Monday, 2011-03-07

Code_Bleukpepple:           None00:00
Code_BleuGuest73221: still trying to figure out the log00:00
Guest73221tail -f /var/log/nova/nova-network.log00:00
Guest73221if you did it standard00:00
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kpeppleCode_Bleu: you want to see a "Leasing IP" entry in the log00:02
Code_Bleu?: OpenStack's dhcp doesnt participate on my local network does it?00:04
Guest73221what does nova-network.log say00:04
Code_Bleuthats only internal to OpenStack and the images it host?  If im making any sense00:05
kpeppleCode_Bleu: you should see a few dnsmasq processes when you do a "$ ps -ef" ... these are doing dhcp for images and bridging00:05
Guest73221yea i ran into that when i was first doing it00:07
Guest73221but the logs _always_ gave me the clues i needed00:07
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Code_Bleukpepple: not sure if the last config means anything for OpenStack, but thought i would add it anyway
jarrodi dont know why you aren't checking the logs for errors00:09
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Code_Bleujarrod: i had to copy and paste a few hopefully its not messed up too bad
Code_Bleujarrod: i looked at my /var/lib/nova/networks/br100.conf that the log mentions...and that file is blank00:21
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kpeppleCode_Bleu: it's giving you a DB error when trying to create the dnsmasq for the bridge00:22
Code_Bleukpepple: did you see this from earlier?  does this look ok?
jarrodobviously you did nova-manage db sync ?00:25
jarrod(OperationalError) no such table: networks00:25
jarrodconnect to sql00:26
jarrodshow tables00:26
kpeppleCode_Bleu: yeah, jarrod is right ... it's looking at the wrong database which usually means that it can't find the /etc/nova/nova.conf file and is defaulting to sqlite00:26
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Code_Bleukpepple: jarrod: this is the result from select * from networks. i exported to XML format
Code_Bleukpepple: jarrod: the table does exist and has data in it.  How do i make sure it is looking at the /etc/nova/nova.conf file?00:35
kpeppleCode_Bleu: try executing "sudo -E dnsmasq --strict-order --bind-interfaces --conf-file= --domain=novalocal --pid-file=/var/lib/nova/networks/ --listen-address= --except-interface=lo --dhcp-range=,static,120s --dhcp-hostsfile=/var/lib/nova/networks/nova-br100.conf --dhcp-script=/usr/bin/nova-dhcpbridge --leasefile-ro" by hand and see if you get the same backtrace00:36
Code_Bleukpepple: yes00:37
kpeppleCode_Bleu: do you have any dnsmasq processes in "$ ps -ef "00:38
alekibangoCode_Bleu: or do you have 2 of them? :)00:38
kpeppleCode_Bleu: and did you change your /etc/nova/nova.conf file after you brought up the nova-network ?00:39
alekibangoCode_Bleu: make sure dnsmasq is disabled from system00:39
alekibangoso nova can run its one00:39
Code_Bleukpepple: jarrod: alekibango: should this file be blank? /var/lib/nova/networks/nova-br100.conf00:39
Code_Bleualekibango: ps -ef | grep dnsmasq does not return anything00:40
kpeppleCode_Bleu: no, but it will be until you get the dnsmasq up ...00:40
kpeppleCode_Bleu: nova-br100.conf records your mac address to instance_id to ip_address mappings00:40
Code_Bleukpepple: i probably changed the nova.conf after...but i did 'service nova-compute restart'00:40
alekibangoCode_Bleu:  i dont have that file :)00:41
kpeppleCode_Bleu: you need to bounce nova-network also ... 'service nova-network restart'00:41
alekibangoits always good to restart all nova services00:41
Code_Bleukpepple: sorry...i did that one too00:41
alekibangoand watch logs!00:41
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jarrodyea i have an alias that restarts them all00:41
Code_Bleuok, im gonna just restart the whole dang server.  and see what happens.  That has fixed problems in the past...lets see..00:42
kpeppleCode_Bleu: okay. after you do, look in the new nova-network log. you want to find the string "--sql_connection=" and make sure it is looking at mysql00:43
alekibangothere should be some script tool, finding where the problem is....00:44
alekibangosome kind of "DR.Nova"00:44
Code_Bleui see this: sql_connection : sqlite:////var/lib/nova/nova.sqlite00:45
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Code_Bleushouldnt that be mysql?00:46
Code_Bleui did not find the string "--sql_connection"00:46
Code_Bleukpepple: im wrong...i found it00:46
Code_Bleukpepple: it has the right user:pass@ip00:47
* Code_Bleu didnt want an emoticon00:47
alekibangoCode_Bleu: you will need mysql for real installation on more hosts00:47
Code_Bleu* user : pass @ ip rather00:47
alekibangoCode_Bleu: restart all nova services, watch all logs00:48
alekibangothe first error is the most significant00:48
alekibangoit cascades sometimes, showing errors in different logs00:48
kpeppleCode_Bleu: sorry, you lost me here. do the --sql_connection strings in the /etc/nova/nova.conf and at the start of the nova-network log match ? and does that allow you to login to your db ?00:49
Code_Bleukpepple: yes00:50
Code_Bleukpepple: but it still says table doesnt exist00:50
Code_Bleukpepple: it didnt start a fresh log.  im going to backup that file and restart nova-compute and nova-network00:51
jarrodyou're using "service" to stop/start and you installed via aptitude?00:51
jarrodi just wonder if you're starting with the proper flatfile flag00:52
Code_Bleujarrod: service - yes, i installed via "sudo apt-get install.."00:52
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Code_Bleujarrod: just notice that im missing the dhcpbridge_flagfile parameter in my nova.conf file
kpeppleCode_Bleu: that'll do it ... sorry, i didn't see that before00:55
kpeppleCode_Bleu: this is mine
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Code_Bleugot this: INSTANCE        i-00000003      ami-ehz2aqw2        running mykey (adminproject, cloud100:59
Code_Bleucant ping it or ssh to it via  ssh -i mykey.priv root@
Code_Bleuwhat is the command to show the console of the vm?01:00
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jarrodi dont think there is one01:01
Code_Bleujarrod: i remember someone telling me one...i just dont remember what it is01:01
jarrodoh, i would love to know that too :-D01:01
dsockwellCode_Bleu: whatever it is, it starts with euca01:02
