Sunday, 2011-02-13

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uvirtbotNew bug: #717967 in swift "rsync lockfile configuration missing from sample rsync configuration" [Undecided,In progress]
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openf|y(nova.root): TRACE: ImportError: cannot import name exceptions07:58
openf|yfresh install of bexar on ubuntu 10.10 x86_6407:58
openf|yseeing issues in nova-manage07:58
openf|yany ideas?07:58
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georgie_b i'm getting E212 error when i try to write a file using gvim when launched using keyboard shortcut but it works fine when launched from menu in ubuntu10:24
georgie_bne body there?10:24
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georgie_bfuckin assholes10:31
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Failbaitrim still trying to setup a storage setup13:54
Failbaitrbut now when issuing the swift-auth-add-server command, the proxy is getting a 503 from the auth server13:55
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Failbaitrah, looks like my account server thinks the device is not mounted14:20
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Failbaitrwoei, got it, if you use a different mountpoint for the data dirs you need to tell the services so by issueing the devices = /data setting in their config file14:30
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DigitalFluxHmm ..15:04
DigitalFluxSo what keeps an instance in a 'scheduling' state for a long time ?15:04
dsockwellon eucalyptus, an instance would remain 'pending' for a few minutes if the hypervisor couldn't launch it15:05
dsockwellthat is if it crashed15:05
DigitalFluxUnfortunately, i have nothing in the logs here ..15:05
dsockwellin that case, the logs were in  /var/log/xend...  on  the compute node15:06
DigitalFluxyeah i see, /var/log/nova has nothing at all and also libvirt15:07
dsockwellbut which actual hypervisor are you using?15:07
dsockwellthen it could be a kvm-specific logfile, not nova or libvirt15:08
dsockwelli've never been to kvm-land,  so i can't tell you which off the cuff15:08
DigitalFluxI remember those logs were in the libvirt dir ..15:09
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DigitalFluxWas glance-control part of the Bexar release ?15:44
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RobertLaptopQuestion is openstack baked enough for use were you don't have a large IT staff.  But have good knownledge of general Linux?16:56
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RobertLaptopWhat is the advantage / disadvantage running nova under Mysql instead of sqllite?17:57
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edayRobertLaptop: sqlite only wors when running everything on 1 machine, mysql is needed for multi-machine18:15
RobertLaptopSo I need a centeral mysql serer for all instances to talk to.18:16
* DigitalFlux having problems with Glance18:22
DigitalFluxjust ran it on one node with the glance-api command, no options but --debug18:23
DigitalFluxand used glance-upload on the same node to upload a ramdisk18:23
DigitalFluxkeeps throwing "ClientConnectionError: Unable to connect to server. Got error: [Errno 111] ECONNREFUSED" at me18:23
DigitalFluxLooks like i have to start the registery service18:24
DigitalFluxchecking ..18:24
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DigitalFluxSo how do i sync the glance DB ?18:40
DigitalFluxIn nova, i just do db sync and it creates the tables automatically18:40
DigitalFluxhow can i do that with glance to create it's metadata table ?18:40
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DigitalFluxeday: any hints ?18:42
uvirtbotNew bug: #718329 in nova "Describe availability zones fails for non-admins" [Low,In progress]
rcchey vishy, jaypipes, you mind having a look at ? i'd like to hear more opinions...19:00
jaypipesrcc: sure19:00
DigitalFluxI'm still here if someone can help BTW :-)19:00
rcchaven't used mysql backend i'm afraid :/19:02
DigitalFluxrcc: My problem isn't with mysql ..19:03
DigitalFluxrcc: I even tried the sqlite connection19:03
DigitalFluxdidn't work19:03
rccah, misread, thought your problem was RobertLaptop's problem, i think it's time to go to optician to check my sight19:06
DigitalFluxrcc: me too :S19:06
DigitalFluxI think there is no docs on how to operate Glance ..  cc: annegentle19:06
rccthx jaypipes19:26
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jaypipesI wonder if DigitalFlux has seen there are docs there.19:37
uvirtbotNew bug: #718360 in nova "Debug messages from nova.utils (and probably other places) don't get output if --verbose is passed" [Undecided,New]
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RobertLaptopQuestion anyone have any info on setting up a windows VM using KVM under Openstack?19:49
