Friday, 2011-02-04

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vvuksandendrobates: do you have any insight into the node registration process ?00:28
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nelsonThis file: is coming from a three-node test Openstack Swift cluster.00:41
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creihtnelson: woot!00:42
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nelsonyep. Most of the past week has actually been spent (invested? consumed?) struggling with squid to rewrite the URL.00:43
nelsonand actually, I would *barely* need to do that if there was the concept of an "anonymous" account which would be used if no AUTH string was present.00:44
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creihtnelson: It wouldn't be difficult to do something like that with the auth middleware00:44
nelsonbut we're almost certainly going to continue to have squid caches in front of the cluster, so rewriting is very low-cost.00:45
nelsonyeah, I was thinking it wouldn't be too hard.00:45
nelsonanyway ... now to figure out how to pull the images into the cluster.00:45
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nelsonNeed to find where 404 errors are generated / handled in wsgi.00:46
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Ryan_Lanenelson: squid or varnish :)00:57
Ryan_Lanenelson: varnish in the future, for sure00:58
nelsonVarnish can rewrite. I checked.00:58
Ryan_Lanethis may actually be a good time to switch to varnish, if we can :)00:58
nelsonI *think* we can do that piecemeal.00:59
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Ryan_Laneno need to test with that though, we'll deal with that later00:59
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nelsonyeah, I have no plans to frick with squid beyond the minimum rewriting needed.00:59
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snellywow, IRC works at 29,000' :)01:33
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jtrananyone use any ruby AWS libraries to interact w/ openstack?    If so, which library in particular.   I am able to use fog, but for whatever reason Rightscale aws::ec2 if failing.02:01
jtranand amazon-ec2 gem also has a prob02:01
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aimonjtran hi04:18
aimonWe have used right-aws most successfully for both ec2 and euca.. this being in ruby of course.. but you may want to look at their calls and compare04:20
aimonwe will be testing against OS in next week or two04:21
aimonwill report any issues in forums04:21
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openstackhudsonProject nova build #488: SUCCESS in 1 min 34 sec:
openstackhudsonTarmac: Adds logging.basicConfig() to so that attempting to log debug messages from tests will work.07:02
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uvirtbotNew bug: #712945 in nova "nova-manage with param "user a" results in traceback" [Undecided,New]
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masumotokHi, OpenstackDashbord developers around? I just wanna ask that django_nova.manager.ProjectManager.get_nova_connection() should be changed from "clc_url=self.region['endpoint']" to "clc_url=nova.clc_url" since OpenStackDashboard in my environment doesnt work after successfully login(if I press "instances", "keys" etc , I got connection refused).....09:23
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uvirtbotNew bug: #712979 in openstack-dashboard "delete volume while still creating it crashes" [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #712982 in openstack-dashboard "attach volume while status is 'creating'" [Undecided,New]
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mustfeedis it possible to install all openstack components (compute,, ...) on one server?12:53
mustfeedcan someone query me for an answer?12:54
thimbleyou can12:55
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thimblehi all. Does anyone know how to really terminate instances which have state "shutdown"?13:41
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uvirtbotNew bug: #713126 in glance "Swift backend does not support POST" [Critical,Confirmed]