Code_Bleujarrod: just found it: euca-get-console-output01:02
jarrodwhen i was doing kvm, the ip on the left was suppose to be the "public" and the one on the right the private it was natting for01:02
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kpeppleCode_Bleu: euca-get-console-output01:03
jarroddoes the machine have a local subnet on the network?01:03
Code_Bleujarrod: my local network is, and my "public" ip for OpenStack server is how do i get the left one to say
jarrodi dont think thats what you would want01:04
jarrodi had public ips assigned as floating ips01:04
jarrodand i would euca-allocate, and euca-associate01:05
Code_Bleujarrod: kpepple: i was hoping that i could just do a bridge and my vm's would get a ip from my private lan dhcp server01:05
jarrodto the proper instance01:05
jarrodno, they get the ip assigned from the network you create01:05
Code_Bleujarrod: thats where i get confused01:05
kpeppleCode_Bleu: the problem with that is that then nova wouldn't know the ip address :(01:05
jarrodi bet if you did something like01:06
kpeppleCode_Bleu: do a 'netstat -nr' and make sure you have a route to ... which is hopefully through br10001:06
jarrodifconfig eth0 netmask alias01:06
jarrodor similar you could see it01:06
Code_Bleujarrod: kpepple: so with what i have here:  what do i need to change to get it to work?01:06
Code_Bleujarrod: i can ping
Code_Bleujarrod: just not the of the vm01:08
jarrodwhat did console show01:08
Code_Bleujarrod: this was the last thing..and it went up to 100/100
Code_Bleuim gonna try to publish another image and see what happens with that one01:12
Code_Bleujarrod: kpepple: same error with different image01:20
kpeppleCode_Bleu: same problem with registering the image ? or launching and then ssh-ing to it ?01:21
Code_Bleukpepple: launching and ssh-ing to it. Same as this:
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kpeppleCode_Bleu: i think you are seeing this
Code_Bleuis the /var/libvirt/qemu/networks/default.xml the problem?  see previous paste01:28
kpeppleCode_Bleu: mine says the same thing and i am on a network01:29
kpeppleCode_Bleu: do you have a "   U         0 0          0 virbr0" entry in "$ netstat -nr" ?01:30
Code_Bleukpepple: my netstat -nr :
Code_BleuI had this issue last time..and im having it now...on of my other computers will not get on the internet now..and the last time this happened i shut down the openstack server and it started working01:37
*** pengd has joined #openstack01:39
Code_Bleuthis makes me think that openstack dhcp is conflicting some how with my other dhcp server01:39
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Code_Bleuany ideas?01:42
kpeppleCode_Bleu: hmmm ... i'm drawing a bit of a blank01:42
kpeppleCode_Bleu: on the other computer ... does it now have a 10.3.3.x IP address ?01:43
Code_Bleukpepple: no, it might not be the dhcp thing..but maybe its doing something weird with my default gateway router01:44
Code_Bleukpepple: i dont confused01:44
Code_Bleukpepple: i first noticed this on my laptop using wireless.  if i restart it will not connect to the AP and will obviously not get an IP.  I think if i restart the computer im on might get the correct IP, but it wont get on the internet anymore01:45
kpeppleCode_Bleu:  hmm .. the networking is tricky because everyone is running on their home network and they are very different.01:46
kpeppleCode_Bleu: in your route table, your default gateway is pointing to the br100 ... usually this should point to eth001:47
Code_Bleukpepple: based on the documentation eth0 should be added to the br10001:48
Code_Bleukpepple: my openstack server is getting its IP via dhcp too...but i have it setup to get the same one all the time based off of the mac addr01:48
Code_Bleukpepple: my router is running as a vm on a virtual box.  the appliance is pfsense.  it runs the dhcp server for network starting at .50 and above01:50
kpeppleCode_Bleu: i don't have my bridge setup the same way you do ... i vaguely remember that this is an issue i ran into01:50
Code_Bleukpepple: do i need this in my nova.conf file? --network_manager =
Code_Bleukpepple: i believe you were doing the VLAN option?01:51
kpeppleCode_Bleu: that was the workaround that was mentioned in the answer01:52
kpeppleCode_Bleu: yes, i am using VLAN01:52
alekibangoVLAN= default style01:52
Code_Bleukpepple: so remove the --network_manager = ?01:52
alekibangoyou might try01:52
alekibangowe really need to move into automated functional testing01:53
alekibangoto test all styles of install01:53
kpepplealekibango: people are starting to do that but it's moving slowly01:53
alekibangovlan, flat, dhcp, different kinds of glance backends, sheepdog, ...01:53
alekibangokpepple: btw, back to machine types....  do you think we can delegate creating machine types to end user??01:55
kpeppleCode_Bleu: i'm not sure. i don't really know what black magic we do to access the metadata network. perhaps vishy is around ? i think he wrote some of that.01:56
vishyuh oh01:56
kpepplevishy: this has come up before ... but i can never remember what causes it01:56
alekibangokpepple:  this way we would be able to adjust gradually cpu power, limits of bandwidth etc --  and still maybe remain somewhat compatible with ec2tools01:57
kpepplealekibango: but we will need to extend the admin api with some of these calls and then look at how we might need to augment quotas ...01:58
kpepplealekibango: this would be a good blueprint for the next design summit ... i know the isi guys are adding some options to instance_types for machine types and such01:58
alekibangoisi guys?01:59
alekibangokpepple: i would like to propose something. but i am not sure what :)01:59
alekibangoi need some way to user to enter into contract - to partition resources02:00
alekibangoyou remember02:00
alekibangoiam not sure which way will be best02:00
kpepplealekibango: isi guys blueprint
Code_Bleukpepple: this is my nova.conf file now...restarted services and still doesnt work
alekibangoCode_Bleu: kill dnsmasq first before the restart02:01
vishykpepple: it can be a lot of things02:02
vishykpepple: are you in flatdchp02:02
alekibangovishy: its Code_Bleu who has the problem02:02
vishymy kill-objectstore patch has gotten quite large02:02
alekibangohe was on flat, but he removed the option right now imho02:02