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openstackhudsonProject nova build #505: SUCCESS in 1 min 31 sec:
openstackhudsonTarmac: Hi guys20:07
openstackhudsonThis branch fixes lp708329.20:07
openstackhudsonHave a look at , it was just a matter of sorting by project, then by group name before returning the groups.20:07
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openf|ynova-2011.1# sudo nova-manage db sync20:17
openf|y2011-02-13 12:17:39,106 CRITICAL nova.root [-] cannot import name exceptions20:17
openf|yon maverick amd64 following
openf|ydoesn't seem to install right20:18
openf|ymore complete failure details20:27
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Failbaitrso, just a quick question, what would be a decent response time for a small file from the storage cloud/20:34
Failbaitrim seeing .4s for small and large requests atm20:35
Failbaitrwhich seems big for small files20:35
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RobertLaptopI am not sure if this went out the 1st time since my network reset.  I see the openstack supports windows guest but don't see any documents on setting up those guest.  Anyone have an info on setting up windows guests?20:40
openf|yyeah i give up the bexar install instructions are fubar20:44
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uvirtbotNew bug: #718390 in nova "Filedescriptor leak and zombie processes" [Undecided,New]
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sorenopenf|y: Any chance you have an old install of Nova lying around that might be messing this up?21:08
openf|yfresh install of ubuntu21:08
sorenMAverick, was it?21:08
openf|yI am trying the manual install process21:08
openf|yas of now21:08
openf|yfor whatever reason i keep getting those traceback errors21:08
sorenopenf|y: Did you pastebin them somewhere? I may have missed it.21:09
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sorenopenf|y: Can you try this please: python -v -c 'import migrate.versioning.exceptions'21:11
sorenopenf|y: And pastebin the output.21:11
openf|ythat's a hell of a lot of output give me a second21:12
sorenpastebinit helps a lot.21:12
sorensudo apt-get install pastebinit ; python -v -c 'import migrate.versioning.exceptions' 2>&1 | pastebinit21:12
openf|ydidn't know about pastebinit....21:13
sorenWhich version of migrate is this?21:13
sorenIt seems to be installed by pip.21:14
sorenGawd, I hate that.21:14
openf|yhold on21:15
openf|yfound something21:15
sorenpip freeze | grep migrate21:15
openf|ythe first install method i tried used pip to try to install21:15
openf|yit installed python shit into /usr/local/lib21:15
sorenYeah. Hence my "gawd, I hate that" comment.21:16
openf|y# pip freeze | grep migrate21:16
Failbaitrso, no-one here who knows if .4s for a 7kb file is reasonable?21:16
sorenMuch better.21:16
openf|ythat's doing it now21:17
sorenFailbaitr: Sorry, I don't do much with swift.21:17
Failbaitrsince a 16mb file is only margianally slower, im guessing .4s is mostly the overhead21:17
openf|yso suggestion:  <--- DOES NOT WORK21:17
sorenFeel free to adjust it. It's a wiki, after all :)21:17
jarrodsoren: ive used that and it worked21:18
openf|yas soon as I see something that works =P21:18
jarrodthere are other modules that need to be loaded21:18
jarrodand a few dependencies21:18
jarrodbut other than that -- it works ;)21:18
sorensudo apt-get install  python-ipy python-boto python-m2crypto python-pycurl python-twisted-core python-twisted-web python-daemon python-carrot python-lockfile python-gflags python-libxml2 python-ldap python-sqlalchemy-ext python-eventlet python-routes python-webob python-cheetah python-netaddr python-paste python-pastedeploy python-tempita python-migrate python-netaddr21:18
soreninstead of the pip crap.21:18
sorenThat should sort things out.21:19
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sorenOr just use the packages.21:19
sorenThat's way easier.21:19
sorensudo add-apt-repository ppa:nova-core/release21:20
sorensudo apt-get update21:20
sorensudo apt-get install nova-whatever21:20
Ryan_Lanewhy does the official documentation not mention the packages at all?21:20
Ryan_Laneit'd kind of odd21:20
sorenIt is.21:21
sorenDon't know.21:21
openf|ythat works better21:21
sorenRyan_Lane: I put a lot of effort into those packages. It does seem kind of silly not to tell people to use them.21:22
openf|ywell in the documentation there's like 23 methods of install21:22
sorenopenf|y: Yeah. :(21:22
Ryan_LaneI wouldn't even consider installing something without using packages21:22
openf|yit's like russian roullette applied to software installation.21:22
jarrodjust take and modify it for your needs21:23
jarrodloads from trunk, etc, etc21:23
openf|yyeah is that 10.10 compatible though?21:23
Ryan_Laneloads from trunk is a bad idea for a production environment21:23
jarrodi had problems on 10.1021:23