notmynamejaypipes: not being familiar with glance, what do you need in swift for glance (that bug ^)? swift does support POST, but only for modifying metadata14:43
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jaypipesnotmyname: not too much, actually, I can do it pretty easily. Not sure how it slipped through the cracks for Bexar, to be honest :(14:46
jaypipesnotmyname: we already support DELETE and GET, and POST for the filesystem backend. The code for putting the object into Swift is trivially similar to the filesystem backend...14:47
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jaypipesnotmyname: but I'll hit you up for some help if I run into issues :)14:48
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ttx now points to cactus15:02
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uvirtbotNew bug: #713144 in nova "Openstack API:  GET on /servers/<id> returns empty 'addresses'" [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #713154 in glance "S3 Backend doesn't support POST either." [Critical,Confirmed]
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jaypipescreiht: latest roadblock:
creihtjaypipes: bummer :/16:02
creihtreading that traceback makes it seem like it is using its own hub16:03
creihtwhich is a bit odd, but I guess maybe required how it allows different backends16:04
jaypipescreiht: getting pretty fed up with all of this... wasted a crapload of time on it.16:04
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creihtjaypipes: I'm beginning to remember some of the reasons why I wasn't fond of paster.serve16:13
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jaypipescreiht: I'm not fond of any of these "tools". they seem to make things WAY more complicated than necessary. Plus, and this very easily could just be my lack of knowledge of the deployment world, I just don't GET IT. I don't see the purpose of all of them. In the PHP world, you just load your PHP files up to a directory, setup Apache or some other server with mod_php, and boom. done. no f-ing around with these silly config16:16
jaypipes files.16:16
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jaypipescreiht: don't get me wrong. I love me some Python. but Python app deployment is for shit compared to PHP.16:17
creihtjaypipes: Well you could do that with python to, just set up apache with mod_wsgi pointing to your app16:18
creihtI chose paste.deploy because we needed some configurable way of composing a wsgi app with a pluggable interface16:19
creihtotherwise I would have had to write it myself, which I really didn't want to do16:19
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creihtI only chose paste.deploy, and stayed away from paster.serve16:20
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jaypipescreiht: paste.deploy works fine, but it's not "enough". You still had to write the swift-init to get anything close to deployable.16:20
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creihtyeah paste.deploy is just about configurating and building the app16:21
creihtwe already had the serving stuff16:21
jaypipescreiht: configurating :) nice.16:22
creihtjaypipes: btw, we are working towards getting rid of swift-init16:24
creihtso that the scripts can be more easily controlled by os daemon systems16:24
creihtinit.d, upstart, etc.16:24
creihtand most of our stuff just extends the eventlet.wsgi server to meet some of our needs16:29
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creihtmaybe the best thing for now, is just to start with the basic eventlet.wsgi server and see where that gets you16:29
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creihtor you could take a look at what we have in swift/common/ and see if that would be useful for you16:32
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creihtmtaylor: around?16:59
mtaylorcreiht: ola hombre16:59
creihtif you have some time, would you mind building the swift 1.2 ppas?17:00
creihtand adding 1.2 series to the hudson stuff <- less as important right now17:00
mtaylorcreiht: totally17:00
Ryan_Lanecongrats on release guys :)17:00
creihtawesome thanks17:00
creihtmtaylor: one of these days redbo and I need to learn how to do that :)17:01
creihtRyan_Lane: thanks!17:01