Code_Bleustill getting the metadata service error02:03
vishyCode_Bleu: how many hosts are you running on?02:04
Code_Bleuvishy: one02:05
vishyCode_Bleu: do the instances get dhcp?02:05
*** mahadev has joined #openstack02:05
vishyin console output they show getting an ip address?02:05
vishyCode_Bleu: are you running bexar or trunk?02:06
Code_Bleuvishy: internal to openstack server i guess02:06
Code_Bleuvishy: kpepple said i was at the latest version02:06
kpepplevishy: he's on trunk02:06
alekibangoCode_Bleu: do you have some instances running02:07
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack02:07
vishyok in nova-network log, do you get messages reporting leased ips?02:07
Code_Bleuvishy: i just dont like the any of the config files saying "dhcp"  i already have a dhcp server and i think these are conflicting some how02:07
Code_Bleualekibango: yes, running..but cant connect02:07
alekibangoon the same server?02:07
alekibangoyou need to get rid of that dhcp :)02:07
Code_Bleualekibango: yes02:07
alekibangonova-network needs to run its own02:08
vishyCode_Bleu: why are you using flatdhcp?  On one server the default VlanManager works just fine02:08
*** jsgotangco has joined #openstack02:08
Code_Bleualekibango: I dont want to get rid of my current dhcp server.  nova-network needs to work with existing dhcp servers02:08
vishyCode_Bleu: it works fine with other dhcp servers02:09
vishyCode_Bleu: as long as you are using different ip ranges02:09
Code_Bleuvishy: im so confused....i dont know what i have anymore...ive pasted a crap ton of stuff...02:09
vishyCode_Bleu: I recommend you kill everything and use ./nova.sh02:10
vishyOnce things are actually running you can modify02:10
Code_Bleuvishy: this is my current nova.conf
alekibango./  works on one machine  when you will not restart...02:10
Code_Bleuvishy: i dont have nova.sh02:11
Code_Bleuvishy: why can i just not explain my network setup....copy and paste all my config files...and someone help me change what i need to change in the config files to get it to work?02:13
vishyCode_Bleu: what ips are your vms getting?02:13
Code_Bleuvishy: my private network is and my openstack config for vms is
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk02:13
vishyCode_Bleu: there are a lot of things that can go wrong with networking02:13
Code_Bleuvishy: the instances are getting 10.3.3.x addrs02:13
vishyand nova-network log?02:14
vishydo the ips show as leased?02:14
Code_Bleuvishy: let me look again...02:14
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates02:14
vishyCode_Bleu: yes it is possible to fix it, but troubleshooting over irc can take quite a while02:14
*** jsgotangco has quit IRC02:16
Code_Bleuvishy: im gonna clear the log and restart services....reading the log is insane02:18
vishyCode_Bleu: ok, but nova-network should have leased_ips every 2 minutes if dhcp is working02:19
alekibangousually the answer is hidden in logs somewhere02:19
vishyso it is pretty obvious02:19
*** sandywalsh_ has joined #openstack02:19
*** vvuksan has quit IRC02:21
Code_Bleuvishy: dont know why i have this either - flat_network_dns :
Code_Bleuvishy: floating_range :  ???02:23
*** winston-d has joined #openstack02:23
Code_Bleuvishy: i have this too - flat_network_dhcp_start : that ip is my normal private network router and dhcp server02:24
winston-dCould someone tell me what version of sqlalchemy_migrate is required for Nova Bexar?  I'm running it on RHEL 6.02:27
vishyCode_Bleu: yeah you have to change that02:27
Code_Bleuvishy: what do i change?02:27
vishy--flat_network_dhcp_start should be probably02:28
winston-dI have SQLAlchemy-0.6.3 and sqlalchemy_migrate-0.6.1, but 'nova-manage db sync' doesn't work, reporting a 'import failure'02:28
vishyif that is what you have set for your fixed_range02:28
Code_Bleuvishy: where is it getting the from? and the
vishyCode_Bleu: niether of those matter right now02:28
vishy* neither02:29
Code_Bleuvishy: ok02:29
Code_Bleuvishy: i did a search for 'lease' in nova-network.log and it doesnt show its leasing any ips02:30
vishyso that is probably due to --flat_network_dhcp_start02:31
vishyi would set that02:31
vishydo a killall dnsmasq02:31
vishythen restart nova-netwrok02:31
vishy* network02:31
Code_Bleuvishy: ok, but you dont know why it took the and not the network?02:31
*** sebastianstadil has quit IRC02:31
vishyit is based on a separate flag02:32
vishybecause you can create networks manually in the database02:32
Code_Bleuvishy: ok it says now, but it still doesnt work02:35
*** EndEng|Desktop has joined #openstack02:38
*** miclorb_ has quit IRC02:39
*** sandywalsh_ has quit IRC02:41
Code_Bleuvishy: here is my nova-network.log
*** EndEng|Alt has quit IRC02:42
Code_Bleuvishy: still getting this from the euca-get-console-output of vm -
*** zenmatt has joined #openstack02:44
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack02:46
vishydid you killall dnsmasq before restarting?02:48
vishyif you tail /var/log/syslog , do you see dhcppack requests?02:48
Code_Bleuvishy: yes i killed dnsmasq first02:49
vishyyou should have something like the following02:49
vishyMar  7 01:53:11 nova dnsmasq-dhcp[29888]: DHCPACK(br100) 02:16:3e:1c:5d:0d i-0000000102:49
vishyMar  7 01:54:12 nova dnsmasq-dhcp[29888]: DHCPREQUEST(br100) 02:16:3e:1c:5d:0d02:49
vishywith diffierent values obv02:49
Code_Bleuvishy: nope, not DHCP stuff..only when the server itself gets its IP via DHCP02:52
vishycan you pastie me the output of ip addr02:54
*** miclorb_ has quit IRC02:57
vishyugh that is a mess03:01
vishythat is your first problem03:02
jarrodanyone seen this:
vishyyou started with vlan networking and your network table is messed up03:02
vishy+ your ips are out of order03:02
jarrodbasically, regarding Xen, the error is: ['INTERNAL_ERROR', 'XenguestHelper.Xc_dom_linux_build_failure(2, " xc_dom_find_loader: no loader found\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\"")']03:04
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack03:05
*** pharkmillups has joined #openstack03:06
Code_Bleuvishy: can i just delete everything out of the DB and config files and start over?  can you tell me what i need where?03:06
vishyCode_Bleu: yes you can rm nova.sqlite03:06
alekibangoCode_Bleu: start by removing br100 from your network config....  nova will do it itself in vlan mode03:06
