Thursday, 2010-12-30

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termieanybody know what hudson is checking for in test failure?00:30
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winston-dIs Object-store suppose to appear in Nova-Services table?03:29
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jeremybwinston-d: in the mediawiki extension?04:20
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winston-djeremyb: no, I meant in the NOVA database04:49
jeremybwinston-d: are you using the mediawiki extension?04:49
winston-dsorry, what's mediawiki extension?  Is it a new component of Nova ?04:50
jeremybyou asked ryan lane specifically and i was trying to figure out why04:52
jeremybalso, "object store" is a term from swift not nova but you're talking about a nova db?04:52
jeremybor maybe you weren't asking him specifically? i didn't check timestamps until now04:53
winston-dlast time, I asked why I could still see removed Compute nodes in nova db services table.  And Ryan replied that he didn't met this issue.04:53
winston-dAnd he was using newer version of Nova than i was.04:53
winston-dSo I pull the newest branch from launchpad.04:54
winston-dbut the problem still exists04:54
winston-djeremyb, objectstore is a component of nova, at least for Nova-2010.1 release.04:55
jeremyboh, yeah i remember that exchange now04:56
jeremybso, you started a new cluster from scratch with the new code?04:57
jeremybdo you have any steps to reproduce recorded?04:57
jeremyb(i know practically zilch about nova, i don't have any idea if it's normal myself)04:57
winston-djeremyb: Well, at first I was asking how can one tell nova-scheduler not to cast newly started instance to removed compute nodes.  And I found removed node still existed in nova db service table, the entry wasn't marked or deleted.  I suspected it was a bug04:59
winston-dRyan gave me heads-up that in his environment, that didn't happen.  But I'm seeing it again.05:00
jeremybright, i remember all of that05:01
winston-dFor me, nothing special is needed to reproduce this issue.  You just start and then remove some compute nodes. and try launch a new instance.05:01
jeremybanyway, maybe just wait until tomorrow or file it and point ppl to it tomorrow05:02
winston-dthen you may find scheduler cast the instance to NULL compute node05:02
jeremybany symptoms? i.e. adverse effects?05:02
winston-dthe symptom is that particular instance wouldn't be able to start/run, apparently.  It would eventualy be marked as 'shutdown' in its state.05:04
winston-dAnyway, for now I can just ignore it and live with it.05:07
jeremybdid you actually notice that behavior though?05:07
winston-dyou mean the behavior that instance wouldn't start?  yes, of course05:08
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jeremybok, so then i think it definitely merits filing, either now or after more troubleshooting/talking to ppl here once they come back to life05:09
jeremybgood luck! :)05:09
winston-danother unrelevant question is: is this IRC the best channel to ask end user questions like this?05:12
jeremybthere's intentionally no seperation between user/dev05:12
jeremybi can't think of a better channel05:12
jeremybit's a holiday mode05:13
winston-dwhat about mailing list?  the openstack mailing list is so quite and all I see is core dev sending out mail several times a week.05:13
winston-done of most inactive mailing list i've ever joined. :p05:13
jeremybi think i tried to join one but couldn't figure out how without joining the project and that needed approval?05:14
jeremybor something like that. seemed like a weird setup with too many barriers to entry05:15
winston-dyeah, very much agree!05:15
winston-dit took me forever to join mailing list.05:15
winston-dopenstack is quite different from other open source communities that i'm familiar with, kvm/xen...05:16
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beginnerCan anyone help me out with some links to build a private cloud?05:16
winston-dbeginner: well, documentation for openstack is very very premuture.05:17
winston-dyou are on your own. :)05:18
jeremyband there are docs however incomplete they might be. but as i said before i don't really know nova. (i know mostly swift)05:19