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creihtjaypipes: It could be worse, you could be wrangling xml files and jboss :)17:04
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mtaylorcreiht: gross17:08
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jaypipescreiht: heh, true :)17:29
jaypipescreiht: eek, you just brought back visions of my days doing COM/MTS development and DLL hell. thanks.17:30
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openstackhudsonProject nova build #489: SUCCESS in 1 min 31 sec:
openstackhudsonTarmac: Fixes
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 681417 in nova "All errors about quotas should include a unit" [Low,Fix committed]17:52
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vvuksanit doesn't appear Nova keeps any type of a heartbeat of compute nodes that are up17:54
vvuksancorrect ?17:54
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sorenvvuksan: It does.18:00
vvuksanhow ?18:00
sorenvvuksan: Each node reports to the datastore that its still alive.18:00
vvuksanwhat's the interval ?18:00
sorenQuite frequent... Let me check.18:00
vvuksancause I killed nova-compute on a box18:00
sorenvvuksan: 10 seconds.18:01
vvuksanand scheduler still was dispatching jobs to it18:01
sorenvvuksan: That's another setting.18:01
sorenvvuksan: They report in every 10 seconds, they are considered dead after.. err... more than that :) A minute, I think.18:01
vvuksanok that's good :-)18:01
vvuksanwhat setting is the one that tells it not to dispatch ?18:02
*** kpepple has quit IRC18:02
sorenFLAGS.service_down_time defines the timeout. It defaults to 60 seconds.18:03
sorenFLAGS.report_interval defines the report-in frequency. It defaults to 10 seconds.18:03
sorenvvuksan: The logic is in the scheduler. nova/scheduler/driver.py18:03
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devcamcarmasumotok: it is necessary to use region['endpoint'] in order for django-nova to support multiple regions.  the clc_url is only for the admin connection. as the openstack api matures we will move away from using the intermediate admin connection.  but for now if you're having issues, it is most likely that in your actual nova configuration you haven't configured your region endpoints correctly18:52
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jaypipesdevcamcar: around? got a question for ya...19:02
devcamcarjaypipes: here19:03
jaypipesdevcamcar: mind reading through and letting me know if my assessment at the end is correct?19:03
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 712782 in glance "getting error "No JSON object could be decoded" while trying to put a new images" [Undecided,New]19:03
devcamcarjaypipes: sure19:03
jaypipesdevcamcar: I'm thinking some old data may still be in the nova-objectstore buckets, but I'm not totally sure...19:03
jaypipesdevcamcar: thx!19:04
jaypipesdevcamcar: kinda weird, eh?19:06
devcamcarjaypipes: could it be that something really whacky was done, like pointing the glance filesystem path at the same path that the nova objectstore was using?19:08
*** Jordandev has quit IRC19:08
devcamcarjaypipes: we should at least rule that out19:08
jaypipesdevcamcar: heh, good thinking :) hadn't thought of that. I'll ask him to try from scratch to see if it's just a result of changing a bunch of settings...19:09
devcamcarjaypipes: cool, yea something funky is going on19:09
jaypipesdevcamcar: IIANM, if image_service is set to Glance, then euca-describe-images should *not* return anything, right? Only a GET /v1/images/detail would return image info, right?19:12
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devcamcarjaypipes: why wouldn't it?19:16
devcamcarjaypipes: from ec2 api code:19:16
devcamcar    def describe_images(self, context, image_id=None, **kwargs):19:16
devcamcar        # Note: image_id is a list!19:16
devcamcar        images = self.image_service.index(context)19:16
devcamcarjaypipes: as long as glance image_service supports index, should be happy no?19:17
jaypipesdevcamcar: hmm...19:17
jaypipesdevcamcar: I wonder why it's showing name and ID as None then...19:18
jaypipesdevcamcar: I'm wondering if it's because the keys in the returned images mapping are not what euca-describe-images expectss..19:19