*** mahadev has quit IRC03:06
vishythen do a nova-manage db sync03:06
*** miclorb_ has quit IRC03:06
Code_Bleuvishy: im using mysql03:07
vishynova-manage network create 1 25603:07
*** sebastianstadil has joined #openstack03:07
vishyah well then you can delete and recreate the db03:07
Code_Bleuvishy: so i dont have to recreate keypairs and stuff.. im just going to clear out all the ip related tables (networks, floating_ips...etc)03:09
alekibangonova-manage db syncnova-manage db sync   will make all tables and content needed03:09
alekibangoexcept the network03:09
alekibangonova-manage db sync**   only once03:10
vishysure you can clear out networks table and fixed_ip table03:10
vishyand run that command above03:10
alekibangoyou need to add some network by nova manage network create ....03:10
*** EndEng|Alt has joined #openstack03:11
vishyyou probably should go ahead and do an ip addr del brd scope global dev br10003:11
vishyand an iptables -F03:11
Code_Bleuvishy: what should my nova.conf look like?03:14
jarrodhmm, looks like i need to do something with xe-edit-bootloader since i'm running openstack from domU03:14
*** EndEng|Desktop has quit IRC03:15
*** azneita has quit IRC03:16
Code_Bleuvishy: do i need to config the nova.conf file before i do the db create?03:16
vishysomething like that03:17
Code_Bleuvishy: what does $NET_MAN need to be?03:21
Code_Bleuvishy: look right?03:26
jarrodOOH.  Is there a special xen instance I need to run in domU for openstack?03:28
Code_Bleuvishy: should i be getting DEBUG output when i do the db sync now?...cause i am03:29
vishyCode_Bleu: I thouhght you were going to leave the tables?03:30
vishyCode_Bleu: probably doesn't matter anyway though03:31
Code_Bleuvishy: i did leave the tables03:31
Code_Bleuvishy: the db sync and create network is just displaying the DEBUG output after the command now...whereas before it didnt03:32
Code_Bleuvishy: ok, ive cleared iptables, remove the ip addr you said.  db synced and created network like you what?03:33
Code_Bleuvishy: what about my /etc/network/interfaces?03:33
vishywell the vlans are left over from when you are using vlan mode03:34
Code_Bleuvishy: this is what it is -
vishyi don't think it will get in the way03:34
vishyyou shouldn't have to do any manual setup03:35
vishyoh that will be an issue03:35
vishyyou are dhcping on the bridge03:35
Code_Bleuvishy: my host gets a static ip via dhcp03:36
vishycan you just give it the static then?03:36
vishyinstead of dhcping for it?03:36
Code_Bleuvishy: yes, but how is that the issue?03:36
vishyhere is the issue: in order for dnsmasq to respond to dhppackets, the ip that it listens on needs to be first in the list03:36
Code_Bleuvishy: do i need to get rid of the br100 and just uncomment the last 2 lines?03:37
vishyit should work at least temporarily03:37
Code_Bleuvishy: confused....first in the list??03:38
vishyactually, you should dhcp on eth003:38
vishyand remove br10003:38
vishyand let nova create it and move the ips for you03:38
Code_Bleuvishy: but eth0 was a port of br100...isnt that the same thing?03:38
vishywhen network starts in flatdhcp mode03:39
Code_Bleuvishy: i can leave eth0 dhcp and let my host get its ip via dhcp still ?03:39
vishyit will add to the bridge03:39
vishyand since you don't have flat_network_interface set it will not bridge br100 in to eth003:40
Code_Bleuvishy: edit /etc/network/interfaces..restart networking...then what?03:40
vishyafter the restart: ifconfig br100 down03:40
vishybrctl del br10003:41
vishythen you should be good to run it03:41
vishybridging br100 into eth0 in flat mode has some gotchas, and if you are planning on leaving the system up, i would give it a static ip first03:42
Code_Bleuvishy: i still have br100 and vlan100 in my ip that an issue?03:42
vishythe two commands i gave you will handle br10003:42
vishyactually the second is : brctl delbr br10003:42
vishyif you want to get rid of vlan03:43
jarrodall the xen support is asleep :)03:43
jarrodwhat kind of techies are they03:43
vishyifconfig vlan100 down03:43
vishyvconfig rem vlan10003:43
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack03:46
Code_Bleuvishy: ok i cleaned everything up...made sure no dnsmasq....restarted nova-network and started an instance and it just says "networking"03:48
vishyany error in the network log?03:49
Code_Bleuvishy: looking now03:50
Code_Bleuvishy: log doest look updated.  i just added --logdir=/var/log/nova to my nova.conf and will restart03:51
Code_Bleuvishy: got this - CRITICAL nova [-] [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/nova/..//networks'03:52
vishyoh yeah, you are probably using /var/lib/nova03:53
Code_Bleuvishy: it says this again too: flat_network_dhcp_start :
vishyCode_Bleu: make sure that flag is in the conf file i probably mistyped it03:54
vishyCode_Bleu: you also need --state_path=/var/lib/nova03:54
Code_Bleuvishy: Stderr: 'sh: /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/bin/nova-dhcpbridge: not found\n\ndnsmasq: cannot run lease-init script /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/bin/nova-dhcpbridge: No such file or directory\n'03:57
vishyand logdir if you want it03:57
vishyoh that is good we have made progress03:57
Code_Bleuvishy: if you say so :)03:57
vishywhere is nova-dhcpbridge?03:57
*** sebastianstadil has quit IRC03:58
vishyyou need these two03:59
vishyassuming /usr/bin is actually where it is03:59
vishykillall dnsmasq can't hurt either03:59
Code_Bleuvishy: i do see the br100 interface with the
vishygood deal03:59
*** miclorb_ has quit IRC04:01
Code_Bleuvishy: no errors pop out at me now...its showing ips in the instance, but still says "networking" and i cant ping it04:03
vishythat instance is toast04:03
vishyyou have to start a new one04:03
Code_Bleuvishy: i terminated it..and started again...and now the get-console command give me this: UnknownError: An unknown error has occurred. Please try your request again.04:04
vishywhat does describe show you?04:04
vishy(if you get console before the console log has been created it might do that)04:05
Code_Bleuvishy: INSTANCE        i-0000000f      ami-ehz2aqw2        networking      mykey (adminproject, cloud1)    004:05
vishystill showing networking?04:05
Code_Bleuvishy: yes04:05
vishymust have gotten another error in nova-network04:05
Code_Bleuvishy: does this need to be added to the nova.conf ...from the log file....flat_interface : None04:07