winston-djeremyb: it's pitty the IRC is best channel to ask question since i am not in the same timezone as core devs.05:19
winston-dthe swift document is much better.05:20
jeremybswift is more mature i hear05:20
jeremybcode too not just docs05:20
jeremybwinston-d: oh, you meant irc vs. other methods? i thought you meant one channel vs. another05:20
winston-dyes, that is what i meant05:21
jeremybirc is the only way i've experienced but i know people definitely do get help here and sometimes at odd hours. as i said it's holiday mode. i expect you'll have a better chance a week from now05:21
winston-dchannel is the wrong word to use, when there is 'IRC'05:21
jeremybwhat is your tz?05:22
winston-di'm IN GMT+805:22
winston-djeremyb: i've been in this channel for >2 weeks.05:22
jeremyboh, asia05:22
winston-dyes, asia05:22
winston-dwhen core dev. is working, it is our bed time.05:23
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winston-dif some async-methods like mailing is working, that can solve tz issue.05:25
redboswift is more mature, but it's sort of less ambitious than nova and has a reasonable amount of dev and production testing behind it by now05:26
jeremybwhich are you?05:26
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winston-dis swift compatible with S3?05:28
jeremybthere's a compatibility proxy. idk if it's production ready or has complete parity05:28
redbowinston-d: no, but it's similar in a lot of ways, and there's a blueprint to slap an S3 compatibility layer on top of it by the next release05:29
jeremybthere's also a blueprint to do native compatibility05:29
winston-done dump question, 'blueprint' here means plan?05:30
uvirtbotNew bug: #695587 in nova "IntegrityError on instance create" [Undecided,New]
redboYeah, basically.  Tracking features that are in development.05:31
jeremybwhat's up with ?05:32
winston-dwell, it seems i really need to get used to this openstack style. :)05:32
redboIt's a launchpad thing.  I don't know if the bug/blueprint dichotomy is always that useful yet.05:33
jeremybredbo: can you shed some light on the mailing list thing?05:34
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redboThat s3-hail thing was the blueprint for the proxy server.  I don't think it's going to be finished, in favor of Chuck's middleware.05:34
jeremybare there public lists? are there lists that allow subscription without approval or "joining" a team?05:34
jeremybi.e. is there a mailing list counterpart to this channel05:35
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redboI'm pretty sure is the main mailing list.  It's just pretty low volume.05:37
redbothere are also a few lists at but they're even lower volume05:38
jeremybwinston-d: ^05:39
winston-djeremyb: :*05:39
winston-dthat's sad05:39
jeremybi don't find it sad... low volume doesn't mean unread05:39
redboSo yeah, I guess you have to join a launchpad group to be on the mailing list.  That's kind of lame, I wonder why they did that when they obviously have a mailman server.05:39
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jeremyb"Policy: You must be a team member to subscribe to the team mailing list. "05:40
jeremybthe "policy" part makes me think it's configurable05:41
winston-djeremyb: good point. guess i'd better send inquiry here and to mailing list at same time05:41
redboI think the plan is to have the one mailing list, and if any one subject starts to make enough noise, break it off into its own list.05:44
winston-dredbo: r u a dev of swift?05:46
jeremybwinston-d: i assume so, see his voice :)05:48
winston-dhmm, I have many more nova questions to ask.05:49
jeremybredbo: well i managed to subscribe to openstack but i can't seem to subscribe to swift even though they seem to have the same policy statement. i even left the swift team and rejoined and tried again. (one offers a subscribe/unsubscribe link, one doesn't)05:49
jeremyb(one obvious explanation is that the list doesn't exist or is deprecated. but it does have archives and there's a message less than 35 days old)05:53
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beginneralright alright....i did a lot of can anyone please tell me which type of virtualisation works in a cloud out of the many forms of Virtualization??07:56
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winston-dtype 1 and 2 virtualization should work08:03