jaypipesdevcamcar: that's gotta be it...19:19
devcamcarjaypipes: that's gotta be it19:21
jaypipesdevcamcar: yep, that's precisely what it is. we need to change the keys in the images mapping to match what boto expects to receive... (id, location, ownerId, state, and isPublic19:21
jaypipesor rather, what euca-describe-images expects to receive...19:21
jaypipesdevcamcar: from euca-describe-images:display_images():19:22
jaypipesimage_string = '%s\t%s\t%s\t%s' % (, image.location, image.ownerId, image.state)19:22
jaypipesif image.is_public:19:22
jaypipes      image_string += '\tpublic'19:22
jaypipes    image_string += '\tprivate'19:22
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devcamcareww :)19:22
jaypipesdevcamcar: OK, I'll change the bug over to Nova. ok with you?19:22
jaypipesI'll update the decsription to match the above diagnosis...19:22
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk19:23
devcamcarjaypipes: yep19:28
devcamcarassign to me if you like19:28
jaypipesdevcamcar: cool, cheers19:29
jaypipesdevcamcar: done19:29
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jtranannegentle: is there an existing ruby library that i can use to access the Openstack rest api?19:32
*** Jordandev has joined #openstack19:37
dprincejtran: that answer explains how to use the Openstack Compute Ruby binding.19:39
*** kpepple has joined #openstack19:40
termiedevcamcar: is anybody at the office?19:46
uvirtbotNew bug: #713301 in django-nova "Update with new additions from lp:nova" [Undecided,New]
*** baldben has quit IRC19:49
*** hggdh has quit IRC19:55
jtrandprince: thanks!19:58
jtrandprince:  are you aware of which AWS/EC2 ruby libraries work against openstack?  I've gotten FOG to work, however, having probs w/ aws gem as well as amazon-ec2 gem.  I get unauthorized errors when doing a sample query, using the same settings as I had used in FOG.  From what I heard, the signature methods for those libraries aren't considering the different port # that nova uses by default.  Don't take my word on it though.20:01
devcamcartermie: i'm not there yet20:01
kpepplejtran: amazon-ec2 definately doesn't work -- i tried with eucalyptus a while back and the port number is the problem20:02
jtrankpepple: did u find one (other than fog) that works?20:02
*** hggdh has joined #openstack20:02
kpepplejtran: once i found Fog, i stopped :)20:02
*** gondoi has joined #openstack20:03
jtranok.  thx.  I'm not liking fog too much.  it's test mocks are difficult to maintain20:03
*** grapex has joined #openstack20:03
imsplitbitkpepple: I too love fog, great project20:04
*** kashyapc has quit IRC20:04
*** madman` has joined #openstack20:05
*** reldan has quit IRC20:07
*** adiantum has quit IRC20:10
*** madman` has quit IRC20:17
*** madman` has joined #openstack20:17
*** freeflyi1g has joined #openstack20:18
dprincejtran: sorry. I haven't used much on the EC2/AWS side of openstack aside from using eucatools to manage things.20:18
*** madman` has quit IRC20:18
jtranunderstood. thx20:18
*** madman` has joined #openstack20:19
*** freeflying has quit IRC20:20
*** madman` has quit IRC20:24
*** madman` has joined #openstack20:24
*** troytoman has quit IRC20:31
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates20:32
*** metoikos has quit IRC20:37
*** baldben has joined #openstack20:43
*** madman` has quit IRC20:43
*** troytoman has joined #openstack20:44
*** evtoews has joined #openstack20:45
vishyjtran: patch the other libraries?20:54
vishythat you do like?20:54
jtranvishy: i suppose but i don't know if the port is really the issue20:54
vishyjtran: pretty sure it is20:55
jtrando u have any reference on it?   for example, i tried doing this, incorporating teh port in the query string:20:55
jtranyet no luck there either20:55
vishyi know people have patched them to work before20:55
jtrani guess if i had a reference to what the issue is specifically.20:55
jtranotherwise i guess i'll look at fog's source to see.20:55
jtrananyway i'm looking at the openstack/compute gem instead of aws20:56
*** mdomsch has joined #openstack20:57
kpepplejtran: there is a ruby library for openstack on launchpad ... haven't used it yet20:57