vishywe're running without an interface04:07
vishyis nova-network actually running?04:08
vishyall of the useful info in the logs will be at the bottom btw04:10
Code_Bleuvishy: yes nova-network is running.  I dont see any errors that i can tell04:11
vishyok try sudo rabbitmqctl list_queues04:12
vishysee if there is a number next to network.<hostname>04:13
Code_Bleuvishy: bottom of the nova-network log file
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack04:14
Code_Bleuvishy: all 0's04:14
vishydo you have multiple copies of nova-network running?04:14
Code_Bleuvishy: not that im aware of04:15
vishynext check if there are any errors at the bottom of nova-compute log04:15
*** pharkmillups has quit IRC04:16
Code_Bleuvishy: yes there is an error....pastie coming04:17
vishylooks like your stuff isn't using the same conf file04:18
vishydid you start all of the workers with --flagfile=/etc/nova/nova.conf?04:18
vishyif so you might just need to restart all of the other workers04:19
Code_Bleuvishy: workers?04:19
vishynova-compute nova-api04:19
Code_Bleu--flagfile is not set in the nova.conf file...does it need to be04:20
Code_Bleuvishy: do i need to add --flagfile=/etc/nova/nova.conf to nova.conf?04:21
vishyhow are you starting all of the nova-* files?04:21
Code_Bleuvishy: ok, i have only been restarting the nova-network...and ive only done it manually a couple of times when i was first configuring everything.04:22
Code_Bleuvishy: how about a reboot...will that work?04:22
vishyah yes you need to restart everything if you are editing the conf04:22
vishyhow are they running?04:22
vishyare you using upstart scripts?04:23
vishyrunning them manually?04:23
Code_Bleuvishy: as far as i know they all run after a reboot..other than that...i manually stop and start them04:23
vishyok I'm assuming you installed from packages or something04:25
vishyin that case04:25
vishyrestart nova-compute04:25
Code_Bleuvishy: yes i installed from packages04:26
Code_Bleuvishy: guess what?04:26
Code_Bleuvishy: i can ping the image now!!!!04:26
Code_Bleuwoooo whooo!!!04:26
vishyyou probably want to do a restart nova-api and nova-objectstore and nova-scheduler at some point04:27
vishysee only 2 hours of troubleshooting04:27
Code_Bleuvishy: insane....thanks for all your help though04:28
Code_Bleuvishy: now im trying to login...dont know the password04:28
vishyCode_Bleu: yw, pay it forward04:28
vishyCode_Bleu: you need to create a keypair04:28
vishyand run using -k <keypair>04:29
Code_Bleuvishy: i will pay forward all that i know and understand ;)04:29
Code_Bleuvishy: this is what i ran ssh -i mykey.priv root@
Code_Bleuvishy: get-console command gives me fingerprints04:30
vishyand mykey.priv came from euca-add-keypair?04:30
Code_Bleuvishy: yes04:31
vishyand you ran with euca-run-instances -k mykey04:31
vishydid you chmod 600 mykey.priv ?04:31
Code_Bleuvishy: yes04:31
Code_Bleuvishy: yes04:31
vishytry using username ubuntu04:31
vishy(possible the key injection failed)04:31
Code_Bleuvishy: you da man...ubuntu worked04:32
vishygood deal04:32
Code_Bleuvishy: thanks04:33
Code_Bleuvishy: do you know anything about virt-manager? just curious about something04:33
Code_Bleuvishy: it sees the instance running..but says graphical console not configured04:34
Code_Bleuvishy: no just glad i can ssh into it...just wondering is all04:34
vishyCode_Blue: they don't run with video04:34
vishyCode_Bleu: you can modify libvirt.xml if you want to run with gfx04:34
vishybut i don't know why you would want to04:35
Code_Bleuvishy: say i run an instance of ubuntu would i use the gui?04:38
vishywell you probably would want to share it in the guest somehow04:38
vishyrunning vnc for example04:39
vishybut if you are using it locally, you might be able to stick sdl graphics into the libvirt.xml04:39
vishyI've never tried it but it seems like it would work04:40
Code_Bleuvishy: what is sdl graphics? im running this on ubuntu server without a gui04:40
vishyoh well in that case no that won't work04:40
vishyso you're going to have to export vnc then04:41
vishybut you might as well do it inside the client04:41
vishybut you can't actually connect to the client ip in the current mode04:41
Code_Bleuvishy: ok04:42
vishy(from outside the server i mean)04:42
Code_Bleuvishy: is this standard operation? only connect to vm via the server?04:43
vishyfor outside access04:43
*** azneita has joined #openstack04:43
Code_Bleuvishy: ok...i need to get to bed, its pretty late here....floating_ips for another day04:44
vishygood deal04:44
Code_Bleuvishy: again, thanks a lot04:44
Code_Bleuvishy: ok, i had to look up can you have fixed and floating at the same time...or you have to use one or the other?04:48
Code_Bleuvishy: ok im gone this time, thx04:50
*** azneita has quit IRC04:51
*** azneita has joined #openstack04:55
*** ovidwu has joined #openstack04:56
*** HugoKuo has quit IRC05:00
*** ovidwu has quit IRC05:13
*** HugoKuo has joined #openstack05:17
HugoKuoIf I want to use deployment tool05:23
HugoKuoshoud I install puppet on each nodes first ?05:23
*** matiu has quit IRC05:33
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konquertechany one tried installing Openstack Dashboard with latest trunk ?06:45
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HugoKuowhat if I want to assign ips range that possible?09:49
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sandywalshFor the API people in the house:
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jaypipessandywalsh: nice :)12:50
sandywalshjaypipes, looks intriguing12:51
jaypipessandywalsh: indeed.12:52
dabosandywalsh: that looks interesting. I listen to soundcloud a lot when I'm coding.12:53
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uvirtbot`New bug: #730639 in nova ""nova-dhcpbridge init" output malformed" [Undecided,New]
sorenuvirtbot`: nick uvirtbot14:18
*** uvirtbot` is now known as uvirtbot14:18
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*** vvuksan has joined #openstack14:41
HugoKuohey guys14:42
HugoKuonova-NODE install script14:42
HugoKuohas a word wrong at beginning14:43
HugoKuo#!/bin/sh ===> #!/bin/bash14:43
HugoKuoit should be correct14:43
sorenWhich install script, exactly?14:44
sorenHugoKuo: Which install script, exactly?14:45