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beginnerwhat is type 1 and there such kind of classification?08:05
beginnerwinston-d, sir what is type 1 and there such kind of classification?08:06
winston-dmaybe this way can help you: xen and kvm works08:07
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winston-ddoes that answer your question?08:08
beginnerbut i mesnt in the sense- partial virtualization, full-virtualization08:08
beginnerand so on08:08
winston-dPV and full V both work08:09
beginneroh getting confused08:10
beginneralright in a private cloud?08:11
beginnerwhich one?08:11
beginnerbut both are different concepts? how is it that both work together?08:12
winston-dwell, because xen supports them both08:14
winston-dalso, you are right that PV and full are different but that doesn't mean they are mutually exclusive08:18
beginneryes sir....but is it that both work together at time??08:19
beginneryes sir....but is it that both work together at a time??08:19
winston-dthat's right.08:20
winston-dyou can try Xen and find out yourself08:20
beginnerok sir08:21
anticwbeginner: paravirt is a software technique and requires the OS being run is modified and aware of this08:22
beginnerright sir08:22
anticwbeginner: hvm/full virt requires newer cpus and hardware to work ... the OS needs to know a lot less (sometimes nothing at all)08:22
beginneryes true!!08:23
beginnerso how is it that both work together in a cloud?08:23
winston-dsure, some of the VMs can be PVed and some VMs can be HVM, and they live happily together08:24
winston-din the same cloud, even in the same physical machine08:24
beginnerok...suppose...when a client needs a particular infrastructure....what is it that happens....a VM according to the client is created?08:27
anticwwrt to xen, the vm's are started differently and have to be suitable for pv or hvm as needed08:28
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beginneranticw, sir "the vm's are started differently" i dont get this...isnt there only one VM??08:30
anticwthat depends on how many are started08:31
beginnerOn what does it depend, the starting of VMs??08:33
anticwi dont really know anymore what you're ask... i apologize, it's late here08:34
beginnerok sir see you some other day!!08:35
beginnergood night08:35
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beginnerwinston-d, sir can you help me out with this?09:01
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* ttx waves09:41
help_openstackanyone who can help me09:51
beginnerwhat is your need?09:51
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beginnerhelp_openstack, do you need help09:55
help_openstackyes, about an image which will be compatible to openstack compute09:56
help_openstacki mean centos in openstack09:56
help_openstacki have openstack in ubuntu 1010 running now with the sample provided09:59
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1010 in drivel "out-of-date" [Medium,Fix released]
termiehelp_openstack: do you have more to say?10:07
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Firagahi people10:13
Firagaanyone i can ask for help about openstack?10:13
Firagahow to create an image compatible to openstack?10:14
Firagalike centos 5 image that is compatible to openstack.10:14
termieFiraga: about halfway down this page is a mention of a centos image10:15
termieFiraga: i don't know off the top of my head which format that is in10:16
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termieFiraga: but it should give you a good start on figuring it out10:16
Firagagreat, i appreciate it termie! i will check on this and lets see...10:17
termieFiraga: i expect somebody has already solved the issue you are looking for, however none of them are awake right now10:17
termieFiraga: as most will be on u.s. time10:17
Firagatermie: yeah i guess so.10:19
Firagahey if you happen to find the solution, let me know... just if you want to.10:19
DweezahrHello all, I see this line in the documentation: "Nova development has consolidated all .conf files to nova.conf as of November 2010. References to specific .conf files may be ignored." But my version still has the 6 config files10:21
DweezahrI have used the apt-get method on ubuntu server 10.1010:21