jtranyes, that's the one i'm trying out20:58
jtranso far no luck w/ it tho20:58
kpepplejtran: it doesn't look like it's gotten much love20:58
j05hjtran: take if over and fix it ;)20:58
jtranj05h: right.  looking at it.20:58
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk20:58
vishythe server string string to sign needs to include the port number20:59
jtranvishy: understood.  that's what i tried doing.21:00
jtranyet i still get 40321:00
vishyand the path is of course different as well21:00
vishyfrom (ec2)21:00
jtranright.  /services/Cloud21:01
jtran"GET myserver:8773/services/Cloud/#{canonical_querystring}"21:01
*** m_3 has joined #openstack21:01
*** Jordandev has quit IRC21:02
vishyright but the port needs to be in the signature as well21:03
vishyyou could also just make it listen on port 8021:03
*** Cybodog has joined #openstack21:04
jtranya,i was thinking of that.  just putting a proxy to test it out if that's reallythe case.21:05
jtran^ i assumed by including the port  in the string above, is the way to get it included in the signature.21:05
uvirtbotjtran: Error: "i" is not a valid command.21:05
jtranhmac =
jtranstring_to_sign = what i had bove21:06
jtranstring_to_sign = "GET myserver:8773/services/Cloud/#{canonical_querystring}"21:06
dprincejtran: let me know if you need anything on the Ruby binding. I just gave it 'some love' the other day.21:08
vishyin version 2 the s2s is verb\nserver_string\npath21:08
*** jakedahn has joined #openstack21:08
jtrandprince: OpenStack::Compute::Exception::ComputeFault: No project with id openstack21:08
jtrani'm not certain where i initializethe obj to include the project id21:08
dprinceOh. You need to set '--default_project' in nova.conf.21:09
vishy\n + queyr strings21:09
dprinceThe Openstack API controller currently just works with a single default project.21:09
jtranthat's doing a describe images.21:09
*** troytoman has quit IRC21:10
jtranok what var do i set if i don't have a nova.conf21:10
*** bip`away has joined #openstack21:10
jtrani'm doing this entirely in irb, the only thing i've done is set env vars w/ novarc21:10
dprinceSo if you created a project named 'admin' with nova-manage you just need to set '--default_project=admin' in nova.conf and then restart your nova API process.21:10
jtrani have no local install of nova21:10
dprinceHmm. Okay. Can you create a project called 'openstack' then.21:11
dprinceThat is the default project name I think.21:11
*** gaveen has quit IRC21:11
jtranah i see.  well i'll look at the code to see what i can do to override in my instance21:11
jtrani'd hate to have to set a nova.conf on my system even if i don't have a nova installation21:12
jtrandprince: you're right tho after i create a project 'openstack' it works.21:15
jtrani didn't see any code that refers to how to pass which project on the query.21:15
jtranalso the ruby binding doesn't have any reference to opening and parsing nova.conf for this project info21:16
jtrananyway, that'll get me started.  thx for your help.21:16
*** grapex has left #openstack21:18
dprincejtran: The Ruby binding was based on the Rackspace Cloud v 1.0 spec.21:18
evtoewshi all, i'm installing nova from the instructions at and when i go to do the "sudo python build" i get the error message "No handlers could be found for logger "nova.root"" and it stops cold.  any idea what the problem is?21:19
dprincejtran: The openstack API doesn't currently fully implement all of the calls there.21:19
jtranthat's the other part i was confused about.   annegentle said the openstack api was supposed to conform to rackspace cloud 1.0 but made no mention of project id in that rackapce api doc.21:19
dprincejtran: It is certianly usable for listing images, flavors, and creating instances.21:19
jtranthat's great. that''s about as much as i need for now.  between it and the aws api i think i'm good for now21:20
jtranuntil occi comes out21:20
kpeppleevtoews: could you paste the output to ?21:20
dprincejtran: Things like file injection, metadata, IP addresses, etc are all still not fully implemented in the API.21:20
evtoewssure.  1 sec.21:20
dprincejtran: Sure. Good luck.21:20
*** troytoman has joined #openstack21:21
evtoewskpepple: as you can see it's really just the one message being output21:22