*** hggdh has quit IRC14:46
*** hggdh has joined #openstack14:47
*** hggdh has joined #openstack14:47
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sorenHugoKuo: Why does it need bash?14:50
*** vvuksan has quit IRC14:51
HugoKuowhile I run it on with sh14:51
HugoKuothe OS version will be judged invalid14:51
sorenOh, and read uses -e.14:51
HugoKuomy OS is Lucid 6414:51
sorenOh, right, and he's using [[ ]].14:52
sorendubsquared doesn't seem to be around right now.14:53
HugoKuooh btw , I have this metadata error where the instance tries to get something from ....14:54
HugoKuoeven after configuring iptables correctly on the nova-compute14:54
HugoKuoany clue ?14:54
soren"this metadata error"?14:55
HugoKuosame as above14:55
HugoKuothe instances can run but even after setting the correct rules (euca-authorize ....) I still can't ping nor SSH14:56
HugoKuoan euca-get-console-output shows that metadata error14:57
sorenpastebin the output of iptables-save, please.14:58
btorchHugoKuo: I was battling that issue for 4 days last week until I finally was able to get it working :)14:59
btorchHugoKuo: are you using flatManage or flatDHCPmanage ? when I used flatdhcpmanage it worked fine but it created  duplicate ip issue on my localnet with my router. then I went back to flatmanage and it worked once I setup a second ip on the br100 for the network gateway15:00
HugoKuoand the euca-get-console-output gives
HugoKuobtorch, I'm using flatManage15:03
HugoKuobtorch, which ip did u setup, can you show me your nova-compute /etc/network/interfaces ?15:04
btorchHugoKuo: paste your nova.conf too15:04
btorchHugoKuo: sure let me access my box15:04
HugoKuobtorch, here is my nova-compute's nova.conf
HugoKuobtorch, and my cc's nova.conf
*** mray has joined #openstack15:07
*** mahadev has joined #openstack15:10
btorchHugoKuo: that one you see that br100 only has a regular IP that I assigned to the host box ...  if I leave like that I will keep on getting that metadata crap15:12
HugoKuobtorch, thanks I'll compare with what I have15:12
btorchHugoKuo: but when I add the gateway ip to br100 then it boots up fine since it can now find the gateway15:12
btorchHugoKuo: I'm sure there are some options on my config that could be removed .. like the public_interface one ... but I haven't tried yet15:13
*** ramkrsna has quit IRC15:14
*** ramkrsna has joined #openstack15:15
btorchHugoKuo: and this is after I add the gateway ip15:17
sorenbtorch: FlatManager won't work for that image.15:17
sorenHugoKuo: FlatManager won't work for that image.15:17
HugoKuoso, which image should i try ?15:17
sorenHugoKuo: Well, you referred to a question on Launchpad, saying you were seeing the same thing. Clearly you weren't.15:18
btorchsoren: for this one ? IMAGE   ami-7g6y8ku3    bucket-1/maverick-server-uec-amd64.img.manifest.xml   ?15:18
HugoKuobtorch,  what's your architecture ? mine is 1 compute node and 1 CC/CLC15:18
sorenHugoKuo: You could use an Ubuntu image. Or a Debian image. They work with FlatManager.15:18
sorenOr you could stop using FlatManager.15:18
HugoKuowhat should i use instead ?15:19
sorenbtorch: No, that one is fine. sorry, my comment was meant for HugoKuo.15:19
sorenHugoKuo: Why did you choose FlatManager?15:19
btorchHugoKuo: I'm have a all-in-one right now running on maverick 64bit15:20
HugoKuosoren, I didn't choose anything, I just executed the scripts15:21
HugoKuobtorch, what does represents exactly in your network ?15:21
sorenHugoKuo: There are eleventy billion different scripts.15:21
btorchsoren: although that one should work, it doesn't unless one setup a gateway ip or have a gateway on the localnet .. at least that's what I found out15:21
sorenI hope you didn't execute all of them.15:21
HugoKuosoren, sorry
HugoKuosoren, one script per machine15:22
sorenI've no idea why he would default to FlatManager.15:22
jarrodWhy would I be getting this with Xen: Failure: ['INTERNAL_ERROR', 'XenguestHelper.Xc_dom_linux_build_failure(2, " xc_dom_find_loader: no loader found\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\"") ?15:22
sorenFlatDHCPManager will probably work much better for you.15:23
HugoKuosoren, ok, I will try that15:23
jarrodI think it's related to me running openstack within a domU guest15:23
* soren takes off for some hours15:23
btorchHugoKuo: while digging on the db and tcpdump I saw that the vm box kept looking for a gateway ip , so I configured that on my host box too see what would happen.. since ip_forward is setup I didn't see any harm15:24
*** mahadev has quit IRC15:28
*** mahadev has joined #openstack15:29
btorchHugoKuo: sent u a pm15:30
*** bcwaldon has joined #openstack15:30
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annegentleCode_Bleu: thanks for pointing out the missing Creds section in the docs, I've added it in.15:52
*** jero has joined #openstack15:53
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vishysoren: good catch on the init script being wrong.  How did you get it to actually segfault?16:50
*** winston-d has joined #openstack16:51
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jaypipesantonym: thx for looking into the httpd logs for me. much appreciated.17:06
*** ccustine has quit IRC17:10
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jaypipeseday: that was pretty much my original point on Glance understanding image formats... my comment was pretty sarcastic.17:29
jaypipessandywalsh: ^^17:29
sandywalshjaypipes, gotcha ... thx17:30
*** kbringard has joined #openstack17:34
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*** iRTermite has joined #openstack17:38
edayjaypipes: ahh, sarcasm :)17:42
dubsjaypipes: do you have a migration script for disk_format and container_format?17:44
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 730213 in glance "image-format needs db migration script" [High,Triaged]17:44
dubsjaypipes: thank you sir :)  i'll just create them manually for now17:45
jaypipesdubs: I'd be most appreciative if you could try that attached migration script and, if failure, add your failure to the bug report.17:45
jaypipesdubs: see the migration script on that bug (attachement)17:45
dubssure thing, i'll give it a shot now17:46
*** fayce is now known as HugoKuo17:47
*** HugoKuo has quit IRC17:47
jaypipesdubs: thx mate17:48
*** dragondm has quit IRC17:54
*** EndEng|Alt has joined #openstack17:54
jarrodis there no way to tell glance-upload it should reference a remote server?17:57
