Friday, 2010-12-31

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jk0eday: lets give this one more try:
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daboJust pushed my branch for the plugin to interface to xenstore. If anyone is bored over the upcoming holiday... :)
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edayjk0: it fixed?00:45
jk0you could say that :)00:45
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jk0eday: would you mind flipping the switch one more time?00:48
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edayjk0: actually, for that test case still in there, why not just call _create_instance? you stub out, create a conn, and call create yourself when setUp does it for you00:49
edayI wonder if any of that is confusing something00:49
jk0running low on time tonight00:50
jk0the tests all pass now though00:50
edaythings should be the same with:00:51
edayinstance = self._create_instance()00:51
edayin your test case, and you can keep values dict in that method00:51
edayjust trying to keep code duplication low00:52
jk0are you referring to test_get_diagnostics()?00:52
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jk0testing now00:53
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jk0eday: cool, that worked. pushing now00:55
edayI think for the test you removed, you would just need: self.compute.terminate_instance(self.context, instance_id) added to the end00:57
jk0tried that00:58
jk0brought on new problems00:58
jk0ok, the diff is updated00:58
jk0I'm running on fumes at the moment :)00:58
edayon diff, you shouldn't need 217/218 either, that's part of setUp00:59
jk0hm, ok, I'll try it01:00
edayand of course now that you are using _create_instance, you don't need to move values into a class member01:00
jk0ok, I'llm ove those back01:00
edayso 201-210, 230-240 can be reverted01:00
jk0forgot about that01:00
edayat this rate we'll get your patch down to 10 lines :)01:01
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jk0running tests01:04
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jk0eday: diff updated01:09
jk0now you can approve it for real this time :)01:09
edaydid you run pep8 on it? I think it may fail01:10
jk0you thinking that dict line?01:10
edayyeah, usually complains about } on it's own line01:10
jk0that's how it was, I thought it'd fail too but didn't01:10
edayoh well :)01:11
* eday stops being a pita and approve01:11
edaythanks for fixing up, looks good now01:12
jk0no problem01:12
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edayand merged01:19
openstackhudsonProject nova build #347: SUCCESS in 1 min 24 sec:
jk0\o/ \o/01:19
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* jk0 is out of here01:20
jk0thanks eday01:20
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edaydevcamcar: mind checking out  too?01:57
devcamcareday: sure thing01:57
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openstackhudsonProject nova build #348: SUCCESS in 1 min 20 sec:
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uvirtbot`New bug: #695866 in nova "Admin client should be packaged separately" [Undecided,New]
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masumotokHi, does anyone here? I just want to ask how merging process goes.03:49
masumotokMy question is , after some core developer review my code, then "Propose branch for merging"?03:49
masumotokor after "Propose branch for merging" , then someone review source code and I get feedback?03:50
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creihtmasumotok: Propose your branch for merging, then someone will review it03:53
creihtonce it gets the final approval, then it will be merged automatically03:54
masumotokcreiht: Thank you so much! very helpful.03:55
creihtno problem03:57
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openstackhudsonProject nova build #349: SUCCESS in 1 min 20 sec:
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nelson__Mwahahahahah! my swift-ring-builder code is now on launchpad, waiting to be reviewed.
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nelson__silly question: on the storage nodes, what runs 'swift-init' at reboot time?18:52
notmynamethe magical ops fairy?18:53
notmynamereally, it's up to you to choose how to do it18:54
nelson__and THAT, my friends, is why you hire magical ops fairies.18:54
jeremybnelson__: Ryan_Lane18:54
nelson__/service/swift-storage/run is my preference.18:54
nelson__turns anything into a daemon.18:55
nelson__handles logging -- the program just prints stuff and it gets logged.18:55
jeremybdoes it need to be turned into a daemon? or just told to start?18:55
nelson__y'know all the usual Unix forking / closing /dev/tty / syslog crap??  gone.18:56
jeremybi imagine it wouldn't be called swift-init if it wasn't just for init. i.e. not forever18:56
nelson__yeah, well, that's another problem that daemontools solves.18:56
jeremyb? it's not a problem!18:57
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* jeremyb imagines domas would take issue with some of what nelson__ is saying18:57
nelson__you just write a program that runs forever, and daemontools takes care of starting it up, and if it ever exits, daemontools starts it up again.18:57
nelson__hehe, could be.18:57
nelson__it nukes the whole upstart / init crapfest.18:57
nelson__although at least upstart is an improvement over init.d18:57
jeremybwhat's wrong with init.d though?18:58
nelson__OH. MY. GOD. You don't know??18:58
jeremybanyway i really have to be leaving18:58
nelson__First of all, SCO invented it. That should be enough to make you barf.18:58
jeremyb2 wikimedians are waiting on me18:58
nelson__and HNY!18:59
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nelson__Hrm. there's some kind of disconnect in the documentation, but I'm not sure I understand it well enough to fix.   howto_installmultinode.html19:23
notmynamenelson__: what disconnect?19:27
nelson__haha, that's the thing, I'm not sure!19:28
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nelson__I think, though, that an unannounced assumption is being made that you know that the device you created in is the same name you should use when you use the ring-builder to add.19:29
nelson__Not to mention that you really should configure the storage nodes before you use them, so they should appear earlier in the docs. maybe even before the proxy setup.19:30
notmynameya, it looks like parts of that could be made more clear19:32
nelson__it's hard to write documentation for beginners, because you lose your "beginnerness" as you write.19:33
nelson__that's why I'm trying to throw as much at anne as I can, while I'm still confused. :)19:34
nelson__there's a limited supply of ignorance in the world, and once we use it up, it's gone.19:34
notmynameI think the assumption of the multinode doc is that the reader is very familiar with the SAIO docs and how the system works. that's probably not a good assumption, though19:35
nelson__maybe I should go find a singlenode doc?19:43
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nelson__Isn't that pre-installed in an image?22:08
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