kpeppleevtoews: which python are you using ?21:23
kpeppleevtoews: version 2.6 ?21:23
evtoewskpepple: in order to get that far i did have to do "sudo apt-get -y install python-setuptools python-gflags"21:24
*** lvaughn_ has joined #openstack21:24
*** grapex has joined #openstack21:24
evtoewskpepple: 2.6.6 i'm on a fresh install of ubuntu 10.1021:24
*** gaveen has joined #openstack21:24
*** gaveen has joined #openstack21:26
kpeppleevtoews: hmmm ... i'm wondering if you have all the eggs installed. what happens if you do a 'pip freeze | grep boto'21:26
*** lvaughn has quit IRC21:26
*** gaveen has quit IRC21:27
*** dprince has quit IRC21:27
evtoewskpepple: i definitely don't have pip or boto installed.  should i go ahead and install them right now?21:28
*** gaveen has joined #openstack21:28
kpeppleevtoews: look in tools/pip-requires and you will see all the eggs/libraries that you need. you can install these with 'pip -r tools/pip-requires' once you have pip installed ...21:29
*** Cybodog has quit IRC21:29
*** Cybodog has joined #openstack21:31
*** kwminnick has joined #openstack21:34
evtoewskpepple: just installed pip with "sudo apt-get install python-pip" and got version 0.7.2 which doesn't seem to have the -r option.  do i need a later release of pip?21:34
*** gaveen has quit IRC21:35
kpepplehold on21:36
kpeppleoops put install in there21:37
evtoewskpepple: an exception during the install.  see
kpepplepop install -r tools/pip-requires21:42
kpepples/pop/pip ... damn auto correct21:43
*** joearnold has quit IRC21:45
*** joearnold has joined #openstack21:47
*** baldben has quit IRC21:48
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates21:48
*** gaveen has joined #openstack21:49
*** gaveen has quit IRC21:50
*** gaveen has joined #openstack21:51
*** gaveen has quit IRC21:52
*** gaveen has joined #openstack21:53
kpeppleevtoews: did that work for you ?21:53
*** gaveen has quit IRC21:54
*** gaveen has joined #openstack21:54
evtoewskpepple: nope :(  ImportError when download/unpacking eventlet on line 42.  installation errors start at line 160.22:00
kpeppleevtoews: hmmm ... the pyrex not available is normal ... but the gcc error is new. hold let me check something.22:01
*** kwminnick has quit IRC22:03
evtoewskpepple: does greenlet need to be above eventlet in the pip-requires file?22:03
kpeppleevtoews: the file order doesn't matter as pip doesn't install in order (we had many issues with that earlier)22:04
evtoewskpepple: k22:04
kpeppleevtoews: i think you are missing a python development package ...22:04
*** kwminnick has joined #openstack22:04
annegentleevtoews: sorry for your trouble, I tested on 10.04 where I had a lot of the pre-reqs already I guess.22:05
annegentlethanks kpepple for help!22:05
evtoewskpepple: python-software-properties perhaps?22:05
evtoewskpepple: np.  i came in fully expecting a few bumps in the road ;)22:05
kpeppleevtoews: okay ... lets go this way (instead of pip, we'll use apt-get packages ...)22:06
kpepplesudo apt-get install -y python-twisted python-sqlalchemy python-mox python-greenlet python-carrot22:06
kpepple    sudo apt-get install -y python-migrate python-eventlet python-gflags python-ipy python-tempita22:06
kpepple    sudo apt-get install -y python-libvirt python-libxml2 python-routes python-cheetah22:06
annegentleI will continue to evict wiki spammers. Sigh.22:07
*** Jordandev has joined #openstack22:08
*** baldben has joined #openstack22:08
evtoewskpepple: okay.  the apt-get installs went fine.  still getting "No handlers could be found for logger "nova.root"" when i do a "sudo python build"22:11
j05hwhy the heck to we have wiki spammers? bleh.22:12
kpeppleevtoews: doing it on my machine now. hold on for one sec.22:12
*** bcherian has joined #openstack22:13
*** joearnold has quit IRC22:15
*** baldben has quit IRC22:16
kpeppleevtoews: okay, my build runs fine ...22:16
kpeppleevtoews: one or two questions: are you on x64 machine ?22:17
evtoewskpepple: Linux cybera9 2.6.35-22-server #33-Ubuntu SMP Sun Sep 19 20:48:58 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux22:18
*** gaveen has quit IRC22:19
*** DanEllis has quit IRC22:23
kpeppleevtoews: do you have a /etc/nova.conf file ?22:24