*** EndEng|Desktop has quit IRC17:58
*** mahadev has joined #openstack17:59
antonymjaypipes: no prob, i'd snag them but i don't have access to that system18:01
*** dragondm has joined #openstack18:02
kbringardI realize this isn't an openstack question per se, but I am trying to delegate a subdomain from my upstream dns to the dnsmasq processes that openstack starts and I'm having some trouble18:03
kbringardanyone have any experience with that?18:03
*** cloud0 has joined #openstack18:09
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jarrodI am attempting to boot a xen instance iwth openstack and it says running/active in both os and xen, but the console shows Running /scripts/init-bottom ... Done.18:14
jarrodand that's it18:14
*** maplebed has joined #openstack18:17
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openstackhudsonProject nova build #600: SUCCESS in 1 min 58 sec:
openstackhudsonTarmac: Implementation for XenServer migrations. There are several places for optimization but I based the current implementation on the chance scheduler just to be safe. Beyond that, a few features are missing, such as ensuring the IP address is transferred along with the migrated instance. This will be added in a subsequent patch. Finally, everything is implemented through the Openstack API resize hooks, but actual resizi18:33
uvirtbotNew bug: #730806 in nova "XenAPI naming-scheme rework" [Undecided,New]
*** hggdh has quit IRC18:39
*** hggdh has joined #openstack18:41
*** hggdh has joined #openstack18:41
*** enigma1 has joined #openstack18:46
jarrodi cannot figure out why xen is giving me "_wait_for_boot" and stopping at scripts/init-bottom18:51
*** fabiand_ has joined #openstack18:52
*** EndEng|Desktop has joined #openstack18:56
*** if01 has joined #openstack18:58
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*** daveiw has joined #openstack19:59
nelsoncreiht: thanks for your help over the past few months. You can now replace with and your image will come out of the Swift cluster.20:02
*** mgoldmann has joined #openstack20:02
nelsonIt works if you add to your /etc/hosts file.20:02
*** rlucio has joined #openstack20:03
nelsonIt's a kinda-scary thought that we could seamlessly transition from the test cluster to the production cluster with nobody ever noticing.20:03
*** CloudChris has joined #openstack20:06
nelsonIt's also kinda-scary that I'm being paid to browse Wikipedia at this moment.20:06
nelsonAnd it's kinda-annoying how many articles have zero media content at all.20:07
*** maple_bed has joined #openstack20:08
*** maplebed has quit IRC20:09
nelsonIt's serving up SVGs properly.
nelsonAnd PNGs and GIFs, and JPGs.20:12
kpepplenelson: any chance you can share the deployment architecture behind this ? would love to see a picture of how people are using this in production (or near production)20:13
*** jaypipes is now known as jaypipes-afk20:18
*** rlucio has quit IRC20:19
*** daveiw has left #openstack20:21
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk20:22
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates20:24
notmynamenelson: that's awesome20:26
nelsonyes, awesome to see it finally working. :)20:26
nelsonkpepple: it's pretty straightforward. For now, one proxy, three machines, 2x 0.25TB each.20:27
nelsonkpepple: proxy has a plugin (filter) which maps the Wikipedia names into Swift names, and which fetches from the existing server.20:27
kpepplenelson: any authentication integration ?20:27
*** msassak has joined #openstack20:28
nelsonnot yet. We currently are running a PHP script which handles the few non-public wikis.20:28
nelsonThat's gonna have to be reimplemented somehow.20:29
*** dprince has quit IRC20:30
*** ahmedelgamil has joined #openstack20:41
annegentlenelson: very cool.20:41
nelsonyeppers. We'll be publishing the code, of course.20:42
annegentlenelson: I just said "quarter terrabyte" ten times fast :)20:42
nelsonYeah, we'll have 20 available, which means 60 spinning once we're live.20:43
nelsonand the really really cool thing is that we never have to have a Flag Day.20:43
*** DigitalFlux has quit IRC20:43
*** rlucio has joined #openstack20:44
*** brd_from_italy has joined #openstack20:48
creihtnelson: congrats!!!! that is very awesome indeed20:54
nelsonYes, I'm very excited.20:54
nelsonBeen browsing Wikipedia all day. Aside from a couple of missing containers, it's been working a champ.20:55
*** mray has quit IRC20:56
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*** fabiand_ has joined #openstack21:00
notmynamenelson: so is this simply a cname away from being live (primary) or is there more you have to do first?21:11
vishysoren: are you around?21:13
nelsonnotmyname: kinda-sorta. we're going to test it with 1/256th of the load first.21:20
*** grapex has joined #openstack21:26
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack21:29
*** spectorclan_ has joined #openstack21:30
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*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk21:42
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sorenvishy: Yes.21:44
vishysoren: we need qemu 14 to do snapshotting properly in libvirt.  It is in natty.  Would it be tough to backport it to the ppa?21:45
*** gasbakid has quit IRC21:45
sorenvishy: Not at all.21:47
*** rlucio has quit IRC21:50
*** rlucio has joined #openstack21:51
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*** littleidea has joined #openstack21:53
zulsoren: ill update the bzr branch tonight21:56
sorenzul: No rush.21:57
*** dirakx has quit IRC21:57
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*** mahadev has joined #openstack22:12
*** rdw has joined #openstack22:12
btorchok I have box-1 that has all nova services & DB and I'm able to bring kvm guests up and running on flatManage network22:12
*** ccustine has joined #openstack22:12
kbringardhey vishy, are there any plans to make a flag for nova-network to allow us to pass a dnsmasq config file location?22:13
btorchnow I want to configure box-2 and have that also setup with kvm .. so I assume that on that box I should only need nova-compute,  nova-common and whatever dependencies ?22:13
*** mgoldmann has quit IRC22:13
kbringardit would be nice to be able to modify the behavior if necessary, but it looks like it's hard coded at the moment22:13