Dweezahrsudo apt-get install python-greenlet10:22
Dweezahrsudo apt-get install nova-common nova-doc python-nova nova-api nova-network nova-objectstore nova-scheduler10:22
termieprobably a soren question10:22
termieas he has been making the packages10:22
DweezahrHe lives on us time as well?10:23
termieDweezahr: nope, euro time, but maybe out for the holidays10:25
Firagayeah... its hard to work on holidays10:25
DweezahrYeah, I know10:25
DweezahrI think I have to change this: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nova-core/ppa10:26
termiejust a fairly empty time for tech projects this time of year10:26
Firagaanyway, allow me to greet you ladies and gentlemen a HAPPY NEW YEAR10:26
termieFiraga: a bit early10:27
termieunless you are... in... what, fiji?10:27
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Firaganope its an advance greetings, i wont be online in new year of course people...10:27
Dweezahrwhy not?10:28
Dweezahryou are leaving openstack then?10:28
ttxDweezahr: ppa:nova-core/ppa ppa is deprecated, use ppa:nova-core/trunk instead10:28
Dweezahrah, that I will try now10:28
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ttx(for bleeding edge more-tha-daily builds)10:28
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Dweezahrttx, Is that a bit stable?10:29
DweezahrUse it at your own risk10:29
ttxa bit.10:29
ttxdepends on the day, usually i's surprisingly good :)10:29
Firagai haven't check on that. my goal actually is to have a centos 5 running on openstack10:29
Dweezahrthis first release of openstack is a prerelease right?10:29
Firagaso anyone who successfully created an image of centos 5 for openstack, please let me know10:30
ttxon the nova side, yes. On the swift side it's prod-ready already10:30
Firagai will greatly appreciate it.10:30
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Dweezahrttx, that is what I noticed, on fedora I got swift running in a day, on nova I stopped working on it a few months ago10:32
DweezahrWhen will there be a production stable release of nova estimately?10:32
DweezahrWill that be the next release?10:32
Firagai dont know either but i'm looking forward to that.10:33
ttxDweezahr: Difficult to say, nova is still fast-changing. We need to have a prod-ready release in April.10:33
ttxThe Bexar release will be out Feb 310:33
ttxThe cactus release should be out Apr 1410:33
Firagayeah thats what i read awhile ago10:33
Dweezahrthats good10:34
Dweezahrnow still freebsd support and this would be very good software10:34
Firaga@ttx: do you know how to create an image of centos 5 compatible with openstack10:34
larissaFiraga: Error: "ttx:" is not a valid command.10:34
ttxFiraga: no. But we now support raw disk images, so it should be doable10:35
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sorenDweezahr: The packages in Ubuntu 10.10 are from October, so they still have multiple config files.10:51
sorenDweezahr: If you're using the PPA packages, you can probably ignore all but /etc/nova/nova.conf.10:51
* soren goes back to holidaying10:52
Firagaso  if i create an image like "centos5.img" i can easily add it to openstack?10:55
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* ttx lunches12:21
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fabiandredbo, i've heard that writes in switf get slower due the high number of entries in the sqlitedb of a container. did you try to use sqlite's wal to improve write performance?12:48
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Dweezahroption -r is not recognised13:36
DweezahrI really like this kind of errors13:36
Dweezahr/usr/bin/python /usr/bin/nova-manage user admin admin13:37
DweezahrTraceback (most recent call last):13:37
Dweezahr  File "/usr/bin/nova-manage", line 536, in <module>13:37
Dweezahr    main()13:37
Dweezahr  File "/usr/bin/nova-manage", line 499, in main13:37
Dweezahr    argv = FLAGS(sys.argv)13:37
Dweezahr  File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/nova/", line 73, in __call__13:37
Dweezahr    args = gflags.FlagValues.__call__(self, argv)13:37
Dweezahr  File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/", line 1009, in __call__13:37
Dweezahr    raise FlagsError(e)13:37
Dweezahrgflags.FlagsError: option -r not recognized13:37
Dweezahrsorry for the flood, I thought it would be 5 lines at most13:37