kpeppleevtoews: sorry, /etc/nova/nova.conf22:25
evtoewskpepple:  shot in the dark here.  i'm looking at nova/  is the indentation for lines 207-210 correct?  are they in the proper place?22:25
*** vvuksan has quit IRC22:25
*** jfluhmann has quit IRC22:25
evtoewskpepple: no /etc/nova/nova.conf file22:26
kpeppleevtoews: those lines are the source of the problem, but i don't think it's the indentation, otherwise my install wouldn't run ... i thought it wasn't starting because it could find the flag for level in NovaLogger:__init__ around
kpepples/could/count not/22:28
*** syah has quit IRC22:30
*** hub_cap has quit IRC22:32
kpeppleevtoews: can you try this -- add this file ( as /etc/nova/nova.conf and then try to build ... i am thinking that it can't add handlers without a log directory created22:33
*** syah has joined #openstack22:34
*** bcherian has quit IRC22:34
evtoewskpepple: who should be the owner of /etc/nova/nova.conf?22:34
kpeppleevtoews: mine /etc/nova/nova.conf is owned by root (because i run nova-compute as root)22:35
jarroddo the volume nodes create the block storage for the virtual machines on the compute nodes?22:35
kpeppleevtoews: just make sure anyone can read it22:35
*** joearnold has joined #openstack22:35
kpeppleevtoews: pretty sure it is the --logdir flag that we are missing ... on, they assign log handlers, but only if use_syslog or logfile flags are set22:37
*** kbringard has quit IRC22:38
kpepplejarrod: what do you mean by create ?22:41
evtoewskpepple: still getting "No handlers could be found for logger "nova.root""22:41
kpeppleevtoews: weird22:42
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC22:42
evtoewskpepple: ya.  i even did "sudo mkdir /var/log/nova" and "sudo chmod a+rw /var/log/nova"22:42
jarrodkpepple: format the block storage that the vm image will use on the compute node22:42
jarrodto the dynamic size i request22:43
kpepplejarrod: in nova/volume/, you have a create_volume where a name and size are passed to it and it executes a "sudo lvcreate " with those options ... so i think it creates the volume but doesn't format it for you. not too familiar with that part of the code.22:45
jarrodbut does it store that on the compute node?22:45
*** bcherian has joined #openstack22:47
kpepplejarrod: you attach that volume to the compute node ... not sure what you mean by "store that on the compute node"22:48
jarroddoes the underlying storage of the lvcreate reside on the compute nodes?22:48
*** rnirmal has quit IRC22:49
kpeppleevtoews: okay, what about adding "--logfile=/tmp/nova-root.log" to your /etc/nova/nova.conf file ... that should trigger the code path on and add the handler in
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack22:52
*** rnirmal has quit IRC22:57
*** stewart has quit IRC22:58
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk22:59
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates22:59
evtoewskepple: still the same message...23:00
*** troytoman has left #openstack23:00
*** ttoman has joined #openstack23:01
*** bip`away has quit IRC23:02
kpeppleevtoews: so the one other time i have seen this message is when i am running tests sometimes ... the message comes up but the error isn't the log handler, it's just being masked by the loghandler.23:02
evtoewskpepple: tips for debugging this?23:03
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack23:03
*** joearnold has quit IRC23:04
kpeppleevtoews: last try -- let's just set it up like the devel environment. install "sudo apt-get install -y python-software-properties" and then execute "./" from your prompt and say "Y" to when it asks you to create your virtual environment ...23:05
*** troytoman-away has joined #openstack23:06
kpeppleevtoews: i've finally got a clean ubuntu 10.10 image to replicate your problem ... trying now23:07
evtoewskpepple: i did an apt-get update and upgrade too.23:08
*** joearnold has joined #openstack23:09
*** blueadept has quit IRC23:11
evtoewskpepple: looking at my install notes.  also had to "sudo apt-get -y install kvm-pxe curl vlan gcc"23:11
*** vvuksan has joined #openstack23:11
evtoewskpepple: FYI, when i tried ./ i ran into the gcc problem again.