kbringardI thought I saw a "bug" kind of related about the dnsmasq domain stuff22:14
vishyno plans, but you could add it22:14
kbringardOK, cool22:14
kbringardit's nice to be able to set domain= :-)22:14
kbringardthanks :-)22:15
*** bludadept_work` has quit IRC22:16
sorenkbringard: You can.22:19
sorenkbringard: FLAGS.dhcp_domain.22:19
soreni.e. --dhcp_domain=example.com22:19
kbringarddoes it pass it straight along... so for instance, can I pass 2 --domains with subnet attributes22:20
kbringardit's kind of a long story, but essentially I have a subdomain per project22:21
kbringardso what I'm doing is22:21
jarrodanyone know anything about openstack compatibility with Xen22:21,,
kbringardthen I delegate down from's NS22:22
kbringardplus, there could be additional utility in specifying a config file, like for instance setting --no-resolv and bogus-priv22:23
*** littleidea has joined #openstack22:25
*** kbringard has quit IRC22:28
*** kbringard has joined #openstack22:29
kbringardanyway, I need to jam... I'll look into adding an option to nova-network to specify a dnsmasq config file22:30
kbringardthanks guys, have a fab evening22:31
*** kbringard has quit IRC22:31
*** hub_cap has quit IRC22:31
uvirtbotNew bug: #730960 in nova "mangled instance creation in virt drivers due to improper merge conflict resolution" [Undecided,New]
*** adjohn has joined #openstack22:36
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates22:36
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*** jaypipes-afk is now known as jaypipes22:40
jaypipessoren, mtaylor: could one of you install Swift on the Hudson box. Glance now has Swift as a dependency...22:40
mtaylorcreiht: ^^^^ will this screw swift branches?22:41
sorenmtaylor: Would you mind? I'm trying desperately to stop working and have been failing for hours.22:41
mtaylorsoren: I can do it - but I'm going to be a butthole for a bit first22:41
tr3buchetany xenserver gurus know what happens if you do a xenapi.VM.get_record() on an opaque ref for a nonexistent vm?22:41
creihtmtaylor: not sure... depends on how it runs the tests22:42
tr3bucheti can test it, but it takes some doing, figured i'd ask first22:42
*** adjohn has quit IRC22:42
creihtmtaylor: as long as the tests are run from the target branch directory, the local directories should override the main installation22:42
sorenIf not, that sounds like something that should be fixed anyway.22:43
*** grapex has quit IRC22:43
jarrodwhy would my Xen instance halt after finished /scripts/init-bottom ?22:43
*** spectorclan_ has quit IRC22:44
jarrodthere are no errors in the logs and everything reports it is running22:44
*** rlucio has quit IRC22:47
*** rlucio has joined #openstack22:48
*** hadrian has joined #openstack22:53
*** bkkrw has joined #openstack22:54
*** z0 has quit IRC23:00
openstackhudsonProject nova build #601: SUCCESS in 1 min 51 sec:
openstackhudsonTarmac: Addresses bugs 704985 and 705453 by:23:03
openstackhudson1) Adding new nova-api flag --paste_config, the value of which is used in place of the hard-coded "nova-api.conf"23:03
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 704985 in nova "nova-api.conf hardcoded in bin/nova-api" [Wishlist,Fix committed]
openstackhudson2) Defaulting the new --paste_config to "api-paste.ini"23:03
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 705453 in nova "There are two nova-api.conf files" [Wishlist,Fix committed]
openstackhudsonProject nova build #602: SUCCESS in 1 min 51 sec:
openstackhudsonTarmac: Inhibit inclusion of stack traces in the logs UNLESS --verbose has been specified.  This should help keep the logs compact, helping admins find the messages they're interested in (e.g., "Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (111)") without having to sort through the stack traces, while still allowing developers to see those traces at will.23:08
*** cascone has joined #openstack23:10
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*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC23:18
Code_Bleucan i have fixed and floating ips in the same project?23:21
Code_Bleuwhy are they called floating?23:21
Code_Bleudo i add the floating_ip flag to the nova.conf file, then do a nova-manage network create with the same network range?  my OpenStack host is and it currently has fixed_ips for the instances of 10.3.3.X.  When i do the floating_ip, I just use my network?23:26
*** ctennis has joined #openstack23:26
*** ctennis has joined #openstack23:26
*** bcwaldon has joined #openstack23:29
jarrodbecause you can allocate and assign them to instances23:31
jarrodi use the floating ips for my public23:31
jarrodand the fixed for the actual instance assignmnt23:31
Code_Bleufloating for that....fixed for instance assignment??23:32
jarrodyea so when i create the instance23:33
jarrodit gets assigned out of the fixed network23:33
Code_Bleucan i specify the range without using CIDR? ie -
jaypipesmtaylor: are you done being a butthole?23:33
jarrodoh i dunno23:34
Code_Bleujarrod: so when / how do you assign the floating then?23:34
jarrodi always use cidr23:34
jarrodafter the instance is created23:34
jarrodeuca-allocate-address and euca-assign-address23:34
jarrodor whatever23:34
jarrodim sure there is an appropriate nova tools cmd23:34
Code_Bleuso if i use the whole C class for floating, it shouldnt matter that im already using ips .1 - whatever...I just dont assign those to instances? correct?23:35
*** littleidea has quit IRC23:35
jarrodit allocates it for me23:36
jarrodi dunno23:36
jarrodi never included the entire subnet23:36
Code_Bleujarrod: that would be my problem.  If i CIDR, and it assigns for example..and im currently using that on my network..then that is a problem.  So thats why i was wondering if i could specify a range that im not using23:37
Code_Bleuanyone know how i can get the floating ips to work without CIDR and specifying which addresses to use?23:43
* Code_Bleu is thinking that he could specify the CIDR range, then go into the DB and remove the addresses he doesnt want23:44
*** mray has quit IRC23:44
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack23:45
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*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack23:49
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