jarrodbut i dont like 10.10 in general21:23
jarrodstick with .0421:24
Ryan_Lanedefinitely go with the package/ppa route21:24
Ryan_Laneeither using the trunk ppa, or the release ppa21:24
Ryan_Laneif you are going to be doing development, then use nova.sh21:24
* soren doesn't use, fwiw.21:24
Ryan_LaneI don't either21:25
jarrodi said modify it21:25
jarrodits a great baseline21:25
openf|ynew error21:26
openf|yin project zipfile IRT21:26
sorenopenf|y: That's addresssed on that wiki page, AFAICS.21:26
jarrodyou need to ln -sf CA21:26
jarrodto your nov ainstall21:26
Ryan_Laneor set: --state_path=/var/lib/nova21:26
jarrodstate_path is the best :P21:26
sorenthat wont' help.21:26
openf|y  <--- following this21:27
Ryan_Laneis that option gone?21:27
openf|ydidn't see that21:27
sorenStill need to copy the CA code to /var/lib/nova21:27
sorenRyan_Lane: Nono, the option is there. It's just not enough to fix this problem.21:27
Ryan_Laneah ok :)21:27
sorenHm... Maybe I should fix that next week. It's been on my TODO for ages.21:28
Ryan_Lanemy config has been hacked on since before austin, so who knows what should and shouldn't be there :)21:28
openf|ywierd, so i ran it worked... and still breaking21:29
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dweimerI'm setting up a test Open Storage cluster and am confused about a section of the Configuring OpenStack Object Storage document. The swift-ring-builder *.builder add ... lines refer to a <DEVICE> . Should these device entries be the /srv/node path described later or the actual /dev/sd* device names on my storage nodes?21:35
sorendweimer: Neither.21:38
sorendweimer: In you object-server config, you define "devices".21:38
sorendweimer: That's the directory where you mount the storage devices.21:39
sorenWhat you pass to swift-ring-builder is e.g. (from the SAIO instructions): swift-ring-builder object.builder add z1- 121:39
soren...where the /sdb1 part is relative to the "devices" path.21:40
sorenOr so I think.21:40
sorenI'm not a Swift person.21:40
openf|ysoren do i need to restart nova / api after doing the genroot?21:41
openf|yall my euca commands are timing out21:41
dweimerI'll give that a shot, thanks. Should the object.builder, account.builder, and container.builder devices all be separate or can I use the same devices (i.e. sdb1) for all three?21:42
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RobertLaptopQuestion something I haven't been able to figure out.  In the current release it looks like compute has an S3 type controller?  Is that correct.  If so do I need swift for a small network?  What do I lose not using switch?  Thanks Robert21:48
openf|ywhat package is nova.conf in?21:51
sorenopenf|y: nova-common22:00
openf|ygot it22:02
* openf|y has fingers crossed22:03
sorenRobertLaptop: Yeah, nova has a crude S3-like objectstore built in.22:03
Failbaitrdweimer: the device part should be replaced by how you named the mountpoint for the actual (fxs) disk22:03
sorenRobertLaptop: You can probably make do without Swift for a small installation.22:04
Failbaitrso in default setup, if you mount the disk on /srv/nodes/sda122:04
Failbaitrthen the <device> is sda122:04
dweimerFailbaitr: Excellent thanks.22:05
RobertLaptopsoren, That is good to know.  Is the compute version of S3 fault tolerant or if I lose a drive I can lose data?22:06
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* openf|y scheduling22:10
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openf|ysomething is fubar... I have no idea what.22:35
jaypipesopenf|y: looks like you may need to check your database settings... and/or do a nova-manage db_sync.22:40
openf|yfound an issue22:41
jaypipesopenf|y: this a new installation or an existing one?22:41
openf|yredundant hosts entries22:41
openf|yokay got it to launch instances!22:41
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openf|ycloud-setup: checking
openf|ywget: can't connect to remote host ( No route to host22:46
vishysoren: are you here?22:48
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hvaldiviahello. is there anybody there?22:53
hvaldiviaI'm looking for help with the nova-deployment-tool scripts22:53
hvaldiviaI got an error when I execute python deploy all22:54
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hvaldiviaxI got this error: err: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: undefined method `closed?' for nil:NilClass23:00
hvaldiviaxI'm using the instructions posted here:
hvaldiviaxHow can I fix this error? Could someone help me?23:02
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vishysomehow we have a broken test in trunk23:31
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uvirtbotNew bug: #718457 in nova "Trunk tests are broken due to security_group change" [Critical,In progress]
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