process of marrying the two concepts14:19
sandywalshso for now, it's hacky14:19
alekibangoouch what is the  :darksecret ??14:20
sandywalshthat's the project name I created14:20
alekibangouh, will try to test it but i am not sure if i will succeed offline :)14:21
alekibangoin worst case i will ask again on 31th14:21
alekibango:) thanks14:21
sandywalshnp ... I'm around ... just ping me14:21
alekibangok. ty14:22
alekibangoso, have nice time here, while i go offline :)14:22
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daboI added two new blueprints on Friday; they are subtasks required for an existing blueprint, but whose code may be used for others. What's necessary to get these approved?16:47
dendrobatesdabo: urls for the bps?16:48
dabo and
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_cerberus_Can we get another nova-core to look at ?17:31
_cerberus_ttx: I realized you were right: I thought someone core besides myself had checked out the above17:32
_cerberus_I usually just assume jaypipes or eday beat me to it. I mean honestly, how often is that false? :-D17:33
dabodendrobates: thx17:33
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jaypipes_cerberus_: looking now... I thought I'd reviewed that branch, too... oh well, guess not :)17:38
_cerberus_jaypipes: thanks dude17:39
tr3buchetdouble thanks17:39
jaypipesno worries :)17:40
* jaypipes in a good mood, as the weather here in Sarasota is nicer than Columbus :)17:40
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nelson__annegentle: documentation suggestion: in
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nelson__annegentle: you're switching from actual commands in 1-3 to the contents of a file in 4.  That as if you were switched tenses in the middle of a sentencing.18:51
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jeremybnelson__: a little early for new year!18:53
nelson__until it becomes too late, yes.18:54
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nelson__argh, now I have more suggestions for her. anybody know anne's email?18:54
nelson__I should just send a patch. The file has HTML that looks hand-generated, so a patch might be usable.18:55
Ryan_Laneit's a wiki, isn't it?18:57
Ryan_Laneor is that the non-wiki docs?18:58
Ryan_Laneah. that it is :(18:58
nelson__yeah. :(19:02
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edayquiet today, everyone must still be out19:42
jeremybor snowed in19:45
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dubsquared1anyone run into this lately?
dubsquared1I'm doing a package install, and I'm not getting any networking in my instances…nor any output to my logs :/20:07
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termieanybody know of any nose outputters that format the test results reasonably?20:22
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jaypipestermie: elaborate on "reasonably" :)20:44
dabojaypipes: how about "doesn't look like shit"? :)20:45
jaypipesdabo: it's just unittest for crying out loud...20:45
jaypipesdabo: what looks like shit about it?20:46
jaypipesdabo: do you mean "puts pretty green [OK]" in output?20:46
termiejaypipes: so that test result output can be separated from the logging output20:46
dabojaypipes: what termie said20:46
termiejaypipes: i don't care about the green, it just needs to be separate20:46
termiejaypipes: i'm looking into it now20:47
termiejaypipes: but nose outputs test results to stderr20:47
jaypipestermie, dabo: not sure what "test result output" means...20:47
termiejaypipes: did you use our tests before nose?20:47
jaypipestermie: ah, I think you may need --logging-clear-handlers.20:47
termiejaypipes: nope, didn't do anything20:47
jaypipestermie: yes, I used the tests before nose...20:47
termiejaypipes: i have tried all the options20:47
termiejaypipes: then you should be aware of a glaring difference in the output of the tests20:48
jaypipestermie: tests return either a failure, or not... I'm not sure what you mean by "test result output"...20:48
termiejaypipes: i am sure you do20:48
jaypipestermie: do you mean the format of printing the names of the test cases?20:49
* jaypipes doesn't see the need for that...20:49