*** troytoman-away is now known as troytoman23:13
kpeppleevtoews: i'm running the pip install now ...23:15
kpeppleevtoews: while we're waiting ... do you have python2.6-dev installed ?23:17
*** ctennis has joined #openstack23:18
*** ctennis has joined #openstack23:18
kpeppleevtoews: BTW you can also install this from packages (which is what i do on my test server)23:18
evtoewskpepple: you mean ppa:nova-core/trunk?23:19
evtoewskpepple: nope.  i don't have python2.6-dev installed.23:20
*** vvuksan has quit IRC23:20
kpeppleevtoews: i think that may be why you greenlet compile is failing23:20
kpeppleevtoews: yes, the trunk ppa23:21
evtoewskpepple: okay. i "sudo apt-get install python2.6-dev" and now i don't get any errors when i run ./  in fact, i don't get any output at all!  is that normal?23:22
*** rnirmal has quit IRC23:23
evtoewskpepple: is trunk stable?23:23
*** dirakx has quit IRC23:23
kpeppleevtoews: yes. do a "./ -N" to not use virtualenv this time23:24
kpeppleevtoews: trunk isn't always stable, but i only do selective upgrades once i have it proved in my devel environment first23:24
kpeppleevtoews: hey, i just hit your compile problem23:26
kpeppleevtoews: oh yeah, you will definitely need python2.6-dev23:27
kpeppleevtoews: and you need "sudo apt-get install swig"23:28
evtoewskpepple: i did "sudo pip install -r tools/pip-requires" and i got "error: command 'swig' failed with exit status 1"  so i "sudo apt-get install swig".  now the pip install completes but with a lot of warnings for M2Crypto.23:28
evtoewskpepple: yep, already got there.23:29
kpeppleevtoews: we probably need m2crypto also ... sudo apt-get install m2crypto ... it's for python ssl23:29
kpeppleevtoews: okay, with that .. my clean build now does the python build23:30
kpeppleevtoews: and installs ... but you need to do "sudo python install"23:31
*** mray has quit IRC23:31
evtoewskpepple: just doing ./ right now.  everything "ok" so far.23:31
*** westmaas has quit IRC23:31
kpeppleevtoews: did you do it with the -N ?23:32
evtoewskpepple: yep.  everything ran okay.23:33
*** stewart has joined #openstack23:33
kpeppleevtoews: cool23:33
*** troytoman has quit IRC23:33
evtoewskpepple: nova installed successfully!23:33
kpeppleevtoews: very cool23:34
kpepplei'll start updating the wiki instructions23:34
dendrobatesevtoews kpepple: wow, thanks for working that out.23:35
evtoewskpepple: cool.  i was just about to offer but i suspect the instructions your recent install on 10.10 will be more succinct than my thrashing about.23:35
edaydendrobates: how you feeling? I heard about the fall23:35
*** troytoman-away has joined #openstack23:36
dendrobateseday: getting better, my neck is still pretty bad, but I my head is feeling pretty good, except for the staples23:36
edayugh, staples!?23:36
dendrobatesyeah, just 223:36
dendrobatesI don't even remember it.23:37
edaydo you know what caused it? I heard you may have been sleep walking or something?23:37
dendrobatesno I woke up feeling bad, I must have passed out.23:38
dendrobatesprobably never no for sure23:38
dendrobateser know23:38
*** joearnold has quit IRC23:38
evtoewskpepple: i don't want to take much more of your time (today that is :)) but one more question.  when i want to install more than 1 compute node do i need to do anything different than the instructions on ?23:40
vishyevtows: that error shouldn't matter, probably trying to tell you that it is skipping docs because of no sphinx23:41
vishyif you really want to see what it is trying to log23:42
vishyadd the following two lines to the top of setup.py23:42
vishyfrom nova import log as logging (if it isn't there)23:42
kpeppleevtoews: yeah, the install isn't that different but you need some extra options in /etc/nova/nova.conf (to point to the nova.db and such)23:42
kpeppleevtoews: see
kpepplevishy: did we ever document/update the python packages we need to deployment vs the ones we need for devel ? i think there is a slight difference ...23:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #713430 in nova "nova.volume.driver.SheepdogDriver: global name 'volume_ref' is not defined" [Undecided,New]
vishythe only diff is sphinx i believe23:46
*** troytoman-away is now known as troytoman23:47
evtoewsvishy: thanks for the tip.  ya, the logging error was a red herring. i think it was primarily because of the lack of python2.6-dev.23:47
*** troytoman is now known as troytoman-away23:48
kpepplevishy: okay23:48
evtoewshave to head out now.  i'll probably finish up on monday.  thanks to everyone for the help.23:51
*** evtoews has quit IRC23:52
*** ttoman has quit IRC23:52
kpepplevishy: assuming we don't need pep8, bzr or pylint for runtime either, right ?23:53
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack23:55
*** adiantum has joined #openstack23:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #713434 in nova "dnsmasq fails with status 1 and illegal domain novalocal in /var/lib/nova/networks/nova-br100.conf" [Undecided,New]
vishytrue pep823:57
vishypylint isn't a dep is it?23:57
kpepplevishy: pylint==0.19 is in pip-requires23:58
kpepplevishy: i think it's a requirement23:58
vishyi see23:59

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