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gholtfabiand: WAL is a new thing to Sqlite and yeah, redbo and dfg have been testing that out. It probably won't hit trunk until the Cactus release.14:29
gholtRight now, Swift has a Poor Man's WAL where we writing to .pending files and try to commit later, etc. We're looking forward to dropping that complexity from Swift and using Sqlite's WAL and expect some overall performance increase.14:31
ttxannegentle: around ?14:31
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nelson__ttx: she's off this week, but if you /msg her she'll see it eventually.14:38
ttxnelson__: ok, no hurry :)14:38
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fabiandgholt: thanks for giving this insights :) .. i just wonder how the usage pattern of those dbs is, because WAL also decreases read performance .. as the log has to be checked .. well, i'll keep my eyes open :)14:47
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nelson__annegentle: passive voice in howto_installmultinode.html "It is assumed...". Why not just say "Run all commands as the root user"?18:59
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_cerberus_Someone else mind taking a quick stab at reviewing this? We'd like to get it pushed through19:27
nelson__I love how swift-ring-builder's self-doc has "nerd explanations" as if anybody else would be reading them!!19:38
nelson__Nerds run swift; geeks run nova. It's very simple to understand.19:38
gholtHeheh. :P19:42
gholtI wrote that particular stuff. And long before it was known we'd go "public" with it. Nice find.19:43
jdarcyNot quite as bad as test.yourmom, though.19:45
nelson__ja, well, I'm just trying to figure out how rings work. I'm actually R'ing TFM.19:46
redbothat test served an important role once upon a time19:52
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edaydevcamcar: while you're in review mode, could you check volume-uuids too? :)20:06
sirp1eday: i've updated to call the compute api directly, if you get a sec, could you glance at that?20:13
nelson__If I refactor swift-ring-builder so the documentation goes with the function, is anybody going to shoot me?20:16
gholtNot at all!20:16
nelson__oh phwew! and to whom should I submit the patch?20:17
gholtWell, how familiar are you with launchpad/bzr? :)20:17
nelson__oh, okay.20:17
gholtWe just usually do a bzr branch <swift's trunk> make the changes, bzr commit and push to a personal branch, then hit "propose for merging".20:18
nelson__I was just going to modify the source and email the patch for somebody with commit privs to review.20:19
gholtThat's cool too, is fine. Be sure to sign the CLA as per our I'm not really allowed to accept the code.20:21
*** dagger has quit IRC20:21
*** dagger has joined #openstack20:21
*** dagger has joined #openstack20:21
gholtIt's the whole copyright thing; they don't want somebody to come back later and say they never gave us rights to their patch, etc.20:22
*** brd_from_italy has joined #openstack20:23
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*** Xenith has joined #openstack20:31
*** gmosesx has quit IRC20:32
nelson__hehe, no, I understand CLAs.20:34
*** reldan has joined #openstack20:37
Ryan_Lanenelson__: the launchpad way is pretty easy20:38
Ryan_Lanenelson__: may even be easier than email20:38
*** gmosesx has joined #openstack20:39
nelson__I'll give it a try. Better than sliced bread, too?20:39
nelson__cuz I've sliced bread by hand, and it's much easier to buy than do.20:39
Ryan_LaneI prefer unsliced bread, actually ;)20:41
termiei had some bread slicing issues this christmas, actually20:43
*** cruciform has joined #openstack20:59
openstackhudsonProject nova build #345: SUCCESS in 1 min 18 sec:
*** hggdh has quit IRC21:16
*** hggdh has joined #openstack21:17
Ryan_Laneis there any reason some of these static methods in need to be static? they all look to be private methods.21:18
Ryan_LaneI'm making most of them unstatic as I need to access object methods...21:18
jk0eday: mind looking at again please?21:19
*** opengeard has quit IRC21:21
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack21:22
jk0eday: just merged trunk btw21:24
edayjk0: so what is unique about your env which makes those tests fail? :)21:25