termieno, i mean not dumping everything together in a single stream20:49
termiei already explained what i meant in my first response20:49
jaypipestermie: sorry, I don't understand... how is not dumping the results to a single stream?20:50
termiejaypipes: run_tests.err.log20:50
termiejaypipes: contains all the logging output of the tests20:50
termiejaypipes: stdout only receives the test results20:51
termiebecause trial differentiates20:51
termienose, so far that i have been investigating, does not seem to have an option to do so20:51
termieand it makes the results output far less useful20:51
jaypipestermie: and none of helps?20:53
termiejaypipes: nope20:54
termiejaypipes: capturing output just relates ot whether output is printed along with error results in the summary20:54
termiejaypipes: and the filtering is for filtering out output20:55
termiejaypipes: what we had before was a separation of types of output20:55
jaypipestermie: trial dumps test "result" output to stderr... I put a couple lines into to redirect stderr to run_tests.err.log. Is that what you are asking about? Sorry, not getting this...20:55
termiejaypipes: pick a definition for "result" so we can start talking about this20:56
jaypipestermie: I don't know of a definition other than "returns either failure or not".20:56
jaypipestermie: what trial does is spit out any print statements to stderr, and that is what gets redirected to run_tests.err.log20:57
termiejaypipes: great, so let us instead use the terms 'logging output from tests' and 'test runner summaries of the value of test results"20:57
termiewhen running with trial, the 'test runner summaries of the values of test results' went to stdout20:58
termieand the 'logging output from tests' went to stderr20:58
jaypipestermie: so you're talking about test results being "anything that is print'd to an output stream that is NOT logging.blah()"20:58
termieprint statements still went to stdout20:58
termiei just told you what i am talking about20:58
termiedo my terms not make sense to you?20:59
termiei can probably clarify further21:00
termiei think the effects of running the tests before and after the change would be clarification enough21:00
jaypipestermie: this is what looks like if you redirect stderr to a log file:  This is what it looks like when you don't redirect stderr:
termiewe don;t have a, are you referring to with twisted?21:01
termieapparently so21:01
jaypipestermie: dude, / is in the root source dir.21:01
termiejaypipes: it was removed from trunk, but that is moot21:01
termiejaypipes: anyway, that is what i am referring to, yes21:02
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jaypipestermie: ok, so you want all that stuff output in a normal test run when running nosetests?  I don't see how that is particularly useful...21:03
termiejaypipes: so, now that we have established what i mean when i say 'output test results reasonably;...21:03
termiei want it the first way, not the second way21:03
termieit currently does it the second way21:03
jaypipestermie: OK, I understand now... I think.21:04
jaypipestermie: it only does it the second way on a failure, though...21:04
jaypipestermie: correct?21:04
termieit does it all the time21:04
termiehave you run the tetstS?21:04
jaypipestermie: ok, one sec...21:04
jaypipestermie: ok, now I see what is going on... sorry, the way the openstack API tests are run has changed since the eventlet_merge branch21:05
termiejaypipes: i don't see how the eventlet branch has anything to do with it, unless you are just referring to that as a point in time...21:07
termiejaypipes: did the eventlet branch somehow change the api tests?21:07
jaypipestermie: well, in a recent merge (I thought it must have been the eventlet_merge, but I could be mistaken), was changed to use nosetests and not
termiejaypipes: nay, that is some other change made with the goal of changing everything to nose21:08
termiejaypipes: i considered doing that but didn't because the output became un-useful21:08
jaypipestermie: gotcha21:08
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termiejaypipes: so left trial in place21:08
jaypipestermie: is this how you would like it to look?
