Saturday, 2011-02-12

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kashihello all00:05
Ryan_Lanewhen is the bexar update going to be released?00:07
kashii guess its already released00:07
Ryan_Laneno. the update :)00:07
kashioh ok00:07
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kashiare you working on nova or objectstorage ?00:08
kashii am just getting started00:08
kashion nova00:08
Ryan_Laneit works pretty well, minus the occasional bug :)00:10
kashii am going thru
kashiand following the steps00:11
Ryan_LaneI wonder if there is install documentation that mentions how to install it from the packages00:11
Ryan_Lanewhich is way, way easier00:11
kashihmm .. not able to find it on the site00:13
kashihow did u setup ?00:13
kashibexar on ur machine ?00:13
kashiany known issues ...00:13
Ryan_Laneon the controller: apt-get install nova-api nova-scheduler nova-objectstore nova-network00:14
Ryan_Laneon the compute nodes: apt-get install nova-compute nova-volume00:14
Ryan_Laneusing the release ppa00:14
Ryan_Lanethen set up /etc/nova/nova.conf00:14
Ryan_Lanethen you don't have to compile anything00:15
kashiok, thanks!00:15
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kashiwhat parameters in /etc/nova/nova.conf00:22
kashii need to set up00:22
Ryan_Lanedepends on how you want to configure nova00:22
Ryan_Lanethat's where you should probably use the docs :)00:22
Ryan_Laneit's hard to describe what all the options do, there's a bunch of them00:22
kashifor single machine00:22
kashii'll take a look at the documentATION00:23
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Ryan_Lanein bexar I'm having a problem with volume creation...00:24
vishyRyan_Lane: what is wrong with volumes in bexar?00:24
Ryan_Lanewhen I create a volume, I get a broken pipe traceback from greenio00:24
Ryan_Lanethe volume sits in the "creating" state forever00:24
vishyo rly? Haven't seen that one before00:24
Ryan_Laneit never gets scheduled00:25
Ryan_LaneI'd say maybe it's cause I'm using the sheepdog driver, but since it never actually makes it to the volume node....00:25
Ryan_Lanewant the traceback?00:25
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Ryan_Lanegah. I just crashed my terminal00:25
Ryan_Laneno luck at all today, eh? :)00:26
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Ryan_Lanehmm. I'm getting broken pipe in nova-network too00:32
Ryan_Laneis there something broken with my amq?00:32
Ryan_Laneif I dropped my mysql database, and started from scratch with bexar, is there data I should have dropped from rabbit too?00:33
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Ryan_Laneseems it was a problem with rabbit00:37
Ryan_LaneI deleted all my rabbit data, and restarted it00:37
Ryan_Lanewhen I went to create a volume then, it worked00:37
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Ryan_Lanethough, now when I attach a volume to an instance, it says it isn't attached00:39
Ryan_Lanethough it definitely did attach it00:40
Ryan_Lanesince I see it on the instance00:40
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Ryan_Laneahh. or not. that's the root partition :)00:41
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Ryan_Lanegah. I probably need to upgrade libvirt to handle sheepdog :(00:50
gholtjaypipes: Thanks, I was hoping it wouldn't become too many parts. I think 5 is enough for now, hehe.00:59
gholtclayg's playing the part of "copy editor" for me. So I may end up "refactoring" the posts a bit to be clearer here and there. :)01:01
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winston-dHi all08:00
winston-done quick question, is Rackspace's PHP Binding can be used with Swift?08:01
winston-dhmm, seems all others are sleeping right now.08:06
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dsockwelldoes openstack expose a VNC console for VMs where it's available?09:30
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dsockwellor the like09:31
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Failbaitrhi, hopefully quick question, i've setup a storage cloud, and when I get to the step of creating users, My storage nodes seem to return a 50314:23
Failbaitrlooking further, there seems to be no program running on the port 600214:23
Failbaitrrestarting the container, auth or object servers state that 'there's no program running by the pid located in the pid files'14:24
Failbaitrnetstat confirms this14:24
Failbaitrwhat could be wrong?14:24
Failbaitrthe syslog on the proxy says;14:25
Failbaitropenstack-storage proxy-server ERROR with Account server .....Trying to PUT to /v1/Auth_... Connection refused14:26
Failbaitrfor every storage node14:26
FailbaitrWhat blockers could there be for all of the programs on the nodes not to start, and not give an error?14:27
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creihtwinston-d: It should, if it doesn't let us know14:33
creihtFailbaitr: Most likely the service is failing when trying to start up.  The easiest way to check that right now would be to run one of services by hand to see what error is thrown:14:34
creihtswift-account-server /etc/swift/account-server.conf14:35
Failbaitrcreiht: what is the syntax? just swift-container-server /etc/swift/container-server.conf14:35
Failbaitrthat gives me an error saying the container-server config section doesn't exists14:35
creihtUnfortunatly there is a bug right now where initial startup errors don't get displayed, and the service silently terminates14:36
Failbaitrwhich is true, since its [app:container-server] instead14:36
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creihtWe have a bug and a fix incoming for that14:36
creihtFailbaitr: can you paste your config at
Failbaitrok, but should the config section be named app:container-server14:36
Failbaitryup, sec14:36
FailbaitrI beleive thats how the tutorials ask me to write them14:37
Failbaitrbut the code (i do python) is looking for the config section container-server14:38
creihtFailbaitr: what version of swift are you using?14:38
Failbaitrfrom the ubuntu 10.10 ppa14:38
creihtFailbaitr: can you paste the python traceback that you get?14:41
Failbaitrfor what command?14:41
creihtfor trying to run the server manually14:41
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Failbaitrwhich is the output I'd expect when reading the python14:43
creihtFailbaitr: ok, that looks like a much older version of swift14:43
creihtFailbaitr: which ppa did you install from?14:44
Failbaitrlet me se14:44
creihtthat should at least install 1.114:46
Failbaitrits a fresh set of vm14:46
Failbaitrmaybe i forgot to upgrade the repos or something14:46
* creiht bugs mtaylor again to make packages :)14:46
Failbaitrill give everything a thorough check, is there any command i can use to see the current version of swift?14:48
creihtFailbaitr: The 1.2 tarball right now is the most current stable version of swift14:48
creihtfrom python:  import swift then print swift.__version__14:48
creihtif __version__ isn't there then it is pre-1.114:48
Failbaitrit says 1.1.014:49
Failbaitrafter doing apt-get update && apt-get upgrde14:50
Failbaitrstill doens't start howver14:50
Failbaitrah, going somewhere14:51
Failbaitrthere's output @ syslog now14:51
creihtcan you paste?14:51
Failbaitrswift_hash_path_suffix missing from /etc/swift/swift.conf :+14:51
Failbaitrsans the  :+14:52
Failbaitrill get it fixed now, i think14:52
FailbaitrIll get back to here if stuff breaks again14:52
Failbaitrawesome that all of this is python  btw :)14:52
Failbaitrah yes, I forgot to redo the first step 'general os configuration and portiioning on each node' on my storage nodes14:54
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