jk0there shouldn't be anything21:26
jk0need to make one more update to the branch, merge problems21:27
edayit's not failing for tarmac or me at least with the test cases how they are, I'd prefer not to change those unittests since it makes it less specific (as Cory points out)21:29
jk0I don't see the harm in letting it check for more than one running instance though21:30
*** hggdh has quit IRC21:32
*** hggdh has joined #openstack21:35
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC21:36
edaybecause you want to make sure launching one instance didn't launch two by accident :)21:37
jk0thing is what if there are already instances running?21:38
edaythere shouldn't be, unittests should be self contained. thats how it's working currently in trunk...21:38
jk0ok, I'll revert it21:38
edaywhen you run them, is it picking up instances not started by unittests somehow?21:39
* eday is just trying to get to the root cause of the issue21:39
jk0that's what I thought it was doing21:39
jk0I didn't spend much time figuring out why21:39
jk0jsut wanted the tests to pass :)21:39
edayI'm not saying it's wrong, it may be a bug in the unittests21:39
edayand I'd rather fix that bug than just open the threshold21:40
eday(or possibly a bug in the system itself)21:40
XenithWhat version of python does openstack target?21:45
XenithAh, there it is. 2.621:49
XenithGuess my python3 book is slightly less useful.21:49
*** ctennis_ has quit IRC22:00
openstackhudsonProject nova build #346: SUCCESS in 1 min 19 sec:
jk0eday: how about now? :)22:11
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC22:11
*** ctennis has joined #openstack22:12
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*** Cybodog has joined #openstack22:20
edayjk0: don't hate me :)22:23
*** jdarcy has quit IRC22:24
jk0eday: that was just me following the trend of everything else22:24
jk0I'll change22:24
edayjk0: yeah, everything else just happened to be a verb already :)22:27
jk0eday: ok, how about *now* :)22:29
*** gmosesx has quit IRC22:30
* eday finds something else to comaplin about22:30
* jk0 books a redeye to portland22:30
*** chmouel has quit IRC22:33
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack22:37
*** allsystemsarego has quit IRC22:42
*** opengeard has joined #openstack22:43
edayjk0: my last complaint is this will conflict with my proposed branches, but that's not your fault :)22:43
jk0sorry man22:44
*** johnpur has quit IRC22:48
*** ArdRigh has joined #openstack22:49
edayoops, forgot to set as approved22:50
*** Podilarius has left #openstack22:52
jk0eday: looks like the merge failed22:58
*** dirakx has quit IRC22:58
*** Cybodog has quit IRC23:00
edayjk0: you forgot to update your test cases to stup ot get_*23:00
jk0just saw that ;\23:00
edaywow, I can't type23:01
edayyou should fix that unittest issue to make unittests run so you can check before pushing :)23:02
jk0change pushed23:02
jk0that's why I fixed it in the first place! :P23:02
edayI'm not convinced that is the correct solution :)23:03
jk0I'll look into it after this merges23:03
jk0try on a fresh branch23:03
jk0diff updated23:04
* jk0 crosses fingers23:09
*** krish has quit IRC23:11
jk0eday: hah, there's the unit test that was failing for me23:12
*** opengeard has quit IRC23:12
jk0eday: you have any idea what's going on?23:14
*** iammartian has joined #openstack23:14
edayhmm, nope23:17
edaydoesn't give much23:17
*** arcane has joined #openstack23:17
edaytrying it again just for kicks23:17
*** hggdh has quit IRC23:22
jk0eday: pretty annoying isnt it ;\23:31
jk0eday: should I put my fix back in?23:32
edaywell, we know trunk works, and trunk+your patch doesn't. I'd try reapplying it slowly to see what causes it to break23:33
*** hggdh has joined #openstack23:34
*** rlucio_ has joined #openstack23:35
edayjk0: oh, duh. in your test cse you create an instance but don't terminate it23:35
jk0doesn't look like the others in test_xenapi do either23:37
jk0eday: any idea how I could kill off this instance?23:46
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack23:50
edayjk0: verify that is it first by commenting out the test case23:51
jk0just did that, test still fails23:54
jk0hm, wait23:55
jk0running one more time23:56
*** Jamerson has quit IRC23:58

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