termiejaypipes: vaguely, though it is still far worse than before :/21:09
termiejaypipes: that sort of output is an improvement over keeping all of the logs in stream21:09
termiejaypipes: but the logs then get eaten and put nowhere21:09
jaypipestermie: no, that's not the case. that is only the case if all tests pass.  if a test fails, it will output the contents of all logs21:10
termiejaypipes: the ideal output is the trial output, it was clear to read, quick to glance at and had patterns that became recognizable21:10
termiejaypipes: of the logs during that test, inline in the output21:10
termiejaypipes: and after the error text, for that matter, resulting in a lot of scrolling to figure out what happened and sync the values21:11
jaypipestermie: one sec, lemme see if I can get this to a state you'll like... gimme a few.21:11
termiehaving it in a separate file means i can just grep and tail things21:11
termiejaypipes: i've looked into a bit, bother while trying to make this change for the eventlet branch and now, it looks like overriding TextTestRunner and TextTestResult is necessary21:12
termiejaypipes: just adjusting the logging streams didn't help as nose uses the root logger as well21:13
termiejaypipes: but possibly making the nose logger do something different will work21:13
termie(adding another handler to it to output to stdout)21:13
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jaypipestermie: yeah, after looking at the code, I think the only way would be to mod the nose logcapture plugin :(21:26
jaypipestermie: not a huge mod, but a mod nonetheless...21:26
jaypipestermie: poop.21:26
* jaypipes would like to point out that he was not the one who recommended nosetests in the first place...21:27
jaypipestermie: so, question is... is it worth it?21:27
termiejaypipes: i like nosetests, however it isn't currently worth it for me as the tests are now very frustrating to use for me21:28
jaypipestermie: I hear you.  I meant, though, is it worth it for me/us to mod nosetests (and then possibly have to maintain a separate version of it...) :(21:29
dabois vishy around today?21:30
termiejaypipes: it has a plugin system and is easy to override that stuff21:30
termiejaypipes: i don't know the specific changes you are thinking of, but it seems like it should be possible to override21:30
jaypipestermie: right, but we'd still be distributing a custom version of nosetests...kinda like our custom version of Twisted that we distribute.  I think we'd rather get away from doing that, at least as much as possible.21:31
termiejaypipes: nah, we're distributing a nose plugin21:31
uvirtbotNew bug: #694844 in swift "NameError: global name '_' not found in most bins" [Low,New]
termiedabo: i doubt it21:31
termiedabo: last i heard he was headed home for the holidays21:31
jaypipestermie: k, then it sounds like you are in favour of modding the nose plugin for logging and distributing that plugin with nova? /me wants to make sure I understand you.21:32
dabotermie: yeah, haven't seen anything from him. Had a question about some code he wrote. It can wait21:32
* jaypipes is supposed to be on vacation... hmm.21:32
termiejaypipes: i am in favor of writing a new plugin for logging, whether that is based on the existing plugin or not21:32
termiejaypipes: or whether it is even a plugin, an extension of TextTestRunner21:32
jaypipestermie: ok.21:33
termiejaypipes: i have extended unittest a bunch of times, it isn't hard to give it a new TestRunner or TestResult instance21:33
termiejaypipes: nose appears to have the same interfaces21:33
termiejaypipes: i don't mind doing the work, i just want to finish up my current feature branch first21:34
termie(and i just won't merge in trunk until i am done so that tests are still sane looking for me)21:34
jaypipestermie: k21:35
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termiejaypipes: so, i guess let me know if you are working on it or what you've found21:36
jaypipestermie: ok. but I won't be working on that at least until I get back from vacation... (Jan 6th)21:37
termiejaypipes: k, well i'll hopefully finish before that then21:37
jaypipestermie: and it prolly won't be a huge priority since I don't mind the output as it is now that much. sorry, just being honest :)21:37
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openstackhudsonProject nova build #335: SUCCESS in 1 min 18 sec:
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nelson__In these instructions:
nelson__look at step 7.22:44
nelson__Why are the second two STORAGE_LOCAL_NET_IP_1 ?22:44
nelson__Where does the _1 come from??22:44
nelson__It's not defined anywhere and it's only used on those two lines.22:45
* nelson__ looks at annegentle and raises one eyebrow.22:45
xtoddxif anybody could look at it would be simply fantastic.  merging it to trunk is hard to do.22:52
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nelson__Is the Account Server described here: the same thing as an Auth server described here?
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jeremybnelson__: no, the auth server is the thing the proxy server and other servers hit to authenticate+authroize you23:47
jeremybnelson__: the account server is the thing that maintains which containers you have23:47
jeremyb"The Account Server is very similar to the Container Server, excepting that it is responsible for listings of containers rather than objects."23:48
jeremyb(I'm not quite authoritative, anyone please jump in with corrections)23:48
jeremybs/you/an account/23:49
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